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The 15 Best Heaters in New Zealand

What’s the point in braving the cold when there are several choices of excellent heaters in the market today? If you’re not sure what kind of heater to get, well, we’re here to help you out!

We carefully selected our top picks for each type of heater to provide you a list that’s based on a product’s quality and heating efficiency. So, whether you’re looking for a portable heater or an infrared one, we’ve got the best heaters in New Zealand right here.

Before we begin, let’s first tackle the question that everyone asks: how do I match room size to the type of heater?

How to Match Room Size to Heater Type

Electric heating should not really be approached with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. There are heaters that are best for heating up an entire room, while others target surfaces or areas.

The size of your room is important too. For most locations, measuring 100W per square meter of your room (assuming your room is the standard height of 2.4m) can give you an idea of how much power your heater needs.

So, to begin, you’ll first start by measuring the length and width of your space (in meters) and getting the area of your room.

Once you’ve determined the area, multiply the result by 100.

For example, if your room is 4m long and 5m wide, it has an area of 20 square meters. Therefore, you’ll need an electric heater with an output of 2000W.

If you live in a colder part of your country or have wooden flooring, you need to choose a slightly more powerful heater to compensate. On the other hand, a warmer area or a carpeted home should choose a heater with less output. 

Small RoomMedium RoomLarge Room
Room Size (Square Metres)5-20 sqm20-30 sqm  30-40+ sqm
Minimum Kilowatts Required1kW-1.5kW (1000-1500W)2kW-2.5kW (2000-2500W)2.5kW+ (2500W)  

Small Rooms (<20sqm)

For rooms that are smaller than 20 square meters, it’s best to get a heater with an output of around 1.5kW or 1500W. You’ll want something that heats up fast but provides uniform heat such as panel heaters or ceramic fan heaters.

Medium Sized Room (20-40sqm)

Living rooms that are around 20 to 40 square meters are best heated with column heaters or convection heaters. While they may not heat up quickly, these heaters can keep a room warm for a longer period.

Large Room (>40sqm)

On the other hand, mica thermic heating is best for large rooms because it combines the advantages of convection heating and radiant heating. Heaters of this type are also quieter and can maintain an even temperature for a longer time.

The Best Heaters in New Zealand

Now that you know how to choose a heater according to your room size, we can now take a look at our selections for the best heaters in New Zealand, categorised by type.

The Best Panel Heaters in New Zealand

Panel heaters draw in cold air, heat it with their panels, and then radiate the warm air. These heaters often use less energy, are lightweight, and can be mounted on a wall.

While a panel heater may not heat up considerably when compared to other heater types, this makes it a better choice in homes with children or pets. Kids and pets are less likely to burn themselves by touching it.

These heaters are also comparatively affordable. As such, it’s not uncommon to use them in tandem with fans or heat pumps.

1. Goldair GEPH211 Eco Panel Heater with Time

Goldair GEPH211 Eco Panel Heater with Time
PRICENZ $119.00
FEATURES24 Hour Timer, Paintable Surface, Wall Mounted
DIMENSIONS597H x 597W x 32mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

If you’re looking for a minimalist panel heater that will blend in nicely and unobtrusively into your home, this Eco Panel Heater from Goldair might just be what you’re looking for. It can even be painted!

With a tile-shaped design and a single visible dial, this energy-efficient panel heater uses radiant or convection technology to bring warmth to a room. We like this heater because it can be mounted on a wall and has a paintable surface so you can customize its color.

Radiating only 425 Watts of heat, this will not make your entire house toasty. It’s best suited for a single small room.

This panel heater is also quiet and has a 24-hour timer, meaning you can set it up to turn off automatically when you wake up. This is most useful when you have multiple units scattered around your home.

If installing on a wall, you’ll need to make sure the switch is oriented upwards, so this means you can only install it in one recommended position. Moreover, remember that it needs to have at least 300mm of space from the floor or any other objects around it.

Overall, it’s a solid heater, if a bit limited in what it can do. Then again, it certainly doesn’t pretend to be more than it is, so as long as you know what you’re getting (a small heater for small rooms), this is a good buy.


