Panel beaters vs. mechanics, what’s the difference

Panel beaters vs. mechanics, what’s the difference?

Both panel beaters and mechanics are expertly qualified to handle concerns relating to cars in general.  But, unbeknownst to most people, these two professionals actually specialize in two completely different areas of auto service.

To clear things up, we’ve made a handy guide detailing the most striking differences between panel beaters and mechanics.  In addition, we’ve also included resources pertaining to car dealerships, rental agencies, insurance policies, financing plans, and other related services.

The Differences Between Panel Beaters and Mechanics

The Differences Between Panel Beaters and Mechanics

Mechanics focus on the inner workings of cars

The biggest difference between mechanics and panel beaters is the fact that mechanics focus entirely on making sure cars run properly and stay out of the scrapyard.  Much like how doctors and pediatricians treat illnesses, mechanics specialize in clearing up mechanical issues.

This often involves refilling fluids, changing tires, repairing electronics, and conducting inspections to identify unseen issues.  Heavy services typically include complex engine repairs and replacements.

To deal with particularly troublesome engine problems, mechanics must use equipment to disassemble the components in question.  Doing so requires an extremely intimate knowledge of cars that panel beaters simply do not have.

Panel beaters focus on the aesthetic properties of cars

In contrast to auto mechanics, panel beaters choose to focus on cosmetic bodywork as opposed to heavy-duty mechanical repairs.  This usually involves welding body panels, shaping dents, and filling scratches using epoxy.

In terms of actual mechanical repairs, the most technical service panel beaters can offer is usually installing electrical components and sensors.  Beyond this, however, these technicians usually do all their work on car exteriors.

Panel beaters are also great at painting and finishing cars

Continuing the theme of exterior bodywork, panel beaters are also exceptional at sanding down car chassis and repainting them to mask any work that has been carried out.  This service is unique to panel beaters as they utilize tools that mechanics simply do not have.

In addition, fixing and painting panels requires a keen eye for details such as color gradients, warping, and denting.  While they are great at taking cars apart and putting them back together, most mechanics will not have the skills to carry out serious cosmetic repairs.

While they both offer invaluable car-related services, panel beaters and mechanics ultimately differ in their specific areas of expertise.  If your car feels off or is running strangely, your best bet would be to visit your local auto service center.

Alternatively, if your car is battered from an unfortunate accident or mishap, you’re better off visiting a panel beater after a quick health check-up with your local doctor.  It’s worth noting that although their services differ, both of these professionals can charge heavy fees for work.

To offset the cost of both mechanical repairs and bodywork, it’s important to explore an insurance policy that suits your needs and fits your budget.  Now that we’ve covered their differences, we hope you’ll have an easier time deciding which auto technician to visit.