Best Car Rental Services in New Zealand
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The 8 Best Car Rental Services in New Zealand

Adventure is the heart of New Zealand and what is a better way to experience it than by driving? With the best car rental services in New Zealand, you’ll have the freedom and time to enjoy the magnificent scenery and take part in many thrilling activities around the North or South Islands.

Of course you can commute by train, bus, or taxi but the more reasonable and affordable way to get to know the city is to travel by car.

This is because you can stop whenever you like, whether to fill your stomach with some local fare or to take in the sights… all without worrying about the expense add-up per kilometre.

You can find a host of car rental companies in New Zealand and all of them vary with their insurance, pickup and drop off points, selection of vehicles, and other options. So how do you know which one of them you should book with?

We’ll start by showing you want you can do in order to get great value from car rental. After that we’ll move on to the best car rental services in New Zealand, so you know which companies to call.

How to Get the Best Value from Car Rental Services

There are some ways to make the most of a car rental in New Zealand. Here are some simple tips to help get you the most bang for your buck: 

1. Book Earlier, as Much as Possible

It’s important to book as far back as you can, as in doing so, costs will stay at a minimum. If you have an itinerary planned already, it would be best to book as early as you can.

In relation to this, seasons also need to be factored in. Peak seasons for car rental services in New Zealand charge higher, obviously.

Peak season is during the summer, which runs from December to February. On the other hand, it is more affordable to rent a car during winter — from June to August — as well as Fall and Spring.

2. Know the Pickup and Drop-off Points

This can let you plan your trips ahead of time and what you can enjoy along the route before dropping off your rented car at the agreed location. Note that some companies even give you a ferry ticket so that you can go home more easily.

Additionally, many rental companies offer a pickup at the airport to get you started quickly. 

3. Make Sure There Are No Hidden Costs

Ask the staff and make you sure you check the total price you have to pay. And that it has no hidden charges such as a second driver, one-way, mileage, or airport fees.

If you see the car you’re using, make sure to take a picture or try to inform the staff of the damages and scratches that may be present. This will iron out any conflicts or issues that could arise when you return it.

Another good tip that you shouldn’t take for granted is that you should take the time to read the Terms and Conditions. Best to know everything in the contract!

4. Pick a More Modern Vehicle, If Possible 

You can pick a range of car models among sedans, SUVs, 4WDs, and campervans. The bigger it is, the higher the cost, so it’s best to pick a smaller car if you’re going only solo or with your spouse.

Then you should check the mileage limit. The mileage limit indicates how far in kilometres the car has run — that also indicates its age.

You don’t want a car breaking down or becoming slower in the middle of the road, do you? Plus you’d like to be safe at all times — so go for a car that’s fairly new or if its old, look for something that’s at least been properly maintained.

You should also pick a car based on your itinerary. If you’re going on a very rough terrain, you will need a 4WD or SUV, but if you’re just staying in the city, sedans will usually work for you. 

5. Read the Customer Reviews

Reading the customer reviews will give you a first hand account of how good or bad the car rental company is. If many people enjoyed its inclusions and perks, chances are so will you.

This will give you insights about what’s in store for you. 

6. Drive Safely 

You have to check everything from the brakes to the handling, engine, wheels, and seatbelts before you drive. You have to always make sure that the car you’re riding is comfortable for you and your family.

You can install a GPS if you like or mount your phone on the dashboard. That means you’ll get to your destination without wasting a minute.

And remember not to leave your valuables in the car after leaving it parked. Make sure there is enough gas to make it back or if you need to fill it up soon.

The Best Car Rental Services in New Zealand

Now you know how to make the most of your car rental, whichever car rental company you choose. Without any more ado, we now bring to you the best car rental services in New Zealand!

1. Hardy Cars

Hardy Cars


Car Rental Locations: Nelson, New Zealand

Looking for a swift experience in renting cars? Check out Hardy Cars! Made in 2007, Hardy Cars offers visitors, tourists, and everyone else a reliable and cost-effective rental car of great quality.

