Best Campervan Relocation NZ Companies
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The 6 Best Campervan Relocation NZ Companies

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Travel expenses can leave you with less money to enjoy other things. However, there’s a way to travel from city to city in New Zealand for free or at a very low price if you’re using a camper. In line with that, we’ve collated the best campervan relocation NZ companies here!

We picked the ones that offer excellent value and deals for relocating their campers. Furthermore, we selected well-known and reputable companies in this industry.

This will be best for frequent travellers or those with a flexible schedule. At any rate, here are the best campervan relocation NZ companies!

1) Epic Campers

BEST FOR Self-Contained 2-Berth Campervans
SERVICES Campervan Relocations
ADDRESS 5a St Michaels Avenue Point Chevalier Auckland, 1022 New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS 0800 102 218, (+64) 2825 591 528 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Epic Campers is an independent small business founded by a tech entreprenuer and a traveller. Together, they’ve customized a campervan design that maximizes every little space, making it a perfect as a home on the road while travelling the world.

Their latest mode is the Epic Campers 2-person, self-contained campervans. It carries all the essentials: a fully functioning kitchenette, 2 comfy bench seats that doubles as a large bed, water, electricity, lighting and even a stereo!

Epic Campers’ fleet models are all the same: modern, well-designed and certified self-contained, giving you maximum freedom, comfort while on your New Zealand road trip adventure.


  • Basic insurance included
  • High-quality & affordable campervans
  • Fully Functioning Kitchenette

Customer Reviews 

Here are a few customer reviews:

“Perfect, first saw it was the best price in the market then we’ve rented from EPIC through Andy for about 2 months, travelled for thousands of kms and the van didn’t skip a beat. Had the full insurance, when the tire was flat, Andy helped through on the phone and the repair of the tire was at the own expense of the company, when the gas hose of bbq acted up it got replaced at the own expense of the company, that’s what I call customer service, so glad of the support Andy always available to help at the other end of the phone. Great quality and great price. Love the work. Would rent again without hesitation. Thanks guys.”

“We had the BEST experience with Epic Campers. We had Tess as our van and absolutely loved it! We did 2 weeks around the Coromandel and had everything you would possibly need in the space we had. The kitchen is very convenient and there is enough room to store everything very easily. It was perfect to be able to fit in the freedom camping spots right on the beach and wake up with stellar views and a cozy spot. Highly recommend hiring with Epic Campers and we will definitely be returning next time we do another road trip!

2)  Transfercar Ltd

Transfercar Ltd's Homepage

BEST FOR Budget-Conscious Travellers
SERVICES Campervan and Car Relocations

Long-Term Car Rentals

ADDRESS Main office: 3G, 47 High Street, Auckland Central 1010, New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS +64 9-630 7533
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Transfercar Ltd is a preferred car and campervan relocation company in New Zealand, Australia and the US. You can travel for free by hiring their campervan for relocation.

It’s a great way to travel to different cities yet enjoy the road life for free — or just for a few dollars. The only requirements are a driver’s licence (whether for NZ or abroad) and that you should be 18, 21 or 25, depending on the rental company.

There are also perks like free days for your trip. However, if you’d like to extend the drop-off date, you would have to pay extra.


  • Preferred company
  • Relocate the campervan while travelling for free
  • Great for budget-conscious travellers

Customer Reviews 

Patsy Hood, one client, said on Facebook:

“Hassle free service – got great deal – good communication., great car – thanks very much


3)  Jucy

Jucy's Homepage

BEST FOR Unlimited Mileage and Zero Excess Insurance
SERVICES Campervan Relocations

Car Relocations

ADDRESS New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS 0800 399 736

[email protected]


A campervan relocation in JUCY costs only $1 per day, which is a great deal. That’s because you get unlimited mileage and an option to upgrade to zero excess insurance for peace of mind.

JUCY is a trusted name in the campervan business — everybody knows this friendly brand, especially those who love to travel. So, you get that assurance of experience in the industry with them.

Who doesn’t want to sleep in a JUCY Cabana, Chaser, Condo campervan? Besides what we’ve mentioned, you also get free gas and an interisland ferry ticket to return home!

So if you’re looking for the best campervan relocation NZ companies, then JUCY is it. 


  • Pay as low as $1 for relocating a campervan
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Option to upgrade to zero excess insurance
  • Free gas

4)  Maui

Maui's Homepage

BEST FOR Frequent City Hopping Trips
SERVICES Campervan Relocations
ADDRESS New Zealand
CONTACT DETAILS 0800 688 558

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Sunday: 8am – 4.30pm

For campervan trips to and from Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch, book today at Maui New Zealand. With their modern fleet of 2-Berth, 4-Berth and 6-Berth campervans, you can take your friends or family along for the ride too.

You can become a Maui relocation driver as long as you have a driver’s licence and are at least 21 years old and up.

If you’re interested, just send in your full name, email, address and phone number at [email protected]. They’ll then add you in their relocation database. 


  • Flexible relocation times
  • Modern fleet
  • City hop to Auckland, Queenstown or Christchurch


5)  Wilderness Motorhome Rentals

Wilderness Motorhome Rentals' Homepage

BEST FOR Last-Minute Trips
SERVICES Campervan Relocations
ADDRESS 11 Pavilion Dr, Airport Oaks Auckland, New Zealand 2150

3 Export Avenue, Harewood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

CONTACT DETAILS Auckland: +64 9 282 3606

Christchurch: +64 9-255 5300

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Sunday: 8.30am – 5pm

With relocation bases in Auckland and Christchurch, Wilderness offers economical relocation deals where you don’t have to pay for additional charges or extras.

Standard insurance is included for your safety and peace of mind. However, there’s an insurance excess of $7500 in case you make a claim.

Before booking a campervan for relocation, you should first read their terms and conditions. This makes you aware of their regulations so that you will know what to expect.

Not to mention they have great, cosy campervans to ride for two and four people. Thus, Wilderness is some of the best campervan relocation NZ companies. 


  • Economical relocation deals
  • Standard insurance included
  • Great, cosy campervans
  • Depots in Christchurch and Auckland

6)  Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Apollo Motorhome Holidays' Homepage

BEST FOR Discounted Relocation Prices
SERVICES Campervan Relocations
ADDRESS 9 Richard Pearse Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand

24 Logistics Drive, Harewood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

CONTACT DETAILS Auckland: +64 800 113 131

Christchurch: +64 800 113 131

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 8am – 4pm

Apollo Motorhome Holidays has some of the largest campervan and RV fleets in the world. They offer relocation deals to their Auckland or Christchurch depots in New Zealand.

For just $1 a day, you get the complete value package, which may include free fuel, a ferry ticket and travel allowance. They have 24-hour roadside assistance in case your camper breaks down.

They offer a standard liability of $1000. The good news is that this can be reduced to $250 and you can do this by paying them $20 a day.

Lastly, you can join their waiting list too so you’ll be informed of their new relocation offers.


  • Relocation deals is only $1 a day
  • Free fuel
  • Reduced liability option
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

Customer Reviews 

Apollo is certainly one of the best campervan relocation NZ companies. One client, Amanda Woodward, stated on Google:

“Staff were friendly and helpful, Van was modern and easy to drive, I had a great time and loved driving around in my camper ?”

And that’s a wrap for the best campervan relocation NZ companies. They offer fantastic relocation deals that you can use to travel while cutting down your expenses.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments for us? If you have one, feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Also, if you like to rent a campervan for a full, exciting backpacker trip rather than just relocating, you can check out the best van rentals in Christchurch.