Ultimate Guide on New Zealand Itinerary

Kiwi Planners: Your Complete New Zealand Itinerary 

I’ll never forget the time I set off on a cross-country road trip without a map or even a clear destination in mind. I was convinced that the spirit of adventure would guide me—and guide me it did, straight into the middle of nowhere.

As I spent a chilly night in the car, subsisting on a dinner of stale potato chips and warm soda, I realised the importance of planning, especially when it comes to traveling. 

So, to save you from a similar fate, I’ve put together a comprehensive, foolproof itinerary covering stays of one week to three weeks for the trip of a lifetime in New Zealand.

A One-Week Itinerary in New Zealand 

Day 1 – Auckland & Waiheke Island

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 687 NZD per night

Budget: Starting at 200 NZD per night

Budget: Starting at 89 NZD per night

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: Ortolana 
  • Budget: 10 to 30 NZD per person
  • What to Try: Their piadina or the potatoes and smoked fish 
Lunch: Depot Eatery 
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 50 NZD per person
  • What to Try: The oysters, or the slow-roasted lamb shoulder 
Dinner: Mudbrick Restaurant 
  • Budget: 95 NZD to 115 NZD for 3 courses
  • What to Try: Mudbrick’s lamb loin, and the shitake & woodear ragu 

Things to Do & Places to See

Budget: Free Admission

After breakfast, head to the Auckland Art Gallery. Spend about 2 hours at this art gallery wandering around, taking in their impressive collection of national and international art. 

Morning: Go to the Auckland Sky Tower 

Budget: 37 NZD per person

Next, head over to the Sky Tower, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observation deck. Come here a little before noon to beat the crowds. 

Afternoon: Spend the afternoon on Waiheke Island 

Budget: Starting at 15 NZD per person

Don’t spend too long eating because you’ll have to catch the ferry to Waiheke Island. The ferry ride to Waiheke takes about an hour. 

Once there, visit the Stonyridge Vineyard for wine tasting. Enjoy the locally produced wines and take in the stunning views of the vineyard.

After an hour or so at the vineyard, head over to Onetangi Beach. Have a relaxing swim on Waiheke island or simply bask in the sun.

Day 2 & 3 – Rotorua 

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 800 NZD per night

Budget: Starting at 194 NZD per night

Budget: Starting at 180 NZD per night

Where to Eat 

Lunch (Day 2): Eat Streat 
  • Budget: Starting at 15 NZD
  • What to Try: The Pad Thai at Lovely India and gelato from Lady Janes Ice Cream Parlour
Dinner (Day 2): Atticus Finch 
  • Budget: 35 NZD to 60 NZD
  • What to Try: Miss Maudie’s green curry or their sticky soy-braised pork
Lunch (Day 3): The Green Dragon Inn 
  • Budget: 120 NZD 
  • What to Try: Slow roasted beef rump or the marinated chicken
Dinner (Day 3): Leonardo’s
  • Budget: 15 NZD to 30 NZD
  • What to Try: Any of their classic pizzas, pastas and delicious desserts

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon (Day 2): Visit Te Puia for geothermal wonders 

Budget: Starting at 90 NZD

Upon your arrival at Te Puia, you’ll be amazed by the Pohutu Geyser, one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the area. It frequently erupts to heights of up to 30 metres.

Morning (Day 3): Visit Hobbiton Movie Set

Budget: 120 NZD 

Hobbiton Movie Set is a must-visit for any die-hard fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Walking into Hobbiton is like stepping directly into the film itself.

Afternoon (Day 3): Explore Redwoods Treewalk

Budget: Starting at 39 NZD

The Redwoods Treewalk offers a unique perspective of these majestic trees. The walkway, suspended 20 metres above the ground, provides you with a stunning and serene view of the forest canopy. 