Every customer is given great deals with vehicles under different categories: budget class, compact class, economy class, comfort wagon, class, 4WD wagons, people movers, and 4WD UTE. Along with this, pick-up from and drop-off to airport is part of the package, ensuring a smooth and easy process for all customers.

The staff of Hardy Cars see to it that the good quality of rental cars are sustained and are constantly updated.

Tow bars are included in the rental cars offered by their team to make space for bike racks. With this, Hardy Cars employees utilize their building to keep the customers’ bike cases safe, and once customers are done exploring, the employees pick them up and bring them back to the airport once again.


  • Different vehicle classes
  • Partnered with Nelson Holiday Homes for accommodation needs
  • Mountain bikers


  • Booking/reservation system is swift and easily understandable
  • Efficient process: punctual pick-ups, excellent and friendly service
  • Affordable quality rental car, no hidden costs

2. Ace Rental Cars

Ace Rental Cars


 Car Rental Locations: Auckland Airport, Auckland City, Christchurch Airport, Dunedin Airport, Greymouth, Picton Ferry Terminal, Queenstown Airport, Wellington Airport, Wellington City

When you see the badge of Qualmark Gold on a travel or car rental service website, you know that its car quality, safety, comfort, and eco-stance is serious. Ace Rental Cars has the Qualmark Gold badge.

Your safety is assured through their 24/7 roadside assistance. If something about the car makes you pull over on the side of the road or city, just let Ace know, and their team will be on it at once.

They offer an array of vehicles that’s divided into Super Saver, Value, and Standard. Super Savers are good picks if you’re on a limited budget; Value cars are fairly new and run well; finally, the Standard cars are the newest cars with the newest features (like Cruise Control and Bluetooth).

Having depots on key locations in New Zealand, you won’t need to go to the trouble if you’ve just arrived at the airport. Plus, the one-way travel makes your trip more convenient with a free shuttle for any pickup or drop-off.

With their prices, safety, and quality, we can then agree that this is one of the best car rental services in New Zealand. 


  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Shuttle comes to collect you or take you back to places
  • Focused on customer service
  • Unlimited kms
  • Qualmark Gold certified 


  • High-performance and relatively new cars
  • Hassle-free pick up and drop off
  • Customer service is exceptional
  • It has budget, value, and the newest cars in line


  • Some customers complained of being charged for extra mileage

3. HireIt Rentals

HireIt Rentals


Car Rental Locations: Anywhere in Waganui

A transportation service that provides everything you’ll need is quite rare nowadays. Services where you can choose the specific vehicle that you want or need is important for various reasons.

Hire it Rentals is one of Wanganui’s best vehicle hire specialists,  with their motto being: ‘If it’s got wheels we do the deals!’ When you acquire their services, they can provide you the specific vehicle that you need for your activities.

Since they’re open 7 days a week, you’re not going to have any trouble if you ever need their services in the most unexpected times. Need wheels for a family outing, a field trip for the kids or simply to move your things? HireIt Rentals can easily help you!


  • Open 7 days a week
  • Offers the latest models of vehicles
  • Extensive range of options


  • If you have a current driver’s license you can drive
  • Can cater all occasions


  • Limited locations

4. Ezi Car Rental

Ezi Car Rental


 Car Rental Locations: Auckland Airport, Auckland City, Christchurch Airport, Dunedin Airport, Queenstown Airport, Wellington Airport

Ezi Car Rentals is a 100% Kiwi-owned company that aims to provide you the means for a really fun, unique time in New Zealand. They have the newest car models for hatch sedans, SUVs, 8-seaters, 12-seaters, and coupes.

From booking online or in-house to the selection of cars, installation of the Ezi travel app, or even the return, everything is easy. There are no distractions or red tape involved.

Even as you arrive by plane from the airport, you can go to the Ezi stalls and book yourself a car! Discounts and offers abound on their website, so make sure you check often.

Customers are also generally satisfied with the kind and amiable crew who can suggest great ideas of where to spend your holiday. And you’ll be insured by providing your credit or debit card to the staff — that will do for the entire road trip.


