Best Dog Beds in New Zealand

The 11 Best Dog Beds in NZ

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Looking for a soft and warm bed for your dog? If you are, you’re on the right page, as we’ve gathered the best dog beds in NZ for you here!

But in case it’s your first time getting one, we’ll first examine the factors you have to consider when buying a dog bed. This will help you choose one from our list that’s right for your pet.

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

Here are the things you have to consider when buying a dog bed:

1) Size

Before you buy a dog bed, you have to know the size of your dog. For this, you can simply get a tape measure and measure him from head to tail.

Your dog should be able to curl and stretch out in the bed without any problem. So as a rule of thumb, a dog bed should be at least 13 cm wider and longer than your dog.

With the right size, your dog will be happy and comfortable in his bed, close to yours, for a great night’s sleep.

2) Kinds of Dog Beds

Dog beds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and functions. Here are the most common types of dog beds:

  • Nest-Shaped Dog Bed

This is a simple dog bed that is nest-like and sits flat on the floor. It is a great bed for most dogs, providing them comfort and warmth.

Nest-shaped dog beds, however, can have variations such as high or open sides, a built-in blanket or top cover, a rectangular or sofa shape, and the like.

  • Cot-Style Dog Bed

Barer in structure, a cot-style dog bed has a thin surface and legs that elevate it from the ground. Therefore it feels cooler and fits dogs with long and thick fur.

Being weather-resistant (usually), cot dog beds can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not to mention they’re easy to carry and maintain use after use.

  • Crib-Mattress Bed

Think of a crib-mattress bed as a mini version of a human bed. It has a mattress and pillow, but with borders that have one open side.

This dog bed provides a high level of comfort and support for your dog. It’s also very durable—you only need to replace the mattress if it becomes flat over time.

  • Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Older dogs with joint problems will benefit most from orthopaedic beds. The memory foam used conforms to their bodies’ shape and puts less stress on their aching joints.

Note that orthopaedic beds can have design elements of the nest-shaped and crib-mattress beds too. You can test which look will work for your dog and decor at the same time.

3) Bed Material

Material is a big part of buying a dog bed. It will determine its quality, comfort, durability, and suitability for your dog.

Plush is soft and comfortable, wool provides warmth, memory foam relieves the body’s pains, vinyl is waterproof and durable, and mesh is breathable.

Foamed beds may not be the best option if your dog likes to chew, though. There’s also a danger that he might swallow a part that can make him unwell.

In this case, it’s better to pick a more durable dog bed such as one made of canvas, along with aluminium for its frame and legs.

4) Comfort

You can get a sense of what bed your dog will be most comfortable with just by watching him sleep.

For example, if you see him in the ‘adorable position’ or if he balls up as he sleeps, a nest dog bed may be a great choice.

And if you see your mutt sleeping comfortably with arms and feet outstretched on the couch, a rectangular dog bed could work for him.

5) Ease of Cleaning

A dog bed can get dirty pretty fast due to the dog playing then plopping down onto the bed. Hence, you have to keep the bed clean with regular vacuuming and washing.

Furthermore, you should check the care label on the dog bed. That will let you know how to take the best care of the dog bed so it will last.


The Best Dog Beds in NZ

Now that you know how to buy a dog bed, here’s our lineup of the top dog beds in NZ!


1)  Life of Riley Wool-filled Dog Beds

Life of Riley's Product

Best for

Old dogs with arthritis or post-surgery pains


Natural wool


Small: 70cm x 50cm

Medium: 89cm x 70cm

Large: 110cm x 89cm


Small: $145

Medium: $170

Large: $185

Shop at Life of Riley

If you’re looking for a dog bed perfect for all ages, even for aging dogs with aches and pains, then Life of Riley’s Wool-filled dog beds may be right up your alley.

This dog bed has two layers made of wool, which create a luxurious 18-cm cushion for dogs who are experiencing arthritis or are undergoing post-op recovery. It’s also the perfect soft spot for a quick or long rest for furbabies.

It’s also worth noting that the dog bed is not just soft, but also odour-resistant. Plus, the wool material gives the bed the ability to regulate the occupant’s temperature.

Aside from that, the dog bed also comes with a washable cotton cover for easier cleaning. While this dog bed was designed more for older and less agile dogs, Life of Riley’s wool-filled dog bed can still be suitable for younger and more active pups.

