Why Trust Us

Here at Top Reviews, we never settle for anything but the best in New Zealand. That’s why each product or service we review needs to fulfil a strict set of criteria before we recommend them to you.

Since we don’t sell our words, you can trust that we’ll only provide you with the best buying guides around—completely honest and with no hints of bias.

When we recommend products or services to our readers, we first make sure to answer the following questions:


Experience in IndustryHow long has the business been operating? Are they one of the leading names in the industry?
Main ServicesWhat are the service’s main offerings? 
Service QualityHow well do they provide their services? What evidence can attest to the quality of their services?
PricingWhat are their prices and how do they compare with the market average?
Special OfferingsWhat special services do they offer that aren’t available in other businesses?
PlacementDo they have a physical store? How reachable are they for clientele?
Contact InformationWhat communication channels does the business use to interact with customers?
Service AwardsHas the business received significant awards for their quality of service?
Customer RatingsHow well or badly is the business or service received by customers?
Pros and ConsWhat are the positives and negatives of hiring the business or service?


PriceHow much does the product cost? Is it considered cheap or expensive by market standards?
BrandingDoes the product come from a reputable brand?
AvailabilityWhere can you purchase the product? 
Model and MakeIs it a new model (plenty of stock) or an old model (few stocks or close to being phased out)?
Selling PointsWhat features does it have that make it stand out from other similar products?
Other FeaturesDoes it have features that make it worth buying over other products?
Pros and ConsWhat assets does it have that make it a favourable product? What makes it not so favourable?
Customer RatingsIs the product popular amongst customers? What are the common praises or complaints about the product?