Best Acupuncturists in Christchurch
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The 12 Best Acupuncturists in Christchurch

Are you dealing with some sort of body issue that you think could benefit from acupuncture? We can help you with that, as in this article, we’ve put together a list of the best acupuncturists in Christchurch!

We looked for the ones who have great records and whose patients all have good things to say about them. So for a totally safe and reliable treatment, let us present to you the best acupuncturists in Christchurch!

1) Adam Ren – Advance Acupuncture

Adam Ren - Advance Acupuncture
Best forSports Injuries and Weight Loss
Treatment inSports Injuries, Weight Loss, Physical Wellbeing, and just about any pain and ailments of the body
Address260 Main North Road, Redwood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand
Contact no0800 612 888

If you’ve gotten yourself a sports injury, make an appointment with Adam Ren from Advance Acupuncture. This is his area of interest and he is professionally qualified and experienced.

He finished his Master’s degree in the Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has worked in government hospitals. There have been many clients he’s helped over the years.

He’s registered with the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority, so you can trust Adam to diagnose and cure what’s been hindering you from getting well. That’s why we think he’s one of the best acupuncturists in Christchurch.


  • His specialty is Sports Injury and diets
  • Licenced acupuncturist and herbalist
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture
  • Friendly and passionate

Customer Reviews

Jamie Baker said from TradeMe:

“Adam is very professional, friendly and jovial. For the past few years he has treated me for a few injuries which I’ve sustained in the past. I’ll definitely recommend him to my family and anyone.”

2) Bin Shi and Mike Inman – Acumore Clinic

Best forAcupuncture
Treatment inAcupuncture Experience, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Osteopathy
AddressLevel 2, 345 Mairehau Road, Parklands, Christchurch
Contact noPhone: 02108398711
 Email: [email protected]

We found Acumore Clinic’s quality of services to be exceptional. From the moment we entered, we were met with professionalism and a calming atmosphere, setting the tone for a positive healing experience. The acupuncturists were highly skilled, ensuring precise and effective treatments that catered to our individual needs.

Moreover, the efficiency of Acumore Clinic was noteworthy. Appointments were easy to schedule, and wait times were minimal, allowing us to fit sessions into our busy schedules seamlessly. Their streamlined process ensured that each visit was smooth and stress-free.

Additionally, Acumore Clinic offers affordability without sacrificing quality. Their pricing structure was transparent, with no hidden fees, making it easy to understand the cost upfront. We appreciated the reasonable rates, which made regular treatments accessible and sustainable for our wellness goals.

Furthermore, the facilities at Acumore Clinic were top-notch. The treatment rooms were clean, comfortable, and well-equipped with modern acupuncture tools. The serene environment contributed to a relaxing experience, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of each session.

Throughout our interactions, Acumore Clinic demonstrated a high level of professionalism and care. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to answer our questions and provide personalized advice. This attention to detail and patient-centric approach made us feel valued and well-cared for.

Lastly, the follow-up care at Acumore Clinic was exemplary. After our treatments, the practitioners took the time to discuss our progress and provide additional recommendations for maintaining our health. This comprehensive approach ensured we felt supported and confident in our ongoing wellness journey.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Responsive staff
  • Quality services
  • Expert techniques

Customer Reviews

“I have been a patient of Dr Bin Shi for 12 months receiving TCM and acupuncture for IBS(mixed). As a PhD ( Health Science) scientist I was cynical about seeking treatment external to our mainstream. Using Single Case Study Methodology (for my own understanding and evaluation) I have experienced a sustained abeyance of symptoms and wellbeing I had considered lost; supported by data. I would always consider using Bin Shi for any age-related conditions of functional deterioration as the body of (Western and Eastern) evidence indicates it (TCM and acupuncture) may play a positive role in restoring health for individuals in these circumstances. Bin Shi is polite, professional and empathetic.” — DARYL FLOY

After having several surgeries physiotherapy became difficult to undergo, so I decided to try acupuncture to get relief from knee and back pain I found Burwood Acupuncture quite by accident and made an appointment.after a short consultation the young lady got straight to work, and after just two sessions my back pain had gone and the knee started feeling much better. Also with the pain I was having trouble sleeping and I was given treatment for that at the same time, I am now half way through my treatments and I am sleeping and walking without pain. Many thanks to Nyx and her skills,I can’t recommend Burwood Acupuncture highly enough.“ — GRAHAM MISKELL

3) Danny Cai – AcuClinic Barrington

Danny Cai - AcuClinic Barrington
Best forHolistic Acupuncture Treatment
Treatment inHeadache, Migraine, Bell’s Palsy, Sciatica, Whiplash, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Sports Injuries, High Blood Pressure, Bronchitis, Constipation, Men and Women’s Health, and Addiction
AddressAthelstan Street, Spreydon, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand
Contact no(03) 332 8918

Danny Cai is a Otago University graduate who is trained on Acupuncture and Chinese An Mo natural treatments. He is an Acupuncture NZ member as well as an ACC treatment provider.