Day 4 & 5 – Wellington 

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 287 NZD

Budget: Starting at 264 NZD

Budget: Starting at 149 NZD 

Where to Eat 

Dinner (Day 4): Ortega Fish Shack
  • Budget: 10 NZD to 50 NZD
  • What to Try: Their fresh oysters, pan-seared scallops, or their signature fish of the day
Lunch (Day 5): Olive
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 55 NZD
  • What to Try: Beetroot carpaccio, braised lamb shank, and their lemon tart 
Dinner (Day 5): Logan Brown
  • Budget: 30 NZD to 60 NZD
  • What to Try: The fresh salmon with seasonal vegetables, the lamb cutlets, or the

speciality cheese platter 

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon (Day 4): Explore Te Papa Museum

Budget: Free

Te Papa offers a rich collection of exhibits that showcase the country’s unique culture and history. From Maori artefacts and natural history exhibits to contemporary art, the museum provides an insightful journey through New Zealand’s heritage. 

Morning (Day 5): Ride the Wellington Cable Car

Budget: 12 NZD

Make your way to the Wellington Cable Car! This iconic attraction offers a unique ride up to the city’s hilltop lookout, providing breathtaking views of Wellington and its harbour.

Afternoon (Day 5): Visit Zealandia Ecosanctuary

Budget: 60 NZD

Zealandia Ecosanctuary is a haven for New Zealand’s most rare and extraordinary wildlife. 

Take a stroll along the sanctuary’s tranquil tracks, soak in the serene natural beauty, and learn about New Zealand’s unique ecological history.

Day 6 & 7 – Queenstown

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 2,000 NZD

Budget: Starting at 309 NZD

Budget: Starting at 225 NZD

Where to Eat 

Lunch (Day 6): Fergburger
  • Budget: 15 NZD to 25 NZD
  • What to Try: Their classic beef burgers
Dinner (Day 6): Rata
  • Budget: 30 NZD to 110 NZD
  • What to Try: The slow-cooked lamb shoulder 
Dinner (Day 7) Botswana Butchery
  • Budget: 100 NZD
  • What to Try: Any of their steaks and fresh seafood dishes 

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon (Day 6): Take a gondola ride and luge

Budget: Starting at 73 NZD

A gondola ride in Queenstown takes you to the top of Bob’s Peak, offering you the most stunning panoramic views of Queenstown, and Lake Wakatipu. 

After reaching the top, hop on a luge and experience the exhilaration of racing down the winding tracks. With scenic and advanced tracks available, the luge is a fun-filled adventure suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Morning & Afternoon (Day 7): Take a day trip to Milford Sound

Known for its spectacular natural beauty, Milford Sound offers an unforgettable experience amidst towering fiords and sparkling waters. Embark on a scenic cruise, spot unique wildlife, or explore the area’s stunning walking trails.

A Two Week Itinerary for a New Zealand Trip

So, a one week trip isn’t enough for you? Don’t worry–here’s the ultimate two week itinerary for you to make the most out of your trip.

(We’ve already listed the best of the best hotels and places to eat for a few cities you’ll be exploring, so check out our one week itinerary for those hotels and good eats.)

Week 1, Day 1 – Auckland 

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Go check out the panoramic views from Mt Eden

Budget: Free

The panoramic views over the city and its harbours are stunning. After enjoying the views, explore the cone’s crater and the surrounding green spaces, a perfect place to relax and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Afternoon: Visit the Auckland Museum 

Budget: Free 

The Auckland Museum houses an impressive collection of Maori and Pacific Island artefacts, as well as exhibits on New Zealand’s natural and military history. 

Don’t miss the daily cultural performances at the Auckland Museum. 

Week 1, Day 2 – Waiheke Island

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Go ziplining at Eco Zip Adventures 

Budget: 139 NZD

For an afternoon filled with thrills and stunning views, head to Eco Zip Adventures on Waiheke Island. This exciting activity allows you to zipline over the beautiful vineyards and forests of the island, offering a unique perspective of the landscape.

Week 1, Day 3 – Rotorua

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Head to Velocity Valley Adrenaline Park

Budget: Starting at 55 NZD

After lunch, it’s time for some excitement at the Velocity Valley Adrenaline Park. This adrenaline-pumping park offers a range of thrilling activities, including jet boating, bungee jumping, and a giant swing.

