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11 Best Washing Machines in New Zealand Reviewed

Washing clothes is an essential activity in any household and it’s only natural for us to seek the fastest and most efficient way to carry it out. Luckily, technology has come a long way and there are several decent washing machines in nz available to make our lives easier.

To help you choose the best washing machine in nz for your needs, we’ve rounded up a list of products showcasing the best of what the country has to offer. We reviewed each washer’s features, efficiency, and customer feedback.

If you’re ready to make a pile of laundry a thing of the past, let’s go ahead and take a look at our picks for the best washing machines in New Zealand.

The Best Washing Machines in New Zealand Reviewed and Compared

1. Daewoo Top Loader Washing Machine 5.5 kg

Most Affordable Top Loader Washing Machine in NZ

Daewoo Top Loader Washing Machine 5.5 kg
PRICENZ $ 499.00
FEATURESMagic Filter, Power Auto Off, Auto Restart Functions
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

There’s nothing better than a product that gives you the best value for the price and this Daewoo Top Loader Washing Machine fits the bill. With a two-year warranty and a host of essential features, it’s a worthy addition to any home.

Featuring its signature Magic Filter, this washer can collect lint efficiently while washing your clothes at the same time. Removing and discarding the lint will be a breeze, so you don’t have to worry about it sticking to your clothes after washing.

The controls on this top-loader are easy to use as well, with a large power and start button. Its simple one-touch operation is easy even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, allowing you to choose between its 6 different modes quickly.

Although you can’t manually adjust the time of each wash, you can adjust the water level with its convenient Extra Rinse function. While you can also do a heavy load, its capacity of 5.5kg won’t be able to handle an extra thick duvet or covers.

We’re also a little disappointed in its 2-star energy rating and 3-star water rating, but we didn’t expect that much considering its affordable price. It does have an automatic shut-off mode, timer, and auto-restart mode, which helps make up for it.

Regardless, this washing machine’s compact form factor and light weight make it an attractive option. It’s an ideal choice for those who live in a small condo or apartment because they can easily find a small corner for it to fit into.

All in all, we think this is the best top loader washing machine in NZ if you’re on a budget and want something efficient. That’s why the  Daewoo 5.5kg Top Loader has earned a top spot in our comparison of the best NZ washing machines. 


  • Simple-to-use controls
  • Affordable
  • Fits in small spaces or apartments


  • Can’t change settings mid-washing
  • Only suitable for small-scale washing
  • Made of plastic

Customer Reviews

Plenty of customers were happy with the Daewoo washing machine. Based on feedback, it seems to be a compact and small washing machine in nz that’s great for smaller spaces. 

There were also comments about how well it actually washined the clothes and had great features–all for a lower price.

However, others complained that the clothing hardly gets washed due to small washing movements. Another noted the washer couldn’t change settings once the programme had started.

Holly, who recently purchased this model, shares:

“Bought this over 6 months ago, and i really love it! I was worried i wouldn’t be able to fit much in each load, but i can fit quite a lot. Its never let me down, washes the clothes amazingly. I would highly recommend it!”

And let’s now see Christine B’s feedback:

“We bought this machine 4 months ago for our family of 4 adults. Very happy with it. Was hesitant to buy a washing machine that wasn’t a Fisher & Pykal machine. So pleased we did as I prefer our new machine. A lot gentler on our clothes. The Warehouse staff were very good and helpful, Thank you.”

2. Fisher & Paykel WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine 7.5 kg

Best front loader washing machine in nz for customised washing

Fisher & Paykel WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine 7.5 kg
PRICENZ $1,529.00
FEATURES13 Wash Programs, 1400rpm Max Spin Speed, Add A Garment Option, Smartdrive Technology, Quick Vortex Wash Cycles, 5 Temperature Controls
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

TThis Fisher & Paykel mode is one of the most popular front loader washing machines in NZ because it can wash almost any kind of fabric, from delicate tops to bulky blankets!

