4 Essential Tips For Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

4 Essential Tips For Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

Tending to a plentiful yard is a true labor of love that can be especially rewarding if carried out properly.  Unfortunately, growing and maintaining a healthy yard is quite the tall order for those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb.

So, to make this task just a bit easier, we’ve prepared some helpful tips and tricks for basic yard work.  For extra assistance, we’ve also included various resources pertaining to landscaping, lawn care, home improvement, and other similar services.

Lawn Care Tips 

Lawn Care Tips

Mow your grass every week

The first step in keeping your yard clean and tidy is setting a proper schedule for mowing grass, trimming hedges, and occasionally, pruning trees.  Everyone wants to grow beautiful luscious greenery, but a lawn that grows too long may actually have the opposite aesthetic effect.

Most experts recommend mowing and trimming your yard at least once a week in the spring and summer seasons.  To keep your grass moist and healthy, it is also wise to set your mower to cut only a third of your grass’s height.

Invest in a sprinkler system

In addition to mowing and trimming your yard, you’ll want to water it periodically to ensure that it continues to grow at a healthy rate.  Grass that dries out will often wilt and turn brown, leaving your lawn in a dilapidated state.

To keep this from happening, most folks employ either a manual or automatic sprinkler system.  Regardless of which type you choose, most experts agree that the ideal time to water your lawn is between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM.

Pick the right plants

Ask an arborist or gardener and they’ll tell you that certain types of plants grow better in specific environments.  Depending on where you live and the type of soil surrounding your home, it’s important to pick a plant species that favors your specific living conditions.

After all, taking care of a yard can be significantly easier if that yard isn’t plagued by diseases and fungi.  If you intend to really get serious about your lawncare you can also have soil testing carried out to properly figure out what types of plants suit your area.

Fertilize your yard and remove weeds

Another great way to help your yard stay healthy is to utilize composting bins or purchase some high-grade fertilizer.  These organic materials act as an extra source of sustenance for your yard allowing it to absorb more nutrients over time.

While we’re on the topic, removing weeds from your lawn also helps preserve its overall health.  This is because weeds take up nutrients and water that could otherwise be absorbed by non-parasitic plants 

In case you simply can’t find the time to water and trim your yard, you can always enlist the services of a landscaper or lawn mowing company.  Now that you’re armed with these tips and resources, we sincerely hope you’ll have a much easier time tending to your lawn.