He is highly proficient in performing various treatments, including classic acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, reiki therapy and Acumassage for a multitude of disorders and illnesses.

Be it addiction, arthritis, sciatica, diabetes, or headache, he’s got you covered. He is also very respected and accomplished, so doctors and clients never hesitate to recommend him.

Anyway, that’s another one of the best acupuncturists in Christchurch with whom you can schedule your appointment!


  • Specially skilled in Acupuncture and An Mo therapies
  • Has treated many clients in the course of his practice
  • Acupuncture NZ member
  • Offers a wide scope of service

Customer Reviews

Pat had a painful muscle spasm that made it so he couldn’t lift up his arms or move his head. He was referred to Danny by his doctor, and he wrote:

“…Every subsequent visit, I felt better and better. After approximately ten sessions, I felt 100% improved and more than satisfied with my treatment I have received. I would recommend to anyone with problems to try acupuncture, and have done so already. I found Danny to be pleasant, very knowledgeable and really helpful….”

4) Lucinda Lu – Nikau Room

Lucinda Lu - Nikau Room
Best forFertility and Menopause Problems
Treatment inFertility, Musculoskeletal, Sleep, General Health, and Menopausal Issues
Address164 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Contact no021 895 004

If you’ve been disturbed by menopausal or fertility issues, Lucinda Lu can employ acupuncture and prescribe herbal treatments so you may feel better and maintain your health.

She has over 16 years of experience, with an expertise in acupuncture, electro acupuncture, and herb treatments. She can treat an array of conditions too, including sleep, shoulder and leg pain, allergies, and tons more.

She took an Acupuncture course at the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing. Treatment is 1 hour long and she will formulate a personalised plan for you to recover your health.


  • Helps treat infertility and menopause difficulties
  • Has 16 years of experience
  • Knowledgeable and well-trained

Customer Reviews 

Tracylee Mulqueen on her Goolge review about Lucinda said:

“Best acupuncturist in Christchurch. Really professional, great service, well priced and feel she’s totally invested in client’s wellbeing. Highly recommend her to my own clients, friends and family. Rate this service 10/10.”

5) Patrick Guo – Christchurch Acupuncture Centre

Patrick Guo - Christchurch Acupuncture Centre
Best forLong-Lasting Pain Treatment
Treatment inMusculoskeletal Pain, Injuries, Addictions, Sciatica, Arthritis, Migraines, Morning Sickness, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Shingles, and Menopausal Symptoms
Address440 Papanui Road, Strowan, Christchurch, New Zealand
Contact no(03) 354 2398

In his 30 years of experience in treating patients, Patrick Guo is absolutely one of the best acupuncturists in Christchurch. Come to his neat and cosy clinic at Strowan, Christchurch and you’ll see why he’s so highly regarded.

He’s registered with NZ Acupuncture Standard Authority besides being an ACC provider. That assures you that his clinic is reputable and trustworthy enough to perform acupuncture treatments.

He is extremely gifted in treating patients’ addictions in food, smoking, and drugs. This and he also treats quality-of-life pains, infertility issues, acne, depression, arthritis, and eczema, to list a few.


  • Treats addictions and various pain symptoms
  • Boasts 30 years of experience
  • Registered with NZ Acupuncture Standard Authority
  • Professional and honest acupuncturist

Customer Reviews 

Michele Moore, who is a regular client, wrote on Google:

“I have used this service many times over the last twenty years. Patrick has full medical training as well as TCM; he is experienced and thorough. He always takes the time to hear all my issues and comes up with a comprehensive plan to tackle these during the course of treatment. Our family have been to him for a wide variety of health issues. He is always prompt, courteous and gentle. We have received excellent treatment here and the results speak for themselves.”

6) Matiu Pearson – Matiu Pearson Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture

Matiu Pearson - Matiu Pearson Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture
Best forToyohari Acupuncture
Treatment inPain sensations, Ailments, Diseases, and various symptoms
Address9 Shirley Road, Mairehau, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
Contact no+64 3 390 4616

Basically, Toyohari Japanese acupuncture works much like traditional acupuncture, with some tweaks to its methodologies. It is used to heal a range of diseases from the simple to the sophisticated.

