Ultimate Travel Guide to Feilding

Our Ultimate Feilding Travel Guide

Feilding, or ‘Friendly Feilding’ as we call it, is known for its beautifully preserved Edwardian architecture and vibrant community spirit. 

It’s where red-bricked pavements lead you through an array of boutique shops, eateries, and picturesque flower beds—basically a must-visit destination for travellers who love charming small towns. 

To make the most out of your trip to the area, here’s our Feilding travel guide, where we share our favourite must-eat places, must-do activities, and more with you.

Time Zone

New Zealand Standard Time (GMT +12) 

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Feilding is during the summer months, from December to February. The weather is typically warm and sunny, perfect for exploring the town’s charming streets and beautiful parks and attending the famous Farmers Market.  

Things to Know

Currency:  NZD (Check the current exchange rate)

Language: New Zealand English 

Calling Code: +64

How to Get Around 

Buses: InterCity operates bus services to and from Feilding. These buses and local public buses can be used to get around town. 

Taxis: We use Feilding Taxis to get around when we’re in a jiffy or don’t have our own rental car. 

Car service: If you’re looking to have the most convenient transportation option, then a rental car is the way to go. Some of the trusted rental companies that we have used are Budget, Thrifty, and Hertz.

Walking: Feilding is a relatively small town, so it is easy to get around on foot. Plus, most of the main attractions are within walking distance of the town centre anyways. 

Where to Stay in Feilding

South Street West Motel

South Street West Motel

Address: 61 South Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 1811

Pricing: $$

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South Street West Motel is where to stay if you’re visiting Feilding for business or pleasure. It’s right next to Manfeild Park, which is a great place to watch car racing, go-karting, or attend other events.

Although the motel rooms are a bit on the small side, many of them have their own kitchen and even a whirlpool bath. Both convenient and comfortable!

Manfeild Park Motel 

Address: 1 Fergusson Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 8761

Pricing: $

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Manfeild Park Motel is a good choice if you’re looking to be close to the town centre. The motel has studio and apartment-style rooms that are clean and comfortable. 

For the kids, there’s a small playground and a BBQ if you’re planning on cooking your own meals during your stay in Feilding.

Thyme Out Estate 

Address: 800 Halcombe Road, Halcombe 4775, Feilding, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 328 8868

Pricing: $$$

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Thyme Out Estate is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway in the Manawatu region. It’s a beautiful 19th-century homestead just outside the town of Feilding. 

They have three different rooms to choose from, with a range of facilities, such as a shared lounge, a terrace, and free WiFi.

If you stay here, don’t forget to try their continental breakfast each morning and roam around their rose garden before heading into town.

Where to Eat in Feilding

4 Flames Fusion Indian Restaurant

Address: 69 Kimbolton Road, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 3526

Pricing: $$

4 Flames Fusion Indian Restaurant is a paradise for lovers of spicy, aromatic and flavorful Indian cuisine. 

The butter chicken here is creamy and rich, and don’t even get us started on their naan bread — soft, fluffy and perfect for scooping up every last bite of curry or masala.

For the vegetarians, we suggest trying their samosas — crispy on the outside, filled with a tasty mix of veggies on the inside. And if you’re not into spicy food, don’t worry. They can adjust the heat level to suit your taste buds.

The Strong Room

Address: 52 Fergusson Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 0300

Pricing: $$

The Strong Room is where food enthusiasts savour everything from scrumptious tapas to hearty main meals, and the desserts are simply to die for.

We recommend their Brisket Burger — filling and delicious. For the vegans with us, you can get pulled jackfruit instead. 

But, if you’re a fan of traditional Kiwi fare, their take on fish and chips is a must-try. 

Essence Cafe & Bar

Address: 46 Manchester Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 4405

Pricing: $$

Bite into perfectly cooked pancakes topped with fresh fruits and a drizzle of syrup for breakfast at Essence Cafe & Bar. Or sink your teeth into one of their juicy burgers for lunch. 

Don’t leave out their  desserts — their chocolate cake is rich and moist (it practically melted in our mouths.)

Murray’s Irish Bar

Address: 78/80 Fergusson Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 8181

Pricing: $$

Murray’s Irish Bar is an unexpected treasure trove of authentic Irish charm in Feilding. Right in the heart of the town, this pub spells comfort and warmth with its rustic decor that transports you to the heart of Ireland. 

They have an impressive selection of beers, including local NZ brews from Panhead, Emerson’s, and Mac’s. 

