Best Gaming Mouse in New Zealand
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6 Options for the Best Gaming Mouse in New Zealand

Gaming is an altogether different sphere in terms of using a mouse. To keep you winning against your opponents, you absolutely need the best gaming mouse in New Zealand.

A gaming mouse is an upgraded version of the ordinary mouse. It is designed with a high level of accuracy (CPI), programmable buttons, and sleek design to give comfort for long hours of play.

Currently, as with all things tech, the market is saturated with a lot of brands like Corsair, Logitech, Razer, and others. How do you know which of them is the right one for you?

First things first, we will have to take a look at the basic things to assist you in picking from our choices. Then, after that it will be time to see the top options for the best gaming mouse in New Zealand!

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Here is a quick run through of certain specs you have to look for before buying a gaming mouse.

1)   CPI

CPI basically means counts per inch, which is a measurement that tracks the movement of the mouse over a flat surface (like your mouse pad) in inches and corresponds it to your desktop or laptop. Some brands use the term DPI instead, but it’s the same thing.

Therefore, the higher the CPI, the easier it is to move the cursor on the screen. On the contrary, a lower CPI entails more movement to move the mouse across the screen.

2)   Sensor

All mice are built with a sensor that follows your hand and directs the cursor on the screen. This sensor is found underneath your mouse and looks a bit similar to your smartphone camera.

It’s a mouse’s heart, if you will, because without it you won’t be able to use or move the arrow on your computer.

3)   Shape

Shape pertains to the hand grip design of the mouse. Most mice come in the standard right-hand designs, but left-hand designs or ambidextrous designs have also become common to suit the user.

Shape can also refer to whether the mouse is designed for claw or palm grips. Obviously, you should pick the option that corresponds to your typical way of holding a mouse.

4)   Connectivity

Connectivity is simply whether your mouse connects via wired (via USB) or wireless.

A wired mouse is still widely used in offices, schools, and homes. You can say that wireless mice are becoming more popular for gaming mice, even if they can weigh heavier due to the battery.

There are still users who prefer the reliability and convenience of a wired mouse, though. The lower-quality wireless mice don’t have the precision of a wired one, after all.

5)   Buttons

One key advantage of gaming mice is that they usually come with more buttons for shortcut keys and customisation, letting you have mastery and speed of the controls in the game that you are currently on.

This depends on the games you play and your needs, of course. For most, the standard buttons are fine: the rest of the controls can stay on the keyboard.

But if you prefer quick-press keys available to your right or mouse hand, look for a mouse with a lot of macro keys.

6)   Weight

Another important thing to note is the weight. You would like a mouse you can move around easily but also in a way that feels reliably stable.

Some mice come with weights, but not everyone needs those. Again, this is up to you — is weight adjustability a necessity for you?

The Best Gaming Mouse in New Zealand

Now you have a general sense of how to look for the best gaming mouse in New Zealand for your needs. Without any ado, here are the best gaming mice in New Zealand:

1)   Razer Naga Trinity

Best for MMO

Razer Naga Trinity_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealandPrice: NZ$189.99

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CPI – 16,000 | Sensor – 5G Optical Sensor | Shape: Right-handed | Connectivity: Wired | Buttons: Interchangeable side plates for 2, 7, 12 buttons | Weight: 120g

With 16,000 CPI made possible by a 5G optic sensor, Razer Naga Trinity is indeed the best gaming mouse in New Zealand when it comes to MMOs and strategy gaming. What’s more, it can switch to FPS gaming easily!

Check out the sleek features of the replaceable side plate wherein you can switch up between 2, 7, or 12 buttons that are customisable for your hotkey presses or shortcut keys. That’s a major attraction here, as far as we’re concerned.

It is swift, accurate, and comfortable for palm or claw grips. Also worth noting is the sleek and stylish form factor that can match your desktop.

And bonus, you get a confidence-assuring 2-year warranty to cover any defects or any troubleshooting that may be needed.


  • Hi-performance mouse with speed and precision
  • Interchangeable side plates to best tailor your gameplay
  • Comfortable shape and grip
  • 2-year warranty

2)   Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Best for Gamers with a Larger Hand

Corsair Ironclaw RGB_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealandPrice: NZ$118

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CPI – 18,000 | Sensor – Optical sensor | Shape: Right-handed | Connectivity: Wired (2.0 USB port) | Buttons: 7 programmable buttons | Weight: 105g

Your gameplay experience has never been better with Corsair Ironclaw RGB. It packs an ultra-precise 18,000 CPI carried out by an advanced optical sensor within a lighter 105g body.

Unlike other brands’ mice, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is made to withstand 50 million clicks — all thanks to the Omron switches. You can use this mouse for many years.

Its design is sleek and streamlined, being larger in the area going down. Hence, it is a really great mouse for larger hands and those who hold the mouse in the palm grip.

Additionally, it has onboard memory that saves your macro keys and RGB settings even when you use the mouse on another PC. This is a really convenient and incredible feature.

If you have other Corsair peripherals and CPU, we suggest you check out the iCue software as it has settings and customisation options that react to in-game events through RGB for an immersive play.


  • Superb responsiveness
  • Very light at 105g
  • Made for larger hands and palm grips
  • 7 buttons are customisable
  • Saves your mouse settings and profile
  • Change up the RGB effects

Customer Reviews

One customer named Mike Poland has big hands and he said the Corsair Ironclaw RGB feels really amazing on the hand and that the buttons are well-made and don’t have any rattle on it.

Another customer Wesley wrote a lengthy in-depth review, praising the size and the feel while loving the freedom of customisation. He concludes:

“Overall I love this mouse and would recommend it to anyone looking for a larger mouse with the amount of customization that it offers, the freedom that comes with wireless, and the lower latency that it provides with Corsair’s lightspeed technology.”

