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Public vs. private health care in NZ which to choose_1
Public vs. private health care in NZ: which to choose?
New Zealand’s health care system is widely believed to be one of the best, with a rank of 20th overall on the world healthcare index.  On top of this, the
What causes bad breath

What causes bad breath?

Halitosis or bad breath as it is more commonly known is a condition that many people strive to avoid by practicing extremely good oral hygiene.  What stumps many people is

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What are tonsil stones

What are tonsil stones?

Practicing good dental care can not only prevent cavities but also save you from the hassle and complications presented by tonsil stones. Aside from causing halitosis (extremely bad breath), tonsil

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Why do I snore so loudly

Why do I snore so loudly?

While we may be oblivious to the noises we make when we’re sound asleep, our bedside partners aren’t always so lucky.  Snoring can be quite disruptive and despite what cartoons

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What is sleep paralysis

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep is a beautiful thing, especially when you get plenty of it every single night.  Unfortunately for some folks, trips to dreamland can become literal waking nightmares after they open

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How do I avoid sleep paralysis

How do I avoid sleep paralysis?

From out-of-body experiences to malevolent figures and shadowy visitors, we’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding sleep paralysis episodes.  For most folks, however, the scariest thing about these occurrences is

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What is sleep apnea

What is sleep apnea?

It has been speculated that a whopping 936 million people are afflicted with some form of sleep apnea.  Shocking still is the fact that around 85% of these individuals are

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