Evening: Attend a traditional Maori feast at Te Pa Tu

Budget: 260 NZD

Experience a traditional Maori feast, known as a Hangi meal, cooked in earth ovens at Te Pa Pu. Moreover, enjoy performances of Maori dances and songs.

Week 1, Day 4 – Taupo

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 800 NZD

Where to Eat 

Dinner: The Bistro

Budget: 10 NZD to 50 NZD

What to Try: The gourmet dry aged raw fish, calamari, and pork and cabbage dumplings

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Check out Huka Falls 

These powerful waterfalls, located on the Waikato River, are a sight to behold. The thundering water, which can reach up to 220,000 litres per second, creates a beautiful, frothy blue pool.

Take a leisurely walk along the banks of the river for the best views of the falls.

Evening: Relax in hot pools at DeBretts Spa Resort

Budget: 20 NZD

DeBretts Spa Resort’s geothermally heated pools offer a soothing experience, perfect after a day of exploring. After your dip, you can opt for a massage or spa treatment for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Week 1, Day 5 – Tongariro National Park

Morning & Afternoon: Do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing, is a challenging yet rewarding hike that takes you through some of the most dramatic landscapes in the Tongariro National Park, including active volcanoes, emerald lakes, and stunning alpine meadows.

The trek can take between six and eight hours, depending on your pace, but the breathtaking views along the route make every step worth it.

Week 1, Day 6 – Wellington

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Visit the Wellington Botanic Gardens

Budget: Free

Start your day with a visit to the Wellington Botanic Gardens. This expansive green space is a perfect place to relax, enjoy the scenery, and explore the various plant collections, from native forests to colourful floral displays.

Afternoon: Do the obstacle course at Adrenalin Forest Wellington

Budget: Starting at 33 NZD

After lunch, it’s time to get your adrenaline pumping at the Adrenalin Forest Wellington. With a series of fun and challenging activities, from rope bridges to swings and flying foxes, it provides an adventurous way to enjoy the afternoon.

Week 1, Day 7 – Picton

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Take the ferry to Picton 

Picton is a charming coastal town situated at the head of the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound. As you approach the town, enjoy the stunning views of the Marlborough Sounds, an intricate network of sea-drowned valleys with forested hills rising steeply from the sea.

Afternoon: Spend the day exploring Picton

Spend your afternoon exploring the picturesque town of Picton. Visit the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum, home to the world’s ninth-oldest ship, or enjoy a stroll along the Picton Foreshore, dotted with cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

For nature lovers, a hike on the Snout Track offers panoramic views of the Marlborough Sounds. If you’re interested in wildlife, consider taking a boat tour to spot dolphins, seals, and a variety of bird species.

Week 2, Day 1 – Nelson

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 180 NZD

Budget: Starting at 119 NZD

Budget: Starting at 32 NZD

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: DeVille
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 30 NZD 
  • What to Try: Their eggs benedict, smoothie bowls, or the hearty full English breakfast
Dinner: Boat Shed Cafe
  • Budget: 15 NZD to 50 NZD
  • What to Try: Steamed Marlborough Sounds mussels with white wine, or the market fish

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Explore Abel Tasman National Park

Spend your afternoon exploring the stunning Abel Tasman National Park’s golden beaches, clear waters, and beautiful forests. 

Take a leisurely stroll along one of the park’s many walking tracks, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, hire a kayak and explore the park from the water.

Week 2, Day 2 – Greymouth

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 295 NZD

Budget: Starting at 164 NZD

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Visit Punakaiki Pancake Rocks 

Take a leisurely walk along the well-marked trail that winds its way around these impressive limestone formations. 

Be sure to time your visit with high tide to witness the powerful blowholes in action, where sea water bursts through vertical blowholes in an impressive display of nature’s power.

Week 2, Day 3 – Franz Josef

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 259 NZD

Budget: Starting at 255 NZD

Budget: Starting at 44 NZD

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Visit Franz Josef Glacier 

During the afternoon, embark on a journey to the magnificent Franz Josef Glacier. This natural wonder offers an awe-inspiring sight with its massive ice formations. 