With a capacity of 7.5 kg, this washer is ideal for a family of three to four people. Plus, its relatively small size means it can fit into smaller rooms to save you precious space!

This washer’s main feature is its patented SmartDrive technology, which offers an efficient yet silent washing experience. Other machines might vibrate too much or cause a ruckus when spinning, but with this washing machine, you just might forget you’re doing laundry.

What we like about this model from Fisher & Paykel is that you can stop the cycle midway to add new garments and easily adjust the temperature with five different settings.

Moreover, its Quick Vortex wash cycle has a maximum spinning capacity of 1400rpm, helping you remove stubborn stains much easier and dry your load faster as well. It has 13 different wash cycles that include Allergy, Handwash, and a 15-minute SuperQuick cycle for those that are in a rush.

However, be careful not to overload this washer with too much detergent, as it can rupture the seal and cause water leaks. It’s also not recommended for those with pets as any excessive hair can get caught around the seals in the door which can cause it to get stuck.

Nevertheless, it scores high in energy efficiency with 4 stars and even higher in water efficiency with 4.5 stars. You get the best of both worlds here–a solidly performing front loader washing machine in NZ that reduces your utility bills at the same time. 


  • High water and energy efficiency
  • Can add garments in the middle of a cycle
  • Space-saving


  • Prone to water leaks
  • May not be suitable for those with pets

Customer Reviews

The feedback for the Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg has been overwhelmingly positive. People were definitely pleased with its wash quality, efficiency, and fully customisable settings. There’s not much in terms of cons for this washer, except for less than desirable customer service.

Tracey S, a verified customer, shares:

“Love love love, why didnt I buy a front loader earlier??? I am a domestic cleaner so wash 2 loads of rags a week plus my normal washes. The 30 min quick wash is fantastic for the rags, with less water used they still come out cleaner than a top loader full of water!!!”

Lynn Macpherson, who also purchased this washer writes:

“I am loving my new washer, especially the efficiency, various wash types and ease of use. It is also very smart and quiet.”

3. Haier Front Load Washing Machine 9kg

Best front loader washing machine in NZ for gentle and efficient washing

Haier Front Load Washing Machine 9kg
PRICENZ $ 989.00
FEATURESInverter Motor Technology, Long Lasting Antibacterial Treated Door Seal, Wave Drum Design, Delay Start Function
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

Haier is rapidly becoming a trusted name in the appliance market, offering reliable products at bargain prices. This front-loading washing machine earns a spot on our list for its gentle yet efficient operations, thanks largely in part due to its Wave Drum design.

With an electronic panel and a large easy-to-operate dial, you can choose from 16 wash programs to suit your requirements. It even has a delay start timer so you can program it up to 24 hours in advance and have your clothes ready to dry when you come home from work.

If you need something quickly washed right before you go out, its 15-minute Fast Wash can handle any last-minute laundry. Coupled with its 9kg load capacity, which is suitable for a large family,  piles of laundry will be a thing of the past.

Its 1400rpm maximum spin speed and Speed Up wash times means that your clothes will be rinsed and spun dry quicker, meaning less time to hang out to dry. Although you shouldn’t consistently use it at the top speed, since it can compromise the shelf life of this washer.

Moderating your spin cycle also takes advantage of its efficient 4-star energy rating and water rating of 4.5 stars. Not only will you be able to save more money with a reduced power bill, you’ll help save the environment as well.


  • Gentle and efficient washing
  • 16 wash programmes
  • Program child lock
  • Stainless steel Wave Drum design


  • High price tag
  • Not recommended to use at full speed regularly
  • Need to buy extra accessories to make it stackable

Customer Reviews

Nicola McDonell, one buyer from productreview.com.au, wrote a review:

“We usually wash a mix of fabrics and clothes, we are very satisfied with the machines performance. The washing times are efficient and everything comes out quite dry ready to hang!”

