Which is better, Auckland or Perth

Which is better, Auckland or Perth?

Auckland or Perth

Thinking about moving to a new country? Whether you’re planning to stay in Auckland, New Zealand or Perth, Australia, we’re here to assist you in making an informed decision about your next move.

If you’re drawn to the energy of a bustling city with thriving career prospects and a vibrant lifestyle, Auckland may be the perfect fit for you. Meanwhile, Perth could be an appealing option if you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere and a relaxed pace of life.

Join us for an in-depth comparison as we explore the defining characteristics of Auckland and Perth in terms of cost of living, diversity and demographics, safety index, and more. 

Cost of Living in Auckland vs Perth

Cost of Living in Auckland vs Perth
Auckland and Perth are both relatively expensive cities to live in, but Perth is slightly cheaper than Auckland. On average, the monthly living cost in Perth amounts to $2,065, whereas in Auckland, it’s $2,076.
This indicates that Perth’s monthly living cost is approximately 0.5% cheaper than Auckland’s. This difference is particularly noticeable in rental, utility, and childcare expenses.

Curious about how these figures were calculated? 

Take a closer look at the table below, which presents data sourced from LivingCost.org. It provides a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with living in both Auckland and Perth.

Expenses Auckland Cost Perth Cost 
Housing (Average Rent per Month) 
1-bedroom apartment  (downtown)$1,191$1,251
1-bedroom apartment (outside the city center) $978$903
3-bedroom apartment (downtown)$2,225$1,850
3-bedroom apartment (outside the city center)$1,746$1,364
Utilities (Average Monthly Bill) 
Utility bill for one person $101$146
Utility bill for a family $154$222
Internet plan $50.2$50.2
Transportation (Fare)
1-way ticket (local transport ticket)$2.51$2.78
Monthly pass (local transport ticket)$129$110
Taxi start (normal tariff)$18.8$15.5
Gasoline (1 liter)$1.91$1.29
Childcare (Tuition Fee)
Private Preschool/Kindergarten (full day)$792 per month $1,664 per month 
International Primary School $13,096 per year $15,684 per year 

As you can see, Auckland and Perth have their own unique cost of living dynamics.

For example, rentals, including both 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments, tend to be pricier in Auckland compared to Perth. But utility costs are similar in both cities.

That being said, given the comparison data, Perth generally emerges as the more affordable option when it comes to the overall cost of living. You can see that if you tally the figures above.

Real Estate Prices in Auckland vs Perth

Real Estate Prices in Auckland vs Perth
Based on the combined data from Numbeo and LivingCost.org, the average price of an apartment in Auckland is 31.9% more expensive than in Perth, and the average price of a house in the suburbs is 24.4% higher.

The table below presents a comparison of the average sold prices for apartments inside and outside the city center, as well as houses in the suburbs of Auckland and Perth.

Property TypeAucklandPerth
Apartment in the city center$8,515 per square meter$6,360 per square meter
Apartment outside the city center$6,671.88 per square meter$5,376.14 per square meter
House in suburbs$6,579 per square meter$5,101 per square meter

Perth clearly outshines Auckland in the realm of affordable real estate pricing. The housing market in Perth provides a range of houses and condos at more affordable prices, giving it the upper hand in this category.

Diversity and Demographics in Auckland vs Perth

Diversity and Demographics in Auckland vs Perth
Auckland takes the spotlight with its vibrant mix of residents compared to Perth. While Perth also has some diversity, it leans more towards a higher proportion of European residents. 
In terms of demographics, Auckland boasts a slightly younger population compared to Perth. Although both cities, despite their differences in population size—with Perth having a larger overall population than Auckland—share a similar life expectancy.

While Auckland holds the distinction of being the largest city in New Zealand in terms of land area, it still has a smaller area and population compared to Perth. 

This variation in demographics makes it intriguing to explore the unique aspects of these vibrant cities.

Auckland, New ZealandPerth, Australia
Geographic LocationNorth IslandWestern Australia
Size (Area)1,046 km²5,692 km²
Population 1.65 million2.01 million
Female Population 837,0001.01 million
Male Population 819,0001 million
Median Age 37.2 years37.6 years
Life Expectancy at Birth 82 years old 83 years old 

Nevertheless, both cities share similar median ages and enjoy relatively high life expectancies.

