The 27 Best Yoga Studios in Auckland

Best Yoga Studios Auckland

In the midst of our work and relationships, doing yoga keeps us calm, healthy, and active (not to mention flexible). If you would like to know about the best yoga studios in Auckland, you’re in luck, as we have listed them down here.

Certain yoga styles appeal to different personalities. Some like a more intense exercise such as hot yoga and some like the calmer, zen-like relaxation of yin yoga.

Either way, what also counts is the place where you’re having yoga. Of course, a more open and tranquil place tends to resonate more with your peace within, whereas a fitness studio usually has a classroom of people doing yoga around you that could be noisier but also more motivating.

So let’s now visit these studios one by one and see what they have to offer. Beginner or not, these yoga studios will be perfect for anyone wanting to practise their yoga in Auckland.

1)  Hot Yoga Works


Hot Yoga is a series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and effective yoga experience. It is designed as a therapeutic yoga series to help people recover from injury and their body gets back to its natural range of motion.

Their purpose-built studio has a sophisticated temperature-controlled heating system to keep the room at 40oC, with fresh air circulation and is set at a consistent heat to give students the best possible workout.

Hot Yoga Works’ classes run 7 days a week, all day. They’re conveniently located only two minutes from the Britomart Transport Centre, in the heart of Auckland City. They have two studios in one location providing the perfect conditions and facilities for practicing Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and Hot HIIT Pilates, a complete workout for the mind and body.


2)  Ivy Studio at Mondays – Kingsland

Ivy Studio at Mondays - Kingsland's Yoga ClassWebsite:–well-being.html

A small but lovely studio taking inspiration from Bali with plants and decorative cushions, Ivy Studio is located on the upper floor of Monday Cafe and Bar in Kingsland, Auckland.

It’s a place to be healthy, restored, and feel peace of mind with legit teachers and Vinyasa and meditation classes. Here you will get to work on your yoga postures in a kind of mindful and fun way that will also challenge your body at the same time.

In addition, there are classes that will teach you to deal with burnout or all sorts of icky situations to incorporate in your daily schedule so you can be calm and remain consistently productive.

After that, cool down and have some breakfast with the gourmet and beautifully presented  whole foods to nourish your body with nutrients and antioxidants toward your health goals.


3)  Om Yoga Studio – Stonefields

Om Yoga Studio - Stonefields' Yoga ClassWebsite:

Work up your body by doing each of the sequences in different styles of yoga as you breathe, move and flow in the spacious room of Om Yoga Studio.

With classes for Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang, Nidra, Beginners, and Pregnancy, you can improve your balance, core strength, and range of mobility coupled with the inner peace that’s attainable as you do those poses, holding them and feeling the stretch and exhaling.

If you’d like to take it a notch higher, go for hot hatha or hot flow (same as Vinyasa class), which has a hotter temperature so you can move better and get a glorious, rewarded feel afterwards.

Teacher courses are available here for those aspiring to teach and help other people find peace and mindfulness through yoga.

And they have a retail store you can check out at their studio, if you need a new mat or exercise gear for your classes.


4)  The Yoga Pantry – Mt. Eden

The Yoga Pantry - Mt. Eden's Yoga ClassWebsite:

Whether you’re a newbie or advanced in yoga, you will absolutely love the hands-on approach by Natasya and other teachers here. Nothing beats the feeling of having an inviting atmosphere in the studio — the group at the Yoga Pantry has just that.

They will guide you to help you develop your flexibility, strength, and fitness through making yoga a regular part of your lifestyle.

Found in the basement of St Albans Church in Dominion Road, they offer a variety of yoga classes in the likes of yoga asana, yin/yang, beginner and intermediate courses.

And they also have prenatal, kid, and teen courses. They’re very fun and help to develop a healthy as well as a positive attitude.

How is it one of the best yoga studios in Auckland? Because your training will be personalised by the teachers so that you will get to improve at your own pace and see progress, ultimately resulting in a leaner, happier, and stronger body.


5)  Eastwest Yoga – Ponsonby

Eastwest Yoga - Ponsonby's Yoga ClassWebsite:

Eastwest Yoga is a vibrant studio located at the Ponsonby suburb in Auckland, which makes it convenient to drive to after work or early in the morning.

Try their hot yoga in the morning and do poses that help more in the alignment of your body and build up strength and flexibility in your core, quads, hips, arms, and shoulders.

Or if you’re in for a more dynamic exercise, go for the Vinyasa with a series of movements that will put your flexibility and endurance to the test (note that this is for intermediate and above practitioners).

And don’t miss their workshops that offer Reiki paired with yin yoga. Reiki means life-guiding energy and the teacher will help you balance it to release those worries or anxieties you may have.