4. Samsung 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Easy to use front loader washing machine in NZ

Samsung 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $1,099.00
FEATURESAddWash Function, Hygiene Steam Cycles, BubbleWash & BubbleSoak, 15 Minute Quick Wash, Auto Load Sensor, Smart Check, Gentle Diamond Drum
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

Although Samsung is not particularly renowned for its home appliances, this front-loading washer just might be an exception. With a brilliant metallic silver-white finish and crystal glass door, it certainly looks the part.

Best known for its unique Steam Cycle wash, it can remove 99.9% of bacteria latched onto your clothes, giving it a thorough steam cleaning. Coupled with its Drum Clean function, any wayward bacteria or leftover residue will rinse out, helping your machine operate cleanly and efficiently.

The washing machine has 12 programs to choose from to personalize your washing style, whether you’re washing cotton, delicates, or baby clothes. Its maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm can get the job done swiftly, saving you precious time.

If you’re in a rush, the 15-minute Quick Wash 2 cycle can come to the rescue and is able to wash up to 2kg of laundry. Its Easy Iron function also helps in shortening the spin-drying time to minimize wrinkles, although take note that it has a tendency to leave your clothes slightly damp.

You can even monitor this washing machine for errors via its Smart Check app that scans the system and helps you troubleshoot. However, the most common issue you might experience with this washer is a faulty rubber seal in some units, which can be replaced within its 2-year warranty.

Regardless, we particularly like the BubbleWash function that mixes detergent, air, and water to create a foam that gives your clothes a fresh clean. Moreover, it has an AddWash function that lets you add items in the middle of any cycle.

All in all, this user-friendly washer from Samsung will suit those who want a simple-to-use machine without too many bells and whistles. It gets the job done and earns a well-deserved spot on our review of the best washing machines in NZ.


  • 12 programmes to choose from
  • Can add more clothing mid-wash
  • Smart Check app to troubleshoot
  • 11 Year Parts Warranty on the Motor


  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi
  • Rubber seal construction is flimsy

Customer Reviews

Most customers were happy that their clothes came out clean and soft and that the fast spin cycle helped to dry out their clothing. Karen C, one user, posted:

“All working as expected after three weeks. Have used most of the programmes and they all seem to do as they are supposed to. Clothes are clean and well rinsed – no powder residue – and the load is well spun.”

Moreover, here’s another one from Angela who said:

“Fantastic machine, clothes come out soft and very clean, spins out very well. Very happy.”

5. Bosch 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Best Bosch Washing Machine in NZ for overall performance

Bosch 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $1,399.00
HEIGHT848 mm
FEATURESEcosilence Drive, Anti-Vibration Side Panels, Allergyplus, Drum Clean, ‘Xxtrasanitary’ Technology, LoadSensor Technology Varioperfect Programs, Superquick & Powerwash Cycle Times
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

If you’re tired of your old loud washing machine and want something so quiet you forget it’s even running, this washer from Bosch is right up your alley. Featuring its patented EcoSilence Drive, not only is it silent, it’s energy-efficient as well.

Its Anti-Vibration Side Panels help reduce noise, making sure that it’s stable while washing your laundry. With a 4-star Energy Rating and 4.5 Water Star rating, this washer is a wise economic choice and is kinder to the environment too.

This washing machine’s ActiveWater feature detects how much water and energy is really required during washing, cutting down precious dollars from your bills. You can select from one of its 10 VarioPerfect programs that let you choose your wash cycle and reduce up to 50% of your energy consumption.

Not only will you cut costs, but you can cut the time of your washing by almost 65% with quicker cycle times. If you lead a busy lifestyle and need all the precious minutes you can get, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

However, to get all these features crammed into its mid-range price point, Bosch had to cut some corners, resulting in a maximum spin speed of only 1100rpm. There aren’t options for Wi-Fi connection or an app to at least provide customer support for troubleshooting.

