The 6 Groups for the Best Asbestos Removal in Wellington

Best Asbestos Removal in Wellington

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By Tony Wang

Thinking of spring cleaning your house? Not so fast — there could be some deadly asbestos that can be released into the air. Instead, you can let the top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington test first if there are any traces of the material and remove it from your place if so.

Since safety is what matters most, we selected those that follow the safety regulations, and that are efficient and prompt in their work. Without elaborating any further, here are the top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington!

1)  ATL Group Ltd

ATL Group Ltd's Homepage

Areas coveredNew Zealand-wide
ServicesResidential and Commercial Asbestos Removal, Disposal
Address14 Gregory Street, Naenae, Lower Hutt 5011, New Zealand
Contact no0800 272 328

If you are a business owner, you are required to abide by the Asbestos Code of Practice. In this case, you can call in ATL Group to remove the asbestos in your warehouse, factory, or retail store.

They provide removal solutions in line with industry safety standards. This includes SiteSafe and certifications for Safety Management Systems, and Safe Contractors.

Of course, that means their team is careful and experienced in handling asbestos material as well as remediation and disposal. Therefore, this is certainly one of the top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington.


  • Certified in health and safety
  • Residential and Commercial removalists
  • Careful and well-versed team


2)  Enviro Solutions Ltd

Enviro Solutions Ltd's Homepage

Areas coveredGreater Wellington area
ServicesAsbestos Removal and Testing
Address10 Horlor Street, Naenae, Wellington, New Zealand
Contact no04 499 7234

Have some subtle asbestos in your tile or plaster wall? Enviro Solutions has got your six (or super six roofing!) With them, you will get value for your money with a safe asbestos removal.

Apart from meeting safety qualifications, they have their own lab to test the presence of asbestos. A dependable team is on your side to clear your ceiling, floor, pipe, flashing, cladding, and roofing of asbestos.

Enviro Solutions Ltd serves mostly residential clients in the Wellington Region. So if you need a hand, just contact them, one of the top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington! 


  • Safety-qualified team
  • Great attention to detail
  • Own lab to test or sample materials

Customer Reviews

Found on the website of Enviro Solutions, Bryan said:

“Enviro Solutions had to remove a roof containing asbestos. They priced competitively, turned up when they said they would and did a good job. I can recommend them.”


3)  Asbestos Solutions Ltd

Asbestos Solutions Ltd's Homepage

Areas coveredNew Zealand-wide
ServicesResidential and Commercial Asbestos Removal and Soil Decontamination
Address82B Greenwood St, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand
Contact no0800 743 272

Asbestos Solutions Ltd offers asbestos removal and disposal services throughout New Zealand. Clients can definitely rely on them owing to their 100% safety rate in their 30 years of experience.

If you don’t know whether your workplace or house has asbestos or not, they can perform an assessment, then remove and even air-test them until you can resume your work or stay on-site.

Additionally, their qualified team can also decontaminate harmful asbestos in your land or soil. This will be transported and disposed of properly in line with the safety procedures and methods.


  • 30 years experience
  • Top quality asbestos removal
  • Serves New Zealand wide


4)  AASL

AASL's Homepage

Areas coveredGreater Wellington area
ServicesAsbestos Removal and Testing
AddressWellington, New Zealand
Contact no0800 477 4576

Handling asbestos carelessly can expose airborne particles that can enter your lungs and cause terrible damage. But AASL will take out that risk and remove all the asbestos, be it in domestic or commercial sites.

AASL follows the Health and Safety Regulations of 2016 to the letter. The team has almost 50 years of experience and has Class A and B licences that safely handle the different types of asbestos.

They are committed to your safety and health. Whether it’s testing, removing asbestos or both, AASL is one of the safest and top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington.


  • Certified technicians
  • Safety comes first
  • Over 45 years of experience

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review found on AASL website. It reads:

“Very good to deal with. The whole process was explained well and carried out efficiently and within the time frame allocated. Site left clean and without any doubts.”


5)  Unlimited Environmental Solutions

Unlimited Environmental Solutions' Homepage

Areas coveredNew Zealand-wide
ServicesAsbestos Removal, Testing and Remediation
Address1 Kinleith Grove, Porirua 5022, Wellington, New Zealand
Contact no027 694 1123

For a full spectrum of asbestos management and fair prices, use Unlimited Environmental Solutions. They offer site survey, risk assessment, asbestos removal, remediation, and disposal.

They have highly trained technicians with the most up-to-date equipment. And they work in compliance with the Health and Safety regulations of 2016 to keep the workplace and employees safe.

Whether it’s a simple or complex asbestos removal, Unlimited Environmental Solutions can assist you. What’s more, you get a price that’s reasonable along with a top-level service quality.


  • Diverse range of services
  • Efficient technicians
  • Modern equipment


6)  Chemcare

Areas coveredNew Zealand
ServicesAsbestos Removal, Meth Decontamination, Environmental Decontamination
Address1 Des Swann Drive, Takapuna
Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no0800 800 646

They key to a successful asbestos removal is a thorough process and reliable team. Chemcare is one of the few companies that are more than capable of providing those.

Their team of technicians include expert and efficient staff, as well as a Senior Technical Adviser who’s a licensed Work Safe Asbestos Assessor. You can rest assured that no matter the scale of your problem, Chemcare will be able to deal with it proficiently.


  • Class A asbestos removal license
  • Transparent process
  • Experienced staff
  • Free quote available



And that’s it for the top options for the best asbestos removal in Wellington. When you identify the location of asbestos at home, it’s advisable to call these professionals at once for a safe and proper disposal.

Do you have any questions about this topic? Feel free to ask us by sending us a message and we will get right back to you.

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