Best Accomodation in Raglan

Dream Vacations: The Top 11 Places to Stay in Raglan NZ

On every visit to Raglan (for surfing, of course), what truly makes my stay unforgettable are the incredible places I have the pleasure of calling home. 

Having been to Raglan more times than I can count, I’ve stayed at my fair share of places all across town while figuring out all the things to do.

From bed-and-breakfasts to luxury resorts, Raglan’s accommodations are as diverse and charming as the town itself. 

So if you’re making the trip out to Raglan anytime soon (which you totally should), here are the best accommodations I’ve stayed at that I know you’ll love.

1. Bow Street Studios

Bow Street Studios

Address: 1 Bow Street, Raglan 3225, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 275 NZD per night

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Bow Street Studios is housed in a converted 19th-century building, exuding an old-world charm that is perfectly balanced with modern comfort. Each studio comes with a kitchenette, a private deck, and stunning views of the harbour.

You won’t be far either from some of Raglan’s best cafes, shops, and nature walks.

Pro Tip: Make sure to wake up early at least one morning to catch the sunrise from the private deck. It’s definitely Instagrammable.

2. The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse

Address: 295 Whaanga Road, Raglan 3297, New Zealand

Price: 865 NZD per night

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The glasshouse is one of Raglan’s most unique and sought-after accommodations, and it’s not hard to see why.

As the name suggests, this place is a stunning glass-encased home that captures the essence of Raglan’s beautiful landscapes. The breathtaking 360-degree views allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty around you without even leaving bed.

The inside is just as impressive, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a swimming pool. With its chic, minimalistic design and luxurious furnishing, it’s a luxurious sanctuary worth every dollar.

Pro Tip: You have to do some stargazing while staying here. The remote location and the 360-degree views leave you with an unobstructed view of the night sky.

3. Koru Lodge

Koru Lodge

Address: 51a Whaanga Road, Raglan 3297, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 240 per 2 nights

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Koru Lodge is a mix of comfort and tranquility. Nestled in a peaceful environment amongst Raglan’s lush greenery, this makes for an authentic New Zealand experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

Despite its traditional, cosy lodge look, you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Inside the lodge, you’ll find two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spa pool.

It’s the perfect place to stay for those who want a quiet retreat but are also only a short drive away from town.

Pro Tip: Koru Lodge has private yoga classes that you can organise in advance.

4. Poppy’s Place

Price: Starting at 204 NZD per night

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Poppy’s Place is a hidden gem in Raglan that offers a homely and intimate setting to all who stay here. This charming guesthouse is nestled amidst fruit trees and just minutes away from all the best surf breaks.

You’ll have a queen bed, a single bed, a fully functioning kitchen, and really everything you need for a homey stay. If you step out on the deck, you can hang out in the cosy hammock too!

Pro Tip: Grab your camera and get a shot of the rolling hills from the back deck. Once sunset comes, the views are like no other.

5. Akatea Hill

Address: 437 Te Mata Road, Raglan 3295, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 330 NZD per night

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Akatea Hill is perfect for anyone who wants a serene hideaway in a rural setting. This cabin is in the heart of the rolling farmland, and you can even steal glances at Mt. Karioi from the front deck.

The cabin itself is everything you expect and more—cosy in the winter and the summer. Inside, there’s two separate bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. And there’s even an outdoor shower for those who are a bit more bold.

Pro Tip:  Roam around the farm, and don’t be scared if you come across a cow or two! Find the hidden pond if you want to see some crayfish and the native birdlife that surrounds the area.

6. Tiny House Escapes Raglan

Tiny Houses Escapes Raglan

Address: 380/396 Whaanga Road, Raglan 3265, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 165 NZD per night

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Tiny House Escapes Raglan will steal your heart. Snuggle up in the quirky converted bus, The LoveBus, with its panoramic ocean views and outdoor bath. Or climb into the whimsical Lovenest, perched high in the trees, its name whispering promises of cosy nights and sunrises. 

And if you dare to channel your inner Robinson Crusoe, stay in the Raglan Treehouse, where nature literally surrounds you everywhere you look.

Either way, a stay with Tiny Houses Escapes allows you to leave behind the screens and unplug for a moment. You’ll have rolling hills, waterfalls, waves to tackle, and trails to explore, leaving no room for boredom.

Pro Tip: They have two ebikes available to rent. Contact them in advance through their website to book them. Make sure to also check out their wood-fired sauna.

7. Raglan Backpackers

Raglan Backpackers

Address: 6 Wi Neera Street, Raglan 3225, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 38 NZD

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Raglan Backpackers is a favourite among many travellers, including myself, for its vibrant hospitality and comfortable accommodations. It’s within easy reach of Raglan’s best attractions, so whether you want to explore the shops or surf the day away, you can do so.

Take your pick of their dorms or private rooms, and if you’re planning on cooking, you can do so in their communal kitchen.

Pro Tip: There’s an array of activities to do here! From surf lessons, kayaking, movie nights, and BBQ dinners, the backpackers who come to stay here never get bored.

8. Solscape


Address: Wainui Road, Raglan 3225, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 48 NZD per night

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Solscape offers an eco-friendly lodging experience that overlooks the stunning ocean. You’ll find a range of lodging options like domes, tipis, and even recycled railway cabooses.

Each lodging option is designed with sustainable materials, creating a unique blend of comfort and rustic charm. But this is definitely the place to stay for those who love wellness and nature. Engage in their yoga classes at their Solscape yoga retreat centre, take part in surf lessons, and participate in various workshops!

Pro Tip: Ask about their horse riding experiences!

9. Three Streams Raglan Retreat

Three Streams Raglan Retreat

Address: 4059 State Highway 23, Raglan 3295, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 260 NZD per night

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Three Streams Raglan Retreats has two luxurious accommodations you can choose from: the blackwood cabin or the studio.

If you choose the blackwood cabin, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful walnut tree groves and blackwood bushes (hence the name). It’s a tiny cabin with a queen-size bed, a kitchen, and a dazzling stone bath out on the outer deck.

If the studio is more your poison, there are two separate bedrooms, a private courtyard, and their signature outdoor bath.

Pro Tip: No pets allowed, so leave the fur babies at home.

10. The Silos Apartments

The Silos Apartments

Address: 88 Wallis Street, Raglan 3225, New Zealand

Price: Starting at 185 NZD per night

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The Silos Apartments present a unique fusion of history and modern comfort. The property, as the name suggests, is housed in converted grain silos that have been meticulously renovated for a distinctive stay.

Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, flat-screen TVs, laundry, and really everything you need for a luxurious stay.

Pro Tip: This place is not too far from the waterfront, so stay here if you want easy access to all the best restaurants on Raglan’s wharf.

11. The Round Tent

The Round Tent

Prices: Starting at 375 NZD per night

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Forget your generic hotels and cramped B&Bs—this glamping retreat may be just what you’re looking for.

Mongolian yurts overlook rolling farmland and rivers, and have all the plushy comforts you need. You’ll have a queen-sized bed that’ll make it easy to fall into a deep slumber and a wood-burning stove too.

Step outside, and you’ll see constellations etched in the starlight, beckoning you to spend a night under the Milky Way.

Pro Tip: If you book this place, make sure to have 100 NZD on hand for the required deposit.