The 5 Groups for the Best Asbestos Removal in Auckland

Best Asbestos Removal in Auckland

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By Anders Wilson

Asbestos is a toxic and cancerous mineral found in older homes and buildings. To ensure the safety of people who may have it in their properties, we have outlined the groups for the best asbestos removal in Auckland.

We’ve chosen companies that are industry-safe, fast and efficient, and have great customer reviews. Now without any more delay, here are the groups for the best asbestos removal in Auckland!

1)  Protectus

Protectus' Homepage

Areas coveredNorth Island-wide
ServicesResidential, Commercial, and Industrial Asbestos Removal
Address21/10 Airborne Road, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
Contact no0800 662 999

For a safe and thorough asbestos removal at your home or company, call up Protectus. They are WorkSafe licenced, ensuring safety for the workplace, environment, and most of all, safety for you.

They offer asbestos management, disposal, and testing services — it only takes minimal downtime. Their team is experienced and well-equipped with the proper hazard gear.

Also, they can provide you with a time-lapse video showing their entire asbestos work on your property in minutes. This acts as a reference for their quality, work rate and safety compliance.


  • Fast, efficient, and safe asbestos removal
  • WorkSafe licenced
  • Offers time-lapse video

Customer Reviews 

Penny Holden comments from Google Reviews:

“Sudden discovery of asbestos led me to Josh in middle of building project. Fast turnaround, responsive, competitive quote and some goodwill gestures. All sorted in 2 days. Recommended!”


2)  ATL Group

ATL Group's Homepage

Areas coveredNew Zealand-wide
ServicesAsbestos Removal, Management, and Clean-up
Address139 Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013, New Zealand
Contact no0800 272 328

If your building was constructed before 1990, chances are it has traces of asbestos left within. Asbestos is a building material that can cause cancer and/or aggravating health conditions.

ATL Group delivers asbestos removal services that they describe as “Safe, Simple, Excellent”. They utilise the safest work practices to keep the premises safe and healthy in the most efficient way.

Whether it’s your office, factory, or house, ATL Group can remove the harmful asbestos forever, even safely dispose of it. As such, it is one of the groups for the best asbestos removal in Auckland.


  • Almost 40 year experience
  • Hard working and efficient team
  • Safe asbestos removal and disposal


3)  Chemcare

Chemcare's Homepage

Areas coveredNew Zealand-wide
ServicesAsbestos Removal, Sampling, Management Plan, Soil Removal
Address218 Lake Road, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand 0627
Contact no0800 800 646

Planning to conduct a renovation or demolition? Take extreme care by not touching or doing anything but let Chemcare completely take care of the asbestos.

Comprising a Class-A Asbestos licenced team, they have the hazard gear, knowledge, and skill to tackle the job. They are also Telarc-registered, meaning they prioritise safety and health for staff and clients over anything else.

This is another one of the groups for the best asbestos removal in Auckland for safe and effective solutions and competitive pricing.


  • Class A Asbestos licenced team
  • Telarc Health and Safety member
  • Competitive prices

Customer Reviews

Let’s see the review stated by Lauren Sigamoney on Google:

“The team at Chemcare removed our asbestos fence. I am very impressed with their service from first chat about the removal till the completion of the job. The work has been done very professional meeting all the highest health and safety standards. Great service, great people.”


4)  ACM Removals

ACM Removals' Homepage

Areas coveredAuckland-wide
ServicesAsbestos Removal, Remediation, Audits, Disposal
Address38C Hannigan Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
Contact no0508 326 437

If you like to be super-certain of your safety from asbestos materials, get in touch with ACM Removals! They are a winner of 2018 NZDAA Health and Safety award and hold Class A and B Asbestos licences.

Their asbestos removal services include preparation, auditing, removal, and disposal. The team are experienced and highly proficient and engage in their work with the utmost care and safety.

Each aspect of their services is conducted in a systematic and efficient way for renovation or maintenance. Plus, it’s worth noting that they handle the decontamination and disposal seamlessly.


  • Won the 2018 NZDAA Health and Safety award
  • Professional asbestos technicians
  • Safety is prioritised


5)  Conqra Asbestos Solutions Ltd

Conqra Asbestos Solutions Ltd's Homepage

Areas coveredGreater Auckland area
ServicesResidential and Commercial Asbestos Removal, Remediation, Management, and Testing
Address852 Mount Eden Road, Three Kings, Auckland 1041, New Zealand
Contact no0800 266 172

Conqra Asbestos Solutions is an asbestos removal company serving Greater Auckland. It is safety-certified with Occupational Health and Safety Management System (AS/NZS4801:2001).

It offers asbestos management, removal, remediation, and testing for both residential and commercial sectors. Their edge on rival companies is that they can remove asbestos discreetly while work is ongoing.

We believe this is another of the groups for the best asbestos removal in Auckland for that reason. Furthermore, Conqra has experienced workers, safety assurance, and they can definitely handle all kinds of asbestos.


  • Has safety certification
  • Practised removalists
  • Class A and B Asbestos licences

Customer Reviews

Lloyd Evans, a principal from Te Atatu Intermediate School says on Google Reviews:

“I found the professionalism, helpful and supportive experience of Conqra Asbestos Solutions to be exemplary right from the beginning to the end of the process.  I would highly recommend Conqra based on our very positive experience.”


And that’s it for the groups that do the best asbestos removal in Auckland. Remember before you try any DIY construction work, it’s best to leave this task to professional removers to be entirely safe from asbestos.

We hoped you liked our picks for asbestos removal companies — so far do you have any questions? Let us know by sending us a message and we’ll be on it first thing.

In the meantime, while you’re getting the asbestos removal done, how about bringing the work with you to a coworking space? For this you can read about the best coworking spaces in Auckland.

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