Now, let’s delve into demographic diversity by examining the racial composition of their respective populations. 

To shed light on this aspect, we have compiled a table with statistics sourced from Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Racial Composition AucklandRacial Composition Perth
Pacific Islander9.2%Pacific Islander8.6%
Middle Eastern or African0.6%Middle Eastern or African7.1%
Other ethnicities4.2%Other ethnicities3.1%

Other than the obvious higher proportion of European residents in Perth, the table also shows that there is a considerable difference in the Middle Eastern or African composition between Auckland and Perth, largely highlighting the diverse cultural landscapes of the two cities.

Career Opportunities in Auckland vs Perth

Career Opportunities in Auckland vs Perth
Based on the latest figures, both Auckland and Perth provide favorable job landscapes for job seekers in their respective areas. This is evident as the unemployment rates in both cities align closely with the national averages of their respective countries. 
Auckland, with an unemployment rate of 3.4%, reflects New Zealand‘s national average, while Perth, with an unemployment rate of 3.5%, mirrors Australia‘s national average.
However, when considering their corresponding populations, Auckland actually has a higher unemployment rate in absolute terms than Perth. This is because the former has a smaller labor force than the latter.
This indicates that job seekers in Perth may have a slightly more favorable job market compared to those in Auckland, even though they have a larger labor force.

In addition, based on data from Numbeo, the average monthly salary in Perth is $3,403.22, slightly surpassing Auckland’s average of $3,339.82.

This not only enhances the attractiveness of career prospects for job seekers in Perth but also provides them with a higher standard of living and increased financial stability.

Furthermore, Perth offers the advantage of a lower cost of living, further contributing to the overall favorable conditions for job seekers in the city.

Crime and Safety in Auckland vs Perth

Crime and Safety in Auckland vs Perth
With the data from the New Zealand Police and Western Australia Police Force, Auckland’s crime rate stands at 6.04%, while Perth’s crime rate is slightly lower at 5.13%.
Although the difference in crime rates between Auckland and Perth is relatively small, Auckland has a slightly higher crime rate overall. 
This implies that, in proportion to their respective population sizes, Auckland experiences a slightly higher incidence of reported crimes compared to Perth.

As per Macrotrends, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and has a population of approximately 1,673,00. The city experiences a relatively high crime rate with a total of 101,068 reported crimes at 6.4%.

Moreover, Wellington has a population of 422,000 with a crime total of 11,282 which is at 2.67%, which is significantly lower than Auckland.

See the table below for a quick comparison of data as of May 2023 for both cities:

CityPopulationCrime totalCrime rate per 100,000 peopleCrime rate (%)

To reflect the perceived crime rates between Auckland and Perth, we’ve used crowd-sourced data from Numbeo. The numbers you’ll see are naturally subject to change (as more survey contribution is involved), but here’s the data as of May 2023.

Type of Crime Auckland Perth
Home broken and things stolen50.37%41.85%
Being mugged or robbed44.25%33.18%
Car stolen47.26%31.09%
Physical attack because of skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion35.93%25.82%
People using or dealing drugs59.73%56.20%
Property crimes such as vandalism and theft58.11%52.93%
Violent crimes such as assault or armed robbery 48.65%38.91%
Corruption and bribery 28.62%29.64%

And here are the specifics of the safety comparison statistics between Auckland and Perth, based on the same source:

Walking alone during daylight69.33%74.64%
Walking alone during the night39.58%41.72%

These figures suggest that Perth offers a more favorable safety profile overall, with lower incidences of various types of crimes, making it a relatively safer city to reside in compared to Auckland.

However, the higher crime rates in Auckland don’t render it unlivable. The city still maintains a moderate safety index, indicating that there are measures in place to ensure the well-being of its residents.

Lifestyle in Auckland vs Perth

Lifestyle in Auckland vs Perth
Auckland presents an exceptional lifestyle for those seeking a dynamic and multicultural city where natural beauty takes center stage. Meanwhile, Perth appeals to individuals concerned about living costs and a wealth of recreational opportunities.