Regardless, you get a 2-Year Manufacturer warranty and an extensive 10-year parts warranty for the motor. Overall, if you want to get a Bosch washing machine in NZ, you should go for this model as it’s a solid investment in your home that will last for quite some time. 


  • Smartly conserves the energy and water amounts
  • VarioPerfect feature lets you set a customised programme
  • Less vibrations and noise


  • Heavyset machine
  • Complicated functions

Customer Reviews

The Bosch washing machine’s quietness, simple installation and economical performance were praised by customers on Harvey Norman. However, they said that it’s a bulky unit and has complicated functions. One user named Crafty2345’s says:

“Purchased the above approx 3 months ago , have found the machine cleans much better, is economical on water and powder,(only need to use very small amounts) Only drawback is the machine is heavy so not easy moving it”

6. Fisher & Paykel 7kg WashSmart Top Loading Washing Machine

Quick and Careful Top Load Washers for Kiwis

Fisher & Paykel 7kg WashSmart Top Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $1,099.00
FEATURESFlexible Finned Agitator, 2 part ABS with Soft Close Lid, Delay Start Timer
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

This washing machine has six different wash cycles to choose from, which you’ll select with its user-friendly SmartTouch controls. You can choose from programs such as Delicate, Allergy, and Wool, which conveniently caters to the type of load that you’re washing.

For its price, we’re a little disappointed with the 1000rpm spin speed and expected it to be more energy-efficient as well. With a 2-Star Energy Rating and 3.5-Star Water Rating, it’s not exactly the most economical or environmentally friendly considering.

That said, it does compensate for these setbacks with automatic water and temperature sensors as well as a Quick Wash option. You get to choose from 5 different water levels and 5 temperatures, giving you more than enough control over your water usage.

Moreover, its soft closing lid is a welcome extra touch that most people might overlook as being useful. Due to this washer’s plastic construction, the gentle closing action prevents it from being slammed down and aids in hands-free usage.

With a 7.5 kg load capacity, this small washing machine in NZ is more than enough for two people and can do the job well for a small family.  It’s small, compact, quiet, and will surely find its place in many homes around New Zealand.


  • Gentle care and clean washing
  • Equipped with 6 Wash Cycles
  • Reduced vibration


  • Only has a few programmes
  • Low energy and water usage rating

7. Samsung 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine

The best washing machine in NZ for those on a budget

Samsung 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $999.00
FEATURESBubblewash Technology, SmartCheck, Diamond Drum
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

We like this Samsung washing machine because of its patented Bubblewash technology, which helps you cut down on energy bills by cleaning laundry loads at lower temperatures. It interacts with your detergent by effectively coursing through the threads and fabrics, allowing you to clean dirt quickly.

Since this washer can perform equally well with a wide range of water temperatures, there’s no need to warm up the water. Provided, of course, that you’ll be using it with the Super Eco Wash program selected.

Moreover, this washing machine looks great as well, with a crystal glass door that gives it a lavish look and can upgrade any corner of your home. Its metallic white sheen will make it look pristine even though it goes through the wear and tear of cleaning your clothes.

This washer also has Smart Check, a self-monitoring system that allows it to detect errors and run diagnostics. It will send this data to the Samsung app on your device, where it can also present suggestions on how to fix or troubleshoot it.

It can be a bit difficult to get the hang of all the settings and understand the 12 different wash cycles you have to choose from, but to its credit, it’s easy to cycle through them with the large dial and LED display.

However, this washer from Samsung is known for its long wash cycles. There may also be times when the water level for rinsing is not enough, so you may have to add an extra rinse, especially when you maximize its 7.5kg load capacity.

Nevertheless, this washing machine can serve large families of 5 or more people and is one of the best deals in its price range. With economical features and great performance, it definitely lands a spot on our list of the best washing machines in New Zealand.


