What services does a barber offer

What services does a barber offer?

Barbers have existed for many years to provide men with short, simple haircuts reminiscent of those sported by soldiers and businessmen.  But, with the rise of hairdressers, salons, and hair stylists, many folks have forgotten the services and capabilities provided by barbers.

To provide you with a quick overview of what you can expect from your local barbershop, we’ve prepared this guide.  In addition, we’ve also included various resources relating to cosmetics, hair stylists, dermatologists, and other similar services

Breaking Down Barbershop Services

Breaking Down Barbershop Services


Most folks who seek out a barber usually do so with the intent to have their hair cut in a clean and professional manner.  Barbers approach haircuts with a no-nonsense attitude, cutting your hair exactly the length you want it without asking any questions or providing input.

While this can be great for someone who knows exactly what they want, it can also lead to miscommunications and undesirable results for those who tend to rely on the input of their barber or stylist.

Barbers tend to offer a select number of haircuts with the most common one being referred to simply as the buzzcut.  This haircut is characterized by an extremely short hair length all around being just shy of a completely bald cut.

Hair Coloring

If you’ve ever run an errand with your grandfather, you’ll know they often frequent the barbershop on a specific day to get their hair sorted out.  Since barbers often work with older clients, they also offer hair coloring services.

This service usually involves cutting the client’s hair and then using a specialized type of dye to darken all of the grey hair sections.  Clients often opt for this type of service when they wish to look younger or even out their hair color.

With grey hair trends becoming more popular, some clients will opt for a grey blending treatment that evens out grey and dark hair sections to provide a more distinguished look.


As skilled as they are in delivering clean and simple haircuts, barbers are also great at trimming, styling, and shaving facial hair.  Among their many services, barbers often treat shaves with the most reverence as they often act as a therapeutic process to help relieve stress.

Regardless of whether you opt for a butterfly razor or a classic straight razor, your barber will always start off your shave by draping a hot towel over your face to open up your pores and make shaving easier.  

This is followed by a liberal application of shaving cream and an extremely close shave delivered with hands that have been honed by years of experience.  The shave is then concluded by wiping away excess cream and applying a moisturizer and aftershave tonic.

It’s worth noting that many modern barber shops also offer newer services such as waxing and facials.  But, as far as traditional services go, the three mentioned above are by far the most common.

Now that you’re familiar with what barbers have to offer, you should be all set for your next haircut or shave.  We sincerely hope the resources in this article can be of some use to you if you intend to seek out other cosmetic services