Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Wellington
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5 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Wellington

If you want a personal injury suit to go well, you need an expert by your side. That’s why in this article, we’ve put together a list of the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington.

We have chosen the ones who are highly successful in their cases, can advise you toward the best course of action to take, and known for being trustworthy. In any case, take a look at the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington:

1)  Armstrong Thompson

Armstrong Thompson's Homepage

Best for Accident and Workplace Claims
Services ACC Law, Employment Law, and Health and Safety Law
Address Level One, Tramways Building, One Thorndon Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Contact no (04) 473 6767

With a team of award-winning lawyers, Armstrong Thompson specialises in Accident Compensation (ACC) Law, Employment Law, and Health and Safety Law.

They can attend meetings and assessments so as to put forward your legal rights. The disputes regarding ACC can be very stressful and complex, but the lawyers will guide you through it.

Also, if you were dismissed unfairly contrary to an agreement with your employer or that they are avoiding payments to compensate for your injury, just relay it to the Armstrong Thompson team. They can take it from there.

Their fees are competitive too, as they understand that most people seeking restitution for personal injury do so for financial reasons. This makes them some of the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington.


  • Award-winning lawyers
  • Remarkable success rates
  • Make the most complex cases a walk in the park for you
  • Competitive prices


2)  John Miller Law

John Miller Law's Homepage

Best for Accident Compensation Claims (ACC)
Services ACC Representation, Mental Health Representation, Victims of Crime Compensation, Workplace Injury, and Asbestos Compensation
Address Hannah’s Warehouse, Suite 17, 13 Leeds Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Contact no (04) 801 5621

If you weren’t compensated properly through ACC in terms of personal injury, then you should get in touch with John Miller Law. Whether you are in New Zealand or abroad, they have you covered.

Since the lawyers know the ACC policies to the letter, they will inform you of your rights and entitlements to fully compensate loss through your injury such as income or earnings.

Areas of interest that John Miller lawyers look into are ACC, workplace injury, asbestos health issues, mental health, and victims of crime.

With their high success rate in these areas, they are some of the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington!


  • Great success rate with thousands of clients
  • Personal injury specialist
  • They provide services in NZ and abroad

Customer Reviews 

Nabigh Toma wrote from Google Business:

“Thanks to all – John Miller and his office team, the way you and Mr Tom acting on my case with ACC was amazing all the ways, it’s truly professional and open minded lawyers . John Miller and his team they’re Top choice , No matter what your battle with ACC to winning your right as clients’ John Miller  and his team lawyers will be there for you.”


3)  McBride Davenport James

McBride Davenport James' Homepage

Best for Efficient and Punctual Lawyers
Services Personal Injury and Accident Compensation, Employment Law, Property and Commercial Law, Administrative and Public Law, Civil Litigation, and Dispute Resolution
Address Level 1, 21 Allen Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Contact no (04) 801 5427

McBride Davenport James is a Wellington law firm that delivers top-quality service and affordable rates. They have tons of experience in working with and representing a variety of clients.

They can assist you in personal injury and ACC matters. You can be confident with them, as the lawyers will fight for you to be given the amount that should have been yours in the first place.

The lawyer will give you practical and expert advice for the prompt and optimal resolution of the case. And without a doubt, they have some of the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington.


  • Prompt and efficient lawyers
  • Outstanding success rate
  • Handles personal injury and ACC amongst others
  • Gives expert advice

4)  Lane Neave

Lane Neave's Homepage

Best for Decisive and Pragmatic Advice
Services Health and Safety Law, Business Law, and Personal Law
Address Level 4, 342 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Contact no +64 4 912 0800

Concerning legal resolution for injuries at work, you can contact the lawyers at Lane Neave. Lane Neave is a leading law firm that serves businesses and individuals.

With their 150 years of experience, clients from many different sectors have come to trust their expertise and practical and smart advice, which keeps both employers and employees healthy and safe.


  • Unparalleled 150 years of experience
  • Has worked with a diverse range of clients
  • Provides practical advice to business owners or individuals

5)  Buddle Findlay

Buddle Findlay's Homepage

Best for Client Focus and Flexibility
Services Employment Law, Public Law, Commercial and Corporate, Banking, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Transport, Energy and Resources
Address Aon Centre 1 Willis Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Contact no (04) 499 4242

All New Zealand companies must meet the requirements stated in the 2015 Health and Safety legislation. For this, Buddle Findlay lawyers can help your company keep up-to-date with safety policies for your employees.

Their team is resourceful and prepared to meet any challenges in your company including the worst-case scenario of defending against prosecution regarding safety concerns.

But what they mostly do is advise the managers, directors, and stakeholders about safety and legal regulations. This fosters and ensures a safe working environment for your team and your clients too.


  • Client focused and resourceful lawyers
  • Experts in Health and Safety Law
  • Provide seminars or training for employees

And those were the best personal injury lawyers in Wellington. If you became sick or badly hurt due to a company’s negligence, these adept lawyers can win for you the compensation that you deserve.

Are there any questions so far about personal injury lawyers? Feel free to send us your questions or messages and we will get back to you in a bit.

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