The 7 Best General Practitioners in Auckland

Best General Practitioners in Auckland

By Amelia Montgomery

Are you looking for the best Auckland doctors? Whether you’re going for some kind of treatment or just a routine checkup, perfect timing, as we have the best general practitioners in Auckland here!

Most of the time, general practitioners or GPs treat a wide variety of symptoms and issues like colds, fevers, asthma, allergies, men/women’s health, urinary tract infections, and the like.

The doctors we chose to help you with such things are caring and dedicated. These are the best Auckland doctors because they have the skills to treat your condition and improve your body’s resistance as well.

So now, let’s go over our roundup of the best general practitioners in Auckland!

1)  Dr Diana Good – Eden Epsom Medical Centre

Dr Diana Good - Eden Epsom Medical Centre's Homepage

Best forMaternity Care and Women’s Health
ServicesWomen’s Health, Paediatrics, Preventative Care, and Skin Cancer
Address475A Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no09 623 6234

For soon-to-be mums who need the best care for themselves and their babies, look for Dr Diana Good. She is an Auckland University graduate and has a background in Obstetrics.

Her fellowship with the Royal New Zealand Colleges of General Practitioners has equipped her with skills in the field of women’s health, paediatric care, and skin cancer.

She also trains medical students in her alma mater, where she was recognised as an Honorary Educator. Due to this, we can say that she’s one of the best general practitioners in Auckland.


  • Completed a postgraduate diploma in Obstetrics
  • Specialises in paediatrics, women’s health, and skin cancer
  • RNZCGP member
  • Honorary Lecturer in Auckland University

Customer Reviews 

Marcia Walker took it to Google Business and wrote:

“Dr Diana Good is a highly experienced and dedicated GP who offers unparalleled care to her patients. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty and is one of the most thorough doctors I’ve known. I would highly recommend this practice to any one moving to the area who is looking for a Good Doctor!”


2)  Dr Kathy McKay

Dr Kathy McKay's Homepage

Best forPreventative Care for Families
ServicesGeneral Health and Preventative Medicine
AddressLevel One, Dingwall building, 87 Queen St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Contact no(09) 373 4055

Book an appointment with Dr. Kathy McKay for a checkup if you want an exam from one of the best Auckland doctors. She is highly experienced and well-trained, having had fellowship with the Royal College in New Zealand.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology. After that, she went on to receive a diploma for genitourinary and obstetrics health.

Her services include but are not limited to general checks, child vaccinations, minor surgeries, asthma, and cardiovascular health. She is very caring with her patients, who often recommend her.


  • Expert GP for preventative and general health
  • Fellow under the RNZCGP
  • Caring to your needs

3)  Hemant Kheterpal – Shortland Health

Hemant Kheterpal's Photo

Best forSleep Apnea and Diabetes
ServicesPaediatrics, Men’s Health, Chronic Care, Contraception, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Accident Care
Address51 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD, New Zealand
Contact no(09) 281 0332

Has a family member complained about your loud snoring while sleeping? Dr Hemant Kheterpal will look into that. He is one of the best Auckland doctors for that sort of thing because he’s an expert in sleep apnea and diabetes diagnosis and treatment.

He came to New Zealand from Delhi, India with a Bachelor of Medicine degree. His services encompass paediatrics, chronic conditions, men’s health, women’s health, and accident care.

Along with this, he can prescribe medicine and treatment to facilitate your healing. He is a friendly, kind, and wonderful doctor — indeed, one of the best general practitioners in Auckland.


  • Has a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree
  • Friendly and nice doctor
  • Specialises in sleep disorders and diabetes

4)  Dr Jamie Shepherd – Mission Bay Doctors

Dr Jamie Shepherd's Photo

Best forEmergency Medicine Doctor
ServicesGeneral Health, Family Health, Skin Medicine, and Injury Management
Address10 Marau Crescent, Mission Bay, Auckland 1071, New Zealand
Contact no09 521 1120

Jamie Shepherd had 5 years of fellowship training for Emergency Medicine in the UK. Today, he’s among the best Auckland doctors and tends to those who are in need of urgent medical care and assistance from injury or an accident.

Apart from that, he can conduct a GP checkup for adults and children in skin medicine, family health, preventative care, vaccination, wound management, and more.

Outside of the Mission Bay clinic, he regularly teaches and assesses medical students at the Royal College in New Zealand. He also stays informed about the most recent studies and treatments.