To gain insight into the distinct lifestyles offered in both cities, we have a comprehensive comparison, examining various factors including weather, recreational opportunities, and healthcare services.

Weather in Auckland vs Perth

If you enjoy mild weather throughout the year, Auckland would be a great fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re craving a warmer and sunnier environment, Perth would be the ideal choice. 

In Auckland, summers are typically warm, with temperatures reaching up to 25°C, creating an ideal environment for outdoor activities. Winters are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C, allowing for comfortable year-round living.

Similarly, Perth boasts a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers where temperatures can soar above 30°C. Winters are mild and pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 18°C. This allows residents to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Things to Do in Auckland vs Perth

Both cities offer their own unique charm, promising unforgettable experiences.

However, Auckland will captivate you with its breathtaking natural landscapes. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of stunning beaches, explore lush parks, and embrace thrilling water sports like sailing and kayaking.

The city also hosts various cultural events and festivals, showcasing its vibrant arts and music scene.

Meanwhile, Perth entices with its pristine coastline and endless outdoor pursuits. Residents can embrace the sun-kissed beaches, indulge in water activities, or stroll along the captivating waterfront at their leisure. 

Moreover, this city in Australia dazzles with its vibrant food and wine scene, featuring lively markets and tantalizing world-class dining options.

Healthcare in Auckland vs Perth

Auckland and Perth are both seen as providing high-quality healthcare services, which is evident based on the latest data from Numbeo. According to the site, Auckland has a healthcare index of 71.34%, while Perth’s index stands at 69.72%. 

These figures demonstrate that both cities boast excellent healthcare systems, ensuring residents have access to top-notch medical care and facilities.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that contribute to the overall healthcare index in both Auckland and Perth. 

Skill and competency of medical staff74.09%76.54%
Speed in completing examinations and reports65.15%69.69%
Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment76.76%83.39%
Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports71.51%72.92%
Friendliness and courtesy of the staff84.26%73.06%
Responsiveness (waiting in medical institutions)53.26%54.14%
Satisfaction with Cost70.37%60.24%
Convenience of location76.32%77.23%

Residents of both Auckland and Perth can have confidence in the quality of their healthcare systems, as indicated by the positive indicators across various factors. This means that regardless of which city you choose, you can expect similar levels of healthcare quality.

However, there are slight differences between Auckland and Perth. Auckland residents tend to be more satisfied with the cost of healthcare, while Perth residents are more likely to be satisfied with the convenience of location.

Overall, both Auckland and Perth offer highly skilled and competent medical staff and access to modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

So, no matter which city you decide to reside in, you can trust that you will receive quality healthcare services.

Auckland vs Perth: How They Stack Up

Ultimately, determining the better city to live in depends on your personal living standards and lifestyle preferences. Both Auckland and Perth have their own advantages and considerations to take into account.

Based on the factors we’ve discussed, here are our suggestions:

Factors The Better City Why 
Cost of Living PerthThe cost of living in Perth is 0.5% cheaper than in Auckland.
Real Estate PerthThe average price of an apartment and a house in the suburbs of Auckland is more expensive than in Perth.
Diversity and DemographicsAucklandAuckland is better in terms of diversity compared to Perth, as it boasts a vibrant mix of residents from various ethnic backgrounds. 

While both cities share similarities in terms of demographics, overall, Auckland still stands out as the more diverse and multicultural destination.
Career Opportunities PerthBoth Auckland and Perth provide favorable job landscapes in their respective areas, but Perth may have a slight advantage in terms of a lower unemployment rate when considering the population and labor force size.
Crime IndexPerthPerth has a lower crime index and a higher safety scale compared to Auckland.
Lifestyle Tied (depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer)Both Auckland and Perth offer a high quality of life.

Both cities provide residents with comfortable year-round living conditions and ample opportunities for outdoor activities, even in the winter months.

Auckland offers more natural landscapes, while Perth entices with its endless outdoor pursuits.

Healthcare services in Auckland offer better access to cost-effective healthcare, while Perth excels in providing convenient healthcare facilities.