Best Psychologists in Christchurch
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7 Centres for the Best Psychologists in Christchurch

At one point or another, we get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. If you are unable to make amends with those feelings, we have rounded up the best psychologists in Christchurch for you.

A clinical psychologist can not only talk you out of them, but gives you a chance to learn and apply new skills. You carry this ability as you go through life to make the most of it.

If you are trying to clear away the old mental patterns of thinking or working out your relationship with your spouse, they are a great help — and even to guide the children as they develop and grow up.

That said, here are the best psychologists in Christchurch who will help you find your balance and live your best life possible.

1)  Positive Step Psychologists

Positive Step Psychologists' Homepage

Best for All-Around Psychologist
Services Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Sexual Identity, Interpersonal Skills, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Relationships, and Sports
Address 57 Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 021 777 875

At Positive Step Psychology, your session will be conducted in an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere without you being judged.

Krystyna Rzoska is a registered clinical psychologist with over 28 years in the field. She treats people in a variety of conditions, but specialises in depression, stress, trauma, and relationship.

If you don’t have a support team such as a friend or family, she can fill that role and act as a life coach and counsellor to you. You don’t have to be shy as the sessions are kept confidential.

Many of the patients have worked with the psychologist for longer than a year. And since the clinic is all-around, this must be one of the best psychologists in Christchurch!


  • Caring and empathic psychologist
  • Wide area of expertise

Customer Reviews

Deb Clarke writes on Google Reviews:

“I would highly recommend Krystyna from Positive Step Psychology. Her empathic and sensitive approach to your therapy sessions is wonderful. You feel at ease and can open up and share honestly and in a safe environment. Krystyna has helped me considerably both personally and professionally.”


2)  Alex Mortlock

Alex Mortlock's Homepage

Best for Mental Health Disorders
Services Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Intrusive Thoughts, Worry, Post-Traumatic Stress, Self-Destructive Habits, Changes, and Relationships
Address 20 Gamblins Road, St Martins, Christchurch 8022
Contact no 021 120 9295

For those with rumination or post-trauma disorder, check out Alex Mortlock. Alex is a qualified psychologist who treats mental health as well as general issues for children and adults.

Racking up experience in these fields, he has treated thousands of patients and helped them break free from their conditions. Trauma, OCD, & changes into adulthood are in his line of work.

He uses Cognitive Behaviour and Acceptance and Commitment therapies, which are very effective for the patient to understand their thought processes better and change how they’ve been acting.


  • 15 years in treating mental disorders
  • Expert in CBT and ACT treatments
  • Also looks into adolescent issues

3)  Cherie Benns

Cherie Benns' Homepage

Best for Children and Families
Services Anxiety, Trauma, Abuse, Mood, Stress, Parenting, Child Behaviour, Relationships, and Tics or Tourettes
Address Rosewarne House, 303 Selwyn Street (Entrance off Rosewarne Street), Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no 02 7505 0678

It takes a more creative approach for problems in children as they are learning and developing. And here, Cherie Benns can help or treat your child with anxiety, trauma or tics.

A specialist in certain aspects of clinical psychology, Cherie has over 14 years of experience and uses Cognitive Behaviour Treatment through study and play for little ones.

But adults will benefit here as well. Cherie can help them deal with the stresses and challenges of parenting, mood swings, depression, and so on and so forth.

Located in Selwyn Street, this place has natural sunlight and a fun and relaxing environment — yet another one of the best psychologists in Christchurch!


  • Deals with children anxiety and trauma
  • Creative fun and play
  • Trained in CBT and EMDR

4)  Child and Family Psychology Services

Child and Family Psychology Services' Homepage

Best for Kids Development and Behaviour
Services Sleep, Behaviour, Autism, Family, Anxiety, and Depression
Address 184 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
Contact no 021 806 909 (Shelley) or 021 270 3131 (Cherin)

Kids form their characters in the place or environment they live in. It’s really paramount that at this stage they are guided and encouraged, especially when they are going through stress, anxiety, or trauma.

Child and Family Psychology Services is one of the best psychologists in Christchurch when it comes to this. Kids taken here will be guided by registered psychologists that are friendly and supportive.

So, if your child finds it hard to sleep, throws a wild tantrum randomly, or has family problems, these psychologists can really help them recover.


  • Works with children or adults with stress or anxiety
  • Registered psychologists
  • Offers Triple P parenting programme

5)  PsycInsight

PsycInsight's Homepage

Best for Personalised Therapy
Services Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain or Medical Condition, Gender, Goal Setting
Address Unit 1, 110 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
Contact no +64 (0) 27 509 1799

If you have a busy schedule and can’t commit to your sessions, you can try PsycInsight. It’s your choice whether you visit their office or have your session by phone instead.

PsycInsight is lead by Andrea Mulligan and Mike McKinney. It was formed in 2011 and caters to people with depression, anxiety, trauma, body image issues, work-related stress, etc.

Your problem will be identified and assessed. After some coaching and support, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to your anxiety or stress before the next session.

Furthermore, they contract their services through ACC for company employees or businesses. It is beneficial to the company concerned too, as doing so can motivate the team and increase their productivity.


  • Personalised treatment
  • Psychologists with 25 years plus
  • Broad range of services

6) Bryan Wright

Best for Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Services Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain or Medical Condition, Gender, Goal Setting
Address 78 Maidstone Road
Ilam, Christchurch
Contact no (03)366-6126 | [email protected]

Bryan Wright is a Registered Psychologist who provides psychological services to patients of all ages. No matter the difficulties one faces, nor their background, Wright is readily prepared with open ears and years of experience in the field.

He carefully assesses each patient to create a detailed plan on how to help them. Having problems with Anxiety or Depression, or dealing with angst in your relationship? He is also an excellent choice for such situations, as he has the knowledge and skills to adequately handle each.


  •  Standard fee of $200 for 50 minutes
  • Offers supervision of psychologists and other mental health professionals
  • Member of NZ Institute of Clinical Psychologists

7) Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler Homepage

Best for Behavioral Therapy
Services Psychological Services
Post Accident Counselling
Clinical Psychology Treatment
Relaxation Training
Clinical Psychology
Life Crisis
Professional Supervision
Anxiety and Mood Disorders
Grief and Loss
Address Woodlands Centre, 36 Country Palms Drive, Halswell, Christchurch
Contact no Phone: +64 27 338 0887
[email protected]

Richard Wheeler has been providing his services as a highly regarded clinical psychologist for decades. With over 30 years of experience, he has utilised a lot of treatments and techniques, namely Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, and Jungian Psychotherapy, among others.

He has undergone a multitude of extensive trainings, and is already considered a long-term Psychotherapist. After practicising in private, community, and hospital settings, there’s no doubt that he will be able to handle any psychological issue he encounters.

Given his diverse skillset and wealth of experience, Richard Wheeler is a psychiatrist you should consider, especially when it comes to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


  • Many years of experience
  • Offers long-term therapy
  • Wide range of therapies available
  • Proposes effective strategies for coping

And that’s it for the best psychologists in Christchurch. If you are struggling with a mental health condition or if your kid is exposed to a toxic environment, book an appointment with these as soon as possible.

Have you tried any one of these services? We’d love to hear about your experiences, so share them with us by dropping us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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