Best VPS Hosting in NZ

Top 10 Services for the Best VPS Hosting in NZ

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Website hosting is crucial to your business’s profitability as it makes your website visible online, all the while giving your customers a great user experience.

You can find heaps of web hosting solutions on the internet. But If you need one for professional use, but don’t want to break the bank, then VPS hosting is for you.

Here, we’ve collated a list of the top services for the best VPS hosting in NZ. Keep reading to find out which VPS provider you should get hosting from.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost in New Zealand

A Virtual Private Server doesn’t run on a dedicated server. It works on a physical server with many sites on it but less than those of a shared server.

Because of this, VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated ones but higher-priced than shared hosting.

Depending on your chosen plan and its main and optional features, VPS prices can cost you from a few bucks to over a hundred.

Another thing to note is that VPS hosting is a bit more expensive for Windows than Linux.

Let’s take a look at the price estimates of VPS hosting in New Zealand.

Plan/Operating System/Add-OnPrice Range
Basic Plan$5 – $30
Intermediate Plan$10 – $42
Advanced Plan$21 – $150
Windows$5 – $100
Linux$5 – $90
Control Panel Add-on$20 – $40
Gecko$6.90 – $359

The Best VPS Hosting Services in NZ

If you’re ready, let’s proceed to our VPS product selections!

1)   Webhosting NZ

Webhosting NZ's Homepage
Best forKnowledgeable and friendly support
ServicesProfessional VPS hosting
Contact Details[email protected]
Office HoursOpen from Monday – Sunday
PricesVPS Plans  
VPS1: starts from $9/month
VPS2: starts from $10/month
VPS3: starts from $20/month
VPS4: starts from $30/month
VPS5: starts from $45/month
VPS6: starts from $60/month
VPS7: starts from $80/month
VPS8: starts from $150/month  

cPanel VPS: $20 IP: $5
CloudLinux: $20
Off-server backup: $1/GB
Softaculous licence: $10

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WebhostingNZ provides affordable virtual private server hosting from just $9 a month.

They have 8 VPS plans for you to choose from. These differ in monthly data transfers, RAM, CPU, and disk space. All of the monthly data transfers are unlimited, which is great for handling a lot of traffic for your business.

However, if you can’t find a suitable hosting plan amongst their offerings, you can let the team know and they can put together a customised plan tailored to your needs.

Aside from monitoring the servers 24/7, their friendly and knowledgeable staff can also provide round-the-clock support and advice to their clients.

Many of their clients attest to their unfaltering customer service and value pricing. Here are some of the customer testimonials on Facebook:

One client named Peter J. wrote this feedback:

“Outstanding service, and outstanding servers – Work very well and fast.  Customer service is 10/10.  Highly recommended.”

Check out this feedback from a client who’s also a web developer:

“We picked WebhostingNZ initially as genuinely NZ based hosting company and with a cheap price for what was at the time quite a small site. Initially there were a few problems with a hard drive in one of their servers but these were always fixed quickly and were soon permanently solved. Since then they have been going from strength to strength.“

2)   Neolo

Neolo's Homepage
Best forCloud VPS hosting
ServicesVPS cloud hosting
Contact DetailsContact them through here
PricesVPS Plans  
VPS1: $27.88/month
VPS2: $41.82/month
VPS3: $55.76/month
VPS4: $69.70/month  

cPanel VPS  
5 accounts: $39.87
30 accounts: $58.40
50 accounts: $58.54
100 accounts: $87.89
More than 100: please enquire here

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Neolo is a cloud VPS hosting provider with data centres in the USA, UK, France, and Romania. It is used by more than 10,000 organisations and people from around the world.

Their VPS plans have everything you need to get your website up and running in no time. These plans feature unlimited emails and sub-domains, as well as technical support.

Besides that, you can add the cPanel for your hosting plan. This lets you change the settings for your domains, subdomains, emails, applications, and more.

By the way, you can download from more than 200 applications too, including Neolo Site Builder, WooCommerce, and WordPress, among others.

Customers have said that they received great support and value for money from Neolo. They made a good decision in switching from their past hosting provider.

Sam, a client from Australia, said this of Neolo:

“Excellent service and value for money. I had hosting with Nelo for more than a year. Also have hosting with a lot more expensive companies. But Neolo va…”

Furthermore, another client named Natt shared his experience with the hosting service:

“I got fast and efficient support from Neolo by setting up an SSL certificate. I have the unlimited plan and it works perfect.”

