The 9 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans In New Zealand

One way to keep the bathroom free of bad odours, blinding fog, and damp conditions is with the use of an extractor fan. If you don’t have one yet, you’re in luck — today, you see, we’re going over the best extractor fans in New Zealand.

Extractor fans typically differ in their airflow, noise, energy use, and features such as a back-draught shutter, lights and timer. Some even have a smart sensor that detects moisture.

Since the fan is used the entire time at home, investing in a more expensive but durable kind will be better over time. And don’t forget to ask a technician to help you install them to be safer!

Anyway, these are the best bathroom extractor fans in New Zealand at the moment. Try these if you’re looking for a good fan to keep your bathroom smelling clean and sweet!

1. Schweigen BR500 Silent Bathroom Fan


Price:NZ $699

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Single motor – 550m3/hr – 650m3/hr extraction power, (3m flexi-duct)

Schweigen BR500 Silent Bathroom Fan is a German-manufactured IsoDrive motor that removes steam and odours quickly and quietly and also has a universal mountable options, which include wall, roof, and eaves.

It is also New Zealand’s most efficient venting system using only 62 watts of electricity, yet has up to 650 m³/hr air extraction thus considered the most powerful extraction fans in NZ.

Schweigen is also manufactured with a range of modern vent styles so it will truly complement any bathroom design while serving its primary purpose of protecting your bathroom investment.


  • Two Room Extraction
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fresh & Hygienic Mould Prevention

2. Manrose Wall Ceiling Fan Standard 100mm

Price: NZ$72

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Airflow: 23 litre/sec |  Sound: 41 dB(A) | Humidity Sensor: No | Energy Use: 20W | IP rating: IPX4 |

The Manrose XF100S is a mountable wall or ceiling fan that is part of the Standard Model series. The blades are axial and operated by ball-bearing motors.

All you need is 100mm space for this fan, which is very easy to install. If you want to be safe, you can still ask for assistance from a handyman, of course.

It isn’t too flashy when it comes to features but it has all the essentials. For instance, it has a venting capacity of 23 litres per second, which equates to 85 cubic metres per hour.

And you can place it above the shower cubicle because it has an IPX4 rating. This protects it from steam or small splashes or touches of water.


  • Takes in 23 litres/sec of air, steam, or moisture
  • Install on walls or ceilings
  • Has an IPX4 rating

Customer Reviews

Owners say this is a hardy, well-made fan perfect for most no-fuss users. Although the following review relates to kitchen use, it nonetheless provides some insight into the product’s performance:

 “We have had this about 5 years and it’s been so effective in our kitchen. All the cooking smells we used to not be able to get rid of are gone. Just turn it on when you start your cooking and it captures almost all the smells. I’m very impressed, and no I’m not being paid to say this.

You don’t need a big fan to get rid of kitchen moisture and smells. I would not go back to a large extractor.

Easy to clean! Just a babywipe and cotton bud to get between the little grill bars. It blends in and easy on the eye, it gives you lots of space in front of you, no over-hanging noisy fan right in front of you.” 

3. Aerlite 4 Heat Fan Light

Price: NZ$92.76

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Airflow:  61.11 litre/sec | Humidity Sensor: No  | Energy Use: 4 x 275W and 60W lights |

What could be a better bathroom fan to choose than the New Zealand-made Aerlite? In addition to providing circulation, it also functions as a heater and even an added light source.

With an exceptional airflow of 61.11 litres per second, it’s going to clear away unpleasant smells in no time. Hence, keeping your bathroom fresh and hygienic is easier, making it more pleasant to use.

Five heating lights are on it too, perfect for shivery mornings and nights in New Zealand. Along with this product, you also receive a wall switch that turns them on.

It also slots into the standard 100m cavity up your ceiling. Choose from white or silver finishes to fit into your home’s style.


  • High flow rate
  • Multi-functional as heater, fan, and light
  • Great value for its price

Customer Review

Many loved the venting capacity and multifunctional design of this particular extractor fan. Wal had this to say about Aerlite 4 Heat Fan Light:

“I bought one of these and installed it in a main bathroom. Install was straight forward and I was impressed by the overall quality for the very low price. Note that you need at least 5 cores from the wall switch to the unit, so you may need to run a new cable down the wall.” 

4. Manrose Pro Series Thru Wall Fan Kits SELV

Price: NZ$182

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Airflow: 36 litre/sec |  Sound:  41 dB(A) | Humidity Sensor: None  | Energy Use: 20W | IP rating: IPX4 |

This is a different, safer kind of extractor fan in that it’s a SELV fan. SELV stands for Safety Extra Low Voltage, which is ideal if you want to install your fan in a spot where it’ll be close to the steam produced in the hot shower.

With 20W of energy and 36 litres/sec of flow rate, you need not worry about your utility bills. It is energy-efficient in its own right.

Note that this particular model needs 125mm of wall space. Installation is relatively simple too.

Don’t worry about a bit of splashing either, as it can withstand a bit of water on it, with its IPX4 rating. Plus, you get a long and fair 5-year warranty.


  • Ventilates at a rate of 36 litres/sec
  • SELV fan with 12V transformer
  • Quiet when turned on

5. Broan 682 Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Charcoal Filter

Price: NZ$71

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We’ve got the X-factor with the Broan 682. It doesn’t need a vent or duct to operate — you only need a wall or ceiling cavity that holds 7.12 x 7. 12 x 4.75 inches of extractor fan.