Whether you opt for a guided tour or decide to explore independently, a visit to Franz Josef Glacier will undoubtedly be a highlight of your trip.

Week, 2 Day 4 – Wanaka

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 350 NZD

Budget: Starting from 71 NZD

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: Federal Diner
  • Budget: 6 NZD to 20 NZD
  • What to Try: The kumara rosti and their famous scones
Lunch: Francesca’s Italian Kitchen
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 40 NZD
  • What to Try: Traditional neapolitan pizza
Dinner: Kika
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 60 NZD
  • What to Try: The whole market fish and the lamb shoulder

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Visit Puzzling World

Budget: 18 NZD

Start your day in Wanaka with a visit to Puzzling World. This unique attraction is home to a variety of mind-boggling puzzles, optical illusions, and a challenging 3D maze. It’s a fun and interactive way to begin your day.

Afternoon: Go kayaking on Lake Wanaka 

Head to the beautiful Lake Wanaka for some kayaking. Afterwards, find a nice spot along the shore to relax and soak in the stunning views.

Evening: Watch the sunset at Mt Iron 

As the day draws to a close, make your way to Mt. Iron. The hike to the top may be a bit challenging, but you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Wanaka and the surrounding areas. 

Week 2, Day 5 – Queenstown

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Go jet boating with Shotover Jet Queenstown

Budget: 159 NZD

Experience the thrill of jet boating with Shotover Jet. This adrenaline-pumping activity takes you on a high-speed ride through the Shotover River canyons. 

The skilled jet boat drivers manoeuvre the boat through the narrow canyons, performing exciting twists and turns along the way.

Evening: Go night skiing at Coronet Peak

As the sun sets, the slopes of Coronet Peak light up, offering a different perspective of the ski field. The clear, starry skies and the illuminated mountain terrain create an unforgettable skiing experience.

Week 2, Day 6 – Arrowtown 

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Visit the Lakes District Museum

Budget: Free

This museum provides a fascinating insight into the rich history of the Lakes District. With exhibits showcasing the area’s Maori history, European settlement, and the exciting gold rush era, it’s a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Mid-Morning: Take a leisurely walk down Buckingham Street

Budget: Free

This picturesque and historic street is lined with charming boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, all housed in quaint buildings that date back to the gold rush era. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely stroll and soak in the town’s historic charm.

Afternoon: Visit the Arrowtown Chinese Settlement.

Budget: Free 

Arrowtown Chinese Settlement provides a glimpse into the lives of Chinese immigrants who came to Arrowtown during the gold rush. The restored huts and informative displays make this a significant and poignant site to visit.

Afternoon: Head to the Arrow River to try your luck at gold panning

Budget: Free

Pack a lunch and head to the Arrow River to try your luck at gold panning. Whether or not you strike it rich, it’s a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon.

Week 2, Day 7 – Akaroa 

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon: Do a dolphin watching tour

Head to Akaroa harbour for a dolphin-watching tour with Akaroa Dolphins. You’ll come across plenty of Hector’s dolphins, a tour is the perfect way to watch them be playful in their natural habitat.

Evening: Explore the Akaroa Lighthouse before driving to Christchurch and flying out

Before leaving Akaroa, make sure to explore the Akaroa Lighthouse. This historic lighthouse, relocated to the town centre, provides a glimpse into the past and makes for a great photo opportunity. 

Three Week Itinerary for a trip to New Zealand

Now if two weeks aren’t enough time for you to explore New Zealand—how about three? Let’s jump into an itinerary highlighting the best there is to do in three weeks. 

Be warned—you’ll really be hopping around the country with this planned out trip.

Week 1 – Day 1 & 2 – Auckland

Things to Do & Places to See

Afternoon (Day 1): After arriving in Auckland, go to the Auckland Domain

This is the city’s oldest park and is situated on a 62,000-year-old volcano. With beautifully maintained gardens, walking trails, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Auckland Domain is a great place to start your Auckland adventure.

