The 8 Best Washing Machines in New Zealand to Save Energy and Water

Best Washing Machines New Zealand

To help you buy the most efficient washing machine for your needs, we will look into the features, pros, and cons, things to consider in buying one for your home, before we present the 8 best options for washing machines in New Zealand.

Washing our clothes is one of the essential activities in the household. We go out for at least 5 times a week to our workplace, carry out certain tasks, get tired, and go home to relax. Same thing goes for staying at home for the weekends. What we have donned in the day is made ready for the laundry. We need time to do them to make sure they’re clean, neat, and ready again for the next day.

A good washing machine will do the trick and the necessary work in washing for you and your family. But what is a good washing machine? First we need to know what type it is: front-loaders or top-loaders. Front-loaders are the kind where it has a front round window (like our cover photo above) and you put the clothes inside for it to be spun clean. While Top Loaders are rectangular, opened from the top and are washed through its pole with water being constantly propelled on your clothing.

The pros and cons of Front Loader and Top Loader Washing Machine

Front Loaders Top Loaders
Pros • Designed for all types of washing (warm and cold)

• more energy efficient than top loaders

• fast spin durations

• quieter than top loaders

• more feature-rich than top loaders

• gentler and less forceful when used

• Perfect to use on cold water washing

• can hold a bigger capacity

• short cycle times (10-15 min)

• can add clothing in mid-cycle

• traditional

• also energy-efficient



Cons • Longer cycle times

• some cannot add more clothes in mid-cycle

• can hold less capacity than top loaders

• more expensive

• consumes more water and detergent

• noisier than front loaders

• has a tendency to lint from friction

According to Canstar Blue’s survey recently this year, 57% of Kiwis have mostly been using Top Loader type washing machine effective for a larger wash at a single time and energy efficient cleaning. However, people have been gradually switching to Front Loader types for its less forceful but careful spin that reduces the wear and tear of the clothing unlike the former.

Which washing machine size to choose?

A relevant factor to consider in choosing the size of washing machine is its drum. A larger drum means more capacity to house and hence, wash your clothing. For an ordinary family size of 4, 6kg-8kg will do. And for a minimalist 1-2 people in studio type apartments, 5kg will do. Choosing the correct size will save your water and utility consumption and allow more space at home.

And for the type of washing machine, front loads, due to their compact height can be stacked atop one another or placed side by side, contrary to the taller Top Loads.

Before buying, it’s best to have a measurement of the space of where you’re going to set up your washing machine. Don’t forget about the fill and drain hose, waste water hose, and where to plug the washing machine.

  • Best OverallPerformance

Bosch 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAN22120AU)

  • User-Friendliness

Samsung 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WW85K54E0UW)

  • Quick and Careful Top Load Washers for Kiwis

Fisher & Paykel 6kg WashSmart Top Loading Washing Machine (WA60T56GW1)

  • Most Budget-friendly

Samsung 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WW75J4233GW/SA)

  • Best streamlined washing machine

AEG 8kg 8 Series Front Loading Washing Machine (LF8E8411A)

  • Most energy-efficient

Electrolux 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine (EWF1042BDWA)

  • Practical Large capacity and effective washing machine

LG 11kg Front Load Washing Machine (WD1411SBW)

  • Affordable and excellent Top Load washing machine

Panasonic 7kg Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70A5HNZ)


1. Samsung 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WW85K54E0UW)

Simple, convenient washing machine with bubble washes and Steam Cycle modes that removes up to 99.9% of common bacteria

With Samsung 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine, it performs as seamlessly as it is brilliantly finished in metallic silver. It has BubbleWash function that works to mix the detergent, air, and water to form a foam and gives your everyday clothes a fresh, bubbly, and impeccable cleaning. In the course of the washing, you can even add wayward socks in and if you needed to add some fabric softener, you’re in luck. The Steam Cycle provides every washing with hot steam if you like to take away the bacteria. The washing machine has 12 programmes you could choose from to personalize your washing style.

WELS rating is 4.5 stars which is very efficient, using about 73L per wash.

The score that it received overall satisfaction on Canstar Blue is four stars out of five along with design, performance, and quietness. Although it received a perfect score on value for money and ease of use. With its affordability and set of satisfying features, you’ll never go wrong with Samsung.

Price: NZ$1,096, get one today by clicking here

Model: WW85K54E0UW, Drum Size: 8.5kg, Number of Programmes: 12, Height: 850mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 600mm, Features: AddWash, BubbleWash, Warranty: 24 months


2. Bosch 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WAN22120AU)

Comes with 13 sorts of washing programmes and smartly conserves the energy and water amounts

Bosch 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine is an outstanding and economic choice when it comes to front loaders given a number of highly reliable functions and low price. The feature of ActiveWater gauges only the necessary water and energy for a thorough wash, saving extra costs in utility. The washing machine also employs VarioPerfect where you can set up programmes for a wash that best suit your choice by fabric and time. Another feature are the sidewalls shaped like a ripple. Not only is it for a much sleeker design, but also to lessen the vibrations and noise while washing.

