Best Asbestos Removal in Christchurch

Top 6 Groups for the Best Asbestos Removal in Christchurch

If you’ve been working in an office that’s over 30 years old, there is a high possibility that asbestos had been used. It is dubbed as New Zealand’s number-one workplace killer by WorkSafe New Zealand and that’s why we know it’s an urgent problem. To help you out, we came up with a list of companies doing the best asbestos removal in Christchurch.

Unless it is tampered with, you shouldn’t worry about the asbestos in your home or office. Still you will need to remove it — so we picked the companies with perfect safety records and expert teams.

1)  Complete Asbestos Solutions

Complete Asbestos Solutions' Homepage

Areas covered South Island-wide
Services Asbestos Removal, Survey, Testing, and Assessments
Address St Albans, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
Contact no 021 824 169

If you suspect or identify asbestos in your house, you can contact Complete Asbestos Solutions. They adhere to Health and Safety policies and Site Safe regulations for their people and clients.

Their team is composed of Class A licenced professionals who are authorised to assess or remove friable or powdery asbestos. This type of asbestos is the most toxically dangerous for the lungs.

Also, they can extract and dispose of the asbestos safely for private and commercial establishments. So, you can rest assured that no strand or dust of asbestos will be left afterwards.


  • Follows health and safety standards
  • Class A licenced removalists
  • Serves in and around the South Island

Customer Reviews

Jessica Long rates 5-stars and writes a Google review:

“Great service from Craig and Lucie at Complete Asbestos Solutions. I was not very organised and under a time pressure to get asbestos checked but they were very dedicated to make time to come see us within 24 hours!. Craig had a lot of experience and knew what he was talking about which made us very confident with the feedback he provided.”


2)  ARL Solutions

ARL Solutions' Homepage

Areas covered New Zealand-wide
Services Asbestos Removal, Management, Repair, Remediation
Address 62 Factory Road, Belfast, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 03 312 6926

For any scope or size of asbestos removal, ARL Solutions is made for it. They have the expertise and knowledge to make the place safe and asbestos-free.

How can you be sure of safety with this company? Well, they are regularly audited by an independent contractor after each job undertaken, in addition to their other reliable safety accreditations.

Their usual clients include homes, offices, stores, schools, and historical buildings. Safety and skill-wise, ARL Solutions is one of the top groups for the best asbestos removal in Christchurch!


  • Audited by third-party company
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Serves New Zealand-wide

Customer Reviews

Adele Childs comments about working with ARL specialists:

“I have used ARL twice now in commercial situations and they have been excellent in both instances. Both times I have been kept fully informed through out the process, they are exceptionally efficient and have gone well out of there way to help me when an urgent requirement arose. I could not recommend them highly enough.”


3)  Hazmat

Hazmat's Homepage

Areas covered New Zealand-wide
Services Asbestos Removal, Testing, Remediation, Management
Address 122 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 03 366 2262

 A member of WorkSafe New Zealand, Hazmat is an industry leader in asbestos removal, testing, and remediation services. It serves areas in Christchurch and all across New Zealand.

Their Safety Management System is strictly audited for the work that they do. This enables clients, be they corporate or private, to be in a totally healthy, safe and habitable environment.

Other than that, they conduct testing to verify if materials have asbestos or other hazardous material. Plus, they can remediate or clean them up safely and out of harm’s way.


  • WorkSafe licenced
  • Offers big- or small-scale removal
  • Follows strict safety standards

Customer Reviews

This reviewer let the team check on the ceiling to find out whether or not it had asbestos. After it was confirmed, the team gave her a quick quote and soon completed the job in a few days time.

Then she continued about one of the top groups for the best asbestos removal in Christchurch.

“We were really impressed with their fast turnaround, attention to detail, professionalism and we had a clearance certificate to give to our new buyers. Great Job Hazmat.”

4)  Building Remediation Services

Building Remediation Services' Homepage

Areas covered New Zealand-wide
Services Asbestos Removal
Address 2/114 Antigua Street, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 757 511

If poor communication is the last thing you want, choose Building Remediation Services. This sets it apart from the other companies we suggested, but of course safety and quality is still intact.

They are members of Site Safe, WorkSafe New Zealand, and NZDAA. This proves their commitment to providing safety-focused asbestos removal for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Together with that is a highly trained team prepared to hunt down asbestos or asbestos-containing material (ACM), whether it’s found in your cladding, wall, lining, soffit, roof, or window.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Safety accredited and licenced
  • Experienced team

Customer Reviews

Nicole Dixon who works in Housing NZ as a health, safety, and security manager said as posted on the website:

“I was very pleased to see the care you were taking to ensure the removal works were completed in line with best practise standards. Well done!”


5)  Natural Living Homes

Natural Living Homes' Homepage

Areas covered New Zealand-wide
Services Asbestos Removal, Assessment
Address Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 813 813

Natural Living Homes is a building and construction company that serves all of New Zealand. Their broad range of services includes construction, painting, plastering, meth testing, and asbestos removal.

Their asbestos removal is prefaced by a complete survey of the site including the out-of-reach areas. Once the asbestos has been identified, the certified team will remove it for you using industry-safe methods.


  • Certified asbestos removalists
  • Thorough inspection
  • Safe removal and disposal

6)  Chemcare

Areas covered New Zealand
Services Asbestos Removal, Meth Decontamination, Environmental Decontamination
Address 1 Des Swann Drive, Takapuna
Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 800 646

They key to a successful asbestos removal is a thorough process and reliable team. Chemcare is one of the few companies that are more than capable of providing those.

Their team of technicians include expert and efficient staff, as well as a Senior Technical Adviser who’s a licensed Work Safe Asbestos Assessor. You can rest assured that no matter the scale of your problem, Chemcare will be able to deal with it proficiently.


  • Class A asbestos removal license
  • Transparent process
  • Experienced staff
  • Free quote available

Those were the top groups doing the best asbestos removal in Christchurch. You won’t have to wait long for them to remove all the asbestos in your house, office, space, clinic, school, and others, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help!

Has everything been clear so far, or have you any questions to ask us? Send us a message and we will reply shortly.

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