  • Supremely gentle washing
  • Can handle all types of fabric with less wear-and-tear
  • Can be monitored through its app
  • Great value for money


  • Delicate cycle is average in washing clothes
  • Long cycle times

Customer Reviews

People have high regard for this Samsung product, saying that it’s excellent in washing, quiet, and durable. Jack M, a customer, shares his review:

“Samsung washing machine is a fantastic and reliable washing machine. Never had any issues and cleans clothes very well. It doesn’t crush the clothes too much either.

The washing machine is very quiet even when on spin. It has a nice ringtone when the washing is complete rather than just an ordinary beep. I would strong recommend this product.”

Tai Nguyen, another customer, also weighed in on the washing machine:

“A great value washing machine that does it’s purpose, and does it well. Suitable for a small family, the machine has many different power settings for all the different materials you’ll be washing. Especially handy is an Eco bubble mode that allows the washing machine to operate more efficiently at a lower temperature.”

8. AEG 8kg 8 Series Front Loading Washing Machine

Best Streamlined Washing Machine

AEG 8kg 8 Series Front Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $ 2,598.00
FEATURESUltra Quick Program, OKOPower, OKOInverter Motor, Time Save, Aqua Control System, XXL Door, Anti-Allergy Program
WARRANTY5-Year Warranty

The AEG 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine is a German-engineered powerhouse. They’ve partnered with Ginger & Smart, acclaimed experts on fabric and design, to bring this 8000 series washer to fruition.

Not only is it a looker, but it’s one of the most energy-efficient washing machines in the market, with a stellar 5-Star Energy Rating. Its ProSense technology has advanced sensors that automatically adapt to your current load to ensure that it’s only washed for the needed time, thus being gentler on your clothes and reducing the use of resources.

With a Steam Refresh program, you can give your clothes a fresh look without actually washing them, putting less stress on the fibers so that they can remain new as long as possible. This washer also has a Woolmark Green certification, meaning it’s gentler on more delicate fabrics that are often hand washed.

Although it has a maximum 1400rpm spin speed, it’s recommended to regularly use it at 600-800 rpm instead. The extreme spin might damage your clothes, especially wool and delicate fabrics that should be treated delicately after washing.

Its patented OKOMix technology smartly combines all your washing “ingredients” together before they even touch your clothes. This allows the blended detergent and softener to fully permeate the fabric for extra deep cleaning.

This AEG washing machine may be a higher learning curve than other washers, but it looks great, is energy efficient, and has an impressive 5-year warranty. For those reasons, it rightfully takes a spot in our list of the best washing machines in NZ.


  • OKOMix technology for a deeper cleaning
  • Gentle, thorough wash especially for wool
  • Energy efficient
  • Streamlined design
  • Five year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Can’t maximize full spin speed

Customer Reviews

One of the best washing machines in New Zealand, AEG 8kg 8 Series Washing Machine was rated a phenomenal 4.7/5 stars by more than 500 customers. Kudos to its superb washing that made fabrics fresh, clean and spotless!

One buyer, Dormiockery gave an in-depth review:

“The best washing machine our large family has ever bought. I’m actually enjoying doing the laundry and that’s saying something when you consider that the children range in age from 8 to 22 years living on a semi rural property with more than our fair share of mud and car grease! This machine is turning out clothes like they are brand new. I am so impressed. It’s a tad more expensive than what I wanted to spend but I’m glad I did, it’s worth every cent. BTW the smell mentioned elsewhere is apparently caused by fumigation of one incoming shipment and AEG have been amazing organizing a seal replacement to fix the very slight odour in my machine.”

9. Electrolux 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Most Energy-Efficient

Electrolux 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine
FEATURESHigh Performance 1400 Rpm Spin Cycle, Woolmark Blue Certified, Gentle Drum, Extra-Large Door Opening, Add Clothes, 5 Energy Stars Rating, Drum Light, Save Your Favourite Program, Ecoinverter
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

If you want to cut down your energy consumption by up to half when doing your laundry, this Electrolux washing machine fits the bill. Its EcoInverter motor is not only a powerhouse but it’s a silent operator as well, with minimal vibration and motor noise.

