The 4 Best Places to Live in New Zealand for Young Professionals

The 4 Best Places to Live in New Zealand for Young Professionals 

The best places to live in New Zealand for young professionals are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Wanaka. This is because these places are noted for their strong business power, numerous career offerings, and attractively modern culture and lifestyle.

Read on to learn more about each place and what makes them the best for young career people. If you want to see key data about each of the 4 places at a glance, however, start by checking this table:

PlaceBest for which industry/fieldMonthly living expenses for a single person (in NZD)Common recreational/weekend activities
AucklandCorporate business and job opportunities$1,655.17 Hiking, outdoor sports, sightseeing
WellingtonGovernment job positions$1,464.61 Water activities, sports, art gallery hopping, cycling
ChristchurchConstruction and manufacturing industry$1,357.27 Skiing, swimming and sunbathing, outdoor sports
WanakaHospitality and tourism sector$1,500 to $2,000 Lake activities, hiking, cafe hopping

1. Auckland


Auckland is the most populous city in New Zealand, it has an urban population of about 1,440,300. It is the major economic and financial center of New Zealand with an advanced market economy in finance, commerce, and tourism. 

It is the business center of the nation and home to approximately 1.5 million people, attracting a large number of expats. Also worth noting is that Auckland Central Business District is where the majority of New Zealand’s largest firms are located.

It offers a variety of options for the young professional population wishing to pursue a career in the arts, music, culture, sports, etc. There are also job opportunities for young professionals in the government, the tourism industry, and other professions. 

Auckland Young Professionals

You can also make use of Auckland Young Professionals here. It’s a unique platform where people in their first 15 years of employment may connect with like-minded people and advance their careers. 

As a result, this cosmopolitan city offers the best employment, educational, and healthcare prospects in New Zealand.

Why is Auckland the best place to live for young professionals? 

Why is Auckland the best place to live for young professionals
  • Auckland is the best place to live for business positions – As it is the biggest city in New Zealand, you will find many different professional positions here. You will find most major and global companies operating in the Central Business District (CBD). 
  • Auckland Young Professionals (AYP) – It is a unique platform where those within the first 15 years of their career can meet like-minded individuals and develop their skills. They bring together the region’s motivated young professionals through a series of educational and social events. 
  • Auckland Young Professionals Winter Pub Quiz Night – This is one of the events of AYP. It can provide the opportunity for you to network and test your general knowledge at the same time. 

2. Wellington


Given that Wellington has been called the “coolest little capital in the world,” you can tell from the name that there is a lot to attract young people here. 

To start with, there are many things to do and fantastic options for weekend vacations in the Wellington Region, so you’ll never be short on entertainment in the area.

Wellington is also an ideal location for expats seeking the laid-back Kiwi lifestyle and the career opportunities that come with living in a big city.

Wellington Young Professionals

In addition, Wellington Young Professionals can be a helpful resource for a lot of new members of the workforce. It’s a non-profit organization that was founded to support the growth of young professionals in Wellington across all industries.

Since most government departments are in Wellington, a large percentage of its residents work in the public sector. However, the city also has a large number of hospitality jobs in its many cafés and bars and creative professions in the “Wellywood” film industry.

Why is Wellington the best place to live for young professionals?

Why is Wellington the best place to live for young professionals
  • Wellington is the best place to live for careers in the government – Given that Wellington is home to the majority of government departments, a large portion of Wellingtonians are employed in the public sector. If you are a young professional on this specific career path, Wellington is the best option. 
  • Wellington Young Professional (WYP) – This was established in 2008 to give young professionals a welcoming and industry-neutral place to develop their personal and professional abilities. 

They run a range of events for members and non-members alike, focused on promoting networking and professional opportunities. They are a team of young and passionate volunteers who support young professional talent in Wellington. 

3. Christchurch 


Christchurch is a fantastic place to live as it provides you with the energy and excitement of city life while also serving as the ideal location for seeing the rest of the South Island.

In Christchurch, urban renewal and cultural heritage are flourishing. The city is constantly changing, offering residents and visitors new things to discover.

Expect new projects and street art, a thriving hospitality industry, and well-established green spaces. You can also enjoy the benefits of this naturally beautiful location with weekends spent skiing in the winter or at the beach in the summer.

