The 6 Best Auckland Pest Control Companies

Best Auckland Pest Control Companies

By Ruby Singh

Pests can affect your health and comfort, be it in the home or office. To protect you from that, we’ve collated the best Auckland pest control companies.

Whether you have a band of cockroaches, rats, ants or wasps in your place, your best bet will be to call for pest control. Doing it yourself can put you or your house in danger.

Pest control specialists have the right equipment, tools, and techniques to lure out pests and catch them. Plus, they can protect certain spots or areas in your home to keep the pests away for months or even years.

In any case, before we see the best Auckland pest control companies, let’s answer a few quick queries first. In particular, we’ll go over these:

  1. Why should you hire an Auckland pest control service instead of fixing the problem yourself?
  2. How much does Auckland pest control cost?
  3. How should you pick an Auckland pest control service?

After that, you’ll be better-situated to select one of the pest control companies we’ve listed in this article. Feel free to jump right ahead to the list of companies if you think you already know the answers to the above questions, though!

Auckland Pest Control FAQs

1. Why hire an Auckland pest control service?

It’s not hard to answer this one. Simply put, most infestations can’t be treated by homeowners, no matter how much they might wish otherwise.

Treating pest infestations is generally more complicated than just leaving out rat traps or insecticides. Rodents can breed too fast for your traps to keep up and the same thing may happen with insects… who may also end up being uninterested in the insecticides you lay out for them.

It takes professional know-how to eliminate many pest infestations at the source. Some homeowners may only worsen the problem if they insist on trying DIY pest control methods.

In terms of long-term costs, hiring a good Auckland pest control service even tends to be cheaper than trying to fix an infestation yourself. The savings only go up further if you consider your sweat equity too!

2. How much does Auckland pest control cost?

Well now, this depends on a lot of things: the service, the equipment, the gravity of the infestation, and so on.

That being said, we can give some general estimates for the cost of Auckland pest control here. We’ll also do it by the type of pest control required.

For the cost of ant pest control in Auckland, you may be looking at anything from $130 (for a single-storey treatment) to $450. Note that the $450 typically comes with a warranty on the work, though — services charging this much for ant treatment usually guarantee their work for 12 months.

What about treatments for the other common insects and arachnids? Well, flea treatments, spider treatments, and cockroach pest control in Auckland  more or less cost the same.

For the average 3-bedroom home, for example, you’d probably spend about $160 to $200 for indoor treatments for these pests.

Expect to spend more if you want to add pest control for your outdoor spaces. You should also expect higher prices if the company offers guarantees (a three-bedroom treatment will be more likely to cost $300 with a 6-month guarantee, for example).

The cost of bed bug treatment in Auckland is usually a little higher because of the equipment and effort required. Expect anything from $280 to $350 for a one-bedroom space with 2 beds.

For mice and rats, prices are usually around $200. The cost of Auckland rat removal or mice treatment may be lower for some companies (nearer $130, for example), but that’s usually for single-treatment services that need to be repeated later.

Some pest removal services tend to be charged differently. For instance, if you’re getting Auckland bumblebee removal and relocation, you’ll probably be charged per nest instead (around $100). The same goes for wasp removal in Auckland.

Something similar applies as well to possum removal in Auckland. Companies that charge for this and feral cat removal in Auckland charge per animal caught.

3. How should you hire a pest control company in Auckland?

In other words, how should you pick an Auckland pest control company out of the many available?

We’ve actually made the task easier for you with our list of the companies doing the best pest control in Auckland below. But if you want further advice on how to find a good service, here are some key tips:

  1. Ask for references. You want to be sure that the company has the experience to deal with your issue, after all, and the best way to do that is to ask for references from past customers who’ve had similar infestations.
  2. Get price quotes from 3-5 companies. You have to shop around to get the best prices on pest control services in Auckland. Don’t just go for the lowest-cost one, though — sometimes, the cheapest pest control services in Auckland may actually cost more because they don’t have guarantees on their work.
  3. Ask for guarantees. Any pest control service worth its salt will guarantee its work and even provide free follow-up if something goes wrong or they miss a few pests.
  4. Ask for a detailed treatment plan. Some pest control services may use methods that you don’t like. For example, if you prefer humane treatment of feral animals caught by the service, make sure the company does that. Or if you have pets and kids, make sure they don’t use chemicals that could harm your babies, furry or otherwise.