We suggest stopping here for a pint or two, poured to perfection, frothy and chilled just right. The traditional pub meals and snacks are hearty and delicious too, with Irish lamb shanks being our personal recommendation.

Focal Point Cinema & Cafe

Address: 81 Manchester Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 0218

Pricing: $$

Enjoy a blockbuster movie while munching on your meal at Focal Point Cinema & Cafe. Their warm, crispy fries paired with their juicy gourmet burgers are a match made in heaven! 

What to Do in Feilding

Relax at the Almadale Reserve

Address: 186/206 Almadale Road, Cheltenham 4775, New Zealand

If you’re looking for a serene place to unwind, don’t miss out on Almadale Reserve. It’s a haven of natural beauty and tranquillity that leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every time we go. 

With wide-open green spaces, the reserve is perfect for a quiet read, a midday nap, a picnic or a game of frisbee (if you bring your furry friend with you). 

A charming little stream also meanders through the park, and there’s even a playground — great for kids who love to explore and play.

Check out the Feilding Saleyard

Address: Manchester Square, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 3318


The Feilding Saleyard isn’t your typical tourist spot, but it offers an authentic slice of Kiwi life that’s hard to beat.

The saleyard buzzes with activity every Friday as farmers gather to buy and sell livestock. You don’t have to be buying cattle to come here and observe the 

 the lively auctioneers, hundreds of sheep, and get a glimpse into the farming world of Feilding. 

Dive into history at the Coach House Museum

Address: 127 South Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 323 6401


The Coach House Museum is a world-class museum showcasing an impressive collection of rural New Zealand heritage, encapsulating over 140 years of history.

Take your time in each of their diverse array of exhibits, marvelling at the many historic vehicles, farm implements, and archival displays.

Take a class at Joe McMenamin Limited

Address: 51a Fergusson Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 27 303 6974


Don’t miss the chance to take a class at Joe McMenamin’s Art Studio & Gallery.  Don’t worry if you’re not Picasso — Joe’s friendly, patient teaching style is perfect for beginners and kids.

You’ll leave with a beautiful piece of art, as we did, and memories of a unique, hands-on experience.

Where to Shop in Feilding

Feilding Farmers Market 

Address: Manchester Square, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +64 27 357 1230

Grab your reusable bags and head to Feilding Farmers Market every Friday.  It’s where to shop for the freshest fruits, veggies, and homemade treats (especially if you plan to cook during your stay in town.) 

The Warehouse

Address: 101 Kimbolton Road, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: +6463230444


The Warehouse is a playground for shoppers! It’s packed with various items — from clothing and electronics to toys and home essentials and perfect for budget-friendly shopping.

Turners Gifts & Luggage

Address: 101 Fergusson Street, Feilding 4702, New Zealand

Phone: l

Turners Gifts & Luggage is a one-stop shop for all your gifting and travel needs. The shelves are packed with gifts, from cute trinkets to elegant home decor items, perfect for any occasion. 

And if you’re planning a trip, their selection of luggage is impressive, with options to suit every traveller.

Manchester Square

Manchester Square is a vibrant outdoor market filled with unique shops and stalls. We find everything from quaint antique stores to stylish boutiques offering the latest trends when we come here.

Which Neighbourhoods to Visit near Feilding


Colyton, on the outskirts of Feilding, offers a delightful countryside experience. It’s a place where lush green farmlands stretch out as far as the eye can see, and the pace of life slows down to let you appreciate the beauty around you.

Not to mention all the livestock you will run into like we did! (We came across a herd of cows in the middle of the road and they were really friendly.) 

What to Expect from Feilding Weather

Spring (September to November): Temperatures range from 13-18°C during this time of year. There are the occasional showers and the beautiful blossoming of flowers all around town. 

Summer (December to February): Summers are warm and relatively dry, with daytime temperatures between 20-25°C. It’s the perfect time to do all of the tourist activities in Feilding. 

Fall/Autumn (March to May): During fall, the weather cools down slightly, with temperatures ranging from 15-20°C. It’s a great time to enjoy the colourful fall foliage in the parks around Feilding.

Winter (June to August): Winters are relatively mild, with temperatures usually between 10-15°C. We’ve got stuck in the rain more than once during winter, so we suggest having a raincoat or umbrella with you.

Apps to Download for a Trip to Feilding

Google Translate: word translation with offline capabilities
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Google Maps: navigation GPS app with offline capabilities
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Booking.com: app to find accommodation easily worldwide
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MetService: up-to-date weather forecasts app
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City Mapper: app for real-time arrival times for buses and trains

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Waze: app to use to avoid traffic in Feilding

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