Its twin sensors will scan and assess the amount of washing that needs to be done and adjust the washing time accordingly. However, do take note that when using its Energy Saver mode, the cycle can take up to five hours.

Regardless, we like the extra-large door opening in this washer, so that putting in and taking out your laundry is hassle-free. You’ll never leave behind that wayward sock again since the drum has a convenient light inside to help you see better.

When working in tandem with its UltraMix system, which mixes dissolved detergent before it reaches your clothes, your clothes will stay sharper for longer even when using cold water. Up to 99% of dust mites, allergens and bacteria can be eliminated with its programmed 40-degree Celsius cotton wash.

Moreover, its wool cycle ensures gentle washing of your clothes, even for handwash-only garments, earning it a Woolmark Blue Certification. For other sensitive fabrics you can choose the Mixed or Delicate program, but do take note that you can only do a maximum load of 4kg in these cycles.

With its sleek finish, versatile settings, and great performance, this Electrolux washer is one of one of the best washing machines in NZ available. 


  • Energy-efficient
  • SensorWash for conserving your utility levels
  • Extra-large door
  • No waiting for door to unlock when cycle is finished


  • Expensive
  • Long cycle in EcoWash mode

Customer Reviews

Anyway, Sanns, one customer, commented on Harvey Norman:

“Very pleased with my purchase. Amazing wash lots of settings .I can almost do everything in this machine.”

10. LG 11kg Front Load Washing Machine

Practical Large Capacity and Effective Washing Machine

LG 11kg Front Load Washing Machine
PRICENZ $2,599.00
FEATURESInverter Direct Drive Motor System, 6 Motion Wash Technology, TrueSteam, TurboClean, SmartThinQ
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

Whether you have a large family or need to wash larger loads, the 11kg drum size of this LG washer will suit your needs.

With its patented TrueSteam technology, cleaning is done on the microscopic level, allowing over 1,000 steam particles to attack any dirt or stain. When used in tandem with its 6-motion Direct Drive, this washer can select from a combination of 6 different motions to effectively clean your clothes spending on the cycle that you choose.

Some of the motions include Stepping which helps reduce knots and twisting, while

Whether it’s stepping, tumble, swing or a smooth rolling motion, Filtration ensures that clothes are cleaned equally.

Washing will also take less time with its TurboClean technology that sprays a jet of water from the front, decreasing the number of rinses needed. However, this is only available with certain programs and may also depend on your wash load.

If you’re in a rush, the Quickwash option can get your clothes refreshed in minutes, but it won’t do any hard cleaning of the fabric. Cycle times can take a while with this washer if used with cold water, although it does keep it more energy efficient that way.

If you want to be able to remotely start your laundry or monitor its progress without having to go back and forth to check it, this washer has you covered. It’s SmartThinQ app allows you to view this information from your phone, and you can even diagnose any problems and download additional preset cycles.


  • 6 Motion Direct Drive for a customised washing
  • Massive 11kg capacity
  • Efficient in both power and water use


  • Exorbitant price
  • Long cycle times when using cold water

11. Panasonic 7kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Affordable and Excellent Top Load Washing Machine

Panasonic 7kg Top Loading Washing Machine
PRICENZ $798.00
FEATURESActiveFoam System, StainMaster
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

This product from Panasonic is a top-loading washing machine that offers superior wash performance with exceptional ease of use. With its ActiveFoam System and StainMaster technology, it ensures every wash is thorough and clean.

The ActiveFoam System essentially creates a concentrated foam that helps to latch onto any dirt on your fabrics. Afterward, the patented and refreshed TurboMix system helps to lift off the foam off your clothes as it rinses and tumbles.

This washer has advanced fin rotation and six ring showers that help to create the deep cleaning foam. You will no longer have a problem with undissolved detergent getting stuck onto your clothes, even after it’s rinsed.