The Companies for the Best Pest Control in Auckland

Now that you know the answers to the FAQs of pest control services in Auckland, it’s time to see the best pest control services in the area! Here they are:

1)  Pest Control Compared

Areas CoveredPest Control Service Provider Directory
ServicesResidential and Commercial Pest Control
AddressAuckland, New Zealand
Contact no

Find pest control companies anywhere. With Pest Control Compared’s global directory, they guarantee that they can help you find reliable pest control service providers for any pest control job. Pest Control Compared’s contacts are among the best and most experienced in the world.

They are dedicated to providing top-quality pest control services anywhere. Before taking on the pest control job, their generous pest control service providers come for a free inspection to check the infestations in your home. Then, they apply ultramodern pest control techniques that guarantee the total removal of the pests.

Their trusted pest control service providers also make sure that the area they have rid of pests does not become contaminated for the dwellers’ safety. Not only do they get rid of pests, their reliable pest control contacts also take measures to prevent them from coming back, saving you money in the long run.


  • Expansive directory of global pest control service providers
  • Pest control for both residential and commercial spaces

2)  Wild Weta Pest Control

Wild Weta Pest Control's Homepage

Areas CoveredAuckland wide
ServicesResidential and Commercial Pest Control
Address2 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand
Contact no0800 945 393

If you’re looking for pest control professionals that will remove the marching ants in your kitchen, call Wild Weta Pest Control. Their service is available 24/7 throughout Auckland.

Why did we include them among the best Auckland pest control companies? It’s because they have a decade of experience and the skills to eliminate insects and keep them away.

That includes cockroaches, borers, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and wasps. They only use low-toxin ERMA solution, which is safer around children or pets as compared to the more harmful chemicals that other companies use.

And their services come with a 6-month, 1- and  2-year guarantee. If for some reason the insects return during this time, the team will come back and respray your house or office free of charge.


  • 24/7 callouts available
  • Decade of experience
  • Uses child- and pet-friendly chemicals
  • All pest control comes with a guarantee

Customer Reviews

One customer Sue Haworth mentioned on Google Business:

“Great prompt, efficient service today. Feel so much happier now that professional action has been taken against eliminating rats in my ceiling. Can already hear them rolling the bait around. Look forward to a good night’s sleep. Thank Craig for your help – much appreciated. Highly recommended.”

3)  Abolish Pest Control

Abolish Pest Control's Homepage

Areas CoveredGreater Auckland area
ServicesDomestic Services, Flying Insect Control Unit, Baitstation Services,
Address28 Bruce Mclaren Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0612, New Zealand
Contact no0800 226 547

Abolish Pest Control works with a proactive approach when it comes to ridding your home of pests. It has been servicing private and commercial clients in the Greater Auckland area.

The team is certified with the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ) and has the right equipment and gear for every job.

Saw a wasp nest just by the trees, or bed bugs that make you itch at night? No big deal — that also goes for rats, mice, flies and mosquitoes, cockroaches, borers, bees, fleas, and ants.

More importantly, the team is absolutely nice, friendly, and efficient. They will advise you on what else you may do in order to be free of them in the home or workplace.


  • Proactive approach
  • PMANZ certified pest control specialists
  • Friendly and efficient team

Customer Reviews

Here’s a comment from Jane Kramlan on Google Business:

“We needed the removal of a rather large wasp nest in the ceiling. The wasps were coming down through the down lights every day. 24 hours later and not a wasp anywhere. It was the German type we were told. good price too. Would use again.”

4)  Bug Zero

Bug Zero's Homepage

Areas CoveredAuckland wide
ServicesPest Eradication, Ongoing Maintenance Programmes, Urgent Pest Control Call-Outs
AddressNot mentioned
Contact no0800 284 937

Let the pests become mere memories with Bug Zero. They only use green and non-toxic products that are safe for people, pets, and mother Earth.

