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The Top 5 Tutoring Services in Christchurch for Exam Prep and Results

As a statistician, I’ve spent countless hours poring over spreadsheets and creating complex algorithms to make sense of the world around me. Yet, nothing could prepare me for the challenge of helping my nephew with his math homework. 

One evening, I found myself desperately flipping through equations, only to discover that the answer to question four was written in crayon on the kitchen wall. So parents, if this sounds like you, it might be time to call in a professional tutor.

Fortunately, Christchurch has no shortage of tutoring options that promise to turn educational frustration into scholastic triumph. The rest of the Top Reviews team helped me sift through all the choices to find the absolute best. 

Here’s the list of the finest tutoring companies in Christchurch that made it onto our list.

How much does it cost to hire a tutor in Christchurch, New Zealand? 

Expect to pay at least 30 NZD per hour to hire a tutor in Christchurch, NZ. Now, if you’re looking for specialised subjects or highly experienced tutors, the rate can go up to 50 NZD per hour, depending on your chosen tutoring company.

How We Chose

Academic Improvement Scores: We scrutinised student performance both before and after they engaged with each tutoring service. By focusing on tangible improvements in academic results, we ensured our choices were based on measurable success.
Qualified Tutors: We evaluated the qualifications and experience of tutors to make sure they not only have mastery in their subjects but also the ability to convey that knowledge effectively. 
Customisable Programmes: We looked for tutoring places that offer personalised learning plans, adapting to each student’s unique needs and learning style to maximise individual performance. 
Positive Parent and Student Feedback: We gathered and analysed comprehensive reviews from both students and parents to gauge satisfaction and overall effectiveness. 

1. Inspiration Education Tutoring 


OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday - 3 PM to 8 PM

Saturday and Sunday - 10 AM to 5 PM

If you’re looking for a tutoring service that’s committed to your child’s growth, give Inspiration Education Tutoring a try.

Right off the bat, the team’s professional yet friendly vibe caught our attention. We’ve heard heaps of praise from other parents, too—kids are upping their game academically and self-esteem-wise.

The tutors here really vibe with the kids, turning learning into something fun and friendly. For several students we spoke to, the customised lessons made it easier to tackle the subjects they struggled with.

Their all-encompassing approach deserves a shout-out too. It’s not just about memorising information with these tutors. 

We like how students get the lowdown on ace study hacks and exam know-how. This helps dial down the usual NCEA freak-outs, plus they give some pointers on navigating the university application maze.

Now, heads up: this place doesn’t have a physical location. Rather, the tutors meet up with their students at public libraries. But even then, the location isn’t consistent because it relies on the tutor’s availability.


  • Professional and friendly team
  • Improves grades and confidence
  • Customised lessons for struggling students
  • Focus on learning, not just memorisation
  • Study tips and exam skills
  • Advice on university applications


  • Tutoring location varies

2. Accelerate Tuition

ADDRESS33a Kirkwood Avenue, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS+64 27 977 4555

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday - 7 AM to 8 PM

Saturday - 9 AM to 5 PM

First off, the tutors at Accelerate Tuition are top-notch. Every tutor we’ve heard about has excelled in NCEA and scholarship exams, so they really know their stuff. 

Whether your child prefers face-to-face sessions or online tutoring, it’s all possible. We personally think this is fantastic, especially in today’s ever-changing world. 

A few students who’ve had their sessions online claim they never feel like they are missing out by not being there in person.

What many love most is how relatable and approachable the tutors are. Several parents mentioned their child felt completely at ease asking questions. 

However, many wish they offered a broader range of subjects. Currently, they’re focused on NCEA Level 1, 2, and 3 math, science, and English. 

While they excel in these areas, it would be great if they could expand their services to include more subjects, such as history, geography, technology, or the arts.


  • Top-notch tutors with proven success
  • Relatable and approachable tutors
  • Empathetic and supportive environment
  • Flexible in-person and online options


  • Limited subject range (math, science, English)

Customer Reviews

My daughter has really benefited from the one-on-one tutoring

“Very impressed with the level of service. Alexandra and her team really tailor the tutoring to the individual student and definitely go the extra mile. My daughter has really benefited from the one-one tutoring and I am happy to endorse Accelerate Tuition.”

Amazing job of working alongside their students 

“The tutors here do an amazing job of working alongside their students to connect and help them grow confidence in their subjects through a way that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking some extra help or extension for their child.”

3. NumberWorksnWords

ADDRESS Barrington Mall, 256 Barrington St, Spreydon, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday - 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Friday - 10 AM to 5:30 PM

NumberWorks’nWords is the go-to for many when it comes to personalised math and English tutoring programmes for kids aged between 5 and 16. 

They have a knack for breaking down everything from ABCs and basic grammar to the mind-bending stuff that appears on advanced exams.