  • Easy installation
  • Paintable surface
  • Affordable price


  • Self-assembly required
  • Only suitable for small rooms
  • Low wattage

2. Kent KPE216-147 Slim Panel Heater

Kent KPE216-147 Slim Panel Heater
PRICENZ $159.00
FEATURESAdjustable Thermostat, Digital Led Display, 18-Hour Auto-Off Timer Silent Operation, Over-Heat Protection And Tip-Over Cut-Out Switch, Castors For Easy Portability, Wall Mountable Or Freestanding, Remote Control Included
HEIGHT520H x 795W x 235D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

Despite its size, this panel heater has impressive heat output, thanks to its mica-thermic heating element. The panels on the unit provide around 80% convection heat, while the remaining is radiant heat, which helps it to be more energy-efficient.

However, it only has two settings, namely 1200w and 2000w. Still, this should be more than enough options to warm up a small room.

It has an adjustable thermostat with an LED display that displays the temperature setting as well.

Our only gripe is that the displayed temperature may not reflect the actual room temperature since it only reads the air in the vicinity of the heater. That said, if it’s not warm enough, you can always adjust it with the included remote control.

You’ll either love or hate its grilled front panel, but the best part is that it has castors so that you can wheel it around your home or office. If you would rather have it in a fixed position, it comes with brackets so you can mount it on your wall.


  • Energy efficient
  • Overheat protection
  • Can be wall-mounted
  • Includes remote control


  • Displayed temperature may not be accurate
  • Only two heat settings

The Best Fan Heaters in New Zealand

Small and lightweight, fan heaters blow around the heat evenly and quickly around a room. Given their space-saving size, they are usually personal heaters and are an excellent way to get a quick blast of warmth.

Several models come with a thermostat and can efficiently maintain temperature overnight. They’re considered safe to keep on as you sleep as they usually have a tip-over for extra safety.

If you’re picking one of these, here’s the general rule: the bigger the fan, the better the heat is distributed.

1. Goldair GSFH220 Upright Fan Heater

Goldair GSFH220 Upright Fan Heater
PRICENZ $49.99
FEATURES2 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Easy Access Handle, ‘fan Only’ Setting, Safety Tip Over Switch, Overheat Protection
WATTAGE1800 watts
HEIGHT230H x 210W x 120D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

If you need instant heat in a small area, this upright fan heater from Goldair can get the job done. When we say a small area, we literally mean this – it’s best suited for a place underneath your desk or a small table.

With its 2kW heat output, the GSFH220 claims to instantly warm up a space up to 10sqm, but it won’t be as effective in an open space. With only two heat settings, it’s probably best for small confined spaces like a bathroom.

Moreover, it has a safety tilt switch to prevent it from overheating, which is a welcome addition to this small and affordable device. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can leave it alone and it won’t be a fire hazard.

Some users may find its noise levels a little less than ideal, although it isn’t that much of a deal breaker, in our opinion.

When you consider that it’s portable, affordable, and easy to operate, the Goldair GSFH220 still earns a spot on our list as one of the best fan heaters in New Zealand.


  • Tilt switch for safety
  • Small and portable


  • No timer
  • No remote control
  • Can be noisy

2. Delonghi HVS3032C Steel Elite Fan

Delonghi HVS3032C Steel Elite Fan
PRICENZ $119.00
FEATURESSilent Operation, 3 Power settings, Anti-Frost, Water-Drip Protection
DIMENSIONS30.5H x 22W x 16D mm
WEIGHT0.8 kg

The first thing you’ll notice about the Delonghi 2400W Steel Elite Fan Heater is that it has a gorgeous chrome finish. This small heater isn’t exactly cheap so we’re thrilled it at least looks the part.

The HVS3032C has 3 power settings: 2400W (high), 1400W (medium), and 800W (low). It has an automatic adjustable thermostat and claims to warm up to a 70 square meter room.

Moreover, the Delonghi Steel Elite Fan operates silently, with a noise level of only 38dB(A). However, this measurement only applies when it’s set on the lowest setting and will get louder when used at 2400W.

We also like that it has water drip protection and an anti-frost function that’s automatically enabled when ambient temperatures go below 5°C. For its price though, we would have liked to have an option for a timer to automatically shut off the heater.

The small tabletop format and integrated handles of the HVS3032C let you easily reposition this heater to the areas that need to be warmed up. It can also provide you much-needed ventilation during those extra-hot days with its fan mode.


