10 Best Places to Live in New Zealand for Singles

10 Best Places to Live in New Zealand for Singles

Are you a single person looking for the best places to live in New Zealand? Well, this article is for you. 

We did the research and checked the statistics to round up the best cities with a low cost of living, a high population of young people, and lots of places to keep you entertained and engaged. 

To be specific, we checked the following factors: 

  • Total population
  • Population of 15 yrs old and above
  • Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married
  • Median income
  • Median rent
  • Median cost of living
  • Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels

1. Dunedin

Total Population126,255
Population of 15 yrs old and above50,433 (Male)
55,929 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married45,736 (43%)
Median Income$25,500
Median Rent$280
Median Cost of Living$1,335
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels88

If you like nature but also enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, Dunedin combines both to give you the best of both worlds. It’s the second-largest city in the South Island and has plenty of attractions and fun places to go to spark your love for adventure. 

It’s a seaside city and therefore has some of the best beaches in New Zealand. You can go on a road trip and visit St, Clair Beach, Karitane Beach, Dunedin Beach, and Aramoana Beach for a quick dip or surf! 

Plus, this city is the home of New Zealand’s only castle, which is a must see. Plus, they have some of the best coffee places, restaurants, and pubs. 

We noted, however, that the weather here can be a bit gloomy most of the time. Dubbed as the “Cloudy City”, there is a lack of clear skies and sunshine here. 

2. Christchurch

Total Population396,006
Population of 15 yrs old and above151,409 (Male)
153,949 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married118,174 (38.7%)
Median Income$32,900
Median Rent$350
Median Cost of Living$1,354
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels119

Christchurch is the largest city in New Zealand’s South Island. You’ll get the chance to experience its rich heritage and culture. 

If you want to watch a show or reflect on some local art, check out The Arts Centre and Christchurch Art Gallery!

You won’t run out of things to do here in Christchurch. This city offers beaches, parks, reserves and a lot of dining options. They also have loads of trendy bars and cafés! 

If you’re a fan of yoga, they also have a lot of great yoga studios in Christchurch

What we love about this city is that it’s very easy to get to where you need to go whether you go on foot or by bike. The city is accessible. 

Do know that the city is still on the mend from a major earthquake in 2011 so some places are still under construction. 

3. Invercargill

Total Population54,204
Population of 15 yrs old and above21,108 (Male)
22,538 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married15,058 (34.5%)
Median Income$29,900
Median Rent$230
Median Cost of Living$1,384
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels17

This spacious city is located just minutes away from the coast. It’s a compact city and it’s easy to get around there. 

There are so many things to see here with lots of stores, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, cultural attractions, parks, and nature reserves. 

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll love this city because there are a lot of sports facilities like indoor stadiums, pools, parks, and sports grounds. 

They have Sandy Point where you can walk, run trails, bike, row, and so much more. Aside from sports, there’s also an abundance of cultural facilities like Civic Theatre, Museum and Art Gallery and Queens Park. 

We love that the city also offers lower costs of rent and living expenses. So it;s a great place for single people to start out. 

4. Nelson

Total Population50,880
Population of 15 yrs old and above20,191 (Male)
21,644 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married13,345 (31.9%)
Median Income$29,600
Median Rent$340
Median Cost of Living$1,622
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels37

This charming small city is a great place to live. It’s sunny, vibrant, and perfect for artsy types with alternative lifestyles. 

They have a great pottery scene. They’re also home to a lot of artists like glass blowers and visual artists. 

If you like living in a small town but also want a lot of different activities, this is a great option. They also have a booming economy. 

They have a low unemployment rate with a strong agricultural sector and fishing port. Other industries that are in demand are transport, retail, and health. 

Prices here are also affordable, with great deals on housing. You’ll get to love in a nicer house in a better location with much less. 

Aside from all these, it’s just a very beautiful city with lots of beaches, rivers, parks, and vineyards. You can go mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and enjoy water sports. 

5. Auckland

Total Population1,571,718
Population of 15 yrs old and above615,368 (Male)
642,152 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married457,738 (36.4%)
Median Income$34,400
Median Rent$450
Median Cost of Living$1,640
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels306

Ranked as the 8th most liveable city in the world back in 2017, Auckland is definitely a city to take note of. 