As for the energy stars, it scores 4 on energy and 4.5 on water efficiency, making it a fantastic eco-friendly, and energy-saving appliance.

Canstar Blue have rated Bosch washing machines a 5 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction, performance and reliability, value for money, quietness, and design except for ease of use which it still garnered an acceptable 3 out 5 stars. The research survey has been conducted and published only recently for a sample of washing machine users in New Zealand.

Price: NZ$888, order now by clicking here

Model: WAN22120AU, Drum Size: 7.5kg, Number of Programmes: 13, Height: 848mm, Width: 598mm, Depth: 550mm, Features: Antivibration, VarioPerfect, ActiveWater, Warranty: 24 months


3. Fisher & Paykel 6kg WashSmart Top Loading Washing Machine (WA60T56GW1)

For a quick washing, handling all your clothing with care and free from stains

Made in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel 6kg WashSmart Top Loading Washing Machine is equipped with 8 Wash Cycles, all you can do with 3 easy options of Eco, Soak, and Quick Wash. If you are in a hurry, let’s say, Quick Wash option will handle your laundry with the gentle care and cleanliness thanks to its finned agitator. This washer levels with the ground, so it can guarantee stability and reduced shaking when being used. And its automatic water and temperature sensor will help reduce your utility costs like any other good washing machines.

It has a rating of 3 stars of WELS, and 2 stars on energy rating which is average, but still good.

Fisher and Paykel as surveyed in the Canstar Blue scores a perfect 5 stars in ease of use, a well-rounded 4 stars in customer satisfaction, design, performance, value for money, while getting only 3 stars in quietness.

Price: NZ$995, order one for your home here

Model: WA60T56GW1, Drum Size: 6kg, Number of Programmes: 8, Height: 1050mm, Width: 560mm, Depth: 560mm, Max spin speed: 1000rpm, Energy consumption: 480kWh/yr, Features: WashSmart, SmartDrive temperature sensing, Warranty: 24 months


4. Samsung 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine (WW75J4233GW/SA)

Handles your clothes in a very gentle way that can be monitored through its app

Samsung is a technology company from South Korea whose innovativeness has helped make people’s lives better and more comfortable. Samsung 7.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine is one of them. With Soft Curl, a diamond ridged drum construction, it spins, tumbles, and washes your clothes in the gentlest way, handling all types of fabric with care and less wear and tear. Then what’s new about it is its smart app connect will enable you to monitor it and see how it’s doing; it even tells you how to repair minor issues by yourself.

In the Canstar Blue survey, Samsung racked up 5 stars on ease of use and value for money, and it received a stellar score of 4 on performance, satisfaction, design, and quietness.

Price: NZ$854, purchase the smart and gentle washing machine here

Model: WW75J4233GW/SA, Drum Size: 7.5kg, Height: 850mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 550mm, Max spin speed: 1200rpm, Features: Digital Inverter (for increased quietness and saves energy), soft curl drum design.


5. AEG 8kg 8 Series Front Loading Washing Machine (LF8E8411A)

German branded. Efficiency in all areas; the best choice for rinsing hand-wash only wool clothing

AEG 8.5kg 8 Series Front Loading Washing Machine is a German-engineered powerhouse. It has many exciting, impressive features such as the OKOMix technology where it smartly mixes the right amount of detergent, fabric softener and water before washing. It is Woolmark Green accredited which means it can give your delicate, expensive clothing a gentle, thorough wash without the need of handwash anymore. Alternately, you may use its ProSteam to give a neat and clean treatment on your garments without worrying about wear-and-tear. Finally, a max speed of 1400 rpm means a faster drying time for cotton and casual wear. However, for woolen fabrics, a slower speed of 600-800 rpm is ideal as it might damage it any higher than that.

It ranks an impeccable 5 stars in energy star rating. The only downside is its expensive price compared to other front load washing machines.

Price: NZ$2,347, order now at the link here

Model: LF8E8411A, Drum Size: 8kg, Height: 850mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 630mm, Max spin speed: 1400rpm, Energy Consumption: 186 kWh/yr, Features: OKOMix technology, ProSense, Woolmark Green accredited, ProSteam, Warranty: 60 months


6. Electrolux 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine (EWF1042BDWA)

For a delicate and smooth washing with 5 star rating on energy, and a larger door

If you need a compact washing machine at home for a bigger family, packed with decent features and some fabric care, pick Electrolux 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine. It stands out with a 5-star energy rating as well as a 4.5 water rating. It has SensorWash keeping precision on conserving your utility levels, Woolmark Accredited Blue for sensitive fabrics, an extra-large door to place in your garments without any trouble, and Wi-Fi capability just to track how it’s been doing in your laundry area.

In the survey of NZ home and appliances comparison site by Canstar Blue, Electrolux scored 4 stars in satisfaction, design, and quietness, but an acceptable 3 stars in performance & reliability, value for money, and ease of use.