  • Pleasing chrome finish
  • Anti-frost protection
  • Water-drip protection
  • Lightweight


  • No timer functions
  • Non-serviceable parts
  • Expensive

The Best Radiant (Infrared) Heaters in New Zealand

Rather than heat the air, a radiant heater (or infrared heater) generates its heat internally and projects it onto objects and people’s skin via infrared heat. The air in between the heater and the object is not heated at all.

This means that radiant heaters can provide immediate warmth. You can even feel the heat as soon as you walk within direct sight of the heater –  the closer you are, the warmer it gets.

It’s best to only use radiant heaters when you’re around, though. They shouldn’t be left on.

You should also avoid using this type of heater near the pantry or other food items.

Radiant heaters are best if you’re just occupying an area for a short time, such as using the bathroom, and need to be warmed up quickly. They’re also ideal for long rooms or those with high ceilings.

1. Goldair GIR400 Radiant Heater with Turbo Fan

Goldair GIR400 Radiant Heater with Turbo Fan
PRICENZ $137.99
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Safety Cut-Out, Integrated Carry Handles, Long-Life Radiant Elements, Tip-Over Switch, Instant Radiant Heat
WIDTH530H x 690W x 230D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

The Goldair GIR400 is a sleek-looking 3-bar radiant heater that will look great in any corner of your room.

With its built-in handle, you can easily bring it to any room for instant heat. It’s a little hefty though at 6kg, so the built-in castors are a welcome addition.

However, you’ll need to take extra care when moving it around as it contains no serviceable parts. If it breaks, you’ll need to replace the entire unit, which is our biggest problem with it.

On the other hand, it’s pretty solidly built. So, we can’t say either that it’s likely to actually need service quickly with normal usage.

Using long-lasting quartz tubes, the GIR400 radiates an impressive 2400W of heat. It also has a turbo fan that can help dissipate the warmth evenly and quickly.

With an adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings, the GIR400 is best used for personal heating. From our experience, we can say it’s ideal in a draughty environment.

Note that it has some nice features for safety too, such as a tilt switch to ensure that it only operates in an upright position. It also has a cut-out switch in case of an electrical surge.


  • Uses durable quartz tubes
  • Great looking design
  • Turbo fan to spread heat out evenly


  • Expensive
  • No serviceable parts

2. Goldair GIR300 Radiant Heater

Goldair GIR300 Radiant Heater
PRICENZ $59.00
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Safety Cut-Out, Integrated Carry Handles, Long-Life Radiant Elements, Tip-Over Switch, Instant Radiant Heat
HEIGHT260H x 570W x 210D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

Whether you love its modern design or think that it might eject a piece of toasted bread at any moment, the GIR300 is a fantastic personal heater.

Similar to the GIR400 mentioned above in specifications, the GIR300 is presented in a more horizontal form factor. Its low stance makes it ideal to set up on the floor, especially since its front angles slightly upwards.

Although it’s lightweight and has a built-in carry handle, it’s best left stationary instead of carrying it from room to room. Just like its cousin, the GIR300 has non-serviceable parts… and just like its cousin, that’s our main gripe with it.

It also comes equipped with a tilt switch and cut-out switch for extra safety. However, you’ll want to keep children away as their fingers can easily slip through the grills.

Regardless, you can choose your level of comfort with its 3 heat settings and be mesmerized by the glow of its 3 quartz bars. Its wider angle of coverage makes it ideal to set next to a sofa or a bed so that you can benefit from its direct warmth.


  • Horizontal design for wider coverage
  • Vintage-like design
  • 3 heat settings


  • May not be suitable around children
  • Non-serviceable parts
  • No castors

The Best Oil Column Heaters in New Zealand

Oil column heaters heat the oil inside their metal fins, which then produces warm air. These types of heaters are known to give out a soothing and uniform warmth.

Although they may take longer to warm up and have a tendency for their heat to get trapped in rooms with high ceilings, they are quiet and safe to leave on for extended periods of time.

Column heaters are also heavy and tend to have hot surfaces. So, it’s not fully advisable to have them near flammable materials, pets, or small children.

1. Nouveau N8OC120 Oil Column Heater

Nouveau N8OC120 Oil Column Heater
PRICENZ $54.98
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Safety Tilt Switch Feature, Easy Carry Handle and Portability, Castor Wheels, Quiet Operation
HEIGHT600H x 335W x 235D mm
WARRANTY1-Year Warranty

This ultra-slim oil column heater from Nouveau can quickly circulate oil through its 7 fins to gently heat up a small area. With its vertical space-saving design, it can easily fit anywhere in your home or office.