It’s  filled with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery. It has a lot to offer if you’re a fan of outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking. 

There are so many things to do and places to go here. 

Although Auckland is a large city, it maintains a pretty laid back lifestyle because it’s not that crowded. Plus, the locals are friendly. 

The dining experience here is also superb. They have good wine, cheese, and seafood. 

There are also a lot of good bars and clubs for the party animals! 

We noticed, however, that the cost of living and rent can be a bit steep.

6. Hamilton

Total Population160,911
Population of 15 yrs old and above60,803 (Male)
65,631 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married50,700 (40.1%)
Median Income$30,200
Median Rent$350
Median Cost of Living$1,355
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels51

Are you a fan of the Lord of The Rings? Then you’ll enjoy the home of the Hobbiton movie set for sure. 

Hamilton is New Zealand’s fourth most-populous city. Despite that, the traffic is not terrible. 

Peak hours aren’t as hellish as that of larger cities, which is fantastic because you’ll save a lot of time. 

We noticed that the weather isn’t that ideal, though. Winters are longer and very wet, so don’t expect too much sunshine here. 

The city has a great food scene. They have lots of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops that you’ll surely enjoy. 

Plus, it’s the home of Hamilton Gardens, one of the largest gardens in New Zealand. The city also has a zoo, galleries, and museums, so you won’t be bored here for sure. 

7. Wellington

Total Population202,737
Population of 15 yrs old and above82,024 (Male)
87,805 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married80,669 (47.5%)
Median Income$41,800
Median Rent$440
Median Cost of Living$1,461
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels140

Wellington is known as the cultural capital of New Zealand! It is home to the oldest institutions of the country. 

It’s rated as the “coolest little city in the world” because of its stunning scenery, friendly locals, and vibrant cafés. There are over a hundred parks and playgrounds in the city as well. 

We also love the abundance of picturesque lakes, mountains, and beaches. Imagine all the lovely vacations you can have here. 

There are a lot of great restaurants, cafes, and bars here. If you’re a fan of working out, there are also a lot of great gyms in Wellington

We noted, however, that the rent here can get a bit steep. So that’s something to consider. 

8. Napier

Total Population62,241
Population of 15 yrs old and above23,635 (Male)
26,308 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married15,932 (31.9%)
Median Income$28,900
Median Rent$280
Median Cost of Living$1,099
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels40

The cost of living here is so much lower compared to bigger cities. So if you want to save more money in the long run, basing yourself here is a good option. 

Despite it being a smaller city, there is still a sufficient number of businesses so it’s easy to find work. 

As for what you can do and see here, they have amazing vineyards, coastlines, and golf courses. There are also a good number of bars, coffee places, and restaurants here. 

To add to that, the weather here is also a bit warmer compared to cities like Auckland. There’s sunshine almost all year round. 

9. Queenstown

Total Population39,153
Population of 15 yrs old and above16,636 (Male)
15,998 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married13,511 (41.4%)
Median Income$40,600
Median Rent$530
Median Cost of Living$1,305
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels55

Queenstown is very livable, from what we’ve seen. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of outdoor activities in the summer months and skiing in the winter. 

We love that it’s easy to find work here since there are so many industries based in and around the city. We think it’s ideal for both young and old people. 

Although house prices can be a bit high, it’s cheaper in the suburbs. So that’s something to take into account. 

10. Rotorua

Total Population71,877
Population of 15 yrs old and above26,818 (Male)
28,943 (Female)
Population of 15 yrs old and above that has never married20,074 (36.0%)
Median Income$28,000
Median Rent$270
Median Cost of Living$1100
Number of bars/pubs/taverns/hotels50

Another cool city to live in is Rotorua. It’s a known tourist spot which means there are a lot of employment opportunities here. 

It’s a year-round destination because it has a lot of geothermal attractions. So a lot of people go here during the cold winter months. 

We think it’s great here because of the high quality of life and the diverse opportunities available. The locals are also really friendly and warm. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope we were able to help you look into the best cities to relocate in if you’re a single person in New Zealand. Did we miss any good cities? 

Make sure to let us know your thoughts!