3)   Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting's Homepage
Best forAffordable VPS hosting
ServicesProfessional VPS hosting
Address48 Bi-State Plaza #185, Old Tappan, NJ 07675, United States of America
Contact Details1-877-767-4678
[email protected]
Office HoursOpen from Monday – Sunday
PricesLinux VPS Plans  
VPS Hosting Classic: starts from $5/month
VPS Hosting SSD: starts from $12/month
VPS Hosting Cloud: starts from $15/month
MEAN.js Stack Hosting: starts from $15/month
Node.js Hosting: starts from $15/month
Load Balancer: starts from $15/month  

Windows VPS Plans  
Windows VPS SSD: starts from $5/month
Windows VPS Cloud: starts from $10/month
Windows VPS Classic: starts from $17.99/month
Free Windows VPS: starts from $0/month
Forex Trading VPS: starts from $15/month
Licensing Details: starts from $0/month
Load Balancer: starts from $30/month  

*Prices are in US dollars

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Accu Web Hosting offers a wide array of Windows and Linux VPS hosting plans. They pride these to be high-performing, scalable, and also affordable.

Accu Web Hosting has servers in America, Sydney, India, Singapore, South Korea, Ireland, Tokyo, Germany, Canada, London, France, and South Africa. For just $5 (US dollars) a month, you can already avail a self-managed VPS hosting plan.

Regardless of whether you live in New Zealand or not, you can get hosting from them without a drop in speed. You get a free backup for your website files and data as well.

Note that Accu Web Hosting plans use dedicated servers. That means that you have exclusive access to them, contrary to shared hosting. Thus, you have complete control of your website, from changing its configuration to improving its security.

Clients praised their consistent servers and prompt and knowledgeable team who had been there to solve their technical issues.

Here’s the feedback coming from Balaji:

“Accuwebhosting is a reliable hosting provider. I never seen any downtime for my blog and it has availability at 99.99% time. Their customer support is quick and gave required assistance during the troubleshooting.”

Also, another customer, Ashraf left this review:

“The service is great and is the best hosting and most stable on the level of servers and technical support and I have not had any problems since you subscribed to them. I advise everyone to subscribe to this hosting.”

4)   WebSlice

WebSlice's Homepage
Best foreCommerce VPS hosting
ServicesProfessional VPS hosting
Address44 Olive Road, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact Details(09) 281 4780 0800 WEBSLICE (0800 932754)
[email protected]
Office HoursOpen from Monday – Sunday
PricesVPS 1 Core: $19.95/month
VPS 2 Core: $39.95/month
VPS 3 Core: $59.95/month  

IPv4 Address: $5 per IP RAM (512MB Blocks): Kindly enquire here
CPU Core: Kindly enquire here
Disk Space: $1 per GB Additional Bandwidth: $10 per 10GB cPanel/WHM License: Kindly enquire here
Server Management: Kindly enquire here

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WebSlice is another solid choice for VPS hosting. They offer 3 cost-effective plans that can handle simple to advanced programmes.

These plans let you customise your server to your liking. For instance, you can install useful apps or extensions like blogs, stores, and/or photo galleries on your website.

In addition, the VPS packages come with excellent SSD storage which delivers lightning speed and load times for your website visitors.

Your website data are safe and secure as they are kept on a server different from other customers.

The staff monitor the servers 24/7 to ensure they’re performing well. Also, you can easily reach them at any time if you stumble into any problems.

Customers were very satisfied with their customer service, rates, and servers which worked without any issues or downtimes.

Let’s see this review from one customer named Adam:

“WebSlice have consistently proven to be a truly amazing NZ Web Host. Great customer service, servers, pricing and knowledgeable staff. I have had to ask them for help on a couple of occasions and they were always quick to respond and resolve any issue. I’m glad to have found a hosting provider that performs so well in every aspect, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Also, here’s Rowan’s feedback of the hosting provider:

“Always go the extra mile to help, couldn’t have set up my business without their service.”

5)   Net24

Net24's Homepage
Best forLinux VPS hosting
ServicesProfessional VPS hosting
AddressPO Box 911190, Victoria Street,  West Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Contact DetailsPhone: 0800 5000 24/+64 3 962 9510
Fax: +64 3 962 9513
[email protected]
Office HoursMonday – Friday: 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: closed
PricesLinux VPS Lite: $29.95/month
Linux VPS Plus: $59.95/month
Linux VPS Max: $89.95/month  
*Prices excludes GST

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For small enterprises, Net24 offers some of the best VPS hosting services in New Zealand.

