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Public vs. private health care in NZ which to choose_1
Public vs. private health care in NZ: which to choose?
New Zealand’s health care system is widely believed to be one of the best, with a rank of 20th overall on the world healthcare index.  On top of this, the
Are facial spas worth it

Are facial spas worth it?

Facial spas are believed to help reduce acne and stress by treating the skin with herbs and solutions in a tranquil, calming environment.   But, given the many alternatives available for

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Are electric scooters worth it

Are electric scooters worth it?

Electric scooters are an eco-friendly solution to the average joe’s commuting predicament.  But, due to their limited range, price, and other drawbacks, many people question whether investing in an e-scooter

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How do chimney sweeps operate

How do chimney sweeps operate?

In the olden days, chimney sweeping was an unfortunate occupation that was both dangerous and grim.  Fortunately, modern standards and safety procedures have made chimney sweeping a legitimate and safe

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