From the outset, our aim has been to find the best of every experience that NZ has to offer. Through the years, we’ve expanded our search and have come to include almost everything under the sun, from home loans to washing machines.

Through our research and recommendations, we hope to do the following:

  • Save our readers time to allow them to focus more on the things they love to do
  • Provide the best, most in-depth buying guides imaginable
  • Never settle and constantly adjust to keep getting better


Our team of local reviewers is made up of people who have the following things in common:

  • A commitment to getting value for money
  • A love of New Zealand and all it has to offer
  • The analytical, research-loving mindset necessary to offer reviews of the quality we provide

David Scott

Contributing Editor

David Scott is a software developer by day, and one of the co-founders and contributing editors of TopReviews by night. As a self-proclaimed foodie and traveller, he got his start writing about great food and experiences around New Zealand. He still does that today, aside from going over our writers’ reviews.

Craig Mackinlay

Staff Writer

Craig Mackinlay is first and foremost a statistician, having spent his career analysing and interpreting data. His analytical skills and objective attitude render him one of our best reviewers on the ground.

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David Harris

Staff Writer

David Harris has worked in no fewer than 9 countries and spent most of his life in the hospitality industry, operating in a senior management role for a variety of businesses. He visits and reviews businesses for us now, and can often be found on New Zealand’s roads on his motorbike.

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David Sims

Staff Writer

David Sims has spent over 25 years editing and writing everything from white papers to blogs. He was educated at Virginia Commonwealth University and got his Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton University. His extensive writing experience and analytical mindset make him one of our most popular reviewers.

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Jessica McNamara

Staff Writer

A social media marketer with a love of bargains. Her constant exposure to social media feeds also makes Jessica one of our keenest reporters when it comes to picking up products and services generating a buzz. She loves looking up the latest shops on the market, in particular, and checking them out for other Kiwis.

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How do we create our reviews?

With a lot of effort. We often start out by collecting tips and recommendations for the top service providers or products, then sift through them for the most-often-recommended options.

After that, we’ll go into full-on investigation: spec sheets, teardowns, service or product tests, the works. We talk to other consumers, of course, to get other perspectives. Only after all of that’s done do we sit down to write our reviews.

How do we make money?

Top Reviews is reader-supported, so we may earn commissions sometimes after you make a purchase through a link on our site. However, you pay absolutely nothing for that commission – the service or product provider pays for it out of his own pocket.

We also do not “sell reviews” on our site. We provide honest assessments regardless of whether we have the option to get a commission on a product or not.

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Have questions? We’re ready.

Send us notes, queries, even critique! We’re always happy to hear from our fellow Kiwis. You can contact us through the form here or through [email protected].