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The Top 5 Pizzas in Auckland Better than Your Ex (and Less Messy!)

Have you ever taken a crack at making pizza at home? You know, YouTube tutorials make it look so easy. I convinced myself that I could whip up a delicious pizza that could rival even Gordon Ramsey’s cooking. 

But every time I gave it a go, it looked (and tasted) like something out of a horror movie. After the third attempt, I accepted that it wasn’t my oven after all.

Since then, I’ve hung up my pizza-making apron and become a bit of a pizza connoisseur around Auckland. So, if you’re keen to skip the DIY disaster and try something a bit flashy, here’s the lowdown on the best pizza joints in town.

How much does it cost to get pizza in Auckland? 

For a basic, simple small pizza in Auckland, expect to spend at least 8 NZD. This price is just an estimate and will vary depending on the size of the pizza, the type, and whether you get any combo deals.

How I Chose

Crust: I looked for pizza crusts that were the perfect mix of chewy and crispy and had that golden-brown glow. 
Toppings: Forget those boring, mass-produced toppings. I chose pizza spots that use locally sourced veggies, top-quality cheeses, and artisanal meats. 
Sauce: The sauce needed to hit the right notes—tangy, sweet, spicy, or a combo of all three. And the places I chose didn’t drown out the toppings, either. 
Vibes: Good pizza tastes even better in a cool setting. Whether it’s a cosy wee spot, a buzzing pizzeria with live music, or a trendy joint perfect for the ‘gram, the vibe definitely adds to the experience.

1. The Godfather Pizza 

ADDRESS108A Onewa Road, Northcote, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday - 11 AM to 1:30 AM

Tuesday - 11 AM to 12 AM

Wednesday to Thursday & Sunday - 11 AM to 3 AM

Friday & Saturday - 11 AM to 4 PM

If you’re gambling on a good night, The Godfather Pizza can deliver a pizza so good you’ll talk about it for days. 

When the chefs at The Godfather get it right, each slice has just the right amount of greasy goodness, a killer combo of melty cheese and tangy sauce, all on a crunchy and pillowy crust. 

The variety is another big win here. The menu’s creativity keeps things exciting, and I’ve never been bored sampling their latest offerings. 

Whether you’re a classic Margherita devotee or into something more avant-garde, like Peri Peri chicken, this pizzeria has got you covered.

However, the quality can be inconsistent. On a good day, you’re in pizza heaven. On a bad day? Well, I’ve had a pizza arrive undercooked, with toppings that look like they’ve had a fight and decided to reside only on half the pizza. 

And heads up, the price here is on the premium side. 


  • Delicious killer combo of cheese and sauce
  • Crunchy and pillowy crusts
  • Variety of flavours 


  • Inconsistent quality
  • High prices 

Customer Reviews

Lovely dough and fantastic flavour

“Why must I discover The Godfather Pizza right before I’m about to move!! Oh well I guess I’ll be travelling for my pizza from now on, it’s just that good! I demolished my large Margarita pizza in 5 minutes, the dough was lovely and the flavour fantastic, I couldn’t get enough! I now type this with indigestion as my partner finishes her BBQ Chicken Pizza in a much more reasonable time. She has nothing but great things to say about her pizza also! Toppings right to the edges and definitely no skimping on anything! Highly recommend.”

Definitely quite satisfied

“Really tasty, flavourful pizza and they don’t hold back with the toppings. Decent pricing in terms of NZ pricing and would buy from here again. Definitely quite satisfied.”

2. Pizza Presto

ADDRESS8 Commerce Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday - 11:30 AM to 2 PM & 3 PM to 8 PM

If you’re a pizza enthusiast like me, allow me to introduce Pizza Presto to you. After all, who wouldn’t dream of getting restaurant-quality pizza delivered straight to their doorstep?

They have this nifty 4-pizza box deal where you mix and match your favourites. You simply choose which pizzas you’d like to add, and they’ll show up at your door with pizza that’s ready to heat up and eat.