If you come here for acupuncture, will be treated by Matiu Pearson who comes from a medically involved family. His grandfather and great grandfather were actually the first pathologists in Christchurch and helped in the building of the first blood testing laboratories.

Matiu is highly practiced in using needles to restore life energy and heal your body. In addition to that, he can perform cupping and heat therapy.


  • Toyohari Japanese acupuncture expert
  • Can heal a wide variety of conditions
  • Well-travelled and knowledgeable

Customer Reviews

On Google Reviews, Pamela Phillips shared how acupuncture helped her fight against bronchiectasis:

“Matiu was taught by his father and shares his expertise and pleasant, caring manner.  As well as continuing to treat my bronchiectasis effectively, he has cured my vertigo for which I had been told there was no cure, and effectively treated sprained calf and knee muscles.  I would recommend Toyohari acupuncture, as practised by Matiu Pearson, for any ailment because, in my experience, it improves the body’s function and boosts the immune system.”

7) Bruce Reilly – Redcliffs Physiotherapy

Best forTrigger point needling
Treatment inNeck & back pain Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy fo Headaches, Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries, Postural problems awareness, Jaw and face pain treatments, Repetitive strain injuries treatment, Sciatica Physio treatment, Occupational Injuries treatment
Address2 Augusta St
New Zealand
Contact noPhone:(03) 384 5018
After Hours:021 950543
Mobile:021 950543
Fax:(03) 384 5019
Email: [email protected]

Bruce is a physiotherapist that has over thirty years of experience in the field. He is especially skilled in trigger point needling, as well as CranioSacral therapy.

He is experienced in working in various hospitals, sports clinics, and other local sports teams. With his help, you can rest assured that any physiological problem you may have will be treated to the best of his ability.


  • ACC Registered
  • Over 30 years of experience

8) Elemental Therapies – Merivale

Elemental Therapies - Merivale
Best forWide variety of conditions treated
Treatment inMuscle and joint pain, sciatica, sinus pain, headaches, gastrointestinal (stomach and bowel) problems, post-operative healing, insomnia, anxiety, gynaecological problems
Address198 Papanui Road Merivale Christchurch
Contact no03 355 9888

Elemental Therapies is the perfect clinic to get massage therapies, acupuncture, manual lymphatic drainage, and reflexology treatments. This holistic healthcare facility has three registered acupuncturists, John Han, Tracy Rudnicki and Joyce Zheng.

John graduated from Liaoning University of TCM and has practised acupuncture and other TCM methods to help treat musculoskeletal pain, common health issues, gastrointestinal issues, and insomnia.

Meanwhile, Tracy Rudnicki graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

She employs a variety of techniques including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, and electrostimulation to treat patients with a wide variety of medical conditions like pain, trauma, sports injuries, common colds and immune system, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, digestion, infertility, dermatology and wrinkle reduction.

Lastly, Joyce Zheng completed a total of 8-year studies of TCM including one year of an Intern Physician at China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guang’anmen Hospital in Beijing, one of the leading TCM hospitals in China.

Joyce takes great care in examining her patients’ lifestyles and whole body functioning, allowing her to identify underlying patterns of disease and internal imbalances and she specialises in sports injury, infertility, women’s health, ear ringing, sleep disorder, digestive concerns, and baby massage.


  • Two registered acupuncturists with varied expertise
  • Membership packages
  • 30-min and 60-minute acupuncture sessions
  • Free consultation

Customer Reviews

Customers attest to John and Dora’ professional and effective acupuncture services. Here’s a Google Business review from Robert Ellis to tell you more:

“Having 2 degenerative discs in my lower back and undergone many sessions in the past of acupuncture and deep tissue massages, this is one of my best experiences. I had John do the acupuncture, cupping and massage yesterday and today I have full mobility with no nerve impingement which was the opposite of yesterday morning. Put your trust in them and let them help you and you won’t regret it. It was great they always inform you of what they are doing at each step, such good communication! I will be back guys thank you :-)”

9) Tracey Shewan – Koru Healing

Tracey Shewan - Koru Healing
Best forRelaxing and Restorative Experience
Treatment inInjury Recovery, Women’s Health, Cancer Support
AddressWholebody Health
140 Colombo Street
Contact noTel: 021 0269 5523
Email: [email protected]

Koru Healing offers a comprehensive range of natural healing treatments. Their specialty lies in acupuncture, as well as its usage in Western medicine.

Tracey Shewan is the primary acupuncturist of the clinic. Besides acupuncture, she also offers massage and Reiki services.

Her primary goal is to support the body’s natural healing and improve it to its greatest potential. With her help, you can experience a restorative experience like no other.


