Best Chromebooks in New Zealand
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The 7 Best Chromebooks in New Zealand

Although they run more efficiently and have more deluxe features, expensive laptops aren’t always practical to get. Given that, you might like to consider the best Chromebooks in New Zealand for your portable computing instead, as they are affordable, fast, and user-friendly.

A Chromebook is fitted with lighter firmware and memory than Windows-based counterparts, resulting in a lower price point. It is primarily designed for surfing the net and watching media.

Every brand seems to release a newer iteration of its Chromebook year after year. With the immense number of options on the market and differences in components, how do you know which one you should buy?

It’s actually pretty easy once you know what your purpose for it is and understand its specs. Therefore, we’ll go over these things first before delving in our picks for the best Chromebooks in NZ.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chromebook

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Like any laptop, the capability of the Chromebook is found in its specs. Taking a look at it will let you know what to expect from the device.

Anyway, here are the things to consider first when buying a Chromebook.

1. Processor

The processor is responsible for your Chromebook’s speed and response rate. A more powerful processor means you can multitask with a lot of windows open without dropping performance.

There are the higher-end Intel Core series (like i5 or i7) that are faster and hence able to handle a higher resolution. For this reason, the models with Intel processors are pricier.

There are lower-cost processors from the brand, though, like the Intel Pentium or Celeron. They’re not as good as the Intel Core series, but are still sufficient for web browsing and programs like MS Excel.

For general tasks and surfing the Net, that usually is enough… but you won’t appreciate it if you have to edit a video or make posters or banners with your Chromebook.

2. Screen Size

Another thing to consider when buying a Chromebook is your screen size. Sizes usually range from 11 to 15 inches, with the majority of them using Full HD or 1920 x 1080 pixels.

You may also encounter terms like IPS or in-plane switching. That means you can view the screen from any angle without compromising its brightness.

3. Storage Memory

Chromebooks don’t need much storage memory as they store it in the cloud instead of keeping it on your desktop, taking up space.

Like Google Drive, you can store a huge amount of data and you can access it whenever and wherever through your smartphones or tablets.

Earlier Chromebooks use something you call eMMc (embedded Multi Media Card) storage, which can hold as much as 32GB or 64GB. And if that isn’t enough for you, you should see if it accommodates an SD card slot to back up more of your files.

4. HDMI or USB Ports

A small detail that’s easily overlooked is if the Chromebook has HDMI or USB ports. It might be inconvenient to find out it doesn’t have one when you try to connect your wireless mouse or transfer files from your flash drive onto your desktop.

Let’s say you have removed the memory card from your DSLR camera. What if to your surprise you realise that the Chromebook doesn’t let you insert that card in order to view it?

That’s why you have to check if your desired Chromebook has those first. If wired connectivity matters to you, you want a Chromebook with such ports.

 5. Tablet Mode

Most Chromebooks also have a tablet mode for better portability and versatility. That means you can use your Chromebook away from the table, carry it with you, etc.

Best Chromebooks in New Zealand

Having listed the basic things you have to look for in a Chromebook, here is the round-up for the best Chromebooks in New Zealand.

1. Lenovo C340-11 Delux Flip Chromebook

Best Chromebook for Office Work

Lenovo C340-11 Delux Flip Chromebook

Price: NZ$598

ProcessorIntel® Celeron® N4000 (2C / 2T, 1.1 / 2.6GHz, 4MB)
GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics 600
Screen Size & Resolution11.6″ HD (1366×768) IPS 250 nits Glossy
Storage 64GB eMMC 5.1
RAM4GB Soldered LPDDR4-2400
Ports2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
2 x USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1
1 x MicroSD card reader
1 x headphone/mic jack
1 x security-lock slot

Made and designed for the bustling workplace, HP’s Chromebook 14 is powered by Intel Celeron. It also comes with Full HD resolution to give it brightness and detail.

Your have a basic 4GB of RAM and a 64GB eMMC for storing all your articles, presentations, and reports. Plus, you get USB-C connectivity for recharging the Chromebook or your accessories.

Having a lightweight design, it is easy to carry around. The keyboards are built with spill-resistance to resist accidental and minor splashes.

Video calls are also made easier with the wide-angle high definition camera and static-free microphone. That makes communication easier than ever.