With a carry handle and castors, it can easily be transferred from room to room. While it can easily blend in with its surroundings, the cord length is a little short at 1.5m, so you’re limited to putting it near a wall socket.

However, according to Nouveau, the N8OC120 is ideal for heating a room measuring less than 10sqm. You can select the level of comfort you want from its 3 heat settings and regulate the temperature with its adjustable thermostat.

There is some self-assembly required to this unity by the way, but it’s quite easy to put together out of the box.


  • Has castors for easy transport
  • Vertical and slim space saving design
  • 3 settings


  • Short power cord
  • Self-assembly needed

2. Goldair GOC350 Oil Column Heater

Goldair GOC350 Oil Column Heater
PRICENZ $159.00
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Independent Fan Heater, 24 Hour Timer, Castor Wheels, Safety Tip Over Switch,
HEIGHT640H x 270W x 540D mm
WARRANTY 2 year warranty

The Goldair GOC350 is an 11 Fin Oil Column heater that is ideal for bringing some warmth to larger rooms of your home. It even has a ceramic turbo fan built into the unit to help the heat spread out quicker when the weather is chillier than usual.

It features an adjustable thermostat with 3 heat settings, although we particularly like that it has a timer. You can set it and forget it while you go to sleep and have it turn off right before you wake up.

When you’re done using it, you can easily wheel it away into another room with ease, thanks to its castors. Its slim profile makes it easy to find a spot to set it up in any corner of a room.

Since it has a safety tip-over switch and overheat protection, you can also leave it alone without worrying too much about mechanical failure.

There isn’t much not to like about the Goldair GOC350, in our estimation. It’s built as solidly as the rest of Goldair’s offerings (though it could look a bit better, honestly) and works pretty dependably.


  • Turbo fan accelerates warmth
  • 24-hour timer
  • High wattage


  • Heavy
  • Design could be improved

The Best Oil-Free Column Heaters in New Zealand

To take away the cold lingering in your home, oil-free column heaters use an element in lieu of oil to heat up the metal fins. This makes heating much faster and it’s ideal for medium-sized rooms.

However, you may want to avoid using oil-free column heaters in places with high ceilings and larger rooms. As with oil column heaters, the heat they generate can get trapped at the ceiling.

1. Dimplex ECR24TIFB Oil Free Column Heater

Dimplex ECR24TIFB Oil Free Column Heater
FEATURES24-Hour Timer
DIMENSIONS280 x 505 x 635 mm
WARRANTY7-Year Domestic Warranty

The Dimplex ECR24TIFB features an improved design that claims to be more eco-friendly by saving electricity. Since it’s oil-free, it can provide deliverable heat 8 times faster than oil-column heaters in its class.

Without the oil, this heater is lighter and easier to move around as well. It also has a removable panel that houses the built-in handle, which is also where you can store the cable to keep things neat.

It has a built-in turbo fan that helps to provide dissipated heat to a room quicker and faster than regular oil column heaters. From what we’ve seen, it’s only most efficient when heating up a room to 20-degrees Celsius, though.

With three different heat settings, the ECR24TIFB’s 9 fins can deliver up to 2400W of heat. Since it has a 24-hour mechanical timer, you can also safely leave it on as you go to bed.


  • 7-Year domestic warranty
  • Heats up quicker than oil column heaters
  • Has a built-in turbo fan


  • Short power cord
  • Only at its most efficient when used to warm to 20-degrees Celsius

The Best Flame Effect Heaters in New Zealand

Flame effect heaters are modern heaters designed like a traditional fireplace or wood-burning stove. Many people prefer these heaters because they’re more eco-friendly and convenient.

These healers light up with different LED effects too so you get the visual warmth of a fire without having to worry about safety, cost, and maintenance. The temperature is typically adjustable too.

1. Dimplex Ritz Portable Electric Fire Heater

Dimplex Ritz Portable Electric Fire Heater
FEATURES2 Heat Settings., Freestanding And Portable, Energy Efficient Led Lights, Optiflame
DIMENSIONS597H x 510W x 340D mm

The Ritz Portable Electric Fire Heater is a flame effect heater meant to provide a more convenient way to heat your home… but with the stylish traditional look of a wood-burning stove.