  • Offers massage and Reiki services
  • Well-versed in Chinese medicine
  • NZRA member
  • ACC Accredited

10) Tracey Shewan – Wholebody

Tracey Shewan - Wholebody
Best forAcupuncture and Massage Therapy
Treatment inWomen’s health, fertility, injury recovery, chronic pain
AddressWholebody Health
140 Colombo Street
Contact noTel: 021 0269 5523
Email: [email protected]

Found in the heart of Beckenham, Wholebody Health is a clinic that endeavours to provide caring and professional holistic care.

As the clinic’s name suggests, Wholebody Health offers a wide array of services, including counselling, psychotherapy, therapeutic massage, and, of course, acupuncture.

Aside from the extensiveness of the clinic’s services, Wholebody Health also comes highly recommended because of its team.

See, the Wholebody Health team consists of trained, highly professional individuals whose specialities lie in mental and physical health, education, and professional work environments.

These professionals come from all cultures and orientations, and aim to help clients to take responsibility for their own health on the path to wellness. They take the time to learn each client’s health concerns before moving forth and delivering services that work to improve said clients’ health and wellness.

One of these professionals is Tracey Shewan, an experienced traditional Chinese acupuncturist who is also a member the NZRA. Tracey is known to treat a broad range of health issues with a focus on women’s health, fertility, injury recovery, chronic pain and offer support for people going through cancer treatment.

Clients can reach Wholebody Health via phone or email for questions and consultations.


  • Focuses on holistic health
  • Tailored services
  • Various acupuncture and massage therapies offered
  • Member of the NZRA
  • ACC registered practitioner

11) Anne Lambie – Integrity Acupuncture

Anne Lambie - Integrity Acupuncture
Best forTraditional Chinese acupuncture and Distal needling techniques
Treatment inEmotional and Mental Wellness
AddressLevel 1, 793 Colombo Street, Central Christchurch 8013
Contact no[email protected]
Tel: 021 66 3988

Next on our list is a centre that endeavours to help clients achieve mental and emotional wellness while also caring for various other conditions.

Integrity Acupuncture is an environment wherein everyone can safely escape from the outside world to once again achieve balance in life. The centre is headed by Anne Lambie, a qualified and registered Acupuncturist who seeks to educate her clients about health, particularly about the body’s natural ability to heal.

Anne and Integrity Acupuncture makes use of traditional Chinese acupuncture, distal needling techniques, acupressure, and/or massage in their sessions. All ages are welcomes at the centre.

The Initial Consultation with Acupuncture Session at Integrity Acupuncture typically lasts around an hour to an hour and a half, and is priced at $80. Succeeding sessions ask for the same rate.

Those who are interested should note that Integrity Acupuncture only operates on an appointment basis. The centre is open from Tuesdays to Fridays with varying hours.


  • No walk-ins allowed
  • Member of Acupuncture New Zealand
  • ACC Provider

12) PRO Acupuncture

PRO Acupuncture
Best forAcupuncture Services
Treatment in
AddressDunedin Branch
34 Bank Street, Dunedin 

Christchurch Branch
Unit 1, 95 Main South Road, Sockburn Auckland Branch
Unit 7&8, 465 Mount Eden Road

Contact noDunedin Branch

Email: [email protected]Phone: 021 293 8631

Christchurch Branch

Email: [email protected]Phone: 022 497 1603Auckland BranchEmail: [email protected]Phone: 021 0223 7585


PRO Acupuncture is a wellness center that provides clients with natural solutions for clients struggling with musculoskeletal and internal problems or even mental health among others as well by offering a wide plethora of acupuncture and non-acupuncture services.

They employ adequately trained and certified practitioners who make use of evidence-based treatments and techniques that are unique to the specific needs of the client.

Furthermore, their facilities are particularly designed and equipped with various furniture and tools to ensure that clients get a relaxing and comfortable stay with them whilst their treatment.

Note though that their services aren’t readily priced so clients may need to inquire with them further about their service rates.

Nonetheless, with their convenient online booking feature, highly functional acupuncture techniques, and versatile personnel, we highly recommend them to clients in the area looking for professional acupuncture services in their area.


  • Convenient booking methods
  • Relaxing and comfortable interior
  • Effective treatments for various conditions

Anyway, that completes the list of the best acupuncturists in Christchurch. These caring and talented professionals can help you deal with your health conditions.

Do you have any questions about acupuncturists? If you have one, just let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Also, if you are injured and need someone to work out a plan with you to bring you back to optimal condition, you can read our list of the best physiotherapists in Christchurch!