Moreover, with its StainMaster and Active Wave Pulsator features, any hard-to-remove stains on delicate fabrics will be a thing of the past. This effective system creates tall waves of water to circulate around the tub and helps your clothes tumble around better for a superior clean.

To make this washer easier to load, Panasonic has opted to make the interior dimensions of the tub wider and shallower. This means you’ll have an easier time reaching down to the bottom, while still retaining a large load capacity.

Its 7kg drum size is more than sufficient to accommodate a medium-sized family’s weekly laundry. With 10 different programs and a special 90-minute Air Dry cycle, the control panel is user-friendly and will have you washing in no time.

As one of the lower-priced entry-level washing machines on the NZ market, the Panasonic top loader is a great buy. It’s affordable, space-saving, and can perform all the basic necessities well.


  • Affordable and long-lasting washer
  • Works on stains thoroughly and tidily
  • Easy to reach the bottom of tub


  • Could have more features
  • Small capacity

The Pros and Cons of Front Loader and Top Loader Washing Machine

A good washing machine in NZ can do a world of wonders to make your life easier, but with so many products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which is the right one. You can start off by deciding whether you want a front-loading or top-loading washing machine.

Front-loaders are what you think of when somebody says the word “washing machine” – it’s square-shaped with a round transparent window on the front. Clothes are often spun or tumbled inside a drum.

Top loaders, on the other hand, are rectangular in shape and are opened from the top, as the name implies. Washing is achieved through a spinning motion and often has a pole in the center that helps propel clothing around. 

We’ve rounded up some of the benefits and disadvantages of both washers in the table below.

Front Loading●     Energy efficient
●     fast spin durations
●     Quiet operation
●     Numerous features
●     Gentler washing
●     Designed for both warm and cold water
●     Stackable
●     Longer cycle times
●     Some cannot add more clothes in mid-cycle
●     Limited load capacity
●     More expensive
Top Loading●     Large load capacity
●     Short cycle times
●     Can add clothing mid-cycle
●     Best for cold water
●     Consumes more water and detergent
●     Noisy
●     Lint has tendency to build up

While top-loading washing machines are more affordable and have quicker cycle times, they are often outdated and create more noise. Front-loading machines have more bells and whistles, are gentler to clothing, and have more features, but they can be expensive and have limited load capacities.

Which washing machine size to choose?

A relevant factor to consider in choosing the size of a washing machine is its drum, which dictates its load capacity. For the average family of 3-4 people, a washer with a 6-8kg drum will more than suffice.

Choosing the correct size will also help cut costs in utility bills and save space in your home as well.  Before buying, it’s best to have a measurement of the space of where you’re going to set up your washing machine, taking into account the fill and drain hose, waste water hose, and outlets.

Features of washing machines

Washing machines come with a variety of programs, modes, and functions. It can be difficult to determine which ones are essential for day-to-day washing.

We’ve outlined some of the most common functions you should look for in the table below.

Anti-Creasekeeps your clothes free of wrinkles with a less need to iron afterwards.
Delicatepertains to gentler washing best suited for handwash only, wool, or easily damaged fabric
Quick Washhandy washing option when you’re in a hurry, or for lightly soiled clothes
Spin speedsthe faster the speed, the quicker it washes and dries
Timerlonger washing will use more water, electricity, and detergent
Energy Rating/Water Raingproducts with a higher rating for energy or water efficiency are more expensive, but will save you in utility bills in the long run  

Choosing the right temperature when washing

Washing machines have different temperature settings that will wash different kinds of fabric like cotton, wool, or synthetic.

For a quick wash of clothing without much stain or dirt, a cold washing would usually be enough at 20°C or below. In this case, it will conserve water and utility as it is not warmed and only uses running water.

Then for general everyday washing, particularly with cotton garments, 30-40°C is preferred. For heavily soiled items, a temperature of 60°C is used to ensure that any bacteria and dirt are thoroughly taken out.

FAQs about the Best Washing Machines in New Zealand