Price: NZ$1,721, order Electrolux 10kg washing machine here

Model: EWF1042BDWA, Drum Size: 10kg, Height: 850mm, Width: 650mm, Depth: 659mm, Max spin speed: 1400rpm, Water Consumption: 86Litres, Features: SensorWash, UltraMix system,  Woolmark Blue accredited, Vapour Refresh, Warranty: 24 months


7. LG 11kg Front Load Washing Machine (WD1411SBW)

Ideal for loads of laundry with various washing modes toward a neat and customized washing.

For a larger sized 11kg drum to wash all the weekly laundry—clothing, quilt, and bedsheets, LG 11kg Front Load Washing Machine is the answer. Tailor your needs with the 6 Motion Direct Drive where you can choose adjustments and programmes based on your preferred intensity, texture, and time.

Its rating in energy and water efficiency are both 4.5 that cuts the electricity use and saves water.

LG received four stars on each category of overall satisfaction, performance/reliability, design, value for money, quietness, except for ease of use with only 3 stars as indicated in the survey for washing machine users in New Zealand by Canstar Blue.

Price: NZ$1949, order here

Model: WD1411SBW, Drum Size: 11kg, Height: 850mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 680mm, Max spin speed: 1400rpm, Water Consumption: 94Litres, Features: Motion Direct Drive, Warranty: 24 months


8. Panasonic 7kg Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70A5HNZ)

Affordable choice for a tidy and excellent washing that lasts through many years

Top Loaders aren’t all that bad and old school, in fact, it can change the tide and all the perceptions, and captivate you still by its ActiveFoam in an effort to bubble up your washing and soak, splash, and rinse it to high-level cleanliness, better than you expected. And in conjunction, it has StainMaster technology that works on the stains thoroughly and tidily for a perfect cleaning, a worth it kind of day! Best of all, it is super affordable and the 7kg drum size is sufficient enough to accommodate one family in a home.

Panasonic scores high for New Zealand homes with 4 stars for the categories, overall satisfaction, performance/reliability, quietness, design, ease of use and 5 stars on value for money.

Price: NZ$780, order the Panasonic 7kg Top load washing machine by clicking here

Model: NA-F70A5HNZ, Drum Size: 7kg, Height: 1050mm, Width: 554mm, Depth: 618mm, Number of programmes: 10, Features: ActiveFoam, StainMaster

Link for the Canstar Blue Survey in 2019 for washing machines can be found here:

Features of washing machines

Washing machines come in a variety of programmes, modes, and functions but the most essential are:

Wash Options

  • Anti-crease – keeps your clothes free of creases as much as possible with a less need to iron afterwards.
  • Delicate – pertains to gentler washing of your clothing. It is a reliable feature when washing handwash only, wool, or easily damaged fabric.
  • Quick Wash – handy washing option when you’re in a hurry, or for lightly soiled clothes. Doing it as thorough and neat as it can under the shortest time.

Spin speeds – the faster the speed, the quicker it washes and dries; but for more delicate washing, you’ll have to lessen the speed to reduce wear and tear on the material.

Timer – This is to set up how long you’d like your washing to be done. Longer washing will use more water, electricity, and detergent. And if its heavily soiled then a longer time would apply. Some have used this feature to escape the tariff on utility.

Energy Star Ratings

The higher the rating for energy or water efficiency (WELS), the more expensive the product will cost. It is a good indicator if you’re looking to compare your options. The cheaper ones, in comparison may be more affordable but its features and cleaning performance might be a level down and could incur you more cost in the long run.

Choosing the right temperature when washing

Washing machines have different temperature settings that will wash different kinds of fabric like cotton, wool, or synthetic. For a quick wash of clothing without much stain or dirt, a cold washing would usually be enough at 20°C or below. In this case, it will conserve water and utility as it is not warmed and only uses running water. Then for a general washing particularly cotton type, 30-40°C will do the work. These involve your everyday tees, socks, denim, blouse, and certain dresses (remember to use delicate for the very sensitive ones). A temperature of 60°C is used for the extremely dirty or grimy such as muddied cargo shorts or underwear.

How do you know what cycle to use when washing your clothes?

There are symbols indicated at the tag on the back of your garment. They show you the right method to use when washing it which is important in taking care to be able to use and enjoy it as much as possible.

A universal rule of thumb before washing is to separate whites from colours so as not let the color blemish into another shirt. And if you could take the effort, you may do a handwash on clothes that require it for instance you do it on polos, underwear (washing machine might loosen it because of spin speeds). It is also good reminder that items that aren’t colourfast can’t be put in warm water.

Caring for your washing machine

A washing machine is an investment on your part that can serve you for almost a decade, if it is taken well care of. Supposing you use the washing machine every day, once a day, it needs only be cleaned monthly by putting baking soda and vinegar into the drum with hot water and have it spin for one cycle time. For a simpler method, you can just use hot water (by adjusting the machine dial to 90°C) o and have it likewise run on an empty cycle. This is to constantly sanitize the drum and leave no room for bacteria to live in.

After every washing, leave its door open to give way for circulation and using a soft cloth, take the time to clean the sides with the dust, mould or mildew around. They were there in the first place as a result of wet clothes being left in the washer for some time. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. For issues that need technical help, you can have it checked by your warrantor or the customer support from where you bought it.

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