Best Ice Cream Shops in Queenstown

Scoops of Heaven: The Best 3 Ice Cream Shops in Queenstown

Did you know that New Zealand claims the global crown for ice cream consumption? That’s right, Kiwis go crazy for creamy ice cream goodness, and nowhere churns more cones than Queenstown.

How do we know that? Obviously, by having downed pints of that good stuff in Queenstown ourselves! And after having one too many scoops of hokey pokey, we know all the best places to go in town! So, grab your spoon and get ready to dig into some ice cream with us.

1. Mrs Ferg Gelateria

Mrs Ferg Gelateria

Address: 40 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 10 PM

Phone: +64 3 441 1205

Forget your run-of-the-mill cones and scoops, Mrs. Fergs’s Gelateria is an artisanal gelato paradise that will leave your tastebuds doing cartwheels.

Their caramelised white chocolate and macadamia ice cream is pure dessert decadence. And one scoop of their passionfruit and stracciatella is like a tropical vacation for your tongue—taking you to sun-drenched beaches with every bite.

If you’re craving something rich, go for their dark chocolate mudcake. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it will leave you in pure bliss.

And their dream team is the hazelnut and the hokey pokey—a match made in heaven. It’s like taking a bite of a Ferrero Rocher, only far more satisfying with the added bits of toffee.

Pro Tip: They cater to all dietary needs with a selection of delicious vegan flavors. From the creamy, coconut-based options to their fruit sorbets, you won’t miss the dairy one bit.

2. Patagonia Chocolates

Patagonia Chocolates

Address: 2 Rees Street, Cnr of the Mall, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 11 PM

Phone: +64 3 409 2465

Calling it ice cream at Patagonia Chocolates feels like an understatement. Gone are the days of store-bought wafer cones because at Patagonia, you’ll get waffle cones dipped in rich, melted chocolate.

One scoop to consider is the coffee and cream. It’s not your average café ice cream. Patagonia uses real Colombian coffee, its bitterness subtly woven into the creamy base.

For a burst of fruity sweetness, the boysenberry is a must-try. The taste is pure sunshine.

But Patagonia’s crown jewel is the mascarpone cheese and forest. The creamy mascarpone is reminiscent of an Italian cheesecake and studded with sweet berries and tangy black currants.

Pro Tip: Head upstairs, where the windows reveal breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and the bustling pier. 

Cookie Time

Address: 18 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand


  • Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM

Phone: +64 03 442 4891

Cookie Time is legendary for its colossal, chewy cookies—melt-in-your-mouth giants loved by Kiwis and tourists alike. But what they won’t tell you is that their ice cream deserves a standing ovation of its own.

Their salted caramel and cashew ice cream is crunchy and buttery, and you’ll be humming its praise as long after your last spoonful. And their hokey pokey ice cream is a classic reinvented here.

For chocoholics, their chocolate fudge brownie ice cream is rich and delicious. And of course, you have to try one of their famed ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Pro Tip: Give their ice cream shakes a try!