Their ‘Italian Classics’ box is basically heaven—a mix of everything you could possibly crave. Their D’oro tastes just as fancy as it sounds, with its caramelised onion and champagne ham.

The pepperoni, though, is where the zing comes in. With spicy salami, pineapple (yes, we’re in the pro-pineapple camp), and cheese—it’s like a flavour explosion. 

And let’s not forget the Boscaiola. With spinach, mushrooms, and pine, this one’s a vegetarian delight. It also comes with a blue cheese that gives it quite a kick.

The delivery cut-off time, though, threw me a bit. You need to order by Sunday for a Tuesday dispatch. Forget this, and you’re stuck craving till the next cycle, which, trust me, feels like a century when all you want is a slice of cheesy goodness. 


  • A wide variety of pizzas
  • Delicious flavours and combinations
  • Restaurant-quality pizza


  • Strict order cut-off time 

Customer Reviews

Went above and beyond to ensure we got pizza even when they were catering for another event

“Couldn’t be more wonderful personal service. Frances made sure my son’s birthday was fantastic and went above and beyond to ensure we got pizza even when they were catering for another event. The pizza was great and she couldn’t be nicer. A fabulous time had by all. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.”

Big High Five to Angela for the most amazing pizzas and even better customer service.

“Big High Five to Angela for the most amazing pizzas and even better customer service.

It was my daughter’s wish to have Pizza Presto for her pre ball function, apart from many other foods we got from other places and since I was injured couldn’t get it but Angela made it a breeze, and everyone loved it as always. Thanks Mohit”

3. Gorgeous New York Pizza Bar

ADDRESS327 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Saturday - 5 PM to 9 PM

Sunday - 5 PM to 8 PM

If you’re on the prowl for a pizza joint that’ll make you want to kiss your fingertips, check out Gorgeous New York Pizza Bar.

You’ll find adventurous pizza from Peking duck flavours with hoisin sauce, spicy meatballs with chorizo, and enough veggie options to please even the most hardcore herbivore.

The overall atmosphere is relaxed and downright fun—perfect for catching up with friends or, dare I say it, a low-key date. Even on their menu, the relaxed and playful atmosphere is evident, where each pizza is cheekily named after a supermodel. 

From the times I’ve gone, the staff come off as the sort who remembers your name and makes you feel like a regular, even if it’s your first visit.

The crust, though, can be a bit of a dice roll. Some days it’s crisply sending your taste buds to heaven. Other times, it’s a soggy letdown. And let’s be real—no one wants an underwhelming crust on their first bite.


  • Creative and adventurous pizza toppings
  • Cozy, intimate atmosphere with great music
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Fun and relaxed vibe, great for dates or groups


  • Crust inconsistencies

Customer Reviews

Don’t leave Auckland until you’ve had their Gorgeous pizza

“I totally recommend Gorgeous Pizza. If you’re looking for great pizza with amazing service this is the place to go. They accommodated 9 of us and cake for the birthday boy turning 19, easily with top notch service and a smile. When you call in they answer with “Hello Gorgeous”. Who wouldn’t want to start their eat in pizza experience by being called gorgeous!! Don’t leave Auckland until you’ve had Gorgeous pizza.”

Lives up to its name – just gorgeous pizza.

“Oh man. This pizza was soooo good. The minute we walked in the door I could tell it was going to be good, because when we were tossing up between small or large the chef said “get a large, it’s pizza!” And you could tell he had love for the food he creates. And man these pizzas were made with love. The ingredients were all properly placed and spaced out so every piece had a bit of everything, every bite had maximum flavour. The tomato paste on the base was rich and full of flavour so even the bites of the crust with the last bits of sauce were delicious. Pictures speak a thousand words and these pics say it all. Lives up to its name – just gorgeous pizza. Easy 5/5 can’t wait to go back. We had the Lucy and the Scarlett (with added olive and artichoke)”

4. Napoli Contemporanea Pizzeria Bar

ADDRESS297 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday - 4 PM to 9:30 PM

Wednesday & Thursday - 11 AM to 9:30 PM

Friday & Saturday - 11 AM to 10 PM

Sunday - 11 AM to 9 PM

Neapolitan Contemporanea Pizzeria Bar has nailed their crust game. It’s soft, airy, and perfectly charred. Yes, it’s that good.