Christchurch Young Professionals

Another thing that makes Christchurch worthy of a young professional’s attention is actually its ongoing effort to rebuild following a decade-old tragedy. The city infrastructure is actually still in recovery after the massive earthquake in 2011.

As a result of the significant reconstruction efforts ongoing, there are numerous job openings in the construction industry in the city.

In addition to that, Christchurch has a strong manufacturing and engineering sector.

At the airport in Christchurch, for example, Air New Zealand maintains a large engineering center with numerous employees. A few other companies have their engineers concentrated in the city as well.

Why is Christchurch the best place to live for young professionals?

Why is Christchurch the best place to live for young professionals
  • Christchurch is the best place to live for engineering and manufacturing positions – Air New Zealand has an engineering center at Christchurch airport that employs many people. As well as this, there is a strong engineering and manufacturing industry in Christchurch. 

Because of the large Earthquake in 2011 and Christchurch is still rebuilding in new creative ways, there are a large number of work opportunities in the construction sector. 

So, if you are a young professional that wants to continue and/or pursue your career in the engineering and manufacturing industry, Christchurch is the best place for you. 

  • Christchurch has stunning natural attractions – The area’s charms mean that it will appeal to nature-lovers by default, especially as it offers such a wide array of outdoor sports opportunities.

4. Wanaka 


Wānaka is the South Island dialect pronunciation of wānanga, which means ‘sacred knowledge or a place of learning’. 

It is nestled in a valley between the Southern Alps, Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand offers beautiful scenery and a variety of activities.

With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities and adventures, Wanaka has something to offer everyone, no matter the weather. 

In the sweltering summers, you may cool yourself in the lake’s cool water and go trekking in the bush, while snowboarding and skiing are some of the best winter activities in Wanaka.

With so many things to do, Wanaka is also a well-liked destination to live in New Zealand for young professionals. 

Wanaka Young Professionals

However, you should be aware that rent costs are relatively high and that it might be difficult to find apartments at reasonable pricing. A single room may easily run you $300 NZD or more a week.

If you include additional costs for food, furniture, clothing, and entertainment, you may estimate that a single person’s monthly living expenses in Wanaka will reach $1,500 to $2,000 NZD.

Though the town is small, you can still find exciting job opportunities that contribute to a great work-life balance, so don’t let the expense of living stop you!

Jobs in the hospitality and tourism sectors are particularly easy to get because Wanaka is so well-liked as a tourist destination in New Zealand.

Why is Wanaka the best place to live for young professionals?

Why is Wanaka the best place to live for young professionals
  • Wanaka is the best place for hospitality and tourism careers – It has a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities and adventures. That’s why tourists tend to visit and stay here. Plus, it offers great opportunities in tourism and hospitality. 
  • Wanaka is a beautiful tourist location – As mentioned above, this is another of the naturally charming places in New Zealand. Thrill-seekers and explorers alike will enjoy this wonderful place as there are many exciting and adventurous activities to try when not at work. 

Best Places for Young Professionals: What did we consider?

Best Places for Young Professionals What did we consider

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best place to live in New Zealand. 

Millions of people will tell you that New Zealand is a great location to live because of the work-life balance, the natural beauty, and the safe living environment.

A healthy balance between work and play is encouraged and working overtime is a rarity in New Zealand. 

This doesn’t imply that people from New Zealand are lazy or unsuccessful. Because they are a less achievement-oriented society, they value all people equally, regardless of money or career.

Nobody can predict exactly how the workplace of the future will appear. However, experts believe that the following seven job fields will have the brightest futures in New Zealand:

  • Medicine and healthcare 
  • Renewable energy and green jobs
  • Information technology 
  • International and environmental law 
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Data science
  • Financial analysis

Adults over 16 must earn at least $18.90 (NZ) per hour, or $756 per week for a typical 40-hour workweek, before taxes. A skilled professional in an industry like engineering pays an average salary of $70,000, with the average salary hovering around $50,000.

As young professionals that are looking for the best place to live in New Zealand, there is sure to be a place in New Zealand that is perfect for you. 

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