A Guide to Floor-mounted Heat Pumps

A Guide to Floor-mounted Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be an excellent option to help keep spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  But with so many different heat pumping systems available, it can be quite tough to find the right unit.

With this guide, we’ll walk you through floor-mounted heat pumps in particular.  In addition, we’ll also compare floor-mounted units to other common heating systems to help familiarize you with the specific benefits of floor-mounted heaters.

Lastly, we’ll cover the basic costs and installation fees of these heating units to make budgeting a bit easier for you.

What are floor-mounted heat pumps?

What are floor-mounted heat pumps

In terms of function, floor-mounted heat pumps are just like any other air heating system or air conditioner.  They use an outdoor air-handling unit and an indoor air distribution unit.  

What sets floor-mounted units apart is that they are free-standing and can be mounted on any floor.

Almost all heat pumps contain a compressor and a condenser to allow for heating and cooling applications.  Floor-mounted systems are no exception and this makes them excellent for both moderately cold and moderately hot temperatures. 

Since they sit flush with your floors, these units do not require support brackets or mounting shelves.  More often than not, the only installation requirement for floor units is ample space and a wall access panel or channel to run cables and tubes through.

Floor units are also easier to access making cleaning and maintenance quick and relatively easy.

How do I know if a floor-mounted heat pump is right for me?

How do I know if a floor-mounted heat pump is right for me

Now that you’re familiar with what floor-mounted systems are, it’s time to see if they are a fitting addition to your property.  To help you decide, we’ve gathered the following criteria:


The first thing to consider would be whether or not you actually have enough space to install a floor-mounted heat pump.  

While some pumps can be as small as a piece of check-in baggage, a mid-sized bedroom can still feel extra cramped when a heat pump is squeezed in.

Alternatively, most living rooms and common areas will have more than enough space to accommodate one or even two floor-mounted heating units.  At the very least, your unit should be installed in a place where it does not obstruct movement.


If you have enough space for a floor-mounted heat pump, the next thing to consider would be the design and overall appearance.  

It’s important to choose a model that will blend with its surroundings. Otherwise, you may end up with quite the eyesore in your home.

Many people have thought up extremely creative ways to hide floor-mounted heating units.  These include window seats with airflow compartments, matching furniture arrangements, and sometimes even wall-matching paint jobs.


The last thing to consider is if your children or pets will pose a danger to themselves with a heating unit in such close proximity.  Small hands and paws can sometimes go wandering and the last place you want them to explore would be the inside of your heat pump.

With that said, if these things aren’t a problem for you, then a floor-mounted heat pump may be just what you need to keep your living space comfortable all year round.

How much does a floor-mounted heat pump cost?

How much does a floor-mounted heat pump cost

Generally, the cost of floor-mounted heat pumps will be between $2,200 and $5,000 per unit.  Add to this the standard installation fees and you could be looking at a total cost of $3,000 to $6,000.

This is significantly higher than the costs associated with high-wall and other heat pump systems.  This is due to the build quality and capabilities of floor-mounted heat pumps.

Since they sit on a level surface, floor systems can make use of top and bottom circulation fans.  This adds to their cost, but in exchange, floor-mounted heat pumps are far more efficient compared to other systems.

For reference, we’ve pulled up additional sources for heat pump installation and home renovation in Wellington and Christchurch.  With these sources, you should have an easier time budgeting and planning your heat pump installation.

If you’d like to stay warm and cozy on a particularly cold day, a heated or weighted blanket could pair nicely with your brand-new heat pump.  Add to this a hot cup of coffee and a snack, and you’ve got a surefire way to stay comfy regardless of the weather.

There are various additional ways to make your home more comfortable.  But overall, floor-mounted units are one of the most efficient forms of temperature control.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to floor-mounted heat pumps.  As you set out to find the right unit for your home, we hope you’ll look back on this guide for help whenever you see fit.