Guide to Waikite Valley Pools

Your Guide to Relaxation at Waikite Thermal Valley Pools

Did you know the natural hot pools at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools have been soothing tired muscles for over 1,000 years? And Maori legend even speaks of supposed healing powers in these waters.

So fueled by my need to relieve that aching back pain (you know the type) and all the Instagram-worthy images I’ve seen, I convinced my team (bless their patient souls) that Waikite Valley Thermal Pools was the ultimate stop for a great healing soak. Best decision ever.

Since the first time we’ve gone, we’ve learned all the secrets to having a relaxing time at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools. So if you want to have a stress-free time at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, here’s everything you need to know.

Things to Know about Waikite Thermal Valley Pools

Location: 648 Waikite Valley Road, Waikite Valley 3077, New Zealand 

Contact: +6473331861

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10:30 AM to 8 PM

Website: Waikite Thermal Valley Pools


  • Adult – 25 NZD
  • Child – 13 NZD
  • Infant – 4 NZD
  • Senior – 18 NZD
  • Hot Family Deal – 67 NZD
  • Soak Package Adult – 35 NZD
  • Soak Package Child – 25 NZD

Best Time to Go to Waikite Thermal Valley Pools

The best time to go really depends on what kind of experience you’re after. 

The time to visit Waikite Thermal Valley’s pools is during summertime (December to February), as that means you get the best weather… but this is also the busiest time of the year.

So, if you want peace and quiet, aim for weekdays, especially earlier in the morning. Fewer crowds mean you can snag a spot by your favourite pool and truly relax.

Or if you’re after a starry dip, go at night so you can enjoy the pools under a blanket of stars.

The Pools at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

The Settlers Pool

The water comes from the Te Manaroa Spring, which is just geothermal powerhouse water cooled down to a nice 36°C to 38 °C. It’s pretty perfect for soaking up those cares and contemplating the picturesque Waikite Valley. 

It’s the biggest pool there, and it will prevent you from feeling like you’re swimming in a hot bowl of soup. There is even a shallow area for the little ones to splash around in.

The Sit-and-Soak Pool

This pool is all about giving you the feeling of having melted your stress away. The water has a bit more body heat than some of the other pools at Waikite, ranging from 39°C to 41°C (102°F to 106°F). 

It’s hot enough to soothe your muscles and chase away any lingering tension, but not so hot that you’ll scurry out like a scalded potato.

The Tranquil Garden Pool

Here, lush New Zealand native bush frames the view, and across the way, you can see the bubbling Otamakokore Stream. Water is around 37°C to 39°C, pleasantly warm but not so hot you’ll be melting.

The Pergola Pool

This is definitely not your average bathtub. The view is simply amazing! You’ll be able to look out from the Pergola Pool at the Waikite Valley, and the Otamakokore Stream is in the background.

The Pergola Pool waters are 35°C to 38°C. It’s a serene, blissful pool where you can let your worries simply wash away.

The Outdoor Tubs

Think of these tubs as your own personal relaxation stations. It has a cooler temperature than the main pools, hovering around 30°C to 34°C. Perfect for cutting the edge off after a geothermal heat soak or just chilling out from the get-go.

Things to Do at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

Get a private pool

Taking a dip in a private pool at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools is the ultimate way to unwind. The private pools are like having your own little hot spring oasis.

Unlike the public pools, you get to be the master of your domain when it comes to water temperature. Adjust it to your perfect level of toasty bliss.

The private pools cost 35 NZD per person. However, private pool sessions are for 40 minutes, and they tend to get booked up fast, so be sure to reserve yours in advance.

Go camping

Grab your tent or RV and go camping for the night! And don’t worry, a stay at any of the campsites means access to amenities that make it easy to camp in comfort. 

The powered sites are 70 NZD per night and the non powered sites are 60 NZD. But they don’t have wifi, so keep in mind that if you have work to do.

Do the Te Manaroa Spring Eco-trail.

This trail has pretty spectacular views of Te Manaroa Springs. It’s perfect for those Tiktoks.

You’ll also see ferns, mosses, and other plants. The walk itself is just 5 to 10 minutes, so it’s a great way to stretch your legs and break up a day of soaking in the hot pools.

Tips to Remember Before You Go to Waikite Thermal Valley Pools

  • Go early or stay late to avoid crowds. Try to visit in the morning before­ 11:30 AM or in the evening afte­r 6 PM.
  • There’s a cafe on-site­, but it can be quite pricey. To save­ money, bring your own food and snacks.
  • Don’t forget to pack a towel and flip-flops. You can re­nt them there, but it’s more­ cost-effective to bring your own. 
  • Be­ sure to store any valuables in a locke­r.