Is Gore Worth Visiting

Is Gore worth visiting?

Gore is a relatively small town with a vibrant and growing community. But if you’ve never been to Gore, you’re probably wondering: Is Gore really worth visiting? 

Gore is worth visiting if you love fishing, history, culture, stunning scenery, and country music! 

Join us as we jump into how these things make Gore a unique and memorable place worth visiting. 

Gore is worth visiting for their renowned fishing 

Gore is home to the internationally renowned Mataura River, a haven for brown trout fly-fishing. The Mataura River is not just any ordinary fishing spot. It’s a 100% wild fishery, meaning the trout here aren’t stocked. 

The average size of the trout ranges from two and a half to three and a half pounds, with the occasional fish tipping the scales well beyond that.

The river is also lauded as the ultimate in dry fly angling for brown trout. 

Fly Fish Mataura

Fly Fish Mataura offers guided brown trout fly fishing on the internationally renowned Mataura River. One of the unique aspects of fishing with Fly Fish Mataura is the uncrowded rivers. 

This allows for a tranquil and serene fishing experience, letting you fully immerse yourself in getting the best catch possible. 

Gore is worth visiting for its historical experiences

Gore’s historical narrative is well-preserved in its museums and galleries. But Gore’s history is not just confined to its museums and galleries. It’s a living entity that pervades every aspect of the town. 

The architectural heritage of Gore is a testament to this. Many buildings scattered throughout town date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, each telling their own story of Gore’s past.

Here are some museums worth a visit when you’re in Gore! 

The Gore Historical Museum 

The Gore Historical Museum is a treasure trove of local stories and records. You can explore the town’s past through various exhibits, ranging from the era of early settlers to contemporary times.

Eastern Southland Gallery is another must-visit spot for history buffs. It houses a world-class art collection, offering a unique lens into New Zealand’s cultural history. 

The gallery’s exhibitions often reflect the town’s past and present, making it a vital part of Gore’s historical landscape.

Hokonui Moonshine Museum 

Visit the Hokonui Moonshine Museum to learn about the town’s illicit whisky distilling during prohibition. This museum showcases the fascinating story of the moonshiners with engaging exhibits, and you’ll even be able to have a taste of the infamous Hokonui Moonshine.

Gore is worth a trip for its cultural richness 

Gore is a hub of cultural vibrancy, steeped in history from its traditional ties to mana whenua (indigenous land) and early settlers alike. This rich heritage is reflected in the town’s events, one of which is the Hokonui Culture Feast. 

This event showcases a wide array of delectable cultural foods authentically and lovingly made by local stallholders, providing an authentic taste of the town’s multicultural essence.

Gore is worth a visit for its stunning scenery 

Gore’s breathtaking scenery is undoubtedly one of its biggest draws. Surrounded by rolling green hills, lush farmland, and pristine rivers, this town offers a slice of idyllic rural life. 

The nearby Hokonui Hills provide a picturesque backdrop, with their rugged beauty contrasting the flat plains dominating the region. The Mataura River, which runs through the town, is also a beautiful sight to behold. 

Dolamore Park

Not far from the town centre, you’ll find Dolamore Park, a haven for nature lovers. This park has a range of walking tracks through native bush, where you can immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna. 

The enchanting glow worm caves are a highlight, offering a magical experience as dusk falls.

Gore is worth a visit for its country music culture 

This small town reverberates with the soulful strains of country tunes, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at Gore’s country music culture. 

Gore Country Music Club 

Gore’s love affair with country music dates back to 1972, when the Gore Country Music Club was formed. This club has since been instrumental in promoting country music in the region and beyond, hosting the prestigious MLT NZ Gold Guitar Awards annually. 

This award ceremony is more than just a competition. It’s a music, talent, and community celebration that draws performers from all over New Zealand and overseas.

The Gore Country Music Club, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, has remained true to its roots while adapting to changing times. It is a testament to the enduring appeal of country music and its cultural heritage.

New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards

Every year, the town of Gore transforms into a hub of musical activity during the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards. This event is not just about awarding the best in the field but also about celebrating the shared love for country music. 

Performers of all ages take the stage, their songs filling the air with heartfelt melodies that speak of love, loss, and the simple joys of life.

Tussock Country Music Festival 

Gore’s love for country music extends beyond the Gold Guitar Awards. The town also hosts the Tussock Country Music Festival, a vibrant celebration of Kiwi culture that includes music, heritage, classic vehicles, and top-notch hospitality. 

This festival brings together local and international artists, showcasing the diversity and richness of country music.