6)  Kiwi Yoga


Kiwi Yoga’s classes are a mix of traditional yoga, restorative yoga, and other influences. The style is more of a Hatha style of yoga. They vary between holding postures and flowing from one to the next, creating a sense a balance in the body and the mind.

All classes are sequenced so all parts of the body are moved, energy is being circulated and paying particular attention to the spine. Because their classes are small, they can focus on their students and guide them towards a deeper sense of wellbeing. The classes are generally divided into three parts: postures, breathing and meditation and guided relaxation.

The principles of yoga are also taught in class, helping students get a bigger picture of living a more mindful life, honouring their bodies and teaching them to steady their mind. Kiwi Yoga’s are passionate about sharing Yoga’s life-transforming benefits with their students.


7)  Yoga Ground


Yoga Ground is located a few minutes away from the heart of Auckland. The studio is purpose-built with a high stud, natural light, gorgeous bamboo floors, and city views; creating an ideal environment for your practice.

They welcome yoga enthusiasts of all levels: whether you’re an experienced yogi or simply wanting to try a class for the first time. Yoga Ground aims to create a space where students feel comfortable learning together, exploring and enjoying yoga. They offer a broad schedule of classes, as well as beginners courses in yoga, yoga teacher training and many workshops and events.


8)  Yoga Sanctuary


One of the most established and continually evolving yoga studios in Auckland, Yoga Sanctuary boasts savvy, reliability, consistency and above all quality.

Yoga Sanctuary is powered by strong, inspiring women: they are mamas, businesswomen, and lovers of all things natural, healthy and real. They are spiritual, industry leaders, students and yogis.

They offer three classes: vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and restorative yoga. They also have yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, and workshops.


9)  Urban Ashram


In Urban Ashram’s light-filled studios, students will learn to balance their lives through mindful movement practices.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or already immersed in your practice, Urban Ashram’s instructors are here to guide you. Every class is uniquely tailored to support you with full body integration, that will help you strengthen, deepen and evolve your practice.

Their skilled teachers can guide you and offer a range of classes, styles and workshops. They aim to educate and empower you on how to move with more ease and efficiency, be free of pain and create more balance in your body, mind and life.


10) North Shore Iyengar Yoga Centre


North Shore Yoga was opened in May 1996 after Joy saw a need for a full-time Iyengar Yoga School on the North Shore. Joy has been involved with Iyengar Yoga since 1984 when her own back problem brought her to yoga and found that the Iyengar Yoga system was the best thing for structurally realigning skeletal and muscular problems.

To this day, they provide a relaxed, friendly and intimate environment with fully Certified and experienced Iyengar Yoga teachers. They use props (bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps) where necessary to ensure students are correctly positioned and to minimise the potential for injury so often neglected by other styles of yoga.

11)  Studio Red Yoga – Auckland CBD

Studio Red Yoga - Auckland CBD's Yoga ClassWebsite:

Rejuvenate your mind and body at the Studio Red Yoga where elegant wooden walls, padded floors, soft surrounding light, and relaxing beats await you.

Red Fusion yoga, Yin/Yang, Vinyasa, and Yin Nidra classes are offered. They work on your flexibility and balance, moving with your breath and focusing on your alignment with the body.

It’s located in Auckland CBD and even has a vegan cafe next to it for the perfect relaxation and retreat experience. And they have a team of great teachers that will lead you to a place of a serene present moment through meditation and exercises.

For the best yoga studios in Auckland, you won’t go wrong with this one. They also offer beautifully soothing teas in their store that you will love!


12) Mahina Mahai – Pregnancy Yoga West Auckland


This 12 week Mahina Mahai Pregnancy Yoga and Childbirth Preparation Course will help soon-to-be mothers prepare physically and mentally for your new journey ahead.

Body awareness, in relation to promoting optimal fetal positioning, is the main ingredient throughout the pregnancy yoga course. It will teach students the proper position of the pelvis so they can create stability, comfort, and space for the baby, as well as, having an easier pregnancy and birth.

13)  MIN Yoga


MIN Yoga is a Yoga-Pilates studio in Auckland, located in Rosedale. They offer fun and energetic classes 6 days a week, with the exclusive AntiGravity Aerial Yoga class being very popular.

Aerial Yoga, Suspended Fitness, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Pilates, Reformers, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga are all available at MIN Yoga.

Since 2016, MIN Yoga has brought the practice of yoga into the lives of thousands of community members across Auckland. In 2018, they moved into a new world-class yoga studio which was designed by the owner of MIN Yoga. 2019, MIN Yoga is one of 4 studios of the year by NZ Exercise Industry Awards.