Their Linux plans give you root-level access to your server, letting you install a huge range of applications and modify the settings as you see fit.

You have 3 web hosting products to choose from: Linux VPS Lite, Linux VPS Plus, and Linux VPS Max.

The most basic is the Linux VPS Lite which has 1 GB dedicated memory, 15 GB SSD disk space and 200 GB of data transfer. The price is $29.95 per month.

On the other hand, Linux VPS Plus carries 2 GB RAM, 45 GB SSD disk space, and 500 GB data transfer. The cost for this plan is $59.95 each month.

If you’re scaling up your business, you can try the Linux VPS Max. This has 3 GB dedicated memory, 100 GB SSD space, and 1TB of data transfer for $89.95 a month.

Some great add-ons include RapidSSL certificate to secure your server or website and the Plesk control panel for easy-managing of your website.

9)   Milky Web

Best forLocal Website Hosting
ServicesWebsite Development, WordPress Development, Magento Development, App Development, Website Hosting, SEO Services
Contact Details+02-76-112-982 
 [email protected]
Office Hours24/7
PricesRequest a Quote

Get It Here

Milky Web is a company that offers support when it comes to a client’s web-hosting needs of any kind in Auckland. Recognized to be one of the top figures in the industry, they have since then been serving businesses time and time again ever since they were founded back in 2016.

All it takes is one click, as each package may be similar in approach, but clients get a personalized strategy that is geared specifically for their company.

Specializing in having extensive knowledge when it comes to the local market, they are especially ideal for businesses serving New Zealand in particular.

Marketing their services as steadfast and reliable, they offer clients 60-day guarantee money back should they find their service ineffective or lacking in any way.

10) Gecko Host

Best forQuality Service & Value for money
ServicesCheap SHOUTcast Plans
Cheap Icecast Servers
Cheap Web Hosting
Cheap VPS Servers
Cheap Dedicated Servers
SSL Certificates
Contact Details+64 9 889 2217 – New Zealand Line
+00 1 (315) 642 4101 – United States Line
Office Hours24/7
Prices (Monthly)Cheap SHOUTcast Plans :
$6.90 Starter
$10.90 Unlimited
$14.90 Unlimited + SSL

Cheap Icecast Servers
$7.90 Starter
$9.90 Unlimited Lite
$14.90 Unlimited + SSL

Cheap Web Hosting

$6.90 Baby
$7.00 Advanced
$9.00 Unlimited

Cheap VPS Servers

$49 VPS Standard
$89 VPS Enhanced
$169 VPS Elite
$29 VPS SSD1
$89 VPS SSD2
$109 VS SSD3

$59 VPS SSD4
$99 VPS SSD5
$109 VPS SSD5

Cheap Dedicated Servers
$179 DS1 HDD USA
$219 DS2 HDD USA
$249 DS3 HDD USA
$249 DS4 SSD USA
$299 DS5 SSD USA
$359 DS6 SSD USA


$199 DS1 HDD India
$249 DS2 HDD India
$309 DS3 HDD India

SSL Certificates
$31 Domain Validation (DV)
$99 Organizational Validation (OV)
$179 Extended Validation (EV)
$149 Wildcard SSL

At this day and time, we need to keep up with technological innovation. Especially that the web is now more accessible than ever plus everything you need to do and know is there.

It all started way back 2014 where Gecko landed their first client for hosting services. Due to its positive feedback, it had given them light to begin selling first-class VPS and Dedicated Servers. 

After their success on these products, they have also launched SHOUTcast and Icecast where they have utilized their years of experience in online radio.

Starting from scratch and now they are on their way up the ladder, the whole team of Gecko knows what it’s like to do hard work in order to come up and produce a desirable output with great quality. 

That is why their servers and features are uncomparable. Gecko makes everything for you easy and affordable. They provide transparency to their customers as you can see on how easy it is to navigate their website, see their services, policies, their prices and even their support line.

FAQS about the Top VPS Hosting Services in NZ

And that’s all for the best VPS hosting services in NZ. With these hosting, your website will be blazing-fast and easy to use for your customers.

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding our list? If you have one, kindly drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

By the way, you can have a look at our best website hosting in NZ list too. We have great hosting options there that will give you value.