The 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Wellington

By Isla Thompson

Working in a coworking or shared space allows people to share their ideas and work closely with each other for their new store or project. Provided you are looking for one, we have rounded up the best coworking spaces in Wellington to help you.

At work, it’s especially important to stay inspired and productive. In the coworking spaces we’ve found, you will encounter like-minded individuals who can help keep you or your team motivated.

Don’t like to leave your pet at home? Some coworking spaces in Wellington allow dogs and cats to be with you in certain areas so you will be able to look after them as you do your work, even.

Anyway, you’ll see all of that as you go through our list. So without more ado, here are the best coworking spaces in Wellington!

1)  Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad's Work Area

BEST FORSmall, Comfortable, and Work-Focused Coworking Space
FACILITIESOpen-plan offices, outdoor areas, meeting rooms, conferencing facilities
ADDRESSLombard Lane – 14 Lombard Street, Te Aro

Clyde Quay Wharf – Herd Street, Te Aro

PwC Centre – 10 Waterloo Quay, Pipitea

CONTACT DETAILS+64 27 740  9483
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8am – 5pm

Digital Nomad is a small and ingenious coworking space with 3 branches in Wellington. Just for an affordable price of NZD165, you are entitled to benefit from all its facilities including its workstation, computers, Nespresso coffee machine, bathroom, shower, kitchen and meeting rooms.

Work very early in the morning or arrive for your night duty with no restrictions. It has 24-hour availability for those using the swipe card to access the premises.

If you’d like to get some fresh air, go out and bring your laptop and coffee with you. You also have a kitchen that’s got everything in it to make your lunch.

The best part are the adjustable desks wherein you can stand while working and formway chairs that are soft and comfortable for the back so that you can continue to work productively.

Digital Nomad is an amazing coworking place for professionals and start up businesses as it allows you to get work done — certainly qualifies for the best coworking spaces in Wellington!


  • Small and ingenious coworking space
  • Great for professionals and startup businesses
  • Complete facilities

Customer Reviews

One customer, Edward Wilde, said on Google Business:

“Used for a week whilst travelling. Fantastic facilities, standing desks, fast internet. Local coffee shop and restaurant 👏would highly recommend.”


2)  The Settlement

The Settlement's Work Area

BEST FORLarge, Efficient, and Pet-Friendly Coworking Space
FACILITIESMeeting room, storage, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, casual areas for lounging like sofa and coffee shop seats
ADDRESS4 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington 5012, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS +64 21 231 6691

Whether you are starting up or have already established your business, the Settlement in Petone is here to ease your work process and let you communicate and collaborate smoothly.

The space is a relatively large open space from end to end, furnished with tables, desks, rooms, sofas, and chairs. This place is known for its high studs (tall doors and windows) as well as the skylight, which lets in natural light.

Pricing starts from NZD0-NZD649, from hotdesking to working 5 days a month to having a permanent space for a month with all the perks and amenities.

It’s located on 4 Jackson St, so nearby cafes, restaurants, and shops await you. Lots of parking is available, plus the spacious co-working space is close to the train or bus.

Recently, a brand new, character co-working & shared office space with a high stud and lots of natural light has been opened by The Settlement right in the heart of Porirua. With the beautiful cafe Local Authority in the foyer as well as the City Fitness Gym, close to shopping, restaurants and supermarkets as well as the bus and train network. More details can be found here:


  • Large open space with high studs and lots of natural light
  • Convenient location
  • Relaxing place to work in

Customer Reviews

One customer, Jen Wall, writes on Facebook:
“Awesome place to work!
Great vibes with terrific people. Facilities are awesome.
Everything provided if you need permanent, temporary or for an individual event!
Highly recommend!”

3)  Drunken Octopus

Drunken Octopus' Work Area

BEST FORWork Hard but Party Harder Vibe
FACILITIESLounge (to drink coffee and wine), library and meeting room
ADDRESS29 Marion Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 7am – 11.30pm

With a different marketing approach from its competitors, Drunken Octopus designed their service especially for chefs, bartenders, baristas, wine makers, food business managers and others in the same practice.

Choices are narrowed down into 3 simple choices: Lounge, Library, and Meeting Room.