14)  Yoga In Life


Yogasarita is the director of Yoga in Life, Auckland, New Zealand and a sincere intuitive yoga teacher with more than 10 years of experience. From youth, Yogasarita has explored a number of spiritual traditions culminating in certified yoga training in NZ, Australia, and India.

At Yoga in Life, Yogasarita teaches classical integral yoga that is firmly based in yogic tradition and adapted to suit the needs of contemporary living. It includes Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga as well as other branches and presents them in a package that is unified but also flexible enough to be applied according to individual needs. It is a systematic, step-by-step approach to yoga, based on safety, common sense and integration of all aspects of our personality.

Practices are presented in a safe and exclusive environment where students are encouraged to have their own unique experience. Studio classes, workshops, conferences and a more intense exploration in Yogic Studies or Teacher Training courses are available in various locations throughout the world.

15)  Kanuka Yoga Space


Kanuka Yoga Space brings a boutique yoga experience to the suburbs. This yoga studio is tucked in the rapidly developing Hobsonville area, just off the Northwestern Motorway, convenient to those on the North Shore or West Auckland.

The space is bright and airy with industrial, bohemian, luxurious vibes. They offer 25+ classes a week suitable for the whole family. The Power flow and Slow flow classes are influenced by vinyasa and hatha, and their popular Restore classes blend restorative, yin, and yoga nidra into an hour long class.

There is a weekly prenatal yoga class, kids yoga, and specialised workshops and series like Foundations of Flow. For those who have moved further out of Auckland to slow down, this space is perfect for you to find your breath, movement, and mindfulness.

16)  District Fitness


District Ftiness offers the ultimate training programme to provide you with the best results in the quickest time. The District programmes include Interval Training, Boxing Conditioning, Cycling Barre and Yoga.

At a District Fitness programmed class, you will experience amazing instructors and limited spaces in each class for individualised support and correct technique. Flexible membership plans allow you to plan your workouts around your routine.

Yoga-wise, they offer Yoga Flow, Yoga Yin, and Yoga Relax and Flow at 45 minutes each.

17)  Flourish Yoga


Specialising in Hatha Yoga & Meditation, each class in Flourish Yoga’s light and airy boutique studio will be a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you’re new to Flourish Yoga, you can join for 8 days of unlimited yoga for $25. Unlimited yoga for a month is also available at $99.

They also provide beautiful mats & blocks made by Valka Yoga, NZ made bolsters by All Senses, plus blankets, straps & organic cotton eyebags made by The LAB. All equipment is provided for you to use, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish.

18) MoveArt Pilates Studio


MoveArt Pilates Studio is a boutique creative space located in the space within Align Yourself Studio, 47 Queens Road in the heart of the south-eastern evolving township of Panmure, Auckland. They offer Pilates, Yoga and Slings Myofascial Training™ along with other movement practices.

You can book into small group semi-private studio guided and equipment classes along with specialised private training all with professionally trained instructors.

Before or after class, you can also enjoy the many authentic places to eat, shop, walk around the Panmure Basin or climb and experience the vast vista of Auckland from Mt Wellington.

19)  Pure Yoga – North Shore


Pure Yoga is a boutique yoga studio nestled next to the ocean at Long Bay on the North Shore, Auckland. Pure Yoga aims to support people in their personal exploration of yoga from those looking for natural methods to assist healing, to, tools to de-stress and unwind from a busy day or to transform their mental patterns and unlock their potential.

Grounded in a traditional yogic lineage Pure yoga draws on the full spectrum of practices such as cleansing techniques, postures/ asana, breath-work and specific pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and yogic lifestyle integration. Over the years Pure Yoga has developed yoga curriculum for teachers training programs, taught in academic and specialized settings as-well as run yoga retreats and intensives. With over twenty years immersed in practice and lifestyle integration Pure yoga continues to connect back to the Bihar yogic lineage regularly to fine tune the ability to bring ancient wisdom to the modern world.

20) Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre


Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre is conveniently situated on Jervios Road, Herne Bay in Central Auckland. Melodie Batchelor Founder, Director and Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher established the Centre in 1997.

Their friendly yoga teachers are highly trained, Iyengar Yoga Certified, who are dedicated to the teachings and practice of B.K.S. Iyengar.

Yoga classes are open to all levels for 7 days a week, all year round!

21) YMCA Auckland City


YMCA Auckland City has been central and influential in the fitness community for over 55 years. Their vision is to build STRONG kids, families and communities by encouraging health and wellbeing.