  • Touch screen
  • Four USB slots
  • Good battery life
  • Convertible laptop-tablet design


  • Stylus sold separately
  • No backlit keyboard
  • No HDMI port

Customer Reviews

Although he bought a Chromebook 14 G5 with an Intel Core and slightly varying specs from what we discussed, you can still get some insights from the following review. Johnballs said on the HP website:

“Have had this for over a month and am very happy with performance. Fast I5 Core, coupled with 8GB DDR4 & 256 SSD. Great size screen, good battery life and great WIFI performance. Added a wireless mouse, 256 GB SD card, CHROME, MS Office and SpeedFan app to keep temp cool.”

And Whitebuzzbait put it simply:

“This is my third Chromebook. I love them and the simplicity. It doesnt get better than this for every day web shopping and surfing and social media.”

2. ASUS C214 Chromebook Flip

Best Chromebook for Students

ASUS C214 Chromebook Flip

Price: NZ$506

ProcessorIntel® Celeron® Dual-Core N4020 Processor, 1.1 GHz (4 M Cache, up to 2.8 GHz)
GraphicsIntegrated Intel HD Graphics
Screen Size & Resolution11.6 inches (1366 x 768)
250 nits brightness
Storage 64GB eeMC
Ports2x USB-C USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1
1x USB-A USB 3.1 Gen 1

A really solid and affordable laptop that your kids will definitely love is the Asus Chromebook Flip! It is touchscreen-capable and lets users take down notes, create drawings or art, and check quizzes.

The Chromebook Flip with 11.6-inch screen is a portable model and turns from back to back for tablet or tent mode in seconds. It is durable and made to withstand 10,000 instances of folding and unfolding, as proven in tests.

Two cameras are smartly built onto this unit — the world-facing camera and webcam. The world-facing camera lets your kids follow their studies by taking pictures in portrait orientation.

All of its sides have shock-absorbing rubber for classroom durability. And in fact, it can even withstand drops from 120cm in height, which is higher than the table your kids sit at in school.

The battery lasts for 12 hours, more than enough time to use during a day. Furthermore, it supports 2 USB Type-C ports and 1 USB Type-A port.

These innovative features and its ruggedness make it deserving to be in our best Chromebooks in New Zealand!

Take note that the stylus is not included and must be purchased separately.


  • Touch screen
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Good battery life
  • Two cameras (for normal and portrait mode)


  • Stylus sold separately
  • No backlit keyboard
  • No HDMI port
  • Only three USB ports

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from a satisfied customer named Richard:

“We looked at a bunch of Chromebooks and this one was the winner. The ability to convert to a tablet is nice, and it even has a rear-dacing camera in tablet mode. The splash-proof keyboard is something I hope we won’t have to use, but I suspect may be a lifesaver this year. The keyboard is pleasant to use, with decent travel. The touchpad is also good, supporting some multi-touch gestures out of the box.

The only thing I’d knock it on is the large screen bezels, which look a tad old-fashioned, but I understand are a compromise given the ruggedness the laptop is designed for.”

3. Lenovo 100E Chromebook 2nd Gen

Most Affordable Chromebook

Lenovo 100E Chromebook 2nd Gen

Price: NZ$338

ProcessorIntel® Celeron® N4020
GraphicsImagination GX6250
Screen Size & Resolution11.6″ HD (1366×768) TN 250 nits Anti-glare
Storage 32GB eMMC 5.1
RAM4GB Soldered LPDDR4-2400
Ports2 x USB 3.0 Type-C (power delivery)
2 x USB 3.0
1 x Micro SD card reader
1 x headphone/mic jack
1 x security-lock slot

Though not as rugged or versatile as the ASUS Chromebook flip, the Lenovo 100E is more affordable. It also offers G-Suite access together with educational apps like GeoGebra, Alma, and Activity Learn.

With this, your kid can easily collaborate with others, work faster, and finish well ahead of time. It’s a great solution for parents who need a Chromebook for younger students.

It also features an anti-screen glare that reduces harmful radiation. And it has a comfortable, water-resistant keyboard too.

Charging it to full before your class gives you 10 full hours of battery time from when the class starts to when it’s home time.


  • Affordable price
  • Good battery life
  • Four USB ports
  • Spill-resistant keyboard


  • Not touch screen
  • No backlit keyboard

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what a customer named Renee has to say after buying the Lenovo 100e Chromebook:

“Hey this an absolutely fantastic Chromebook. I bought this for My daughter and I never hear any complaints like with several other laptops, Chromebooks we have had. This is super fast and doesn’t lag. I am wrapped with the purchase of this product. Highly recommended. Good quality. Decent price.”

4. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

Best for Frequent Travellers

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

Price: NZ$1,087

ProcessorIntel® Core™ m3 Processor 7Y30 (1.00 GHz up to 2.60 GHz, 4 MB L3 Cache)
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 615
Screen Size & Resolution12.2″ FHD WUXGA LED Display (1920 x 1200) with Touch Screen Panel
Storage 64GB eMMC
Ports1 x USB3.0
2 x USB-C™
1 x MicroSD Multi-media Card Reader
1 x Headphone out/Mic-in Combo

The Samsung Chromebook Plus features a fast Intel M3 processor with 360° foldable body, large 64GB memory, and access to every single Google app there is.

In times of work, leisure or entertainment, the foldable feature lets you turn it into a tablet that will let you stream Netflix or Spotify, or read a page-turner suspense novel.

You also get a stylus allowing you to do many things like paint pictures, for one. Not only that but it even allows you to capture a screenshot and zoom in or out of the page.

It’s razor-thin at 0.51 inches and only weighs 2.38lbs, perfect to accompany you in your business trips or week-long vacation.

The display is bright and vibrantly detailed on 12.2 inches of screen covered in Gorilla Glass 3. So, you can enjoy your movies or games from any position or direction.

And you can change up how you’re using it depending on what’s comfortable for you, whether you’re at work, home, or just having fun. There’s many ways to enjoy the Samsung Chromebook Plus, making it one of the best Chromebooks in New Zealand.


  • Convertible laptop-tablet design
  • Built-in pen
  • Two cameras


  • No HDMI port
  • No backlit keyboard
  • Only three USB ports

Customer Reviews

The Samsung Chromebook Plus has met mixed reactions from the Samsung website. Some of the customers had trouble as the screen was faulty, which might only be an issue of not plugging it well.

A reviewer cited its several great features like its 3:2 aspect ratio, metal design, and useful stylus, but he didn’t like the keys that sunk lightly with no backlight and the relatively small backspace.

However, Me77 gave it a perfect score and writes:

“I’ve had this Chromebook for 2 years and use it daily for schoolwork, research, and streaming services. I have zero complaints and recommend it to everyone! I haven’t experienced any restrictions of use compared to a Windows system. In fact, I much prefer a Chromebook over Windows. No software, hardware, or durability issues. It looks brand new after 2 years of heavy use. It’s incredibly lightweight and I love being able to bring it to class without adding a lot of weight to my backpack. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this device. If I had paid twice as much I would still be satisfied. Totally worth it.”

Also, another customer shared his thoughts about the product in this review comments:

“I have owned many chromebook devices over the past 3 years. I sold my last windows device the surface pro so I could purchase this device. BEST decision I have made. Screen quality is the best I have seen on any laptop. Keyboard is full sized grate key trave, glass trackpad is great. Touch screen is amazing. Pen is useful. Android apps are going to make chrome os a force in mobile computing, That is what this chromebook is so successful at, mobile computing! The 3:2 aspect ratio is great, I am use to 16:9 and I prefer this. The arm processor is really fast and efficient. Samsung Chromebook Plus= Home Run.”

5. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436

Best Chromebook for Artists

ASUS Chromebook Flip C436

Price: NZ$1,552

ProcessorIntel® Core™ i7-10510U processor
1.8GHz quad-core with Turbo Boost (up to 4.9GHz) and 8MB cache
GraphicsIntel® UHD Graphics
Screen Size & Resolution14″ LED-backlit Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 display
Four-way NanoEdge display with 85% screen-to-body ratio
4.9mm-thin side bezel and 7mm bottom bezel1
Wide 100% sRGB color gamut
IPS-level wide-view technology
Storage 512GB PCIe® NVMe 3.0x 2 M.2 SSD
Ports2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C™
1 x Audio combo jack
1 x MicroSD card slot

If you’re an artist who’s always on the go, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 should be your top pick.

Wherever inspiration strikes, you can quickly jot down ideas or create art using the built-in pen.

Despite being lightweight, its hardware packs a punch as you get a 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor, Intel UHD Graphics, and 8GB RAM, more than enough for your everyday use. You can also upgrade your RAM to up to 16GB for more powerful performance.

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 also comes with a 14″ NanoEdge display with minimal bezels, allowing you a crisp and high-resolution art workspace. The screen also utilizes wide-view technology which gives you viewing angles of up to 178 degrees.

Plus, the chromebook has a gorgeous all-metal design that combines comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics all in an easy-to-carry form factor.