Lounge is where the newest selection of wines and coffees are made available — you can drink as you are discussing your newest project with your coworkers.

Going to the library will grant you a quiet and pleasant time while you browse through the latest magazines to get an idea of what’s brewing. Here you get the time to fill out your planner, draw sketches, and answer your emails.

On the other hand, the meeting room is used if you need to regroup your team or you need to talk to one of them at a time.

The idea is original, innovative, and effective. This is why we think it should join the best coworking spaces in Wellington.


  • Specially designed for food & hospitality industry professionals
  • Relaxing & wonderful lounge
  • Quiet and productive space in the library

Customer Reviews

Here’s Amy Alexander commenting on Facebook:

“The DO is the perfect place to network with fellow hospitality industry members and grow my network. It gets me out of working from home/cafes and I love having somewhere central to have private meetings & hold events. Nikki (the host) is super friendly & accomodating, thank you!”


4)  Giggle HQ

BEST FORPositive and Productive Coworking Space
Drinks and nibbles periodically
ADDRESSGHQ, 92 Gracefield Rd, Gracefield, ​Lower Hutt, Wellington
CONTACT DETAILSCall: 0274 997 639
​Email: [email protected]

Born out of necessity, GHQ was built after the 2016 earthquake resulted in a lot of people without a space to work. GHQ was created to provide a new home to the Giggle team along with other entrepreneurs and business folk in the region who needed a place to work.

The success of the co-working space has seen GHQ become a permanent fixture of Lower Hutt. If you need warehousing, a permanent desk, a hot desk, meeting room, private offices, they offer a flexible range of options at affordable prices.


  • Provide workspace for entrepreneurs and business folks
  • Flexible range of options
  • Affordable prices

5)  Bureau

Bureau's Work Area

BEST FORSimple, Organised and Useful Workspace
FACILITIESShared office and meeting spaces
ADDRESSLevel 1/158 The Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Unlike the others we’ve discussed, Bureau offers 7 flexible membership options and one-off day passes so you can choose exactly how you want to work and when. Opting for the 24/7 Dedicated option (6-month term) will garner you the lowest overall cost per month for more access compared to everyone else.

High-speed Wi-Fi, free locker storage, free coffee and tea, and a bookable meeting room that’s accessible for your entire team. Day Pass and casual meeting room users have business hours access, there are two after-hours and weekends-only membership options, and 4 plans offer 24/7 access to the space. Bureau is unstaffed. You join online and your keys are automatically issued to your smartphone.

The interior features living plants and art nestled among designer furniture crafted by Bureau co-founder Nathan Goldsworthy. Members include consultants, remote workers, entrepreneurs and Wellington-based employees of companies that are headquartered in Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney and the USA.

Located on the Terrace in Wellington’s CBD, Bureau is a coworking space that’s simple, tidy and organized to maximise your productivity and motivation. That’s why it’s one of the best coworking spaces in Wellington.


  • Simple, organised and useful workspace
  • Offers 7 flexible membership options and one-off day passes
  • Open 24/7

Customer Reviews

Let’s see Matthew Potts’ review on Google Business:

“Fantastic space! Tech is best I’ve used at a co-working space – all doors controlled by phone app. Can buy passes at short notice, good kitchen and bathrooms. Awesome people to deal with if you have an issue (you won’t!).”


6) Mo~co

BEST FORVibrant, Friendly and Supportive Hub
FACILITIESShared office and meeting spaces
Artist exhibitions
Coffee, power, wifi, printer, storage, doggy pats!
ADDRESS173 Randwick Road, Moera, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +64 (21) 2609018
Email: [email protected]

Mo~co is your neighbourhood local – vibrant, friendly and supportive. Members enjoy the collaborative and creative ethos, and the welcoming atmosphere, not to mention unlimited pats with the resident dogs.

Located in a renovated character building in the Moera shops, they are surrounded by great cafes, free all-day parking, and a library and children’s playground across the street.

Be on the lookout for events hosted by Mo~co at


  • Vibrant, friendly and supportive environment
  • Collaborative and creative ethos
  • Great location

Customer Reviews

One customer said on the website:

“Mo-co is a fantastic, warm and embracing environment for creatives looking to connect.”


