What are the most common dishes on catering menus

What are the most common dishes on catering menus?

When it comes to food, everyone is guilty of having their own personal favorites be it steak, fish and chips, or sushi.  Because of these preferences, many catering companies will have at least one or two types of dishes in common with one another.

To brief you on these industry-wide culinary favorites, we’ve prepared a guide to the most common dishes on catering menus.  As a little bonus, we’ve also provided references for restaurants, catering companies, wedding venues, and other related topics.

The Most Popular Catering Dishes

Italian Dishes

Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, and chicken are extremely popular due to their versatility, taste, and general appeal.  You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t fond of at least one of the above dishes and catering companies are well aware of this fact.

From meat lover’s pizza to vegetarian pesto, Italian cuisine can also be customized to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

Mediterranean Dishes

Like Indian cuisine, Mediterranean dishes rely on the use of bread, dips, sauces, poultry, and fish to produce light but filling meals.  This particular type of cuisine also utilizes rice and grains paired with spices to create refreshing dishes.

The most noteworthy feature of Mediterranean dishes is the fact that they work extremely well when utilized in buffets.  Since this type of cuisine is often served in a deconstructed state, there is little to no preparation required which allows for quick and easy setup

Japanese Dishes

Japanese dishes such as sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and bento boxes often produce a unique sense of satisfaction among clients.  This is likely due to their aesthetic appeal as well as the reverence with which genuine Japanese cuisine is prepared.

From the get-go, Japanese foods adhere to almost all religious dietary restrictions due to the fact that they are mostly based on seafood.  Much like Italian cuisine, Japanese dishes can also be customized for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Beyond this, the unique flavors provided by accompaniments such as wasabi are unlike any other culinary experience.

Southern Comfort Foods

Barbecue, country-fried steak, biscuits, and gravy, when it comes to comfortable home-style dining, there is no substitute for foods from the American south.  Beyond this, Kiwis love a good barbecue so southern comfort foods tend to fit right into most catering menus.

Due to the filling properties of southern foods, these catering dishes are better suited to small events held in parks or in a client’s home where guests may lounge after eating such a heavy meal.

Mexican Dishes

Mexican dishes such as tacos and burritos are quite a crowd favorite due to their delicious savory taste.  As long as your guests don’t have any dietary restrictions, it’s hard to go wrong with Mexican food.

As an extra perk, burritos can also be quite easy to transport and serve as they come in their own edible little package.

That wraps up our quick guide to common catering favorites.  If you intend to choose a specific type of cuisine for your next catered event, we hope this guide can help you narrow down your choices.