The 8 Best Plumbers in Christchurch

Best Plumbers Christchurch


Find yourself with the hot water giving in during your shower or a pipe that drips all through the night? We have you covered, as we’re going over the best plumbers in Christchurch to fix that for you.

Calling a plumber resolves the issue at hand efficiently, saving you time and effort. That also keeps it from unnecessarily adding to your water expenses for the month.

Since plumbing services differ in their labour, material, and travel charges depending on what sort of repair is needed, we’ll include the common problems and their estimated prices below.

However, before we get to our main Christchurch plumbers list, we’ll also take a look at what you can usually expect to pay for their services.


How much does it cost for repairs or installations?


These are the most common plumbing issues that people have in their homes. We’ve listed them and provided the average cost for most plumbers.

Keep in mind that the prices listed are only estimates. They can be different from your plumber’s actual quote.



Fixing leaks and pipes NZ$100-200
Unclogging a toilet NZ$100-200
Installing a washbasin NZ$125-250
Repairing or installing a shower NZ$150-300
Repairing or installing a toilet NZ$100-500



Fixing leaks and pipes NZ$100-200
Unclogging a kitchen sink NZ$125-200
Installing a washbasin NZ$125-250


The Best Plumbers in Christchurch

These plumbers are certified and capable of doing nearly all of the plumbing work for your home. So, without any delay, we now present to you the best plumbers in Christchurch!


1. Inline Plumbing Christchurch


Serving in Christchurch area
Office Sydenham, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number 0508 4 (free phone) or 03 377 5806 (office)

Whether you are moving into a new house, installing kitchen gas, or tackling a complex plumbing problem, Inline Plumbing Christchurch has the solution for each and then some.

Not only will they fix the problem but will help ensure it looks good afterwards. You can phone or email them at [email protected] to arrange a visit.

Inline Plumbing Christchurch is Site Safe accredited too, which guarantees safety in their services. And yes, they all have expert and knowledgeable plumbers who are kind and very helpful.


2. Rex Beazer Plumbing


Serving in Christchurch area
Office Shirley, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out Yes
Instagram @rexbeazerplumbing
Contact Number 027 457 1323

If you live within the Canterbury region and need some plumbing assistance right away, Rex Beazer is the plumber to call.

Rex is a member of NZPDG and PGDB, which proves that they comply with safety and health standards. They offer effective commercial and residential solutions for your plumbing needs.

Let them set up your hot water cylinder, repair your toilet, and fix the shower drain, to name a few. Try to call them at the number provided above and tell them what you need.


3. Revolution Plumbing and Gas


Serving in Christchurch and its suburbs
Office Somerfield, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number 03 960 9727

Specialising in gas hot water installations and plumbing services, Revolution Plumbing and Gas can handle all your plumbing needs.

They have a package for Gas Hot Water services for a total of NZ$2800, GST inclusive. It delivers consistent hot water, is economical, and takes up a smaller space than cylinder-type solutions.

All their plumbers are qualified and licensed in drainlaying, gas fittings (either for cooking or heating the room), and keeping the water supply clean for your use.


4. Plumbfast Christchurch


Serving in Christchurch and North Canterbury
Office Mairehau, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out No
Contact Number 021 524 352

It’s not a problem if you’re in a business but need some arduous plumbing work done. In this case, you should lean on Plumbfast Christchurch.

They have been serving the Christchurch and North Canterbury areas for 37 years. With the knowledge and experience of their plumbers, your bathroom will be fixed and sorted out in no time.

Not only that, but Plumbfast sees to it that the price they charge will bring back value to you at a fair price. Note that they also renovate bathrooms from top to bottom.


5. Laser Plumbing Christchurch East


Serving in Christchurch and its surrounding places
Office Woolston, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number (03) 376 5322

Next up for our best plumbers in Christchurch list is Laser Plumbing. They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff that gets down to the root of the problem in a flash.

More than just fixing any leaks or pipes or maintaining your septic tank, they even fix your roofing and mount home cameras so you don’t need to call anybody else for a lot of handyman tasks.

Their prices align competitively as compared with other plumbing services. Most importantly, their availability, workmanship, and customer service are industry-leading.


6. A1 Plumbing Christchurch



Serving in Christchurch area
Office North New Brighton
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number 0800 217 5862

 A1 Plumbing services are mainly divided into three: hot water cylinders, hot water systems, and bathroom plumbing.

If you somehow find any trouble in keeping the water hot, you can call up 0800 A1 Plumb. They will even offer suggestions that make your bathroom both look and function better.

And you can be confident with their advice, as A1 Plumbers has highly qualified plumbers and is a member of Master Plumbers brand. With them, you can expect fast service and fantastic workmanship.


7. Foleys Christchurch



Serving in Christchurch area and surrounding places
Office Wigram, Christchurch
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number 0800 30 35 30

 It lives up to its tagline of “Above and Beyond, Every Time”. It’s not just a marketing slogan but actually a guarantee, let us explain.

First, Foleys guarantees excellent workmanship and durability with their materials for 2 years. They try to go higher on the bar and keep records for future reference to speed up the repair process.

They conduct themselves professionally, even pushing it with their 30-minute arrival guarantee at your office or house. If they arrive late, consider the first hour of service free.

And the services they offer are all-around, from plumbing and appliance installations (like smoke and fire alarms) to renovations and roofing.

You will feel light and reassured as they comply with ACC safe standards and are Site Safe accredited. So, you get a complete package there for one of the best plumbers in Christchurch.


8. Smartflow Plumbing

Serving in Christchurch area
Office Canterbury
Emergency Call Out Yes
Contact Number 022 605 6733 | [email protected]

Smartflow Plumbing is one of the best plumbing services in New Zealand. Aaron, the managing director and owner of said business, has over 17 years of experience with gas lighting and a wide knowledge on many other things that relates with maintenance.

No matter if it’s commercial or residential, Aaron makes sure to provide quality plumbing that is also environmentally friendly. Don’t risk letting non-professionals fix your leaky pipes, ensure that you fix it right the very first time it happens, and be glad that it won’t be as grave as last time.



And that’s all for the best plumbers in Christchurch. Anytime you need assistance in any type of bathroom dilemma, just contact these fine plumbers that we have on this list.

Have you booked with these plumbers before? If so, share with us your experience by commenting below.

Other than that, we also have a similar lineup for the best plumbers in Auckland. You can check out the best plumber services in Auckland if you like!

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