The 5 Best Car Rental Services in Tauranga

Best Car Rental in Tauranga

Sunny, warm, and relaxed, Tauranga is a town that you can easily call home. Whether you’d like to cruise while seeing the sunset or go further to another city, we have you covered with the best car rental services in Tauranga.

New Zealand is the perfect place for adventure starting from walking trails and kayaking to surfing and mountain biking, and even up to wine tasting and art galleries — you name it.

Renting a car will get you to those places. You can find a lot of car rental services being offered in Tauranga airport and the city.

You have to look out for a lot of things before you book a car, though. You should consider the location, how new the cars are, insurance, customer support to sort out issues, and handy perks.

So without any delay, here are the best car rental services in Tauranga!


1)  Rite Price Rentals

Rite Price Rentals' LogoWebsite:

Established in 2001 in Mt Maunganui, Rite Price Rentals has been offering premium cars that will exceed your expectations for the right price — one of your best car rental services in Tauranga.

Their fleet includes subcompacts, compacts, SUVs, utes, people carriers, and trucks tailored to what you are looking for. All of them are quality-assured and well maintained for fine driving.

The staff are friendly, caring, and compassionate and they will be there for you whenever you need them. It has other depots in Auckland airport, Hamilton airport, Taupo, and Rotorua for collection or return.

Book now on their website with their quote system and get 10% off for 3 days or more renting. With them, you can start your journey to explore the Kiwi culture in Tauranga and beyond… for the right price.


2)  Hertz

  Hertz' LogoWebsite:

A global leader in car leasing and hiring, Hertz offers a proud and bold range of high-end sedans, sports cars, hybrid, SUVs, minibuses, wagons, commercial trucks, and vans.

We included this in the list of the best car rental services in Tauranga for its supreme quality cars, quick-acting customer service, and their exclusive discounts and accumulated points.

It has ten branches New-Zealand-wide, namely Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Gisborne, Picton, Queenstown, Rotorua, Tauranga and Wellington.

You can also save up on filling up your vehicle with Hertz’s Smartfuel discount accumulated each time you rent a car. Plus, AA members get a special 15% discount or you can get a free day for a 5-day rental.


3)  Thrifty

Thrifty's LogoWebsite:

Hertz’s brother company, Thrifty, provides totally affordable car rates, convenient locations, and green options to reduce your carbon footprint.

Along with their eco Hyundai IONIQ, you have vehicles ranging from cars, 4WDs, 8-12 passenger movers, and utes. Whether you’re travelling with a large group or with a family of 4 or 5, you will find a car that you need here.

For a solidly affordable rate, check out their stress-free package, which only costs NZD79+GST a day. With this, you get unlimited kilometres and zero insurance excess for more places to visit.

With 31 branches dotted across New Zealand including Tauranga airport and city, they’re easy to access too. Your trip has never been more convenient, easier, and thriftier.


4)  ABC Rentals

ABC Rentals' Logo Website:

A little simpler than others on this list, ABC Car Rentals offers their cars, vans, and trucks at a rate lower than most with 24/7 breakdown assistance, and relatively easy pickup and drop-off.

Car selection is only limited to options of small or medium hatches — perfect for small group travel or travel with your partner.

There’s no SUV here, although there are vans like the 10-seater Toyota HiAce or Nissan Caravan cargo van as well as commercial trucks with packing blankets and trolleys included in the price.

There are three locations in Tauranga: in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga City (Waihi Road) and Tauranga Airport. You can do pickup and drop-off at these locations with total ease and in no time!


5)  Avis

Avis' Logo


If you’re looking for the best car rental services in Tauranga, chances are you will come across Avis. Avis is a global car rental company with 39 branches in New Zealand.

You get a great variety of cars of recent make and models like the Holden Barina compacts and Toyota Fortuner SUVs to premium BMW X5s… and even business trucks, utes, and cargo vans.

Tauranga depots are located in the metropolitan area and the airport. If you haven’t explored the city yet, it’s going to be convenient and stress free-to drive as the depots are not too far away.

Currently there are promos that give you a sweet additional 2 days free when you book for more than 10 days of inter-island travel.

You can sign up to Avis Preferred and download the ingenious Avis App for real-time updates, booking, change of schedule, quick drop-off, and skipping the queue.


And that’s a wrap for the best car rental services in Tauranga! These services have the highest scores in Google Reviews, which means customers were very satisfied with them.

Do you have any questions, opinions or suggestions about the discussion today? If so, let us know and we’ll respond.

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