With a matte black finish and actual working door, this offering from Dimplex will fit in nicely with your current decor. Its patented Optiflame provides realistic flames via LED lights without the hassle or odor you’d expect from a real fire.

We particularly like that you can just use the flame effect without warmth just to set the mood in your living space. Moreover, since it’s freestanding and portable, you can instantly change the mood in any room.

However, you’re probably getting the Ritz for its heating, and as a fan heater, it delivers a 2kW (2000W) heat output that will keep you toasty and warm. That’s more than respectable!

Controlling it is fairly easy too. The heater has 2 adjustable heat settings that can provide heat in a room up to 20sqm in area.


  • Optiflame LED’s are realistic
  • Great design with working door
  • Can use just the flame effect without warmth


  • No castors
  • Short power cord

The Best Convector Heaters in New Zealand

Convector heaters follow the same concept as an oil column or panel heater, taking in the air outside and heating it to diffuse throughout the room.

Your average convector heater is light and easy to switch from one place to another, and when it functions, it doesn’t make annoying noises.

Due to their capacity, convector heaters are usually best used in medium-sized rooms.

1. Delonghi HSX3324FTS Slim Style Convector Heater

Delonghi HSX3324FTS Slim Style Convector Heater
PRICENZ $299.00
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, 24-Hour Timer, Wall-Mountable, Safety Auto-Off
DIMENSIONS683 x 90(200) x 460 mm
WARRANTY1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

With a slim, minimalist, and modern design, the Delonghi HSX Slim can provide heat in a room up to 70 cubic meters.  It has a lateral fan system that gives an extra boost to the heat and evenly dissipates across the room.

We really like the way it provides a gentle blanket of uniform warmth. With 3 heat settings, you can also set it at temperatures of 2400W, 1400W, and 1000W, so it’s easy to find the point you find most comfortable.

It has a 24-hour timer so you can leave it on while you sleep. It also features an anti-frost and a safety tip-over function to ensure that the appliance is not a hazard in your home.

The Delonghi HSX Slim also has a handle for easy transport, but you can mount it on a wall with its included wall bracket.

However, this means the back of the unit is not as visually pleasing as the front. This is something to keep in mind when you place it in a room.

It works better when you start it on the highest setting, by the way. That seems to quickly warm up the space, so you can just turn it down to medium later to maintain the temperature.

It’s a little noisy at the highest setting, is our only complaint, but you most likely won’t need to use it at that level for prolonged periods anyway.


  • Can be mounted to a wall
  • 3 power settings


  • Noisy on highest setting
  • Back of unit is not visually pleasing

2. Goldair GCV340 Convector Heater

Goldair GCV340 Convector Heater
PRICENZ$ 139.99
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Electronic Thermostat, Turbo Fan, 24 Hour Countdown Timer, LCD Display, Remote Control, Overheat Protection,
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

With a clean and classy design, the Goldair GCV340 is ideal for medium and large rooms that need some extra warmth. It features 3 heat settings and a turbo fan to quickly spread warmth throughout the room.

Unlike most heaters in its price range, it features an LCD display and remote control, making it convenient for you to change the settings without having to get up and flip a dial. The electronic thermostat helps you regulate temperatures easier as well.

If you have this heater set up in a child’s room, you may want to make sure all your settings are adjusted, though, as it makes quite a loud beeping tone when you adjust any of the settings.

Nevertheless, its solid front panel will blend it nicely with any modern furnished room. With 3 heat settings, it can deliver up to 2300W of heat in your designated place.

It also features a 24-hour timer, but do they take note it’s a countdown timer. This means you can only set it to shut off at a certain time, but not to turn on.


  • Has 24-hour timer
  • Uses a digital display
  • Clean design


  • Off timer only
  • Loud beeping sound

The Best Micathermic Heaters in New Zealand

Micathermic heaters are very efficient heaters that work as both oil-based columns and radiant heaters. One difference is they use mica sheets instead of oil to heat up whilst they can also direct the glowing heat element toward people and furniture.

The heating process only takes a minute and gives warmth and dryness to larger spaces effectively.  A self-regulating thermostat in them keeps the temperature even in the house.