From kids to seniors, there are activities and programmes here to help people meet, socialise and be supported. Taking a Yoga or Tai Chi class at YMCA Auckland City helps you develop your strength and flexibility, while also enjoying a relaxed experience, by focusing on breath control.

22)  SOUL Centre


SOUL—centre of the body and mind is a retreat on the edge of the native rainforest of the Waitakere Ranges just 20 minutes from the city of Auckland on the tranquil isles of New Zealand. Located in the mountain village of Titirangi (meaning “the fringe of heaven”), SOUL is dedicated to providing a space for yoga lovers of tranquility, nurture and expansion.

SOUL—centre of the body and mind is New Zealand’s ONLY dedicated space for somatic and kinesthetic education and research.

Weekly yoga classes, weekend workshops, day retreats and a wide range of personalised treatments and packages that complement their international programs, trainings and retreats.

23)  SALA studio


SALA is located in the heart of Ponsonby in a refurbished factory, the perfect home for the gym that combines fitness and minimalist style.

SALA is more than just sweating, it was born from the owners’ desire to create impactful experiences, community and healthy habits. They believe that working out should never feel like a chore, so they designed a gym with a diverse timetable and contract free-drop in classes taught by expert trainers.

They have over 30 classes a week to choose from, including Yin Yoga, Yogasana, and Dynamic Yoga.

24)  NZ Ashram


NZ Ashram is a registered non-profit organisation in New Zealand founded by Jogi Maharaj to create an inclusive culture towards global harmony and progress. They offer teaching yoga, meditation and singing to people of all ages. Their activities include donation-based community yoga classes, corporate yoga, children’s yoga, seniors yoga and self-empowerment programs.

NZ Ashram also teaches programs on how to live a peaceful life, how to implement changes to lead the life you want and how to become successful.

25)  Lauren Godfrey Meditation


Lauren Godfrey helps Kiwis reduce stress and increase happiness levels by teaching Vedic Meditation, one of the world’s oldest and most effective forms of meditation. Vedic Meditation is a well-tested, natural and easy technique best for those who would like to take a break from their busy lifestyle. It can be practiced for twenty minutes, twice a day, while sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, with the eyes closed.

If you’d like to try out Vedic Meditation, intro classes are available here:

26)  Dean Wickenden Acupuncture & Yoga


Dean Wickenden acupuncture and yoga is dedicated to helping you be at your best. Relaxed, less stress and tension and to be pain-free. So you can have greater vitality, inner balance, and mental clarity. Treatment plans are tailor-made to the individual and may include acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, moxabustion, cupping, myofascial release, diet therapy, qigong and yoga therapy. Dean also teaches weekly yoga classes.

As well as being a skilled therapist, Dean is also a professional Yoga teacher with more than 20 years of yoga experience. Dean has travelled and studied with renowned yoga and qi gong masters in the Indian, Tibetan and Chinese traditions, he has a diploma in both hatha yoga and yantra yoga the Tibetan yoga of movement. Dean is particularly interested in the system of Tibetan yoga called yantra yoga and is currently the only authorized teacher in New Zealand, being authorized to teach by his main teacher the Tibetan Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Dean has a traditional approach to teaching yoga not only focusing on physical aspects of yoga but incorporates the energy and mind. It is his view that for yoga to be yoga there must be these three aspects of body, energy and mind. Yoga is not about being super flexible and should be adaptable, so any one can practice, young or old, flexible or inflexible. Dean has a special interest in yoga for health and how it relates to the various traditional healing system. He offers yoga therapy and often combines this in his treatment plans.

27)  Sweat Yoga – Newmarket

Sweat Yoga - Newmarket's Yoga Class Website:

Fancy a more yang or intense type of yoga exercise? Then Sweat Yoga is for you. It is conducted in a warmer temperature that makes you a more competent practitioner and helps to control or lessen your body weight.

Sweating helps to cleanse, detox, and allows you to feel sharper after training. Because you feel cool afterwards, stress can be less likely to affect you.

This challenging yet fun yoga studio offers three yogic styles: hot, vinyasa, and yin, plus one intensive alternate of Pilates. That will push you to your limit and since the effort is great, the rewards you reap will also be multiplied.

Heating the room to 38 degrees, Sweat Hot lets you do a 90 minute set of exercise where you can work on your alignment and presence of mind.

On the other hand, with the Vinyasa, the room is heated to a milder 32 degrees where you time your breathing rhythmically while going from one posture to another.

And that’s it for our best yoga studios in Auckland. You now know where to go when you want to practise your yoga for body, mind, and soul wellbeing.

Any questions or suggestions regarding the topic we have today? Kindly drop us a line through the comments section and we’ll sort you out or answer your questions.

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