How Much Is Asbestos Removal in New Zealand

How Much Is Asbestos Removal in New Zealand? 

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can present serious health risks if it is disturbed and left untreated.  Because of its composition, special training and equipment are required to safely remove asbestos.

Naturally, this means that removing asbestos will often come with a hefty fee depending on your specific needs.  To help you prepare a budget, we’ll be going over the cost of asbestos removal in New Zealand.

In addition, we’ll also cover some useful resources regarding removal services, home renovation firms, repair technicians, and the like.

What is the cost of asbestos removal?

How Much Is Asbestos Removal in New Zealand

For a flat price estimate, the cost of removing asbestos will usually range from $100 per square meter to $500 per square meter.  The big difference in price range is mainly due to the different factors that influence the cost of a removal project.

Testing Fees

Before removal can begin, it’s important to actually test whether or not the suspected locations do indeed have asbestos.  This will help your contractor create a viable work plan and prepare the necessary equipment to tackle the potential task at hand.

The cost of testing will usually be from $80 to $100 per sample and depending on your needs multiple samples may need to be taken.  This can put your initial costs already somewhere above $100 NZD.

Project Size/Asbestos type

The next factor that affects the cost of removal is the size of your specific project.  Contrary to popular belief, the larger a job is the smaller the actual per area cost will be.

This inversely proportional relationship helps keep removal jobs affordable at larger more commercialized scales.  With that said, the average per area cost of smaller residential jobs can be significantly higher hovering at around $400 per square meter.

Now in addition to the size of a job, the type of asbestos to be removed can also influence removal costs.  This is because different forms of asbestos may require more specialized equipment to safely remove, thereby raising overall project costs.

To make things simple, we’ve also put together this handy cost guide detailing general removal costs:

Technician fee$100 - $500/sq-mt
PPE suits, asbestos sheets, filters, etc.$400 - $500
Asbestos bags/disposal fees$700

While the above prices may cover standard removal processes, it is also likely that you’ll need to pay for the reconstruction, repair, or replacement of any removed materials.  Many folks will often replace their roof shingles, pipes, and even insulation after having asbestos removed.

Beyond this, there is also the matter of having your home or property inspected to ensure complete removal and zero remaining asbestos.  It’s best to take these additional factors into account  as you set your budget.  

That wraps up our quick guide to asbestos removal costs.  We hope this article will be of use to you should you ever find asbestos on your property.