1. Goldair GMH360 Micathermic Heater

Goldair GMH360 Micathermic Heater
PRICENZ$ 299.99
FEATURES3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, 360 Degree Heating, Fan Assist, Safety Tip-Over Switch
HEIGHT580H x 305W x 305D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

The Goldair GMH360 doesn’t look like your average heater – but that can be a good thing. Some will like it and some won’t: we belong to the former group.

Anyway, this mica thermic heater can pump out 2200W of power. This makes it suitable for larger rooms.

Its tubular shape is unique because it can provide 360-degree heating, so we’re guessing it’s best suited to be placed in the center of the space that needs warmth. It features double heating sides so that it can create a more uniform blanket of warmth.

With 3 heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a safety tip-over switch, it ticks every box on the list of standard features a heater should have. However, what sets it apart is how quickly it can heat up your room, especially with its fan assist.

This heater also tends to shut off the thermostat when it reaches a specific temperature. So, depending on the way heat is retained in your room or the way it dissipates, this can be an issue.

Overall, though, we really liked it. Quiet, unobtrusive, and effective, it’s definitely among the best heaters we found.


  • Quiet operation
  • No glowing parts
  • 360-degree heat dissipation


  • Thermostat may turn off unwantedly
  • Short power cord

The Best Ceramic Heaters in New Zealand

Ceramic heaters are akin to fan heaters and are available in personal or tower models. The air is heated up through PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic: heat is transferred to the metal fins and is then blown away by the fan.

Light and portable, ceramic heaters don’t employ radiant heat. Therefore, they are safer options to use than other heaters.

1. Goldair GSCH215 Black Ceramic Heater

Goldair GSCH215 Black Ceramic Heater
PRICENZ$ 79.99
FEATURES2 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Safety Tilt Switch, Overheat Protection
HEIGHT240H x 185W x 160D mm
WARRANTY2-Year Warranty

It looks like a Bluetooth speaker but this small portable ceramic fan heater from Goldair can pack a punch as well. Giving you 1500W of warmth with its 2 heat settings, this is a lot of heat in a small package.

Due to its ceramic elements, it is the ideal heater to bring around with you or to transport from room to room. However, if you live in a small apartment, you may not need to move it around because it can probably heat up your cozy space quickly.

Since it has no glowing parts, it’s generally considered safer. You can even turn it on, leave it in a room for 15 minutes, and come back to a warm room after.

If you don’t need the heat, it also has a fan setting that’s perfect to use on hot days. Since it’s extremely portable, you can set it up anywhere in your home when you’re feeling under the weather.

We do think the design could be a bit better in terms of sturdiness – it certainly doesn’t feel nearly as solid as its more expensive cousins from Goldair. Still, it’s not a bad buy for the price!


  • No assembly needed
  • Super portable
  • Can heat up a small room in 15 minutes or less


  • Not very durable
  • No timer settings

2. Delonghi HFX60V20 Bendline Ceramic Fan Heater

Delonghi HFX60V20 Bendline Ceramic Fan Heater
PRICENZ$ 146.99
FEATURESAnti-frost Function, Dust Filter, Eco Mode, Swivelling Function
DIMENSIONS232H x 181W x 351D mm

This 2000W heater from Delonghi can warm spaces up to 60 cubic meters. With its futuristic design, it can easily be the centerpiece of any room.

Its electric control panel is easy to use, but you can use the remote control as well. You can even select its special Eco mode for it to switch to energy-saving operation.

What’s more, the Delonghi Bendline Ceramic Fan Heater is ideal for instant and direct heating. What sets it apart from the rest is that it swivels and oscillates – the automated swing helps to heat up the room more uniformly.

It even has a dust filter to ensure that it doesn’t blow out any harmful particulates that could cause respiratory problems.

Featuring frost protection below 7 degrees, it will automatically switch on when the ambient temperature drops to a certain level. This ensures that even if you’re sleeping, you’ll be toasty and warm until you wake up.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Silent operation even on high levels


  • Fan setting doesn’t work as well
  • Remote is not very durable

FAQs about the best heaters in New Zealand

And that’s it for our list of the best heaters in New Zealand! We hope you found a heater to keep you warm for the winter!

Did we miss a heater that you’re using? Tell us about it by sending us a message!

Now, if you decided that you’d rather get a heat pump instead, fear not! We’ve got a list of the best heat pumps in New Zealand to help you out!