10 Shops for the Best Interior Doors in Auckland

Best Interior Doors in Auckland

Along with walls and sections, interior doors complete the architecture of the house. If you are thinking of having them put up, we’ve compiled the companies providing the best interior doors in Auckland.

Interior doors express the character of your house as a part. Mostly situated along the hallways or nestled beside each other, it’s the first thing you see as you enter or go out of the room.

Lots of designs are available such as minimalist, simple or elegant. Choosing the wrong one makes that door seem out of place and goes against the style and feel of your house.

As long as you have experts who will install it for you (even make it for you if so desired), you are sure to find the door of your dreams.

So without any more delay, here are the companies selling the best interior doors in Auckland!


1)  Hi Qual Doors and Stairs

Hi Qual Doors and Stairs' Homepage

Products Doors, Handmade and Joinery Doors, and Stairs
Address 16 Ashfield Rd, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no. 09 443 4805
Website https://www.hiqualdoors.co.nz/

Need new quality interior doors for your new house? Hi Qual Doors and Stairs is a terrific choice in Auckland.

They can provide your home with interior and exterior doors, handcrafted doors, and stairs. Their durable and elegant doors of many colours are supplied by Hallmark Group and Superior Doors.

Owned by Roddy Ball and Darran Mudaliar, they have decades of experience in the door and stairs industry. And they will give you valuable tips and advice on what doors are best for your home.

For their workmanship, knowledge, and friendly service, be it one-off or full house, Hi Qual Doors and Stairs can’t be skipped among the providers of the best interior doors in Auckland.


2)  Doormakers Ltd

Doormakers Ltd's Homepage

Products Interior Doors, External Doors, Door Hardware, Cupboard Organisers
Address 36 Angle Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
Contact no. +64 09 634 6300
Website http://www.doormakers.co.nz/

Another of the best interior door companies in Auckland is Doormakers Ltd. It offers superb-quality doors that are hollow-cored, solid-cored, wooden or with an MDF finish.

If you can’t find the door that you want for your home or office, the company also specialises in producing a new one, even with translucent panels, or embossed aluminium for creative styling.

Beside that, they also make external doors, cupboards, and door accessories like knobs, sliders, locks, and etc. Don’t forget that they can install it for you too — like all those drilling, cutting holes and stuff.

You can expect your home will look elegant and inviting with the help of Doormakers Limited! That’s why they provide some of the best interior doors in Auckland.


3)  The Door Shed

The Door Shed's Homepage

Products Interior Doors, External Doors, Sliding Doors, Barn Doors, Prehung Doors, Door Hardware
Address 6C Link Drive,Wairau Valley, Auckland, NZ (North Shore Store)

6 Morrin Rd, Panmure, Auckland, NZ (Panmure Store)

Contact no. 09-930 7407 (North Shore Store)

09-574 0327 (Panmure Store)

Website https://www.doorshed.co.nz/

If you need any sort of door to your terrace, room, or bathroom, you should visit the Door Shed stores located in either North Shore or Panmure Stores. They’re another of the top companies selling the best interior doors in Auckland.

They have a slew of hollow, bifold, barn, prehungs, french doors, louvres and sliding doors to choose from with varying textures and materials used.

These are supplied by local manufacturers that produce well-crafted and premium doors and hardware. They include Renall, Corinthian Doors, Sylvan, Miles Nelson, and others.

And if you can’t find your door in their existing inventory, you can have it customised. The staff can visit your house to measure and assess what else is needed.

Furthermore, check out their door hardware in order to equip door stops or guards on your door. Besides carrying some of the best interior doors in Auckland, they also provide some excellent door hardware.


4)  Superior Doors

Superior Doors' Homepage

Products Polystyrene Doors, Grooved Doors, Steel Inserts, Oversized Doors, and Custom Sized Doors
Address 70 Hunua Rd, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact no. +64 9 298 5027
Website http://www.superiordoors.co.nz/

A proud Kiwi manufacturer and company, Superior Doors boasts the largest selection of interior doors that other companies get their supply from. All their raw materials are from New Zealand.

What sets them apart from other companies is one thing: innovation. They continually try and invent new things that give a deluxe quality to their doors (which make use of polystyrene cores).

They offer a range of polystyrene core doors and steel inserts, both firsts in the Kiwi industry. The former is substantially durable, whereas the latter shield against moist and hot conditions.

No matter what size or texture you like for your door, they can do custom work too. With them, you’ll be sure to find what you have been looking for.

Hence, Superior Doors is indeed one of the vendors of the best interior doors in Auckland or even the whole country.


5)  Visual Hardware

Products Handcrafted Artisan barn door
Address 1/84A Elizabeth Knox Place, St Johns, Auckland
Contact No. [email protected] | 0800 111 005
Website https://www.visualhardware.co.nz/

Visual Hardware specializes in barn door sliding hardware and set size barn doors. They also have a range of handles, decorative hardware, shelf brackets, and pipe hardware.