Life of Riley also knows that owners may have allergies or preferences when it comes to fabric, which is why they also offer custom-made wool-filled dog beds using fabric that their client supplies.

Another great thing that makes Life of Riley’s wool-filled dog beds versatile is that it comes in three sizes. So, small Aussie terriers and large German Shepherds alike can benefit from this dog bed.

That said, you should expect different shipping rates for different dog bed sizes.


  • Odour-resistant and temperature-regulating features
  • Washable cotton cover with convenient Velcro closure
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Customizable based on client’s fabric preference
  • Therapeutic and comfortable for old dogs


  • Varying shipping fees

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from verified buyers to tell you just how pets and owners describe Life of Riley’s wool-filled bed:

“I’ve was a bit hesitant that our old 13 & 1/2 year old Lab would change beds. Left her old one out to be safe but from her first lay down on the ‘Life of Riley’ she hasn’t bothered about her old memory foam one.”

“Fantastic. This is our second dog bed from you. I re-ordered the same bed again as I wanted a second bed. My dog Is a greyhound and is very thin so now he can move from place to place In the house and still have a bed. He absolutely loves your bed and sinks into it and then breathes out. Well done on making such fantastic products and thank you for making my dog so happy!!


2) PaWz Orthopaedic Sofa Dog Bed

PaWz Orthopaedic Sofa Dog Bed
Best for Elderly dogs
Materials Plush memory foam
Size 63.5 x 50.8 x 23 cm
Weight 9.16 kg
Price $82.99


For older dogs that have aching joints, the PaWz Orthopaedic Sofa Dog Bed is a te-ruff-ic choice, as it conforms to your pooch’s body to relieve him of any pain and discomfort.

The bed is fluffy all around and has a bolster where your best friend can lay his head. The bottom of the bed is non-slip so it will stay in its place even for a playful dog.

Its plush filling is high-quality and won’t shed out. The fibres are made so strong that they won’t pull easily in case your dog takes a bite of the bed.

More importantly, the dog bed resists bacteria, fleas, and dust mites, which can cause harmful diseases. Also, the texture is gentle and won’t cause any allergic reactions to your dog.


  • Premium plush
  • Warm and cosy
  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Anti-slip bottom


  • Higher-priced but worth it


3)   Precision Pet SnooZZy Clam-Shell Dog Bed

Precision Pet SnooZZy Clam-Shell Dog Bed
Best for Medium dogs
Materials 100% polyester, recycled pillow filling
Size 66 x 56 x 24 cm
Price $112.99


The Precision Pet SnooZZy Dog Bed blends style and comfort for your canine companion. It measures 66 cm wide, which makes it perfect for mid-sized dogs.

The bed walls are 100% polyester and the filling made from eco-friendly filling. The higher sides provide a safe and secure space for your furry baby to snooze in.

It has a sewn Precision Pet tag on  the front side of the bed that exudes class. The fabric is machine-washable to make it easy for you keep the bed clean and comfortable for your dog as often as needed.


  • Groovy design
  • Eco-conscious soft filling
  • Durable dog bed
  • Machine-washable


  • Expensive

4)   Paws & Claws Self-Warming Dog Bed

Paws & Claws Self-Warming Dog Bed
Best for Heated dog bed
Materials Suede
Size 90 x 60 x 22 cm
Weight 2.15 kg
Price $58.09


Is it getting cold in your house for your dog? If so, you may want to get the Paws & Claws Self-Warming Dog Bed!

It features heat insulation to keep your dog warm and comfortable. Add to this the reflective heat layer in which your dog’s heat is collected and returned to him.

The fabric cover is suede, which makes it smooth and relaxing to lie upon. The rectangle shape is simple and minimalist and allows your pet to move in and out easily.

And nope, it’s not going to move thanks to the non-slippery base of the bed.

Paws & Claws Self-Warming Dog Bed is one of the best dog beds in NZ. Its size is 90 x 60 x 22 cm, which is perfect for large dogs.


  • Superb heat insulation
  • Comfy suede bed
  • Reflective heat layer
  • Non-slip base


  • Easily damaged by water


5)   AllPet Dog Bed Patio Bed

AllPet Dog Bed Patio Bed
Best for Elevated dog bed
Materials Fabric, metal
Size 102 x 76 cm
Price $89.99


If you want a super-durable dog bed in your house and out in the yard, look no further than the AllPet Patio Dog Bed!

