What services does an arborist offer

What services does an arborist offer?

Arborists are environmental professionals that specialize in handling and maintaining all kinds of trees.  Because of the uncommon nature of their work, not many folks are familiar with the services that arborists can provide.

As a means of familiarizing you with the capabilities of arborists, we’ve created a guide to their most common services.  Beyond this, we’ve also included helpful resources for landscaping, home improvement, and other similar services.

Breaking Down Common Arborist Services

Breaking Down Common Arborist Services

Tree Planting

Every towering tree begins with a healthy sapling that has been planted and cared for properly and consistently.  Arborists are trained and certified to carry out these tasks across a wide variety of trees in different environments.

Beyond planning and executing the planting of trees, arborists can also offer sound advice as to which species are best for your specific area.  Planting the right tree can make growing far easier as your tree will be specifically suited to its environment.

Tree treatments

As massive living organisms, trees are susceptible to all manner of health issues including diseases, fungus, and even parasites.  One of the many responsibilities that arborists carry is treating these health issues to extend and improve the life of a tree.

Some common tree ailments include pine needle rust, anthracnose, leaf rust, and tar spots to name a few.  Many treatments for these ailments involve spraying specific types of chemicals on the affected tree in order to cure a disease or eliminate pests.


Trimming and pruning refer to the process of selectively cutting and removing tree branches in order to achieve the desired effect.  More often than not trees are pruned or trimmed in order to get rid of dead or dying branches.

This not only makes trees more aesthetically pleasing but also deters pests from infesting rotted or decaying sections.  Beyond this, getting rid of dying branches reduces the risk of them breaking and causing harm to passers-by.

Tree Relocation

With recent advancements in technology, it has become possible to relocate trees to various areas to make way for construction projects while preserving their environmental value.  As experts on all things tree-related, arborists often consult on these relocation projects.

More often than not, the knowledge of an arborist is needed to figure out the best method to relocate a tree.  In addition to this, these experts will also survey potential locations where a tree can be safely moved to

Tree Removal

If a tree has died or suffered severe damage due to inclement weather, arborists may also be consulted to determine the best way to remove a tree without disturbing other vegetation nearby.

In certain cases, an arborist may also be able to remove a sample from a damaged tree which can then be spliced to another tree of the same species.  In a way, this allows fallen specimens to give way to new saplings.

Now that you’re familiar with what arborists have to offer, we hope you’ll find it easier to decide when to seek out their services.