Their tutors are like your kid’s academic cheer squad, setting up a warm and encouraging space. Many of their students make rapid progress.

We’ve observed that many parents get excited about their children’s amazing academic leaps. Many parents also love how NumberWorks’nWords keeps them in the loop with report cards that point out all the best next steps for their kids.

Here’s the catch, though: they’re kind of a hot spot in town, which means you might bump into a waiting list. It’s a bit of a bummer when you want to jumpstart your child’s learning ASAP.


  • Math and English tutoring for ages 5 to 16
  • Supportive and motivational learning environment
  • Impressively quick academic progress
  • Regular updates for parents


  • A long waiting list for new students

Customer Reviews

We get excellent communication from the team

“Connor is loving learning with NumberWorks. The speed with which his spelling has improved is incredible! I also really appreciate that the team works with him at his level in maths. As a parent, I also appreciate the excellent communication we get from the team.”

The best place in Christchurch for math tuition

“Number works is the best place in Christchurch for math tuition and support, I highly recommend it, the tutors give us good feedback and maintain us inform on the progress.”

4. Kumon Papanui

ADDRESS485 Papanui Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday, Tuesday, & Friday - 3:15 PM to 6:30 PM

Saturday - 10 AM to 12 PM

Kumon Papanui stands out for sharpening young minds in math and English through a refreshingly self-directed approach to learning. 

Guided by Saree, whose commitment to education shines brightly, students are equipped with custom learning plans, ensuring progress at a comfortable, tailored pace.

Saree’s unwavering encouragement inspires students to unlock their true potential. Rooted in the proven Kumon method, this centre builds academic skills and fosters the independence necessary for lifelong learning.

However, we’ve heard that the repetitive nature of Kumon’s worksheets doesn’t resonate with some students, who stated they got bored after several lessons. 

Additionally, several parents mentioned that Kumon’s fees might stretch budgets tighter than other tutoring options.


  • Sharpens math and English skills
  • Self-directed learning approach
  • Encouraging and supportive instructor
  • Builds academic skills and independence


  • Repetitive worksheets can get boring
  • Fees might be higher than other options

Customer Reviews

Saree’s caring and bubbly personality puts the students at ease

“The best place in town to help your kids with Math and English! I have seen students progress so much from the time they start to where they are now. A lot of the credit must go to their instructor Saree. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she’s a wonderful human being. Her caring and bubbly personality makes the students at ease. From the first meeting to the first class onwards, Saree guides the students and parents well. She makes it a point that the students are getting the most and the best out of their time there. Her aim is always to get the students to do well at the centre and to be able to use what they learn at school too. Saree and her team are amazing!”

I wholeheartedly recommend Saree and the Kumon Papanui team 

“We’ve been taking our 5 year old to Kumon for over a year, and he LOVES it. He has a natural interest in mathematics, and with Saree and the team of teachers’ kind and patient guidance he’s developed a really solid foundation. His English reading and writing has advanced so significantly, he has started to read stories to his 3 year old brother before bedtime on his own. I wholeheartedly recommend Saree and the Kumon Papanui/Halswell team to everyone who is interested in giving their children a chance to learn more, regardless of age (it goes up to highschool) Thank you Saree and team for being such great help and a key part in Oliver’s love for learning. We look forward to many years of Kumon.”

5. Kip McGrath Merivale – English & Maths Tutoring

ADDRESS189 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS+642108470650

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday - 12 PM to 8 PM

Friday - 12 PM to 6:30 PM

Kip McGrath Merivale is a nurturing hub where English and math tutoring takes on a personalised approach.

From observing different tutors in action, we noted their encouraging, supportive vibes right from the start. The centre is well organised and has a comforting, non-judgemental environment where kids can feel safe to express their struggles and triumphs.

Many parents raved about the individualised learning plans, which hone in on areas needing polish while bolstering students’ strengths, enhancing both understanding and self-assurance.

Yet, some families (with multiple children needing support) find the fees rather daunting. 

Further, while numerous students have blossomed under Kip McGrath’s structured methodology, several said that the rigidity sometimes dampens students’ spirits, requiring a more adaptable and imaginative academic approach. 


  • Supportive, friendly tutors
  • Personalised learning plans
  • Nurturing, safe environment


  • Costly for families with multiple children
  • The structured approach is not ideal for everyone

Customer Reviews

“I love the strategy how the tutor in Kip McGrath teach my son. My 11-year-old son has just arrived in NZ for 5 months. His English was not good. Now, he has confidence. His English has been improving. My son loves to come here. Thank you Kip McGrath.”

 It has been fantastic to watch her confidence grow in tackling maths problems

“My daughter was 6 months behind in Maths and has caught up with the help of Kip McGrath Merivale. It has been fantastic to watch her confidence grow in tackling maths problems since she started at Kip McGrath Merivale.