Fresh, simple toppings burst with flavours that transport you straight to the heart of Naples. If you haven’t experienced their “Salsiccia e friarielli” or the Positano yet, trust me, you’re missing out on pizza nirvana.

The ambience gives off a warm, cosy, ‘I’m significant, I feel loved’ vibe.  Their friendly staff quickly recommend dishes that make you feel like you’ve just joined the family for a hearty Italian feast.

The only downside? This place can get crowded, especially on weekends. So, ditch the casual stroll-in and book a table to avoid disappointment. You won’t regret it.


  • Crush with the perfect amount of char
  • Fresh and flavorful toppings
  • A warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Friendly, helpful staff


  • Gets very busy

Customer Reviews

Its Buffalara and Bronte pizzas haven’t been replicated anywhere else

“Napoli Pizza represents truly an exceptional dining experience in Auckland rivalled by none in its pizza quality. Its Buffalara and Bronte pizzas for instance haven’t been replicated anywhere else in the country as well, due to their incredibly fresh ingredients, especially the tomato. I have came to this establishment on multiple occasions and it has never failed to disappoint. Several more reasons on top of this include: efficient staffing, a great italian osteria atmosphere and friendly service.

Although saying all this it needs to he said the restaurant isn’t the most affordable option for pizza and it should be taken into consideration even if its a justified price. In addition to this pasta options felt more limited in scope, but this would be expected of a restaurant in its type. Overall, one of if not the best pizzerias certainly in Auckland and perhaps New Zealand comparable to what is found in true Napoli. (Ignore the blue food colouring present on our pizza, it was to celebrate Napoli’s football victory over Juventus)”

Traditional flavours and exceptional hospitality

“I love this place. The pasta and desserts are delicious (Yes, I’ve tried them all, but I still need to try the pizzas). The service is fast, and the attentive and knowledgeable staff enhances the dining experience. The owner seems passionate about the food, Italy, and the restaurant itself. The environment is excellent. Overall, Napoli provides a harmonious blend of traditional flavours and exceptional hospitality and is undoubtedly a place to visit in Auckland.”

5. High on Pizza (HOP) 

ADDRESS58 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday - 12 PM to 12 AM

Friday to Sunday - 12 PM to 3 AM

Hops Pizza is where Indian flavours meet Italian classics.

I’ve come back here a few times, so I’ll be straight with you—if you can’t handle the heat, the Indian-inspired pizzas here might not be for you. But if you can handle spiciness, their butter chicken pizza is both creamy and rich.

However, my personal favourite has to be the lamb shank pizza. With every bite, you can tell that the lamb shank is slow-cooked to perfection and marinated with aromatic herbs. And the chimichurri sauce? It’s like the fairy dust on top, adding that magical zing.

For vegetarians and vegans, don’t worry because Hops Pizza has got your cravings covered too. They’ve crafted plant-based options that are so flavorful and hearty that even a meat lover like myself finds them irresistible. 

However, seating is somewhat limited, so aim to get here early, especially during dinner’s rush hour. 


  • Flavorful fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine
  • Great for spice lovers
  • Excellent butter chicken and lamb shank pizzas
  • Creative vegetarian and vegan options


  • Limited seating

Customer Reviews

One of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten

“This place rocks. I had one of the most delicious pizzas I ever eaten – the one with the lamb shank. Top quality topping with an oven-baked, perfectly crunchy pizza crust. This chef is TALENTED and if you talk a minute with him about it, you’ll see real passion! A great place, I’ll definitely come back whenever I get to visit Auckland again!”

Probably the best pizza I had in my life

“It’s a little new pizza place right next to a shisha bar. They have very interesting pizza flavours, we had a lamb pizza and a butter paneer pizza. Most probably the best pizza i had in my life. Totally worth every dollar. The owner/chef is also very kind and his cooking is exeptional.”