Servicing Auckland for over 20 years, they have seen it all, know the hiding places of disturbing and health-hazardous insects like borer beetles, ants, fleas, bees and wasps, spiders and rodents.

You will get to deal with amiable yet skilful specialists. And since every house is different, they will tailor their services for you in line with reaching your pest control goals.

Then, they offer a service warranty to ensure your satisfaction in the finished work — a satisfaction where the bug count is zero.


  • Amiable and skilful pest control professionals
  • Over 20 years of service
  • Service warranty to ease your worries

Customer Reviews

Peter Masterton states on Google Business:

“One of their friendly technicians saw my wife the same day and got rid of a huge flea infestation. At the same put us on a Rodent service program for less than $35 a month. One visit of less than an hour sorted our long overdue problem.”

5)  World Class Pest Control

World Class Pest Control's Homepage

Areas CoveredAuckland wide
ServicesCommercial and Residential Pest Control
AddressWineVentures, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1141, New Zealand
Contact no0800 NO FLYS or 0800 66 3597

Need help to effectively eliminate pests with a safe solution? World Class Pest Control is here for you as they use only safe and locally made formulas to finally finish off the invaders.

It surely belongs to the best Auckland pest control companies! This is because the pest control team is accredited by IICRC, a global cleaning and restoration standard they comply with.

Whether you find a beehive or a wasp nest on the roof or backyard, call these specialists. That’s the wise thing to do so you can avoid being stung or bitten.

You are also given a 9-month guarantee that no insects and rodents will disturb you again in that span of time. Otherwise, the specialists will come back with no extra charge to fix that problem.


  • Use safe and locally-made formulas
  • IICRC certified ensuring cleanliness in carrying out their job
  • Provide you with a solid 9-month service guarantee

Customer Reviews

On Google Business, Sheryl Stone shared what she thought about their service:

“Called and James came that day. Very impressed. The product he used was safe for animals and children. We didn’t need to leave the house. He said we should see the first results the next day and we did. He explained how the product worked and how long it might take to kill all the bugs. Gave me a nine month guarantee. I highly recommend this company.”

6)  Smash’d Em Pest Control Ltd

Smash'd Em Pest Control Ltd's Homepage

Areas CoveredGreater Auckland area
ServicesResidential and Commercial Pest Control
AddressNot specified
Contact no09 390 6445

If your warehouse or restaurant has shown signs of infestation, there’s only one thing to do — smash ‘em by calling Smash’d Em!

Smash’d Em has an NZ Pest Control Certification as well as Handling Certification. And the formulas they use are safe for people, pets, and the environment too.

Not only do they possess the equipment but the knowledge as well, which is key to killing off the pests. So all those bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, rats, Daddy Longlegs are history.

Safety standards are important not only for their clients but also for the team. This is a great indicator of a business which considers the team as important as their clients.

Hence, for businesses and homes, Smash’d Em is one of your best Auckland pest control companies!


  • Uses only child-, pet- and planet-friendly solutions
  • Complies with safety standards for both their clients and employees
  • Have the technical know-how and equipment

Customer Reviews

Sarah Sauer wrote on Google Business:

“I am so impressed with Smash’d Em pest control that I give them 5 stars. After being very disappointed using Rentokill, who had to come and do the job 3 times last season to get rid of my flies and spiders, Jonathan did a brilliant job. The problem was immediately sorted, the service was friendly and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone needing flies and spiders eradicated from their premises.”

That’s it for the best Auckland pest control companies. Now you know which exterminator to call to let you enjoy your home and relax without the pest disturbance.

Do you have any other questions about these services we talked about? Feel to reach us by sending us a message and we’ll answer them.

Pest Control has its place in keeping the bugs away. But if you’d really like to take advantage of that, then we can guide you through the best cleaning services in Auckland.

Those cleaning services will make your place spotlessly clean, and that will keep away pests.