Afternoon (Day 1): Head to the Auckland harbour bridge for bungee jumping

For the thrill-seekers, head over to the Auckland harbour bridge for an exhilarating bungee jumping experience. This is not for the faint-hearted but will certainly offer a unique perspective of the city and the harbour.

Evening (Day 1): Stroll around the Auckland night markets

As the sun sets, make your way to the vibrant Auckland night markets. This bustling marketplace offers a variety of food stalls, local crafts, and live entertainment. 

Full Day (Day 2): Spend the day on Rangitoto Island

Start your exploration of the island with a guided tour. This will take you through the rugged lava crops and native forests that make up the unique landscape of the island.

Post the trek, have a packed lunch amidst the natural beauty of the island. Spend the afternoon exploring the lava caves.

In the evening, return to Auckland by ferry.

Week 1, Day 3 – Waiheke Island

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Stroll around Oneroa Village 

Kick-off your day on Waiheke Island by strolling around Oneroa Village. This charming seaside village boasts a collection of boutique shops, art galleries, and cafes. 

Afternoon: Visit Oneroa Beach

After exploring the village, head to Oneroa Beach. With its white sands and clear waters, this beach offers a tranquil spot for a morning walk or a quick swim.

Evening: Have a night picnic at Onetangi Beach 

As the day comes to a close, head to Onetangi Beach for a nighttime picnic. This beautiful beach, with its long stretch of sand, is a perfect spot to relax and watch the sunset.

After your picnic, catch the ferry back to Auckland, bringing an end to your memorable day on Waiheke Island.

Week 1, Day 4 – Dunedin 

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 248 NZD per night

Budget: Starting at 60 NZD per night

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: The Perc Cafe
  • Budget: 3 NZD to 25 NZD
  • What to Try: The chicken and mushroom pie, the spinach and risotto pastry roll

Things to Do & Places to See 

Morning: Go to the Otago Museum

Make your way to the Otago Museum, a treasure trove of knowledge that offers a deep dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Dunedin and the larger Otago region.

Afternoon: Check out the Dunedin Botanic Garden

Take a leisurely stroll through the Dunedin Botanic Garden. This serene space houses a diverse array of plant species, both indigenous to New Zealand and hailing from all corners of the globe, providing a relaxing and educational experience.

Evening: Take a drive along the Otago Peninsula

Conclude your day by taking a scenic drive along the Otago Peninsula. The stunning coastline offers breathtaking views, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot some local wildlife.

Week 1, Day 5 – Kaikoura 

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 234 NZD

Budget: Starting at 199 NZD

Budget: Starting at 30 NZD

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: Beach House Café
  • Budget: 5 NZD to 30 NZD
  • What to Try: The pancakes and the coffee

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Head to the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway

This is a stunning coastal walk where you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and sea, watch seals bask on the rocks, and take in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. The walkway also offers great opportunities for bird watching and photography.

Afternoon: Embark on a whale-watching tour with Whale Watch Kaikoura

Budget: 165 NZD

One of the highlights of any visit to Kaikoura is the chance to witness the majestic beauty of whales in their natural habitat. 

With Whale Watch Kaikoura, you can embark on a thrilling journey into the deep sea and experience the awe-inspiring sight of these magnificent creatures up close.

Week 1, Day 6 – Hanmer Springs

Things to Do & Places to See

All Day: Head to Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa

Budget: 40 NZD

Hanmer Thermal Springs and Spa is a unique complex of natural hot springs. Soak in the soothing waters, relax in the saunas or steam rooms, or enjoy a therapeutic massage. 

Week 1 – Day 7: Oxford

Where to Eat 

Breakfast: Cafe 51
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 35 NZD
  • What to Try: Their sauteed mushrooms & bacon, paired with freshly brewed coffee

Things to Do & Places to See

Evening: Visit the Oxford Museum

Budget: Free

Oxford Museum offers an intriguing insight into the history of Oxford and the surrounding area. With exhibits ranging from Maori artefacts to early settler memorabilia, it’s a fascinating way to learn about the region’s past.