It is made of metal and fabric that can endure the changing weather. Also, your big dog won’t attempt to gnaw the bed as it’s positioned at a height off the floor.

The mesh centre fabric will hold the weight of large dogs and make them cool throughout the day. It will also resist stains and spills and is very easy to clean.

The size of this cot-style dog bed is large, but you can also find small and medium sizes from other retailers too.


  • Tear-resistant mesh cover
  • Rugged build
  • Indoor and outdoor usable
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Lacks comfort features (such as a bolster or soft padding, for instance)


6)   Paws & Claws Camouflage Mattress Dog Bed

Paws & Claws Camouflage Mattress Dog Bed
Best for Mattress dog bed
Materials Fabric
Size 90 x 70 x 12 cm
Weight 2.3 kg
Price $45.44


The Paws & Claws Mattress Dog Bed fits bigger dogs like a Siberian Husky or Golden Retriever. It sports the special Autumn Foliage design that’s both stylish and pleasing.

It makes for the perfect spot where your dog can sleep all day under your loving watch. That’s because its fabric provides great comfort and warmth.

Moreover, a non-slip base keeps the bed from moving around for your pet. It is also resistant to allergens and bacteria, provided you frequently clean the mattress.

It doesn’t have sidewalls, however, so if your pet loves a little bit of freedom, you won’t go wrong with this one. Moreover, the bed can be purchased at a great price!


  • Stylish design
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Non-slip base
  • Value for money


  • Not chew-resistant


7) Pet Bunk Bed – Sandy Beige

Best For Providing services to many industries
Materials Frame: Polypropylene resin Plastic construction, Plush Cushions
Size 23.5 in. L x 16 in. W x 20 in. H.
Prices $149.00


If you have toot many tiny fur babies in one house and not enough dog beds, then this Keter Pet Bunk Bed might be what you’re looking for.

Who would have thought that bunk beds are possible even for pets? This Pet Bunk Bed is suitable as pet beds for 2 small sized pets. It comes with 2 washable cushions and the set up can also be used as a pet crate or travel carrier.

The whole structure when set up as a bunk bed has a size of 23.5 in. L x 16 in. W x 20 in. H. and comes in a Sandy Beige color. But this set-up can also be detached and can be made into 2 single beds instead of one.

The structure is also made of polypropylene resin Plastic construction which makes it weather resistant. It also makes it durable and low maintenance as it resists damage from many elements, whether it’s place out on the porch or inside the house.

The Keter Pet Bunk Bed is fun and innovative that both you and your fur babies might enjoy.


  • Innovative 2-in-1
  • Perfect for 2 small dogs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable frames
  • Washable cushions


  • Not for big dogs
  • Dogs can out-grow


8) VIP Bed

Best For Joint Relief
Materials N.Z. Wool, Cotton Cover
Size Click on the “Shop Now” link for the full range of shapes & sizes
Prices Starts at $160.00


VIP Beds are made to cater to dogs who suffer from joint pain. It features a circular bed surrounded with a draught protecting wall.

The mattress fillings are made from knopped wool, which has the effect of massaging its user, relaxing them, and relieving joint pain. Its 100% cotton cover ensures easy breathability and cleaning as well.

It comes in various designs and sizes, with the latter ranging from extra small to extra large. This therapeutic dog bed will be able to comfortably accommodate your dog no matter the breed.


  • Perfect for dogs with joint pain
  • Filled with massaging knopped wool
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Wide range of colours available


  • Only comes in one shape


9)  Barkyard Pets Dog Gone Crate Pad with Wool Sherpa Navy

Best For Travelling: bed or car seat cushion
Materials Wool Sherpa, cotton
Size Small – 15″x20″ (37.5 x 50 cm) | Large – 19″x24″ ( 47.5 x 60 cm )
Weight 4.5 – 11.4kg
Price $25.00


The Dog Gone Crate Pad with Wool Sherpa is ideal for the messy puppy and older dogs alike because of its easy-care fabric. It is designed to fit most standard-sized crates and carriers.

To add to this, the pad’s 100% soft cotton fabric on one side makes the mattress cool in the summer while the reversed sherpa side provides extra warmth in the winter. It serves its purpose for all types of weather, your dog will just flop down wherever they see their favourite mat.

