The 5 Best Tattoo Removal Studios in Auckland

Best Tattoo Removal Studios in Auckland

By Leo Williams

If you’ve decided you no longer want that old tattoo on your arm, leg, or back, it’s time to go to a tattoo removal pro. Fortunately for you, we’ve featured the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland here.

We’ve looked for the ones with a qualified team, the latest equipment, and people who’ll take care of you and do all they can to ensure minimal to no scarring. Based on that, here are the ones we deemed to be the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland:

1)  Sacred Laser

Sacred Laser's Homepage

Best forIndustry-Leading Lasers
ServicesLaser Tattoo Removal and Tattoo Lightening
Address521 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no022 309 0262

Whether you need a full tattoo removal or a minor cover-up, you can just drop by Sacred Laser! They are tattoo removal specialists operating out of their Auckland and Christchurch studios.

Their main advantage comes from their cutting edge Cynosure Medlite C6 and Picosure lasers. These have different wavelengths that effectively treat any tattoo an individual may have.

As this is one of the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland, you’ll be looked after by experienced tattoo professionals who know what’s like to be tattooed and to get tattoo removal themselves.


  • Great results in a few sessions
  • Experienced tattoo removalists
  • Uses cutting-edge laser equipment
  • 20 years’ experience in the business

Customer Reviews 

Hanan Kane remarked on Google Business:

“Can’t speak highly enough about this place. Had 3 laser sessions somewhere else with minimal fading, severe pain and no aftercare.  One session with Sacred Laser and my tattoo has faded SO much. Not to mention the pain was minimal compared to previous experience.

Thank you so much!! See you in 6 weeks.”


2)  deINK Tattoo Removal

deINK Tattoo Removal's Homepage

Best forAffordable Tattoo Removal
ServicesTattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, and Hypnotherapy
Address3 Morningside Drive, Morningside, Auckland 1025, New Zealand
Contact no+64 21 905 990

Have a tattoo you like to get rid of on a budget? deINK Tattoo Removal is just the place you need! It’s a small business that Helena, its owner, has been passionate about.

She uses a diode laser to remove your tattoos for you. The procedure does burn a bit, to be frank, but it’ll be over in just a short time.

Helena studied Laser Tattoo Removal at Fleming Laser in Melbourne and now has more than 8 years of experience. Moreover, she can be a friend too, so you can share your stories with her while getting your tattoo removed.


  • Effective and careful laser treatment
  • Affordable prices
  • More than 8 years’ experience
  • Approachable and kind

Customer Reviews

On Google Business, Deanne Rakete scored deINK 5 stars and writes:

“Wow, Helena is amazing! Excellent service on all levels. Has done a fantastic job for my removal but Helena is also was very personal and I throughly enjoyed talking with her and am looking forward to utilizing more of Helenas’ services. Thanks!”


3)  Naked Laser Studio

Naked Laser Studio's Homepage

Best forLess Painful Tattoo Removal
ServicesTattoo Removal and Laser Rejuvenation
Address8a Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0624, New Zealand
Contact no09 217 3695

If you’d like fewer treatments for your skin to be entirely rid of the tattoo, then try Naked Laser Studio. They use the integrated Nano and Pico laser that is perfect for all skin and ink types.

The expert staff will use the laser at the appropriate intensity and depth to bring about the best de-inking for your skin. They’ll also do their best to ensure your discomfort is kept to a minimum.

The entire time, they will keep it safe and controlled, so you don’t have to worry. They will also explain to you the essentials before and after the treatment.

Hence, we selected Naked Laser Studio to be part of the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland. Their professionalism and dedication makes them very reliable for tattoo removal.


  • Less pain, less treatments
  • Uses the revolutionary Nano and Pico laser
  • Friendly and caring staff

Customer Reviews

Linsay Box wrote on Google Reviews about her experience with the clinic:

“Thanks to the ladies at Naked Laser, laser tattoo removal is very painful and not for the faint hearted especially when removing a half sleeve! However I felt at ease & in safe hands during the treatment which definitely made it more bearable!”


4)  Tattoo Removals Auckland

Tattoo Removals Auckland's Homepage

Best forSafe Tattoo Removal
ServicesLaser Tattoo Removal and Carbon Laser Facial Treatment
AddressThree Lamps Plaza 283 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand
Contact no(09) 215 6754

It’s safety and health first at Tattoo Removals Auckland! In addition to having a Health Protection Licence, all their staff have completed training in Laser Safety for your peace of mind.

Since tattoos and skins are unique, they tailor the treatment to  your situation. Also, they have invested in a bunch of laser equipment so that they can find what suits each client perfectly.

Pain is made more tolerable with the cooling device of their laser machine too. Once the removal is done, you will see clear improvements and will likely have your tattoo totally removed in the next sessions.


  • Health Protection Licenced
  • Personalised approach
  • Latest laser equipment

Customer Reviews

Google reviewer Jo Peters commented:

“The difference. Had previously had one treatment at a small home based business and it was not a good experience. Checked out a few other places and ended up going to Tattoo Removals. Amazing clinic, staff know what they are doing and really reasonable rates as well.”


5)  Ammara Medical Laser Clinic

Ammara Medical Laser Clinic's Homepage

Best forProfessional Medical Team
ServicesTattoo Removal, Hair Removal, Pigmented Spots Removal, and Skin Rejuvenation
Address212 Wairau Rd, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no(09) 444 6637

For a tattoo removal in a hygienic clinic, come to Ammara Medical Laser Clinic. They also provide a safe and effective treatment in line with the clinical standards they must meet.

The clinic is also DAA-certified (NZ Department of Health auditors), which assures you of safety in their services. Plus, they use the highly advanced Nd-YAG Laser with multiple wavelengths to remove tattoos from any skin type.

Standards- and results-wise, this is one of the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland. They’re friendly too: at their clinic, you’ll even share a laugh or two with their nurses or doctors.


  • Safe and effective procedures
  • Uses high end Nd-YAG laser equipment
  • DAA safety certified
  • Gregarious and professional team


And that’s all for the best tattoo removal studios in Auckland. If you have a tattoo you’d like to undo, these professionals are fantastic choices to give you safe and less painful treatments.

Have you got any questions for us about this topic? Feel free to send us a message, and we’ll get back to you in a bit.

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