7) Te Haukāinga

BEST FORPrivate, Creative Coworking Space
FACILITIESOffices, meeting rooms, private rehearsal space
ADDRESSLevel One, 274 Taranaki Street, Mount Cook, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9am – 5pm

Located on Taranaki Street in central Wellington, Te Haukāinga is a repurposed industrial building that features offices, meeting rooms and private rehearsal space.

The building currently houses the offices of Taki Rua, The Performance Arcade, The Māori Sidesteps and Te Hau Tūtū.

​Need office space? Contact them to know about room availability.


  • Private and creative coworking space
  • Features offices, meeting rooms and private rehearsal space


8)  Urban Hub

Urban Hub's Work Area

BEST FORFun, Relaxed, and Productive Workspace
FACILITIESVarious sized rooms, garden terrace, coffee lounge, event space, and more
ADDRESSLevels 2-4, 318 Lambton Quay, Wellington, 6011, Wellington, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS+64 4 333 0222
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

All you have to worry about is your business as everything else is covered here. In the central location of Urban Hub, you are only a walk or a bike ride away from food, shops, and theatre.

Whenever you need a pick-me-up, ask the barista to make you a special blend. Lounge in the high seats as you write in your journal, then plan what ideas you are thinking of to promote your business.

It’s a nice place with a fresh outdoor terrace, an alternative for those formal meeting rooms. Socialise with new people there and make connections as they might become your clients in the long run.

Along with that, you have a selection of prices and amenities to choose from. They don’t have any permanent options, which is what makes it perfect for freelancers or for those wanting to drop by.


  • Excellent place for socialising and making connections
  • Selection of prices and amenities to choose from
  • Centrally located

Customer Reviews

Rebekah Fraser, one client, writes on Google Business:

“Looking for shared, well appointed, central office space for part time work, a few hours, or a meeting? Friendly staff and their brilliant BDM Diane can find a working solution for you. Highly recommend.”


9)  Offix

BEST FORSmall, Cosy, and Quiet Coworking Space
FACILITIESIndividual desks, private rooms, board rooms, shared spaces, kitchen, internet, and more
ADDRESS181 Willis Street, Wellington CBD, New Zealand

Offix is a small, family-owned coworking business located in the heart of the Wellington CBD.

The goal behind the establishment of Offix? To provide a comfortable, home-life office space for career people, entrepreneurs, and startups to be productive in.

One of the best things about Offix is that, regardless of how small it is, it still offers quite a few choices to its patrons. If you’re alone you can take up a single desk or perhaps an office where you can get more privacy.

Have companions? Offix also has boardrooms and shared spaces where groups can gather and hold meetings.

It’s also great that there are several payment options, so that patrons won’t feel tied down when they don’t need to use the space anymore.


  • Ideal office space for career people, entrepreneurs and startups
  • Located in the heart of the Wellington CBD
  • Has boardrooms and shared spaces

10) Credenza

BEST FOR24/7 Productive Coworking Space
FACILITIESPrinter, Shower, Reliable Internet, Good Coffee Brewer, Fridge
ADDRESSLevel 2, 40 Taranaki St., Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] |
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm

Credenza is the perfect co-working space for people who are looking to be productive. It is also a great hub where one can meet other creatives and entrepreneurs, and learn from people who may have different worldviews.

You may opt for a day-to-day rent with their hot desk, costing $30 a day, or a more permanent and comfortable stay, which starts at $400 per month. It doesn’t matter what you choose, because as long as you work with Credenza, your stay will surely be enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Perfect co-working space for people who are looking to be productive
  • Offer a variety of packages
  • Enjoyable and satisfying stay

Customer Reviews

One of its customers, Rachel Hogan, wrote on Google Business:

“Great space if you are a start up or just visiting for the day! Really comfortable friendly co-working space and great group of people! Just pop in for a look and take the tour!”

And there you have it for the best coworking spaces in Wellington. Whether you are getting a day, week, or month pass to work with your team, try out these premium coworking spaces we mentioned.

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask? Comment them down below and we’ll reply to you soon.

For a change of pace, you might like to go out, leave your work for a bit, and just get a light and healthy lunch. For that, try out our list of the best cafes in Wellington.

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