3)   Logitech G203 Prodigy

Best for Budget without Compromising Quality

Logitech G203 Prodigy_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealandPrice: NZ$54

Avail Now On Ubuy

CPI – 8,000 | Sensor – Optical sensor | Shape: Ambidextrous | Connectivity: Wired | Buttons: 6 buttons | Weight: 85g

If you’re saving up but still want a gaming mouse that is reliably good, Logitech G203 is your best mouse in New Zealand.

This gaming mouse is able to follow your mouse movements and speed of action through CPI up to 8,000. Note that in the game, you can toggle between two settings whether you are editing a photo or levelling up your stats.

Another highlight is its RGB lights that border its lower contours. You can choose presets or adjust the colour from millions of choices — and can make it sync with high points in the game.

Its symmetrical shape means that both left- and right-handers are able to use this mouse comfortably. And the colours available are white and black.


  • Classic Logitech look
  • Affordable yet reliable gaming mouse
  • Customisable RGB lights
  • Ambidextrous shape

Customer Reviews

Amazon reviews for the Logitech G203 score a high average of 4.6 out of 5 from 2,000+ customer ratings. Users highlighted the good tracking sensors, build quality, feel and value for a cheap price.

Francine commented about this gaming mouse:

“This is a great mouse. i have fairly small hands and a typical “claw” like grip and think this mouse is super comfortable. the software for changing the RGB is really easy to use, and sometimes even gets used in games (like Killing Floor 2.)”

Furthermore, let’s see a part of the review from Liasfur:

“It’s smooth has a decent weight to it, and it’s aesthetically pleasing! The RGB isn’t too crazy which is perfect IMO. The software remembers your configuration from device to device. The colour I set when I’m at home translates to the colour that appears when I plug it into my work PC.”

4)   SteelSeries Rival 600

Best in Overall User-Friendliness

SteelSeries Rival 600_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealandPrice: NZ$159
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CPI – 12,000 | Sensor – TrueMove3 dual optical sensor | Shape: Right-handed | Connectivity: Wired | Buttons: 7 buttons | Weight: 96g or a max of 128g ( with weights)

From its pioneering specs to tracking precision to comfort and usability, the SteelSeries Rival 600 is the best gaming mouse in New Zealand, hands down.

It has optical sensors that go further with the smartly crafted TrueMove3 sensors and new, previously unheard-of 0.5mm lift off sensors for ultimate precision and tracking in gaming.

Combined with the Split Trigger system capable of 60 million clicks without any misfires, lag, or wearing down. It also makes it durable, especially with the demand of more clicking in Esports.

And to ensure that you will be comfortable in using this mouse, the SteelSeries Rival 600 has 8 4g weights you can adjust. You can use these to get just the right feel, weight, and precision with either claw or palm grips.

This gaming mouse is an absolute masterpiece and has been recognised by many publications for its quality — including TechRadar, Rocket Jump Ninja, IGN, Tom’s Hardware, and Tweaktown.


  • TrueMove3 sensors bring unrivalled accuracy
  • Lift-off sensors that won’t throw off the cursor
  • Split Trigger system responds in a real time
  • Customisable with weights to suit you
  • Ideal for Esports or competitive gaming

5)   HyperX™ Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse

Minimalist Looking Gaming Mouse Packing Majestic Features

HyperX™ Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealand

Price: NZ$29.00

Purchase Now On GODMODE

HyperX™ Pulsefire Surge FPS uses the proven Pixart 3310 sensor for accuracy and precision, tailored to hard-core and professional FPS gamers that need an accurate mouse to help them accomplish victorious matchces.

Pulsefire FPS features four DPI presets to fit any play style, and the ergonomic design allows for longer yet comfortable gaming hours. Omron switches and six durable, ultra-responsive buttons give crisp, tactile feedback. The braided cable and large mouse skates help provide smooth, fluid movement.


  • Pixart 3310 sensor and four DPI presets provide extreme accuracy for all FPS playstyles
  • Comfortable ergonomic mouse design with slip-resistant grip
  • Lightweight 95g FPS mouse with optimal weight distribution
  • Six-button mouse featuring ultra-responsive Omron switches | Extra-large mouse skates for smooth movement

6)   Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed_gaming mouse unboxing_top reviews in new zealandPrice: NZ$119.99

Purchase Now On The Market

CPI – 16,000 | Sensor – 5G Advanced Optical Sensor | Shape: Right-handed | Connectivity: Wireless | Buttons: 6 programmable buttons | Weight: 83g (without battery)

If you don’t like any cord tanglements and delays in a decisive game, you can bet on Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed. It has dual modes of Bluetooth and wireless for long, rigorous sessions.

Fast, durable, and lethally precise, it delivers 16,000 CPI thanks to 5G optical sensors. And with 60 million durable clicking and low latency, you can click it extremely fast and still it catches on.

It comes equipped with a brilliant frequency-switching mechanism too that connects with your best connection, so you will always be at the top of your game — and get none of those jitters and lags.

You will come to like its awesome stylish form too, being easy to grip and with a place to rest your thumb. It actually looks futuristic.

Plus, it has onboard storage where you can save up to 5 custom settings. This avoids any wasted time and gets you playing the moment you connect it to a different PC or laptop.


  • Dual mode for either Bluetooth or wireless connectivity
  • Well-built gaming mouse
  • High speed, low drag
  • Stylish design
  • 6 programmable buttons

And there you have it for the best gaming mouse in New Zealand! To win at a tournament, why not tip the chances in your favour with these handpicked gaming mice?

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or comments from our topic we just had? Please comment down below and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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