The 5 Best New Zealand Pest Control Companies

Best New Zealand Pest Control Companies

If no amount of cleaning can make those pests go away, there’s something wrong. The answer is calling on the best New Zealand pest control companies so that the problem will not get bigger.

Ants scurry up and down the wall, flies attempt to land on your pasta, or wasps come in from the window in search of food . . . Taking them on by yourself seems to only be a temporary win.

It will take an expert to completely banish them from your home or business. It will take someone who knows how they behave and where they hide as well as how to eradicate the entire swarm.

Therefore it’s important that you find a pest removal team with experience, PMANZ licence, warranty, and modern equipment. That will assure that you will get a fantastic and safe service.

Are you ready to get these pests out of your house? Then let’s now round up the best New Zealand pest control companies!

1)  Elite Pest Control

Elite Pest Control's Homepage

Areas covered Christchurch and Canterbury Region
Services Pest Management
Address 27 Cashmere Road, Cashmere, Christchurch 8022, New Zealand
Contact no 03 332 1962 or 021 911 558

If you are looking for an exceptional service, here it is with Elite Pest Control. Its team are all PMANZ-certified and are also prompt and efficient, delivering unsurpassable results!

They use a patented non-toxic treatment that involves Diatomaceous Earth. This is very safe and harmless for family, little ones, and pets at home.

Whether it’s a wood borer, spider, fleas, or silverfish, the team can effectively remove them and cancel their food chain. With this, you get a 3-month warranty period.

However, just in case the harmful insects return, the technicians would be more than happy to come back and fix it for you.


2)  Aces Pest Control

Aces Pest Control's Homepage

Areas covered Auckland wide
Services Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Pest Control
Address 17 Rawene Road, Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no 027 6936 007

There’s no pest or place that cannot be treated by Aces Pest Control. Aces Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company that services clients throughout Auckland.

From homes and cafes to offices and schools through to factories and warehouses, they impart the same quality, expertise, and knowledge to free clients from many kinds of pests.

Only the lowest-toxicity pesticides are used, which is safer for children, pets, and the planet. They use industry-tested brands like FMC, Bayer, Basf, and Syngenta.

In order to go above the customer’s expectation, they first inspect the house and identify the problematic pest. From there, they tailor their pest control service to the best solution for you.


3)  Rentokil

Rentokil's Homepage

Areas covered New Zealand wide
Services Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Address North or South Island, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 552 001 or 0800 552 004

With branches across the North and the South Island, Rentokil has been making homes healthier and safer since 1965. It is one of best New Zealand Pest Control Companies.

It offers safe and effective pest control services in both businesses and homes. They help you comply with legislation and audit requirements as well as say bye-bye to pests and their nests.

Treatment is conducted by registered and fully qualified controllers. They keep up with the latest pest equipment and research to stay one step ahead in the industry.

Lastly, they never forget about the environment. With the team’s participation, they reduce their carbon footprint for Mother Earth as much as possible.


4)  Positive Pest Control

Positive Pest Control's Homepage

Areas covered Rotorua wide
Services Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Address Western Heights, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand
Contact no 027 896 8661

If you think you need a custom programme to destroy the pests at home, Positive Pest Control is the one to call! It is based in Rotorua and has a talented and highly trained team.

You can avail of their quarterly pest control service, which is their specialty. Alternatively, you can opt for one-off, semi-annual, or annual packages — keeping pests away at every turn.

Since it’s small and family-owned, you will feel that your needs are given the care and attention they deserve.

And the prices are reasonable and fair, so you get value from their service. So, this is yet another of the best New Zealand pest control companies.


5)  Wellington Pest Management Ltd

Wellington Pest Management Ltd's Homepage

Areas covered Greater Wellington area
Services Residential and Commercial Pest Control
Address Wellington, New Zealand
Contact no 0800 367 145

Take the firefight to the cockroach or borer infestation through Wellington Pest Management. Darren Labrum manages this company as well as serves as a PMANZ technician.

Pests are eradicated through their eco-friendly products and equipment. They use effective traps and bait stations in order to trap the notorious rodents that laid droppings on your garage.

You will also get value for your money with the team’s advice on what you should do to keep the pests from coming back. And the same goes for treatment and procedures.

While the back-end operators are friendly, attentive, and easy to talk to. Call them to get an idea of the quote or to set an appointment within the week.

Thus with these reasons, Wellington Pest Management is definitely one of the best New Zealand pest control companies!


And with that, we conclude the best New Zealand pest control companies. Don’t wait for the pest problem to get worse, but call these specialists at once to keep them under control.

Do you have any questions about the country’s top pest controllers? Feel free to send us a message and we will come back to you in a jiffy.

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