How much do orthodontic services cost in New Zealand

How much do orthodontic services cost in New Zealand?

Due to their specialized skills, orthodontists are uniquely qualified to help with special dental concerns such as misaligned teeth, overbite, and the like.  Since they offer unique dental services, orthodontic treatments are usually not covered by public healthcare policies.

To help you prepare for these expenses, we’ll be going over the costs associated with basic orthodontic services.  In addition, we’ll also be providing useful resources for dental services and financing options.

Breaking Down Orthodontic Costs

Breaking Down Orthodontic Costs

Orthodontic Consultation

Much like dental consultations, your initial visit to the orthodontic clinic will usually be accompanied by a general examination.  This examination allows your orthodontist to determine what kind of work your teeth need and what procedure to execute.

Beyond this, your initial examination also allows you to voice your opinions and concerns regarding your teeth or jaw alignment.  From this point, you can discuss the possible treatments with your oral care professional to determine what works best for you.

In general, the cost of orthodontic consultations will be between $100 and $150 based on the number of x-rays requested.  While they are expensive, these x-rays serve to provide your orthodontist with a proper measure for the alignment of your teeth.

Teeth Alignment

If your orthodontist determines that you need braces, you may have a number of treatments to choose from.  Originally, metal braces were the treatment of choice as these devices offered the best results for teeth alignment.

Nowadays, however, orthodontists also make use of aligners, which are essentially clear molds that snap in place and apply constant pressure to your teeth.  Regardless of which treatment option you choose, it’s important to know that both procedures can carry hefty fees.

The cost of braces and aligners varies greatly with each patient due to the unique patterns for each set of teeth.  But from what we were able to gather, braces will be between $5,000 and $7,000 while aligners will be slightly more expensive being between $8,500 and $10,500.

Jaw Alignment

Saving the most expensive procedure for last, orthodontic jaw alignment carries large fees due to the amount of work and equipment involved in most cases.  Compared to tooth extractions and braces, severe jaw misalignment often requires heavy surgery.

Even if your jaw isn’t severely misaligned, the cost of most equipment is usually upwards of $10,000.  Beyond this, surgery may require the services of both an orthodontist and a dental surgeon in order to break and manually realign your upper, and or lower jaw.

Upon scouring various resources, we found that the cost of major jaw alignment surgery is somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000.  These sky-high fees are a result of the surgery, rehabilitation, and medication required to recover from such procedures.

To help offset these costs, it is not uncommon for most kiwis to make use of a dental or life insurance policy.  While they may not cover the full cost of such procedures, the coverage offered by these policies can certainly help.

That wraps up our quick guide to orthodontic services.  If you’re ever in need of an orthodontist, we hope this article and the resources within it are of some use to you.