5 Benefits of Using a Water Filter

5 Benefits of Using a Water Filter

Water filters are unique contraptions that allow us to filter water from a tap to make it both safe to drink and more palatable.  As small as they are, these tools offer various benefits that many folks aren’t always aware of.

To help you learn more about the perks of using water filters, we’ve prepared a quick guide detailing some common benefits.  In addition, we’ve also included resources for eco-friendly practices, cleaning tips, vacuum cleaners, furniture sets, and other home-related topics

Explaining the Benefits of Water Filters

Explaining the Benefits of Water Filters

Water filters help reduce chemicals and minerals 

Depending on where you live, your water can sometimes contain unsavory chemicals or minerals such as chlorine, aluminum, fluoride, or copper.  While these substances often serve to disinfect water, they can still leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

By using a water filter, you can remove a large portion of these substances from your tap water simply by running your faucet.  This exposes you to fewer chemicals and helps improve the taste of tap water considerably.

Water filters make your home more eco-friendly

Since the taste of tap water can be improved by installing a filter on your faucet, you’re less likely to purchase bottled water.  In turn, this reduces the amount of plastic your household produces.

Considering most Kiwi households throw out about 1.7 billion plastic containers each year, investing in a water filter can result in a major reduction in plastic waste production.  This makes your household significantly more eco-friendly and helps cut your home’s carbon footprint.

Water filters are cost-effective

Beyond improving the taste of your tap water and reducing your home’s carbon footprint, water filters can also help you save on household expenses.  A proper water filter can act as a worthy substitute for a water dispenser or a high-tech fridge.

While this may result in a higher water bill, experts report savings of up to $3 on drinking water overall. Beyond this, since you’ll have a proper source of palatable drinking water, you’ll also spend less on bottled water for workouts or recreational activities.

Drinking filtered water helps improve your health

The most obvious health benefit of using water filters is a significant reduction in chlorine and fluoride intake from tap water.  Beyond this filters can also remove stubborn bacteria that may be leftover or introduced after the water has been processed.

In addition to this, the cleaner taste of filtered water can also encourage your household to drink more water.  This results in better hydration and healthier skin overall.

Water filters are easy to use and long-lasting

Beyond changing your filter every year or so, water filtration systems require little to no maintenance.  In addition,  many systems are also simple enough to be installed without the help of a plumbing specialist.

Now that we’ve covered the basic benefits of using water filters, we hope you have a better idea of what these small tools have to offer.