It works by taking the air in through its charcoal filter before sending out the purer, fresher air back into the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. This is a unique but ingenious design most homeowners will love!

You can even let a specialist paint its polymeric grille to change up its looks. It slots in snugly and snaps into the metal housing — no screws are necessary.

Plus, for maintenance, you can snap out the motor and clean it without difficulty. Furthermore, charcoal’s accessibly replaceable, and you get a backup warranty of a single year.


  • Ductless and screwless
  • Purifies the air by sending air in through the charcoal filter
  • Paintable polymeric grille
  • Removable motor and easy-to-clean

Customer Review

A lot of people loved the unique and customisable design of this extractor fan. One reviewer stated that “brand, style,  sound level, ease of installation, product quality” are the strengths of the Broan”.

The same reviewer also wrote:

“This vent works great. Only caveat is you do need to make a note to change the carbon filter from time to time. They are not expensive, and they work, but not for ever.”

6. Weiss Clearflow Shower Fan Kit with Timer 150mm

Price: NZ$189

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Like the Aerlite, Weiss is Kiwi-engineered. This inline fan is 3 metres long and suctions up the moisture, smoke, steam, and odours efficiently for cleaner-smelling interiors.

If you’re looking for something that will last long, the Weiss Clearflow is an awesome choice! That’s because it’s run by a quality motor that does all the work.

The low-profile fascia is not very fancy, though it has a sort of a simplistic and spotless look. And it’s actually kind of modern too, with its energy-saving timer feature.

Rest assured, this product can guarantee you years of use. To prove it, you are granted a warranty for 3 full years with this fan!


  • 100% Kiwi product
  • Durable and lasts for several years
  • Powerful motor to ventilate your bathroom
  • 3-year warranty

7. Simx Inline Shower Fan Kit

Price: NZ$247

Find The Simx Inline Fan On Mitre10


Airflow: 31 litre/sec |  Sound: 45 dB(A) | Humidity Sensor: No | Energy Use: 20W | IP rating: IPX4 |

Another choice you have when it comes to a hardy inline is the Simx model SF200S. It is specifically designed to be directly on top of your shower cubicle, to take in the steam.

A 3-meter-long duct is upgradable to 6 metres just to connect with the outer grille and finish the extraction process. The noise level hums at a decent 45 decibels — as soft as a water faucet running from way across from the kitchen.

A series of concentric circle vents is styled for the interior grille, whereas you get a square for the exterior grille. White stylish design also assimilates into your bathroom with no problem.

An IPX4 rating makes it safe to operate and resistant to water splashes. If you have a bathtub or kitchen, the Simx fan will also work well there.


  • 31 litre/second airflow rate
  • Extendable duct up to 6m
  • Steam-ready, made for use above a shower

8. ESC Elite Fan Kit 565 M3/HR MXD FLW & Timer W/PR Grill Aluminum

Price: $549.00 $299.00

See It Here At Elite Bathroom Ware

ESC Elite Fan Kit stands out with its modern design and aesthetic look. The casing and the impeller are made of durable ABS plastic, UV resistant.

There are also various decorative plates for the front panel of the natural aluminium.

The intellectual impeller design makes the fan efficiency high and expands the lifespan of the extractor.


  • Protection rating IP34. Motor.
  • Reliable and low-watt electric motor.
  • Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.
  • Equipped with overheating protection.
  • Vents fans covered with 5 year warranty.

9. IXL Tastic Luminate Vent & Light Bathroom Fan

Price: NZ$499

See It Here

Airflow:  111.11 litre/sec |  Sound:  dB(A) | Humidity Sensor:  | Energy Use: 75 (fan) and 25W LED light | IP rating: IPX4 |

Among the best extractor fans in New Zealand we have seen, the Tastic Luminate is the most deluxe bathroom accessory. For one thing, it offers an airflow that’s unreal, hitting 400 cubic metres per second.

Secondly, it’s not just a bathroom fan. It can serve as a light source with both cool and warm white options, and it’s energy-saving too!

With its powerful airflow, you can deduce that the fan is better for homes with larger spaces. Also, it’s best to position it above where the steam source is.

What’s the proof that it can stay above the shower or your bathtub, though? Well, like most of the top bathroom extractor fans in New Zealand, it’s IPX4 ready.

If you take this fan home, you’ll be offered a sweet 5 and 2-year warranty that answers for replacement (for the fan and lights with exhaust, respectively). Remember that it needs a 245mm ceiling cavity.


  • Super-powerful airflow
  • Comes with a dimmable LED (warm/cool)
  • LED lights save energy
  • 5-year warranty
  • Excellent for larger bathrooms

So you’ve just discovered the best bathroom extractor fans in New Zealand! These are good models to start with so that your bathroom will stay fresh, clean, and dry.

If something’s not clear about these, though, don’t hesitate to ask us to clarify. You can also tell us what you think about the products listed here.

Apart from that,  you might be interested in the top plumber services in Auckland if you need some more expert help in your bathroom. With a good plumber and the right bathroom extractor fan, you should be able to turn your bathroom into the clean haven you want!


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