Overall, the best part of this pad is its easy-carry feature that’s great for travelling! These plush pads can be used as a bed or a protective car seat cushion. In the end, the Dog Gone Crate Pad with Wool Sherpa is the product you didn’t think you need, but once you have it, something you won’t want to live without.


  • Affordable
  • Fit for standard crates
  • Accepts major credit cards


  • Possible additional tax and delivery charge


10) BagEm Tough Waterproof Dog Bed- Large

Bagem Product

Best For Durability
Materials PVC Backed 600 Denier Canvas, Hessian, Natural Wool

Small 530-550mm x 700mm

Medium 780-800mm x 700mm

Large 1100-1150mm x 700mm

Weight Contact for more information
Price $ 44.95 – $ 105.95


Next on the list is a dog bed perfect for dogs of all ages, especially those who are active and out and about most days.

The Bagem Tough Waterproof Dog Bed is designed with longevity in mind. The bed cover is made from PVC backed canvas with reinforced seams, which makes it waterproof and dirt resistant.

Inside is a Natural Hessian wool-filled bed that is dense, double the thickness, and pet friendly. It’s soft, comfortable, and can accommodate dogs with aching bones.

The Bagem Tough Waterproof Dog Bed is dirt resistant- The dirt can be easily brushed off or the cover can be hand washed easily by a garden hose and brush and left to dry in just a few minutes in the sun. The inner sack bed will stay nice and clean and dry.

The dog bed comes in three sizes, with custom sizes available for request. Available colours are navy blue, forest green, and black.


  •  Available in three sizes 
  • Tough, Waterproof and dirt resistant material
  • Removable Soft wool filled bed
  • 12-month warranty for faulty workmanship only


  • Limited colour options

11) Back on Track Dog Beds and Mattresses

Best For Dog Beds that Promote Wellness and Pain Relief
Materials Welltex ceramic fibre, Polyester-Cotton Welltex, Polyester, Nylon
Size 45×45 cm, 55×55 cm, 65×65 cm, 55×38 cm, 76×58 cm, 86×58 cm, 100×68 cm, 120×74 cm
WeightContact for more information
Price Starts at $79.90


Nowadays, our fur babies have also become our priority. What better way to give them comfort than to provide them with a good dog bed?

From dog mattresses and beds, we have found Back on Track’s canine products very stylish and helpful to our pets.

With their own trademark on Welltex ceramic fibre products, what they manufacture are meant to relieve pain for dogs through infrared waves reflected by their own body heat. Not only do their beds and mattresses provide comfort but they are scientifically proven to improve the health of our fur babies.

If you’re looking for dog beds, you might be interested in their Dog Mattress, Dog/Car Bed Rikki, and Rajah Igloo Bed. For convenience when travelling, they also have travel beds for dogs.

Back on Track offers different dog bed sizes for all breeds. They can also accommodate 4 interest-free payments through Afterpay.


  • Has own trademark on products
  • Beds documented to help alleviate pain in dogs
  • Showroom appointments are available
  • Payments through installments are accepted


  • Limited colour options
  • Limited selection of dog beds and mattresses available



FAQS about the Top Dog Beds in NZ

Do dogs really need dog beds?

It is ideal for them to have one, just like people have their own beds. Besides, a dog bed can make dogs cosy, happy, and alleviate their aches from painful joints.

Do dogs prefer soft or hard beds?

Well, they may want either a soft or hard bed. However, it’s healthier for them to sleep in a dog bed that’s not too soft and not too firm.

Older dogs with arthritis will likely have trouble getting in and out of a soft bed. But if a dog sleeps on a hard surface like on the floor, they may develop problems due to that.

Do dogs need blankets?

Dogs need blankets, especially small ones and pups. So, you have to tuck them in at night to make them sleep in warmth and comfort.

Remember, if you feel cold in a room, they might also be feeling cold. Aside from blankets to keep them warm, you can give them clothing or heating as well.

Where should you put your dog’s bed?

You should put it close to you or your family, in a place away from the noise and pollution, with enough warmth, and also consider where your dog wants to sleep.


And that wraps up our top dog beds in New Zealand list. We’ve chosen some products that are quality made and that will be comfortable and lovely for your canine.

Do you have any questions for us? If you do, kindly send us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Also, you may want to read about the best pet shops in Auckland. You can find snacks, clothing, and toys there that your pooch will surely like!