  • Extensive training in Emergency Medicine
  • Offers general healthcare services
  • Caters to both adults and children
  • Keeps up-to-date on current trends and research

5)  Dr Sally Rushworth – Anne Street Medical

Dr Sally Rushworth's Homepage

Best forTotal Care for the Patient
ServicesRegular Checkups, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Family Planning, Pregnancy Care, Minor Surgery, and Travel Medicine
Address29 Anne Street, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no(09) 445 3483

Dr Sally Rushworth is one of the best general practitioners in Auckland. She puts your needs at the top of her list and provides the best treatment or prevention.

She offers a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions for the family. She focuses in particular on general health issues, sexual health, travel medicine, and minor surgeries and is among the best Auckland doctors for matters like that.

Finishing with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree and a diploma in Obstetrics, she also has a knack for dealing with women’s health and in caring for mothers and their babies.


  • Genuine care for the customer
  • Postgraduate diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Choose an appointment time that suits you

Customer Reviews

A patient wrote from the testimonial slider on Anne Street Medical’s website:

“Dr. Rushworth was wonderful. She is polite, very knowledgeable and has a caring personality. There is no mistaking that the team at Anne Street Medical genuinely care about your health and well-being.”

6)  Dr. Antje Bongartz – Shore Doctors

Best forIntegrative approach
ServicesGeneral Medicine
Address4 Dodson Avenue, Milford
Auckland 0620
Contact no09-486 5482

Dr Antje Bongartz is a general practitioner that specialises in internal medicine. She is partnered with Dodson Medical Centre.

She also has certification in Skin Cancer dermoscopy and surgery. If you’re in need of her services, feel free to schedule a phone or telemedicine video consultation with her.


  • Phone and telemedicine video consultations available
  • Vast working experience

7) Dr Bashir Ahmed – St Lukes Medical Centre

Dr Bashir - St Luke's Medical

ServicesPaediatric and geriatric care, general health screening, COVID testing, mole mapping, minor surgery, weigh reduction, medical exams
Address 99 Saint Lukes Road, Sandringham, Auckland 1025
Contact no+64 9-815 1124

St Lukes Medical Centre has three general practitioners in its team offering general practice, as well as paediatric and geriatric care. These doctors also have certain specialisations, which is why they also offer health checks and other diagnostic tests.

Among its doctors, Dr Bashir Ahmed seems to be the most prominent GP. While he is trained in general medicine, he also has a certificate in dermoscopy and minor surgery.

That said, you should know that Dr Bashir also has the skills and equipment for mole mapping. With this service, this clinic can help with the early detection and treatment of melanoma, the most common cancer in the country.

However, like many other general practice clinics, St Lukes Medical Centre has numerous clients, thus waiting times may take longer than expected. To help avoid overcrowding, the clinic mandates its clients to arrive at least 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment.

Unfortunately, those who are late will then pay additional fees. And you should know, some clients have also complained about this clinic’s receptionist. 


  • Certificate in dermoscopy and minor surgery
  • Mole mapping for early detection of melanoma
  • Caters to children and adults alike
  • Free COVID testing

Customer Reviews

Read these reviews praising Dr Bashir and the clinic for their services and level of patient care:

“Thanks very much to Dr Bashir and the whole team at st lukes medical centre. Recently I had a big hole cut out of my nose and my hand. The reconstruction I needed hardly can be noticed today. The service was excellent. Highly recommended to anyone who needs minor surgery to do with skin cancer etc etc. As I had 3 quotes and this place was 50% cheaper than the rest. I don’t usually don’t write reviews after the great experience I had I thought I better write one. Cheers Aaron Savage”—Radhika Naidu

“I had some difficult times back in the days, and no doctor could tell what is wrong with me so I decided to change my GP to doctor Bashir and that was one of the best decision what I could make. He picked up what is wrong with me on the first visit. Sometimes I have to wait for the doctor for a little while, but I believe it is normal as all the patients who wait in the facility need attention not just me and as they most probably have/has some condition what makes their life chalanging. Thank you Dr. Bashir and all for your Team to be my support when I needed you all!”—Robert Udvardi

And those were the best general practitioners in Auckland. Any one of them can be your family doctor when you’re not well or are just going for a regular checkup.

Any questions about the Auckland doctors we included in this article? If you have any, you can send us a message, and we’ll get back to you in a bit.

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