  • 14″ 1080p display
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Powerful CPU and 8GB RAM
  • Backlit keyboard


  • Expensive
  • Stylus sold separately
  • Only two USB ports (Type C only)
  • No HDMI port

6. Lenovo 14E Chromebook

Best Chromebook for the Design

Lenovo 14E Chromebook

Price: NZ$481

ProcessorAMD® A4-9120C Dual-Core Processor (1.60GHz, up to 2.40GHz Max Boost, 1MB Cache)
GraphicsAMD® Integrated Graphics
Screen Size & Resolution14″ FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare
Storage 32 GB eMMC
RAM4 GB DDR4 1866 MHz
Ports2 x USB-C
2 x USB 3.0
1 x Micro-SD card reader
1 x Combo mic / audio jack
1 x Kensington lock slot

If you prefer a chromebook that’s sleek and has a large 14″ display but don’t want to break the bank, check out the Lenovo 14E Chromebook.

It has all the functionality and convenience of a chromebook but with a bigger screen. You can multitask and increase your productivity with the help of its AMD A4 processor and AMD Integrated Graphics.

For online meetings and conferences, you get a front-facing 720p webcam and two microphones, allowing seamless communication between you and other participants.

If you’re a bit clumsy, there’s not much need to worry as the Lenovo 14E Chromebook has reinforced ports and hinges and is drop-resistant up to 75 cm.

It also features a full-size backlit keyboard that can handle spills of up to 330 mL (We don’t recommend trying this for obvious reasons, though!).


  • 14″ touch screen display
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Four USB ports


  • No HDMI port
  • Mediocre battery life

7. Google Pixelbook Go

Best Overall Chromebook

Google Pixelbook Go

Price: NZ$2,629

ProcessorIntel Core i5-7Y57 Dual-Core
GraphicsIntel Integrated HD615 Graphics
Screen Size & Resolution12.3 inches (2400 x 1600)
Storage 128GB SSD
Ports2 x USB Type-C
1 x HDMI Port
1 x Mic and Headphone Jack

If you’re on the move lots of times during the week, you might like the Google Pixelbook Go. With a 13mm Chromebook thickness and a unique lined backside, carrying it is no sweat!

Picture quality is a champion with Full HD graphics to replay your favourite movies or help you design eye-catching, accurate images, not to mention that it also works through touchscreen.

It’s ahead compared to rivals with security features and automatic updates. The latter finishes in a few seconds juxtaposed with minutes and hours for Windows laptops. Although, to be fair, its updates are also smaller than the ones for Windows.

A worthwhile feature to note would be the Hush Keys, so typing will be a silent endeavour. You can put it on your lap too without burning your thighs, as it stays cool throughout the day.


  • Limited availability in NZ
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Powerful processor and 8GB RAM
  • Great battery life


  • Expensive
  • No fingerprint sensor (compared to similarly priced chromebooks)
  • Only two USB ports (Type C only)

Customer Reviews

Check the web and you’ll see that this Chromebook has received critical acclaim from many people. B. Young, Pixelbook Go owner shares:

“Coming from a Pixelbook, even after just 1 day of using the Pixelbook Go, I am finding that I prefer so many things about it, particularly the excellent keyboard, speakers, and battery life. The trackpad is also very good. The screen seems very good to me with plenty of brightness and good resolution for internet browsing, documents, photos, spreadsheets, and the like. I like that the Go is a bit smaller and lighter than the Pixelbook. It feels very solid to me, more so than the Pixelbook. It’s a keeper for me. I have the cheapest version with the M3 processor and it seems perfectly fine for general use. I haven’t run into any slowdowns yet, but I also don’t do any gaming or video editing, just general internet use.”

Owners also say its dual stereo speakers also pack a punch, great for your entertainment when relaxing after work. Here’s another review by Justin that justifies it as one of THE best Chromebooks in New Zealand:

“Brilliant laptop! The build quality is top notch and everything from the keyboard and track pad to the full HD screen is a very pleasant and premium experience.

I got the base model and I think for most people that’s all you need unless you need more storage. Chrome OS is lightweight already, so the laptop has absolutely zero performance issues with it’s configuration.

The battery is stellar, I’m getting nearly 12 hours before having to charge, and it has fast-charging capabilities when you do have to.”

And that’s all for the best Chromebooks in New Zealand. By now, you should have one that you really like for its features or its processor.

Do you have any questions about our picks? If so, feel free to tell us your comments, opinions, thoughts, or criticisms, and we’d be happy to improve or help you if we can.

Because Chromebooks deliver only the basics, you might be interested in the higher-end Windows laptops too for more heavy-duty processing. If so, just read our list of the best laptops in New Zealand.

Or, if you’re more of a gamer, you can check out our list of the best gaming desktops in New Zealand. Either way, you should be able to find a machine that fits your computing needs!