Week 2, Day 1 – Hokitika 

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 475 NZDS

Budget: Starting at 80 NZD

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Go to the Hokitika Gorge

This stunning gorge boasts a beautiful turquoise river winding through a dramatic rock gorge. The viewing platform offers breath-taking views of the gorge, river, and lush surroundings. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful morning walk.

Evening: Visit Hokitika Beach

Known for its driftwood art, this beach offers a tranquil setting for a leisurely stroll. The iconic “Hokitika” sign built from driftwood is a must-see.

Afternoon: Try stone carving at Bonz ‘N Stonz 

Budget: From 100 NZD

At Bonz’ N Stonz, you can carve your own pounamu (jade) pendant with the guidance of a local artist. It’s a memorable and rewarding activity, leaving you with a personal souvenir.

Week 2, Day 2 – Oamaru 

Where to Stay

Budget: 675 NZD to 775  NZD

Budget: Starting at 165 NZD

Budget: Starting at 196.90 NZD

Where to Eat 

Dinner: Scotts Brewing Co
  • Budget: 5 NZD to 40 NZD
  • What to Try: Their pizza and obviously their beer

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Go to the Oamaru Public Gardens

After breakfast, head to the Oamaru Public Gardens. Established in the 1870s, these gardens are among the oldest in New Zealand. Take a peaceful morning walk while admiring the beautiful botanical collection and the aviary.

Afternoon: Explore the town’s Victorian precinct

Home to some of the best-preserved collections of Victorian architecture in New Zealand, this area provides a glimpse into Oamaru’s rich history. Don’t miss the Whitestone Civic Trust area, which houses a number of shops, galleries, and cafes.

Afternoon: Go to Steampunk HQ 

Budget: Starting at 15 NZD

Visit Steampunk HQ, an art collaboration and gallery that reimagines the past and future with a steampunk twist. This unique museum features a fascinating collection of steampunk art, sculptures, and contraptions.

Evening: See penguins at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony

After dinner, take a stroll to the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony. The evening viewing when the penguins return home from their day at sea is a sight not to be missed.

Week 2 – Day 3 & 4 – Kaitaia

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning to Evening (Day 3) – Drive to Kaitaia 

Prepare for a day of driving as you make your way to Kaitaia. Enjoy the scenic journey, taking in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand as you travel to your next destination.

Morning (Day 4): Head over to Te Ahu Centre and Museum

Budget: Free

At Te Ahu Centre and Museum, delve into the rich heritage of the region by exploring exhibits on local history, Maori culture, and the unique flora and fauna of the area. Don’t miss the Far North Regional Museum collection of historical artefacts.

Afternoon (Day 4): Take a stroll along Ninety Mile Beach

In the afternoon, take a stroll along the iconic Ninety Mile Beach. This breathtaking stretch of coastline offers a tranquil setting for a leisurely walk, with stunning views of the ocean.

Evening (Day 4): Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Ahipara Bay

After dinner, enjoy the beautiful sunset at Ahipara Bay. The stunning colours of the sky reflecting off the water create a truly magical scene, providing a perfect end to your day in Kaitaia.

Week 2, Day 5 – Whangarei

Where to Stay

Budget: Starting at 206 NZD

Where to Eat 

Lunch: The Quay 
  • Budget: 6 NZD to 30 NZD
  • What to Try: The smoked brisket, the beef filet with kumara

Things to Do & Places to See

Morning: Make your way to Whangārei Falls

Make your way to the stunning Whangrei Falls. Often referred to as the most photogenic waterfall in all of New Zealand, this 26.3-metre-high waterfall offers a scenic walking track and a picturesque picnic area. 

Afternoon: Visit the Whangārei Quarry Gardens

Pay a visit to the Whangrei Quarry Gardens. These subtropical gardens are a community project and feature a stunning array of native and exotic plants. 

Week 2, Day 6 & 7 – Mangawhai

Where to Stay

  • Budget AccommodationMangawhai Backpackers

Budget: Call for exact pricing

Where to Eat 

Dinner (Day 6): The Dune
  • Budget: 20 NZD to 40 NZD
  • What to Try: Fish and chips, steak, and any of their pizzas
Lunch/Dinner (Day 7): The Cove