How to reduce allergies at home

How to reduce allergies at home

Allergies can be a real problem when they hinder you from enjoying the sweet comforts of your own home.  From pollen and dust to pet hair and other particulates, many folks are forced to resort to a daily regimen of antihistamines just to get through their mornings.

If you’re one of these unfortunate souls, perhaps a change in your home environment can help take the edge off your allergic episodes.  Through this guide, we’ll walk you through some ways to reduce the severity of your allergies and make your home a hypoallergenic haven.

In case you need some extra help handling allergies, we’ll also be placing resources for doctors, nutritionistscarpet cleaners, housekeepers, and more all throughout this article.

Hypoallergenic Habits to Adopt at Home

Hypoallergenic Habits to Adopt at Home

Dust your house often

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer but we feel as though not too many folks understand how helpful dusting your living space can be.  Doing a quick pass over furniture, shelves, TV stands, and other problem areas will eliminate many common sources of allergens.

With fewer allergens present you’ll be less likely to trigger your allergies every time you reach for a book or plop down on your couch.  Naturally, dusting your space also has the added benefit of making it look neat and spotless.

Clean your AC filters 

In case you didn’t know, all air conditioning units and heat pumps come with dust filters to keep them from sucking up outside dirt and pollen.  These filters are extremely handy but they can quickly go from a huge help to a hassle rather quickly if left uncleaned for long periods.

Because they have a finite amount of filter area, it’s normal for your filter to fill up and eventually allow allergens to pass through.  To make sure this doesn’t happen you simply need to pull out your air filter and give it a good scrub—preferably while you wear a decent face mask.

Wash your pillows and your mattress

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking insects that can be a nuisance for regular folks.  For those with severe allergies, these tiny pests are absolute murder as their bites can cause a wicked itch, blisters, or even hives.

Avoiding these tiny terrors can be as simple as washing and covering your mattress and pillows periodically.  But, if your space is already infested, you may need to call in an exterminator to get rid of them.

Invest in a proper vacuum

Good vacuum cleaners are like working toilets because you never really appreciate them until you need to use them.  With that in mind, investing in a strong vacuum with a HEPA filter can allow you to rid your space of various allergens and seal them away in an airtight container.

This lends itself well to those who are particularly susceptible to particulates and things that can easily be inhaled.

With these practices covered, you should have an easier time starting your day without fear of sneezing on your breakfast or having to blow your nose every 5 minutes.  While we can’t shield you from the terrors of pollen and mildew, we certainly hope this guide is of some help.