If you want something timeless, their Artisan Door range and Iron soul brand embrace the charming feel of the very essence of barn doors creating a homely rustic style. Visual Hardware also has a range of more contemporary options in their aesthetic barn door hardware range. Their most popular barn door hardware can also be in stainless steel or white, creating a very sleek modern look. They have options for all personal tastes so you are able to achieve the style you set out to create.


6)  Won-Door

Products Won-Door DuraSound
(acoustic barrier)
Acoustically rated Aluminium Accordion Folding PartitionWon-Door DuraFlex
(sight/privacy barrier)
Non-acoustic rated Aluminium Accordion Folding PartitionWon-Door FireGuard
(fire & smoke barrier)
Steel Horizontal Sliding Accordion Fire Door
Address Unit 1 29B Alfred Street
PO Box 13-381 Onehunga
Auckland, New Zealand
Contact No. 0800 688 555
09 634 2242
[email protected]
Website https://www.won-door.co.nz/

Won-Door is the world’s largest manufacturer of accordion-type folding partitions. Offering the most cost-effective partition in the market, Won-Door folding partitions perform multiple functions, cost less to install and maintain, while lasting longer than any other folding partition.


7)  Fit Easy Door Company

Fit Easy Door Company's Homepage

Products Split Jamb Prehung Doors, Grooved Doors, Standard Doors, Cavity Sliders, Sliding Wardrobes
Address Unit 2, 4 Waikaukau Rd,

Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Contact No. 09 818 4398
Website http://fiteasydoors.co.nz/

Ordinary doors can be quite laborious to set up. But if you’d like to save time and effort, you could do away with the patented Split Jamb prehung door by Fit Easy Door Company.

All it takes is 10 minutes of your time with the necessary tools to fit the Split Jamb unit. But before you buy, it will be handy if you have noted down the measurements to get the right size.

With over 30 years of experience, Fit Easy is your quality door provider if you want the best interior doors in Auckland made from materials from New Zealand. They have grooved, standard, sliding doors, plus wardrobe sliding doors.

Customers have praised the quality of the split jamb unit and the fact that it takes just a few minutes to install it. This innovative door is worth a try of one of the best interior doors in Auckland.


8)  Doorways

Products Interior Doors, External Doors, Fire Doors, Hardware, Wardrobes, Cavity Sliders
Address 428 Church Street East Penrose Auckland
Contact No. 09 571 0605 | [email protected]
Website https://www.doorways.co.nz/

Doorways is a one-stop-shop for all your needs at home and this includes their best interior doors in Singapore. Through their several decades of experience, their collections have been consistently following the market trends with their classic and stylish designs.

They feature moulded panels, solid timber, veneer, and many more styles and patterns that’ll surely complement any home interior design. They also have door renovation services in case you’ve done through home renovation and noticed that your old door is already out of style.


9) Trans-Space Doors

Products Operable Walls | Movable Walls
Glass Operable Walls
Frameless Glass Folding Walls
Compact Doors | Concertina | Accordion Doors
Sliding Doors | Cavity Sliders
Designer Entrance Doors | Front Doors
Address 12 Lovegrove Crescent, Otara PO Box 58-070, Greenmount
Manukau 2141, Auckland, New Zealand
Contact No. 0800 423 667 | [email protected]
Website http://www.trans-space.co.nz/

For the best moveable wall solutions, worry no longer– Trans-Space has your back. They guarantee that whatever you may need, they’ll deliver it right away.

Working for almost 60 years in the field, they pride themselves on their experience and expertise– they will surely meet your requirements as a client. They have a wide range of services, from moveable walls to sliding doors. Every wall and door they produce has a 12-month warranty.

As a client, you don’t have to worry about the quality of their products. Trans-Space Doors operates under stringent quality control systems to ensure that their world-class products remain high quality.


10) CKR Doors Limited

Products Roller Shutters
Roller Grills
Sectional Doors
Automatic Doors
Operable Walls and Doors
Overhead Closer’s
Fire Exit Doors
Address Pakuranga Heights Auckland – 2010
Contact No. 09 576 4973 / 02108638199 | [email protected]
Website http://www.ckrdoors.co.nz/

CKR Doors understands the importance of time for every individual, which is why they do the best they can to ensure that anyone will be able to use the doors they install easily and immediately.

Their experienced team guarantees that their clients will receive only the best service. They can install and service all kinds of automatic and manual doors no matter the location– may it be commercial or industrial premises. They’ve also started making their own doors, specifically for shops and factories.

If you ever need a door for your property, CKR Doors is at your disposal. Whether it’s for rapid rise doors, insulated freezer doors, or loading dock equipment, give them a call– they can provide you with a variety of solutions.

And with that, we conclude the list of vendors with the best interior doors in Auckland. There are all sizes and shapes of doors that will go well with your home or office in this list.

Do you have any questions about what we discussed? Send it our way via the comments and we will answer as soon as possible.

If you plan to conduct a semi-annual check to see if the locks in your house or office are still working or if you intend to add more locks to your new doors, by the way, you can read about the best locksmiths in Auckland.

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