  • Offers prestigious car brands
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance
  • Secured booking
  • Unlimited kms
  • Free additional driver
  • Insurance with low-cost damage waiver
  • Qualmark-Silver-certified 


  • Remarkable cars
  • Friendly and welcoming staff
  • Fast, efficient booking online
  • Competitive rates 


  • Limited locations

5. Snap Rentals

Snap Rentals


Car Rental Locations: Auckland Airport, Auckland City, Christchurch Airport, Queenstown Airport

Snap Rentals offers sleek sedans, SUVs, and vans that are meant to help you save on your trip, so there’s more to spare for that perfect holiday gift for your fam.

A relatively simple booking process saves you a ton of time, with a free shuttle coming to pick you up at the airport. And if you have questions or are just plain curious about where to go for sightseeing — just ask these people and they will answer you in the kind Kiwi way.

Rates also include the insurance for them. Their hubs are located in Auckland city, Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown airports.


  • Modern car selection
  • Well-received in Trustpilot, Google, and NZ Rankers reviews
  • Smart and economic cars
  • Nice and brilliant staff members


  • Provides value for their prices
  • Incredible condition for the cars
  • Approachable and helpful staff members
  • Ease of booking process
  • Quick shuttle pickup from the airport
  • Low insurance cost 


  • There were a few complaints about the customer service

6. Hitch Car Rentals

Hitch Car Rentals


 Car Rental Locations: Auckland Airport, Auckland City, Christchurch Airport, Queenstown Airport

Sick of reading about untidy, damaged, or problematic vehicles? Hitch Car Rentals will hitch you out of them by giving you the cleanest and most efficient cars among sedans, SUVs, and carriers.

Customers love the organised pickup, documents and paperwork handling, and overall service. They say they believe that the company’s staff are there to help.

You get to enjoy the cars with unlimited mileage. Depot locations include Auckland City as well as Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown airports.

And when you’re back, there will be a free airport shuttle ride for your convenience. 


  • Wide selection of compact, sedans, SUVs, and carriers
  • Unlimited kms
  • Free airport shuttle ride
  • Free additional drivers 


  • Great customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Neat and fuel-efficient cars
  • Courteous and kind staff 


  • Limited locations
  • No 24hr roadside assistance

7. Mint Car Rentals 

Mint Car Rentals 


Car rental locations: Auckland Airports, Greenlane

Mint Car Rentals is one of the most reviewed car rentals in Google with almost 5.0 stars ranking. This can be attributed to their good customer service and staff that accommodates all the requests of their clients. They are transparent in dealing with their users—providing them with the necessary information regarding the car that they are going to use.

In terms of services, they provide pick up on the airports and car rentals for different places in New Zealand. There is also an insurance option which allows their users to be insured on the road. Further, they provide different kinds of vehicles according to your preference.


  • Cars are in great condition
  • Easy online booking
  • Cheap
  • 24 hours roadside assistance
  • Insurance option


  • Budget friendly
  • Accommodating and helpful staff
  • Great customer service
  • No hidden charges
  • Unlimited kilometers


  • Some users are given old cars as per Google review

8. RaD Car Hire

RaD Car Hire

Website: Link:


RaD Car Hire offers one of the largest car rentals in New Zealand, having over 20 locations for you to go to around the country. Since 1987, they’ve progressed into a highly esteemed and recommended company for you to rent vehicles. Their options are amazing, leaving you with only the problem of choosing a car that you think best fits your needs.

RaD Car Hire continues to provide only the best services, upholding their values and maintaining great customer care and handling for over 30 years. Experience only the best car rental in New Zealand, especially for vacations or holidays, with Rad Car Hire.


  • Affordably priced vehicles
  • Cheap insurance rates


  • Instant quotation and booking online
  • Amazing liability and insurance
  • Multiple locations


  • Sometimes unable to rectify the fault of car issues in a reasonable time

And that’s about it for the best car rental services in New Zealand. Depending on what you need and their deals or offers, you can count on these car rental services to make your trip enjoyable — be it for business or vacation.

Do you have any questions about the suggestions we listed? If you have anything on your mind, just share with us your thoughts, opinions, and comments and we’ll get back to you soon.

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