Why are the mountains called the Remarkables

Why are the mountains called the Remarkables?

The grandeur of The Remarkables enthralled me as a child. Every time my family would take a trip to the countryside, I would gaze at them in awe, my young mind filled with countless questions. 

But the question that always lingered in my mind was, “Why are these mountains called ‘The Remarkables’?” I remember asking my mother this question and she looked at me with a smile. 

She said, “Well, legend has it that early settlers were so awestruck by their beauty and found it so remarkable that they named the range “The Remarkables.” 

And while I loved that story as a child, I obviously wanted to learn more later on. If you feel the same, let’s answer that: Why are the mountains actually called The Remarkables? 

As it turns out the answer wasn’t too far off from my mother’s tale! This particular mountain range is often referred to as The Remarkables due to its distinctive, sharp peaks that run north to south, creating a remarkable backdrop for the southeastern shores of Lake Wakati. 

What is the history of the name “The Remarkables”? 

The naming of this mountain range dates back to the late 1800s when they were christened by Alexander Garvie. This Scottish surveyor, impressed by the unique geographical orientation of the range, coined the term ‘The Remarkables’. 

The reason for this unusual name? These mountains are one of only two mountain ranges in the world that run directly from north to south. 

The formation of The Remarkables is attributed to the pressures of tectonic plates moving along the fault line, resulting in this spectacular mountain range running exactly north to south.

What are some remarkable features of “The Remarkables?” 

The Remarkables are not just remarkable by name. They’re also remarkable by nature. The rugged peaks and the captivating landscape make this mountain range a sight to behold.

The Remarkables are not just for the sightseers, though. They also cater to adventure seekers, offering a ski field that’s a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.

The Ski Area 

One of the unique features of The Remarkables is their ski area. It covers three mountain bowls spanning 220 hectares, serviced by eight lifts (four chairlifts and four magic carpets). 

The terrain caters to a variety of skill levels, with 30% rated for beginners and 40% for intermediate skiers.

Terrain Parks 

Another standout aspect of The Remarkables is its terrain parks. Up to seven terrain parks, including the Southern Hemisphere’s only Burton Stash, a signature park packed with natural features, cater to freestyle skiers and snowboarders. 

These parks, accessed via the new Sugar Bowl chairlift, offer a progressive experience with unique features that keep the excitement level high.